product manual


product manual
GF 9399 - A unique & innovative product hits the market GEEPAS, the acclaimed Electronics brand which always reaches out to the common man by
introducing a giant portfolio of Electronics products in the region has announced its new offering.
This time it is a DOUBLE FACED FAN, a totally new and very effective fan which has Fan leaves
on two sides. GF 9399, the Double Faced Fan is Rechargeable and Oscillates thereby ensuring breeze at 360
degree levels, effectively reaching out to a circle of people sitting around it. The sleek design,
light weight and unique shape makes it a stylish product in every way and would decorate every
household with its presence in terms of comfort and utility. The Double Faced Fan comes with a Night light with 2 Bright LEDs supported by 2 6-Volt
batteries, which would be an added advantage in emergencies at night. Besides all this, this fan
works on both Battery as well as Electricity. “These are times when Electronics Customers are looking forward to innovative and functionally
effective products that simplify life’s day to day functions without having to empty their pockets”,
says Mr. Nizar TN, Director-Operations of the group. “We would like our customers to know that
it is their interests more than our profits that we think of when we launch new products” adds
Nizar. The GF 9399 is another one of GEEPAS’ initiatives to bring to the people, innovative products that
provide lasting and simple solutions. The product has already attracted scores of Trade enquiries
and customers have started lining up their advance bookings at various retail outlets where
GEEPAS products are available. GEEPAS had recently launched its G-CARE Service program which effectively reduces Service
time to just 4 days in the Middle East, surpassing the Service Turnaround time of almost every
Electronics Brand in the world. “Service is the bedrock of the success of GEEPAS, the brand and
we would go any length to ensure that Customer Interests are protected always”, said Mr.
Sutheesh Kumar, the Group Service Head. G-Care organises Free Check-up and Service Camps
for GEEPAS Products many times a year and is planning to extend it to more locations in the
region in future.