Size Chart - Posturite


Size Chart - Posturite
Size Chart
Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse
Which size?
SMALL 0-16cm (0-6 ins approx.)
MEDIUM 16-18cm (6-7 ins approx.)
LARGE 18cm + (7 ins + approx.)
For guidance purposes only.
Measure hand here...
Print at 100% to maintain accuracy.
16 CM
(Approx. 6 ins)
18 CM
(Approx. 7 ins)
The Penguin mouse is available in three sizes. To choose the correct
one for you, measure your hand from the first crease on your wrist to
the tip of your middle finger.
To ensure accurate results, please print
this page at 100% (don’t click on the
scale to fit or shrink to page).
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East Sussex, BN26 6SZ
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