GRUPO GARVALIN - International Shoes Garvalin, SL Ptda


GRUPO GARVALIN - International Shoes Garvalin, SL Ptda
GRUPO GARVALIN - International Shoes Garvalin, S.L.
Ptda. Pla de Sant Josep, P-1, 150
03293 Elche. Alicante. Spain.
T.+34 96 6655023
F.+34 96 6630379
[email protected]
Since its start, the Garvalín Group has
been defined with a very clear mission:
to make quality shoes. An apparently
simple goal which, however, involves a
declaration of intent and a certain form
of working: to innovate and seek excellence through the union of know-how
and creativity.
Born beside the Mediterranean in
southeast Spain, ever since its creation
in 1968 the company has combined a
noble tradition in footwear with all the
entrepreneurial and creative energy of
the region.
With the second generation fully incorporated into management, the company
continues to grow in experience and
Our goal as a group is to provide the
footwear a child needs from birth practically through to adulthood, paying
attention to his or her requirements and
providing our quality guarantees.
In tune with contemporary styles, Garvalín develops a versatile and contemporary design. As a whole, it aspires to
offer a first shoe, i.e., a multipurpose
design that can be worn with any outfit
and which satisfies the multiple requirements of those demanding users that
are children.
Our commitment to quality is shown in
the meticulous insides, removable antibacteria insoles, natural leather linings
and in our compliance with international
regulations on footwear and respect for
the environment in all processes
Garvalín, Biomecanics and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada are children's
shoe brands in Group Garvalín, offering children alternatives of
quality, comfort and design that all parents want for their children.