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Non-Fiction - Droemer Knaur
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Spring 2014
Knaur - MensSana
Kerstin Schuster
Foreign Rights
Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur, Hilblestr. 54, 80636 München, Germany
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Ani, Friedrich
Brendler, Claudia
Fröhlich, Alexandra
Sohr, Tim
Dösende Möwen
Reisen mit Russen
Woanders is‘ auch scheiße
Historical Fiction
Kinkel, Tanja
Lorentz, Iny
Rehn, Heidi
Serno, Wolf
Flammen des Himmels
Die Liebe der Baumeisterin
Der Medicus von Heidelberg
Ani, Friedrich
Föhr, Andreas
Gilbers, Harald
Henke, Helene
Holbe, Daniel
Koch, Sven
Mattfeldt, Petra
Ritter, Marc
Thiemeyer, Thomas
Turhan, Su
Winner, Jonas
Das Gedankenexperiment
El Omari, Laila
Federico, Carla
Der Duft der Muskatblüte
Der Traum von Rapa Nui
Abdel-Samad, Hamed
Ahr, Nadine
Bahr, Petra
Corssen / Tramitz
Grimm, Hans-Ulrich
Kitzler, Albert
Kogon, Michael
Der islamische Faschismus
Das Versprechen
Familie neu denken
Ich und die anderen (Selbst-Entwickler®)
Die Suppe lügt
Wie lebe ich ein gutes Leben?
Lieber Vati!
Lütz, Manfred
Moestl, Bernhard
Der blockierte Riese
Der Weg des Tigers
Body Mind Spirit
Droste-Laux, Michael
Hansch, Dr. Dietmar
Schlingensiepen, Dr. Irene
Zschocke, Dr. Anne K.
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Ebert, Sabine
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1813 Kriegsfeuer
Der Nachtwandler
Schweigend steht der Wald
* Fiction*
Friedrich Ani
320 pages, stories
Droemer, März 2014
The Lawyer for the Invisible Ones
Ani’s slyly humorous and sensitive accounts are a completely different sort of entertainment.
Whether they’re about a patron at a bar or a policeman, whether it’s the dreariness of marriage
or the boredom of living out in the country, one laughs about his sharp observations and in the
next moment one takes pity on one of society’s invisible people as portrayed in the book,
people who have never had any expectations for their lives. And Ani shows that this apparent
contentment could go up in flames, with fatal consequences.
The author:
Friedrich Ani lives as a writer in Munich. He works as a journalist, police reporter and script
writer for television films.
* Fiction*
Claudia Brendler
Dösende Möwen
Regal Seagulls
352 pages, novel
Knaur, März 2014
Original, different, and hilariously funny – a lively comedy with a record number of
gags per page
Out to sea indeed: the actress Clara, hired as on-board entertainment for a cruise ship,
encounters a crew on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a lovesick captain, and a horde of
stubborn guests from every state in Germany. When some crew members have their pasts
catch up to them, there’s not enough foolishness to go around. Even the whales of the North
Sea, who are having a whale of a time, find their fun endangered.
The author:
Claudia Brendler studied guitar and piano in Darmstadt and is half of the comedic duo
“Queens of Spleens,” who are well known thanks to their TV appearances on shows like
“Ladies’ Night,” “Ottis Schachthof” and “Spass aus Mainz.” In addition to writing for the
stage, Claudia Brendler has written and published short prose and articles in various literary
publications. The author lives and writes in Frankfurt.
* Fiction*
Alexandra Fröhlich
Reisen mit Russen
Traveling with Russians
320 pages, novel
March 2014
The Road to Adventure!
Her husband has disappeared, and Paula sits alone in Kiev, a city where she can’t even read
the street signs. It was supposed to be a vacation to help the two of them make up. Just her
and him. Without the kid. Without responsibilities. And above all, without his mother.
Instead, Paula’s only hope is, of all people, her Russian mother-in-law Darya. Darya travels to
see her, glamorous and nutty as ever, with Paula’s mother Luise in tow and carrying Paula’s
two-year-old daughter Johanna. When the three women hear that Paula’s husband is in
Donetsk, Ukraine, they follow him.
It’s the beginning of a wild cross-country odyssey!
The author:
Alexandra Fröhlich is a journalist and author. She works for various women’s magazines as a
freelance copy editor. In Kiev she developed a new women’s magazine. Alexandra Fröhlich is
bound to her Russian ex-husband by deepseated attraction and repulsion, and she lives in
Hamburg with her three sons.
Her debut novel, »My Russian Mother-In-Law and Other Catastrophes«, made the bestseller
list of Der Spiegel and delighted readers and the press.
Rights to previous title sold to:
France: Piranha
* Fiction*
Tim Sohr
Woanders is‘ auch scheiße
Other Places Are Crap Too
400 pages, novel
Droemer, Mai 2014
Germany, the 1990s: Pamela Anderson is making a big splash, and Robbie Williams’ best
years are still ahead of him. But the reality in the raw rural parts of Germany’s Ruhr area
looks different: fish sticks, banned hairstyles, cassettes with junior detective stories. Here
Kalli Borowski is suffering through all the worries and distresses of puberty. Especially when
a pediatrician tells the boy’s mother that the kid is very sensitive – he has long eyelashes, you
see. To make him into a man, he’s made a member of the local soccer club. But surprisingly,
the focus isn’t on soccer there, instead Kalli steps into a new world: his fellow players rave
about Sharon Stone, the clubhouse is a bar, the much-praised “U.S. of A.” is much too far
away… and Kalli is just plain uncool. But Melanie could probably save him; she’s the
prettiest girl between Diepenbusch and Dortmund… It’s a wonderful portrait of a generation,
and of adolescence spent among beer, girls, and music.
The author:
Tim Sohr, born in the West in 1980, majored in cultural and media studies in Düsseldorf and
Barcelona. Also, he traveled around the word, only to find out that other places actually aren’t
that crappy. A couple of years ago, Sohr wound up in Hamburg, where these days he is a
freelance writer on the arts and other topics for numerous newspapers and magazines.
Historical Fiction
* Historical Fiction*
Tanja Kinkel
480 pages, novel
Knaur, July 2013
Angiola Calori was the first of just a handful of women to whom Casanova proposed, but she
preferred to rule the stages of Europe. Two gifted seducers cross each other’s paths, and what
for a long time seems like a war turns into the love of their lives, a love that makes it possible
for both to accomplish their very different goals.
The author:
Since her 19th birthday, Tanja Kinkel has enjoyed one of the most successful careers of any
author. So she knows what talented young people are able to accomplish, and that’s why she
has succeeded in paying an appropriate tribute to two of the most unusual such people.
Rights to previous titles sold to:
Bulgaria: Ciela Soft; Czech Rep.: Dobrosky – Beta, Euromeida; Greece: Actel; Hungary: Geopen;
Italy: Garzanti; Japan: Softbank; Korea: Dulnyouk; Poland: Swiat Ksiazki; Spain: Ed. B, Nausicaa;
* Historical Fiction*
Iny Lorentz
Flammen des Himmels
Flames from the Sky
752 pages, novel
Knaur, October 2013
10 years - 19 bestsellers - 7.7 million books - Iny Lorentz is the queen of historical
Muenster, Germany, in the 16th century. Young Frauke Hinrichs and her family are accused
of being Anabaptists and must therefore flee three times to escape death. But now they appear
to be safe. Even when a notorious Inquisitor arrives in the city, Frauke’s father doesn’t
recognize the danger. When the citizens have to offer up a victim to »the Pope’s bloodhound«
to avoid being persecuted themselves, they decide on the Hinrichs family. Frauke is able to
flee, with the help of Lothar. He’s the son of a close confi dant of the prince-bishop, and he
secretly loves the girl. In Muenster they see each other again… but they’re on opposing sides.
The author:
Husband-and-wife writing team Elmar and Iny Lorentz are best known for their historical
novel»The Travelling Harlot« which has sold over a million copies to date. Ever since then,
it’s been an ongoing success story – and not just in Germany!
Iny Lorentz books have been translated into 14 languages:
Brazil: Objetiva; Czech Republic: Euromedia; France: Presses de la Renaissance; Hungary: General
Press; Italy: Sperling & Kupfer; Korea: Book21; Latvia: Zvaigzne; Lithuania: Miusu Knyga;
Netherlands: Xander; Poland: Sonia Draga, Russia: Moy Mir; Spain (Ed. B, Santillana; Turkey:
Pegasus; Ukraine: Hemiro
* Historical Fiction*
Heidi Rehn
Die Liebe der Baumeisterin
The Master Builder’s Love
752 pages, novel
Knaur, November 2013
Prussia, 1544: Young Dora has one great dream: she wants to be a master builder. She has the
talent to do it … very much unlike her brother, whom their father had named his successor.
When Dora is married to the almost 30-year-old Urban, she initially thinks all of her dreams
have been shattered, but despite these expectations the marriage is a happy one, and her
husband even supports her goals. But then Urban loses his life in a terrible accident, and a
young Nuremberg architect, whom Dora has secretly fallen in love with, comes under
suspicion of having a hand in the matter. It’s only much later that Dora finds out what’s
behind this horrible act, and she begins to investigate.
The author:
Heidi Rehn, born 1966, is a freelance journalist and author. She studied history, German
studies, business administration and communication science. Afterwards she taught at
Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilians- University before joining a PR agency. She lives in Munich
with her husband and two children.
Rights to previous titles sold to:
Czech Rep.: Euromedia; Poland: Swiat Ksiazki
* Historical Fiction*
Wolf Serno
Der Medicus von Heidelberg
The Medic of Heidelberg
688 pages, historical novel
Knaur, März 2014
The focus is on Lukas Nufer, son of Jacob Nufer, a historically documented figure. It is said
that circa 1500 in the Swiss canton of Thurgau, Jacob Nufer performed the first Caesarean
section in which the mother survived. An absolutely remarkable deed. Not only because a socalled “incision delivery” was strictly forbidden by the Church if the pregnant woman was
still alive, but because Jacob Nufer was not a doctor, but a castrator of pigs. Presumably his
observations of the animals he worked with meant he had more comprehensive anatomical
knowledge than the doctors of his day. For his son Lukas, who helps with the operation, this
is a formative experience. Lukas wants to study to become a doctor, no matter what the cost.
Years later Lukas is faced with a decision: whether to carry out a risky Caesarean section on
his own beloved wife.
The author:
Wolf Serno worked as an advertising copywriter and creative director for many years. He
landed a bestseller with his debut novel, The Traveling Surgeon, and many more followed.
Serno’s novels are primarily characterized by the combination of detailed knowledge of
historical medicine with exciting adventure stories. The Medic of Heidelberg is yet another
excellent example of this.
Rights to previous titles sold to:
Czech Rep.: Euromedia; France: Fallois; Hungary: Proof; Korea: Kavin Dong; Poland: Vizja Press;
Russia: Mir Knigi; Spain: Roca
Crime / Thriller
* Crime*
Friedrich Ani
368 pages, novel
Droemer, October 2013
Six-time winner of the German Crime Award!
»Something about him has been different lately.« With these words the editor Mia Bischof
hires the Liebergesell Detective Agency to search for her missing friend. Süden and his
colleagues find the woman strange from the start. Their uneasy feelings are confirmed as
irritating clues appear in the work environment of the missing man. It is said that he had
contact with Neo-Nazis, but Mia disputes this vehemently. Süden ignores his personal
reservations … until his colleagues are put in grave danger and he has to fear for their lives.
The author:
Friedrich Ani lives as a writer in Munich. He works as a journalist, police reporter and script
writer for television films.
Rights sold:
France: Jacqueline Chambon/Actes Sud
* Crime*
Andreas Föhr
Sunday of the Dead
400 pages, novel
Knaur, November 2013
95.000 copies sold!!!
1 May 1945. In the midst of driving snow, SS-Hauptscharführer Kieling forces 80 female
concentration camp prisoners across the Bavarian countryside. Among them is Frieda Jonas, a
woman who did something bad to the SS man Kieling many years ago. Yet Kieling does not
seem to recognize Frieda. Not yet. Her only hope is the advancing U.S. Army.
November 1992: At a party in an alpine chalet, a hostage is taken under strange
circumstances. The first test for the young police detective Clemens Wallner, who happens to
be present. Shortly before he commits suicide, the hostage-taker admits to Wallner that he
knows of a hidden grave containing a jewel-studded coffin. In the coffin, he says, is a woman
for whose death he is responsible. Her name is Frieda.
In his first murder case, Wallner investigates the dark events that played out in a Bavarian
village during the chaos of the last hours before the end of the war.
The author:
Andreas Föhr, born 1958, educated as a lawyer, has been successfully writing scripts for
television since 1991. He has written for the series »SOKO 5113«, »Ein Fall für Zwei« and
»Der Bulle von Tölz«, among others. For his first novel he was presented the » Friedrich
Glauser Award«. Thanks to »Black Slope,« Andreas Föhr’s name was found among the Top
Ten on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for months on end.
Rights sold:
Turkey, Pegasus
Rights to “Schwarze Piste” sold to Russia: AST
More than 750.000 copies sold of so far 5 titles from the Wallner- series
* Crime*
Harald Gilbers
352 pages, 978-3-426-51345-3
November 2013
Gripping, immersive, suffocating: The hunt for a murderer in the war-torn Berlin of 1944…
In the bombed-out capital of the Reich, a serial killer is preying on women and laying the
mutilated corpses in front of war memorials. All of the victims had a connection to the Nazi
party. But according to one witness’s account, the perpetrator is not an opponent of the
regime, but rather a loyal Nazi. The Jewish detective Richard Oppenheimer, once a successful
investigator for the Berlin police, is reactivated by the Gestapo. Oppenheimer is not just
concerned with helping others survive, but also very much with his own survival. And very
possibly, solving this case is what wouldput him in the most jeopardy. He feverishly searches
for a way out of this dangerous game.
The author:
Harald Gilbers, born 1970, studied English and History in Augsburg and Munich.
He was a television editor before becoming a director for the theater.
Rights sold: France: Kero; Japan: Shueisha
* Crime*
Helene Henke
Death Mask
432 pages, novel
Droemer, November 2013
Twenty-one-year-old Zoe is masterful when it comes to preparing the dead for burial. When
her grandfather dies, she takes over the family business. She respectfully prepares the dead for
their »last voyage« and quickly makes a name for herself as the youngest undertaker in
Germany. But the residents of the small village in Hunsrück quickly deem the unusual young
woman to be an eccentric. One day the corpses brought in for embalming are those of a fellow
named Boris and his two friends. Zoe soon finds herself on the list of murder suspects,
because one of the young men almost raped Zoe a few years previously. The justice
department investigates. The atmosphere in the village is like a boiling cauldron when Zoe
suddenly vanishes without a trace.
The author:
Helene Henke, born 1964, tried training for two different vocations before she
discovered her true passion: writing. The author is married and lives in Krefeld
with her family.
* Crime*
Daniel Holbe
Toxic Trail
464 pages, novel
Knaur, March 2014
Ulf Reitmeyer, head of a large organic farm in southern Wetterau, collapses out on the street.
Everything points to a sudden heart attack, even though the victim was athletic and seemed to
be fit as a fiddle. A second corpse is found, and the victim was, of all things, an employee of
Reitmeyer’s farm. Sabine Kaufman gets involved. She had left the Frankfurt precinct a short
time before to be closer to her very sick mother. For her first case in the »boondocks« she has
to deal not only with a colleague named Ralph Angersbach who takes some getting used to,
but also with a perpetrator who kills in despicable fashion…
The author:
Daniel Holbe, born 1976, lives with his family in Wetterau, not far from Frankfurt.
Holbe, an avid reader, has been particularly fascinated by mysteries set in and
around Frankfurt and the state of Hesse for some time.
Rights to Franz/Holbe sold to:
Korea: Yemun
* Crime*
Sven Koch
Deathly Moon
400 pages, novel
Knaur, November 2013
A serial killer is playing an underhanded game with Police Psychologist Alexandra von
Stietencron, sending her song lyrics as clues to his murders. The police are investigating at
full tilt. Then the daughter of Alex’s new boyfriend suddenly falls into the clutches of the
beast, and the killer confronts Alex with a choice: her life or that of the girl.
The author:
Journalist Sven Koch was born in 1969. He has also made a name for himself as a
photographer and a musician, and he’s been playing gigs all over the country with various
punk and rockabilly bands for many years. He lives in Detmold.
* Crime*
Petra Mattfeld
Death in Seconds
384 pages, novel
Knaur, January 2014
Falko Cornelsen, a police detective in northern Germany, is married and in his mid-forties.
His special investigative methods have brought him an enviably high success rate. At the
scene of a crime, he puts himself in a state of meditative concentration to get a feel for the
crime and the criminal, then later in his basement he makes a detailed reconstruction of the
crime scene. Here, the investigator has to solve the brutal murder of a successful female
mystery author who has been murdered in the same despicable way as a character in her latest
novel: her mouth and nose were glued shut with super glue. Alarmed, Falko Cornelsen
realizes that he must be dealing with a serial killer when a similar case from the past comes to
the fore.
The author:
Petra Mattfeldt, born 1971, trained as a paralegal and then became a freelance journalist. She
lives in a small town near Bremen with her family.
* Thriller*
Marc Ritter
Blood on the Ice
460 pages. Novel
Droemer, November 1913
The Engadin, Switzerland, a bright winter’s day. More than 1.000 leading lights of the
business world are on the frozen surface of Lake St. Moritz for the famous horse race. In the
midst of them is the pregnant Sandra, girlfriend of the world-renowned sports photographer
Thien Baumgartner.
Suddenly the surface of the ice explodes, and hundreds of streams of water shoot toward the
sky, as the ice shatters and turns blood-red. Terrorists have blown up the ice. Immediately
helicopters begin circling, to attempt to rescue survivors from the bitter cold water and then
fly them to the hospital. But one helicopter focuses on the super VIPs. It also scoops up
Sandra, and rotors thumping, it disappears behind a mountain crest… and doesn’t reappear.
Thien, who was aghast as he observed the goings-on from the shore, knows that if he wants to
save Sandra he’s going to have to investigate on his own.
The author:
Marc Ritter spent his early years as a photographer, gas-station attendant, roofer, and ski
instructor, among other things. In 1995, without being assigned or receiving permission, he
started the first online presence of the newspaper publisher Süddeutscher Verlag. He now is a
management consultant who makes time to write.
* Thriller*
Thomas Thiemeyer
512 pages
Knaur, März 2014
Spitzbergen, 2015: This is the northernmost human civilization on Earth. A polar world of ice
and snow, with a stretch of four months when the sun never comes out. Here, the
archaeologist Hannah Peters plans to investigate secret structures under the Arctic ice: she
presumes that the melting of glaciers has brought to light the ruins of a mythological northern
empire. But Hannah isn’t the first to investigate these ruins…
1944. In German-occupied Norway, far from any settlement, a project is coming to fruition
that’s more horrible than anything mankind has ever conceived of. A biological time bomb,
hidden under the eternal ice. Its codename: Valhalla.
The author:
Thomas Thiemeyer, born 1963, lives in Stuttgart. He began as an illustrator before becoming
an author. Now, his fast-moving, mystical/scientific thrillers, including Medusa and Korona,
were great successes, and he’s adding another one with Valhalla.
Rights to previous titles sold to:
China: Guangxi People’s; Czech Rep.: Euromedia; Italy: Mondadori; Korea: Dulnyuk; Netherladns:
Karakter; Poland: Replika; Russia: AST; Slovenia: Ucila; Spain: Viamagna; Nausicaa; Turkey:
* Crime*
Su Turhan
Dead Drunkards
320 pages, novel
Knaur, January 2014
Zeki Demirbilek, alias Detective Pasha, has his hands full when the corpse of a drunkard is
fished out of the Isar river. A blood alcohol level of 0.42%: that’s going to knock out even the
stoutest Turk. The investigations lead to an independent brewery in Munich – and to a major
revolt in the Bavarian capital. The brewery wants to start brewing beer in Istanbul! »First the
Turks take away our jobs, and now our workplace too, including our most holy cultural
assets!« It’s Ramadan and time for fasting, so stomachs are growling and beer is tempting…
making circumstances tougher for Detective Pasha and his Turkish-Bavarian team…
The author:
Su Turhan, born 1966 in Istanbul, came to Germany in the Seventies as the son of guest
workers. Today he’s a successful director. Most recently, he directed the series »The Borgia
Affair« for the television network ZDF. For his theatrical feature »Ayla,« a dramatic love
story about forced marriages in Turkish families, he was given the prestigious Max Ophüls
Award. »Dead Drunkards« is the second case he has written for Detective Pasha, »A roughand-ready but lovably authentic figure whom one quickly grows attached to« (Westdeutscher
* Thriller*
Jonas Winner
Das Gedankenexperiment
The Thought Experiment
400 pages,
Droemer, April 2014
Karl Borchert, an up-and-coming philosopher, experiences a bitter disappointment shortly
before his thirtieth birthday: the project that he thought would finally secure his place in the
scientific community is turned down. From one moment to the next, the ambitious young man
is left with nothing. So it comes at just the right time that the frail old Professor Leonard
Habich offers to take Karl on as his private secretary. Habich wants to finally finish off a
groundbreaking work that he’s been working on for decades. But he remains silent about this
intention, and when Karl arrives at Urquardt Castle, Habich’s lonely, dilapidated home not far
from Berlin, strange things happen from the very start. Also, Lara, Habich’s seductive young
wife, has Karl noticeably flustered…
The author:
Jonas Winner was born in Berlin in 1966. He studied philosophy in Berlin and Paris. In 1996
he completed his studies with a dissertation on the subject of the game theory. Later he
worked as a journalist, as a television film director and as a script writer. His first
psychothriller, David’s last film, was published in 2011. His novel Berlin Gothic, published in
July 2011 as an E-Pub-Original, has been continually at the top of the Amazon eBook charts,
with over 80.000 downloads already.
Love / Passion
* Desire*
Carla Federico
Die Rosen von Montevideo
The Roses of Montevideo
784 pages
Knaur, June 2013
Montevideo, Uruguay, 1843. Albert Gothmann, son of a Frankfurt banker, falls head over
heels in love with Rosa, who’s full of zest for life. She’s the daughter of one of Uruguay’s
oldest Spanish families. But her love forces her to give up her homeland, a fate that will be
suffered by all of her female descendants from that point forward. Are the women strong
enough to fight for their passion?
The author:
Carla Federico knows how to use powerful impressions, colors, and scents to let the reader
fully experience faraway dream destinations. This book, published on the occasion of Knaur’s
50th anniversary, is a fascinating trip to the Uruguay of the 19th century.
“A novel like a stormy but beautiful sea. Flowery, colorful, intense, full of drama and
excitement. Carla Federico created characters bustling with life […] she’s a master of the
great literary international family saga!” (, 01.07.2013)
Rights to previous title sold to: Poland: Sonia Draga; Spain: Planeta
* Passion*
Laila El Omari
Der Duft der Muskatblüte
The Scent of the Nutmeg Flower
656 pages, novel
Knaur, March 2014
Love, Passion, Intrigue and Betrayal
1545: Fleeing her cruel fiancé, the Portuguese noblewoman Ana stows away on the merchant
vessel belonging to her brother Alessandro. But instead of helping her, he threatens to bring
her back to preserve the family’s honor. It’s not until reaching Goa, the end of the trip, that
Ana gets help from an unexpected quarter: a young Englishman named Geoffrey proposes
marriage to her, though not without an ulterior motive...
The author:
Laila El Omari was born in Germany to a Palestinian father and a German mother. Her earlier
novels, The English Heiress and The Scent of Sandalwood, were also published by Knaur.
Rights to previous title sold to:
Poland: Swiat Ksiazki
* Non-Fiction*
Hamed Abdel-Samad
Der islamische Faschismus
Islamic Fascism. An analysis
240 pages
Droemer, March 2014
Out of the ashes of the first World War arose not only Italian Fascism and German National
Socialism - but also the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. All three political currents have
significant ideological likenesses: The idea of a national, racial or religious ‘chosenness’, the
forcible exclusion of others, the imperialist striving for world domination. In his lucid,
alarming investigation, Abdel-Samad draws striking parallels between the totalitarian
movements of the 1930s and today’s extremists’ interpretation of Islam.
The author:
Hamed Abdel-Samad, born 1972 in Cairo, is a member of the German Conference on Islam
(DIK) and one of the most accomplished Islamic intellectuals of the younger generation. His
criticism of political Islam, more especially of Islamism, has earned him massive criticism in
his native Egypt and other Islamic countries. Following the presentation of his thesis on the
fascist character of radical Islamism earlier this year, a death fatwa has been issued against
him. Despite this threat to his life, Hamed Abdel-Samad continues defending his opinion in
numerous public appearances.
Rigths to previous title sold to:
Netherlands: Contact
* Non-Fiction*
Nadine Ahr
Das Versprechen
The Promise. A Story of Love and Oblivion
192 pages
November 2013
It was love at first sight when Ria and Edwin met in 1945. But he had promised himself to
another. When Edwin and his bride tied the knot, Ria sat in the church, crying. The two then
lost touch, but they could never forget one another. Many years later, they met again – and
swore this time never to be parted. And they stayed together, for 39 happy years. But then Ria
was diagnosed with dementia. She couldn’t recognize her beloved husband, even worse,
started being scared of him. When Edwin tried to approach his wife, she began to cry, fearing
he was going to hit her. When Ria’s condition continued to deteriorate, Edwin realized: he
would lose the love of his life for the second time, this time to a malicious illness that had set
about destroying all memories of their happy life together.
The author:
Nadine Ahr, born in Hannover in 1982, attended journalism school in Berlin after finishing
her studies. She went on to win the Süddeutsche Zeitung’s "scholarship for talented
journalists” and received a number of awards for her ZEIT dossier "The Promise" about the
story of her grandparents.
Rights sold:
Netherlands: Querido; Taiwan: Business Weekly
* Non-Fiction*
Petra Bahr
Familie neu denken
Rethinking the Family
240 pages,
Pattloch, April 2014
“The family is the place where people of different generations take responsibility for one
another.” - Petra Bahr.
The model family no longer exists – patchwork families, same-sex parents, and single-parent
families are now part of everyday reality. At the same time, tight household budgets have
given families social burdens that often push them to the limit of what they can handle. Petra
Bahr makes clear that the family will only have a future if we understand that a family must
share responsibility. Supporting this change legally, economically, and culturally will take
courage on the part of each individual, society, and the government. Because the family is the
most important network of relationships that we have.
The author:
Petra Bahr, born 1966, has been the Cultural Representative of the council of the Evangelical
Church of Germany since 2006. She is familiar to a broad audience as a columnist in Christ
and the World and the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung as well as through her radio programs
on Deutschlandradio and the RBB.
* Non-Fiction*
Jens Corssen, Christiane Tramitz
Ich und die anderen
Myself and the Others
288 pages
Knaur, April 2014
“If we want to build successful relationships with others, we need to start with ourselves.” Jens Corssen
The authors:
Jens Corssen, a qualified psychologist whom Manager-Magazin called “the guru of top
German executives,” is one of the most successful coaches for people with relationship
problems. His trademark is the philosophy and way of life he developed, which is known as
Self-Development ®.
Christiane Tramitz, an educator who holds a doctorate in psychology, has studied the
biological foundation of human behavior for more than 20 years. The authors present their
experiences and discoveries from many years of consultancy and scientific research. They
know that for both men and women, both parents and children, both supervisors and
employees, difficult relationships are part of everyday life. Jens Corssen and Christiane
Tramitz look at how influences from our backgrounds “stay with us” to determine how we
think and act and make our relationships with others more difficult. And they show in theory
and practice how we can use the creative potential of these influences to live together
* Non-Fiction*
Hans-Ulrich Grimm
Die Suppe lügt
The Lies In Our Soup
320 pages
Droemer, März 2014 – revised and updated
How does Australian sawdust taste? Why would sausages be in the shower? And how does
sludge become goulash? Nutrition expert Hans-Ulrich Grimm discovers what’s really in our
groceries. Carefully researched, clear, and including many examples, this classic consumer
guide has been thoroughly revised and greatly expanded.
The author:
Dr. Hans-Ulrich Grimm is an author and journalist. His year-long research in the world of
industrialized foodstuffs resulted in his emptying his kitchen of all the products manufactured
by Nestle, Knorr, etc, in favour of fresh goods from the markets and farmers. This taught him
that good food and health belong together.
Grimm’s books are bestsellers.
Rights to previous titles sold to:
China: Chongquing Daily: France: Courier du Livre; Hungary: Kétezeregy; Korea: Window of Time,
Ulysses; Latvia: Zvaigzne: Poland: Astropsychologii; Russia: Piter; Spain: Obelisco; Taiwan: Rye
* Non-Fiction*
Albert Kitzler
Wie lebe ich ein gutes Leben?
How Can I Live A Good Life?
272 pages,
Pattloch, April 2014
Philosophy we can grasp
“How Can I Live a Good Life?” combines Western and Eastern philosophy and invites the
reader to follow the path of the great thinkers and teachers of the wisdom of the ancient
world: Seneca, Epicurus, Confucius, Lao-Tse, Patañjali, Siddhartha Gautama, and many
others. It’s a matter of self-awareness, dealing with the passage of time and one’s relationship
to other people. That’s how we find out how we can live in a more relaxed fashion, more
happily, and with more self-awareness. Using keywords like time, destiny, friendship,
independence, and more, Albert Kitzler presents stories and texts of the great teachers of
wisdom, who are questioned regarding their meaning for our everyday lives. References to
current research in neurology and other disciplines build a bridge to our present day. Ideas for
further thought help to transfer these realizations to our own lives.
The author:
Dr. Albert Kitzler, born 1955, studied philosophy and law in Freiburg. For more than 20 years
he has been a successful entertainment lawyer and film producer (in 1994 his film
“Schwarzfahrer” won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject), based in Berlin. In 2000
he resumed his intensive study of the philosophy of ancient Greece, China, and India. In 2010
he founded “Mass und Mitte – the school for the ancient wisdom of life” where he does
coaching and seminars, gives lectures, and holds “philosophical matinees.”
* Non-Fiction*
Michael Kogon
Lieber Vati! Wie ist das Wetter bei Dir?
Dear Daddy, How’s The Weather Where You
336 pages,
Pattloch, Mai 2014 – postponed to September 2014
In this book of remembrances, Michael Kogon describes the dramatic history of his family in
National Socialism. Immediately after the annexation of Austria to the German Reich, his
father Eugen Kogon was arrested in March 1938 as one of the original members of the
resistance. Soon after the liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp in 1945, where
Eugen Kogon had been a prisoner, he wrote the seminal work Der SS-Staat, published in
English as The Theory and Practice of Hell. Thereafter he would become one of the young
West German republic’s best-known journalists. Michael Kogon illustrates his memoirs with
letters as well as secret notes that his father was able to hide from the Gestapo or smuggle out
of the concentration camp, as well as with all of the letters that his children sent him in prison.
The author:
Michael Kogon, born 1928 in Vienna, is the oldest son of Eugen Kogon (author of The
Theory and Practice of Hell and editor of the political magazine Frankfurter Hefte). Michael
is an economist, a doctor of economics and political science, an author, and a translator.
Recently he has been in the public eye as editor of his father’s writings and as translator of the
works of the French diplomat and essayist Stèphane Hessel (Idignez-Vous!). Kogon lives in
Füllinsdorf, Switzerland. He is married, with three children and four grandchildren.
* Non-Fiction*
Manfred Lütz
Der blockierte Riese
The Obstructed Giant
320 pages,
Pattloch, April 2014 - revised and updated
Church criticism, Lütz-style. Exciting and very amusing
How the Church can escape from the obstruction caused by the sexual abuse and “VatiLeaks”
crises, the internal blockade by traditionalists and progressives, and the resignation of
Benedict XVI.
The author:
Manfred Lütz, head physician of a psychiatric hospital and a passionate theologian, landed his
first bestseller with The Obstructed Giant. This very opinionated journalist, well known from
newspapers, television, and lately also from his live shows, is an avowed Catholic from the
Rhineland who manages again and again to question long-held beliefs and to correct them by
offering a new perspective.
Rights to previous titles sold to:
Bulgaria: Kibea; China: Changsha Senxin; Croatia: Verbum; Italy: San Paolo; Poland: M; Slovenia:
Slomskkova; Spain: Loyola; Taiwan: Business Weekly
* Non-Fiction*
Bernhard Moestl
Der Weg des Tigers
The Way of the Tiger
224 pages
Knaur, November 2013
In his new book he confronts the reader with exciting questions: What am I really good at?
What are my strengths? What are my hidden talents? Many of us are not able to answer these
kinds of questions about our own personality, at least not right away. We’re too
unaccustomed to holding ourselves up to constructive scrutiny. But anyone who knows
himself and his own merits can make a strong case for his own point of view, does not let
himself be influenced, and gets things done.
The Shaolin monks have always known how this worked. They realized that all strength
comes from within, from ourselves. Bernhard Moestl makes this Asian wisdom useful to us.
He shows how we can find the path to energy within ourselves, even given our hectic
everyday lives. So that we can survive everyday life with healthy self-confidence.
The author:
Bernhard Moestl, born 1970 in Vienna, has lived in Asia for many years. The things he
experienced in the famous Shaolin monastery in the Chinese province of Henan, where he
studied the monks’ everyday life and the power of their thoughts, were key influences on his
life and his way of thinking.
Rigths to previous title sold to:
Bulgaria: Iztok-Zapad; Czech Rep.: Beta; Latvia: Zvaigzne; Lithuania: Algarve; Netherlands: Bruna;
Russia: Eksmo; Slovakia; Anch
* Body Mind Spirit*
Michael Droste-Laux
Das Säure-Basen-Erfolgskonzept
The Acid-Base Program for Success
256 pages,
Knaur MensSana, February 2014
Most people associate acids and bases with chemistry, but in reality you find them in every
household. Acetic acid in pickled food, lactic acid in mother’s milk and curd cheese, carbonic
acid in sodas, but also lye in detergents and pretzels. The most widely used acids and bases
have a significant influence on our metabolism. There’s a reason why the cause of many
illnesses in our civilization such as allergies, high blood pressure, migraines, rheumatic
illnesses, or diabetes is acidosis. Because the wrong nutrition and lifestyle can lead to acidosis
and have significant effects on health and aging.
One’s acid-base balance can be best controlled through simple changes in one’s diet and
lifestyle. The author shows the positive effects of a holistic life change, as well as which
methods are most effective.
The author:
Michael Droste-Laux, born 1961, had a traditional druggist’s education and initially was a
sales representative for a cosmetics brand. Thereafter he was responsible for the department
of natural healing for a pharmaceutical distributor, and he researched the subject of acid-base
Since 1999 he has been passing on his knowledge in lectures at medical or homeopathy
conventions, as well as in articles in numerous publications. In 2006 Droste-Laux founded a
company for basic natural cosmetics.
* Body Mind Spirit*
Dr. Dietmar Hansch
208 pages,
Knaur MensSana, März 2014
Burnout is a trap that more and more people fall into these days. As the demands of
modern times grow larger, our stress levels increase. But how does one deal with
stress? How does one avoid becoming more and more wrung-out and depressed?
Dietmar Harsch knows what happens to those affected, outwardly and inwardly, from
his many years’ experience at the hospital. He explains in clear and constructive
fashion how one can escape the stress trap. In particular, mindfulness practice, which
in the meantime has been scientifically proven to be effective, offers new kinds of selfhelp. It’s a well-known fact that a none too small portion of our stress is “homemade,”
generated in our minds thanks to “imagined musts.” A change in one’s own mental
attitude opens up great opportunities to improve one’s quality of life. Meditation, as
well as practicing mindfulness in everyday life, remain the methods of choice to find
one’s way back to a fulfilling and enjoyable life.
The author:
Dr. Dietmar Hansch, born 1961, runs the department of short-term therapy for Burnout
and Stress-related Illnesses at Wollmarshöhe hospital. He is a specialist in internal
medicine and a psychotherapist specializing in behavioral therapy. In 2003 he was
chosen for the German board of psychosomatic medicine. Dietmar Hansch has many
years’ experience in science, teaching, and treatment. He also became known as the
author of standard works in the areas of self-management and self-development.
* Body Mind Spirit*
Dr. med. Irene Schlingensiepen/
Mark-Alexander Brysch
Homöopathie für Skeptiker
Homeopathy for Skeptics
192 pages,
O. W. Barth, Februar 2014
What is known about the effectiveness of the little white globules? What precise success
stories of healing through homeopathic treatment have been proven? This book offers a sound
introduction to homeopathy and also includes proof from scientific studies. Skeptics who
currently consider homeopathy and globules to be nothing but placebos will find convincing
proof here for this gentle but very effective therapy.
The authors:
Dr. Irene Schlingensiepen studied medicine, and she received her doctorate in neurobiology
from the Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry. She is a doctor and a lecturer in
homeopathy, and for the past several years has organized the conference “Science Meets
Homeopathy,” at which natural scientists and homeopaths from different countries exchange
Mark-Alexander Brysch studied German Studies and History. After his state examination he
began to research the results of the “Science Meets Homeopathy” conferences in detail and to
present them in a form that’s accessible to the layman. The freelance author and filmmaker
lives in Berlin.
* Body Mind Spirit *
Dr. Anne Katharina Zschocke
EM Kompakt
The Compact EM
256 pages,
Knaur MensSana, Mai 2014
Effective Microorganisms for Beginners
This book is for anyone new to the topic of effective microorganisms who wants a quick
introduction to the subject. At the same time, it’s a handy addition to the library of everyone
who is already familiar with EM.
The author:
Dr. Anne Katharina Zschocke studied medicine and naturopathy in Freiburg and London. She
later took up ecology and horticulture. Since 2001 she has been teaching the practical use of
effective microorganisms and as a leading capacity in this field is internationally in great
demand as a speaker.
Back List
* Crime*
Andreas Franz, Daniel Holbe
Devil’s Gang
512 pages, novel
Knaur, September 2013
250.000 copies sold!!!
The scene is Frankfurt am Main. On a bridge over the freeway Detective Julia Durant is
presented with a disgusting sight: a burned-up motorcycle, and on it is the remains of a
scorched corpse. The victim of a gang war in the biker scene? The investigators run into a
wall of silence. It’s high time to call in their colleague Brandt from the neighboring precinct.
The author:
Daniel Holbe has captured the exact »voice« of the late, great Andreas Franz. Holbe lets the
legendary investigators Julia Durant and Peter Brandt live on.
Rights in the Julia Durant series have been sold to:
China: Beijing Read Product, Bookzone; Czech Republic: Beta; Korea: Yemun; Poland:
Weltbild; Turkey: Pegasus; Lithuania: Musu Knyga
Detailed Info on the successful series by Andreas Franz / Daniel Holbe available.
* Autobiography/Mountaneering*
Kurt Lauber
Der Wächter des Matterhorns
The Guardian of the Matterhorn
240 pages
Droemer, April 2012
20.000 copies sold
Exciting true stories and spectacular photographs
First Ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865 – 150 years in 2015
For 15 years, the author, a ski instructor and mountain guide, has been in charge of the Hörnli
hut at the foot of the Matterhorn, elevation 3,260 meters. He has experienced a lot, and he
takes the reader on a trip through his adventure-filled life on and around the mountain. He has
met the craziest people and experienced excitement, tragedy, and disasters, many of which
don’t fail to leave their mark on him. Lauber’s Matterhorn stories are personal experiences
and thoughts, as well as warnings and suggestions. All are imbued with a deep respect for
nature. His view of life, marked by living in the mountains, is touching and thoughtprovoking. The book includes breathtaking, previously unpublished photos from the Swiss
mountains as well as personal photos of life around the hut.
The author:
Kurt Lauber is a ski instructor, mountain guide, helicopter pilot, and rescue specialist, the
veteran of more than 1,000 rescues. He lives with his wife and son in Zermatt, Switzerland.
Rights sold:
Japan: Tokyo Shimbun
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AVA International GmbH
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[email protected]
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