NEW QNexus NEW Turbo SC QFlash 5d-R


NEW QNexus NEW Turbo SC QFlash 5d-R
N E W QNexus
Link QFlash to Canon or Nikon
wireless flash systems!
N E W Turbo SC
The power of Turbo with new mini
QFlash 5d-R
Now wireless TTL-Ratio control
up to 500' with FreeXwire!
Now your Canon or Nikon TTL master flash
commands the power of Qflash on air!
Qnexus links your Qflash
to the wireless TTL systems
of Canon and Nikon.
Qnexus "reads" the Canon
or Nikon wireless IR code
to command Qflash in manual,
automatic, TTL, and TTL-Ratio,
when mounted to a Qflash
Use any number of dedicated,
full-function Qflash 5d-R's as
remotes controlled totally
from your camera's master
flash menu. Qnexus supports
all Canon and Nikon wireless
flash functions from as far
away as 100-200 feet! *
Qflash 5d-R equipped with Qnexus gives you an additional 150 to 400 watt-seconds of
beautiful, studio-quality lighting to dramatically expand your creative options.
For example: make a great por table por trait set-up by using a Qflash in a softbox, or with
an umbrella as your key light, and use your Canon or Nikon flash for fill. For those tricky
large group photos, use multiple Qflashes for more lighting power, all controlled by a Canon
or Nikon on-camera master flash. You can even mix remote Canon/Nikon flashes with remote
You are not limited to the power of shoe-mount flashes! Get Qflash power, light quality and
seamless integration with your Canon or Nikon wireless flash systems.
*Maximum distance for direct line of sight may vary due to type of master flash or control unit used
QFlash in soft box
with Qnexus
Nikon Camera with
Bruce Hamilton Dorn
Ron Capobianco
15 feet
Qflash with Qnexus
15 feet
Canon camera
with controller
Qflash with Qnexus
Whether you're shooting inside or out, the Qnexus/Qflash combo adds
an extra dimension of 150 to 400 watt-seconds of beautiful studioquality light.
Camera Mode Indicator– A multi-function LED provides visual confirmation when
Qnexus receives a wireless TTL signal. It blinks red for Canon, green for Nikon.
Channel Dial– Works with the Canon or Nikon master flash channel selection.
Remote Group ID Indicators– Allows Qflashes to be set up in multiple groups for
Ratio-TTL, or combined in the same group for extraordinar y flash power.
Turbo Slim Compact
Renowned Turbo Battery power for flash
now Slim, Small and Light
At the size of a 3.5" x 5" index card and weighing less than a pound, the new Quantum
Turbo SC gives new meaning to convenient power. Turbo Slim Compact is so small and
light that one photographer who tested it exclaimed: "I completely forgot it was there!"
NiMH Cell TechnologyFor higher capacity and faster
recycling times. Provides up to
225 Qflash (or 400 shoe mount)
full power flashes on a single
Fast Charging TimesCharges in 1.5 hours using its
universal charger.
Computerized "Fuel Gauge"
-Displays power remaining and
charging progress.
The Turbo SC is compatible with
all Quantum "C" and "CC-Series"
flash cables. Includes removable
belt clip, 100-240 volt universal
Specifications :
Flash recycling-full power
Capacity-full power
Shoe mount flash
1.4 sec.
Handle Mount flash
1.8 sec.
3.0 sec.
Charging: 1.5 hours
Weight: 15ozs. (422g)
Size: 5.14 x 3.6 x 1.3" (13 x 9.1 x 3.3 cm)
Special Offer!
Purchase a new Quantum Turbo SC battery,
(or Turbo, Turbo 2x2, Quantum Battery 1+ ,Quantum Battery 2)
and get a FREE Leather Shoulder Strap! (US addresses only)
Visit for details.
QFlash 5d-R
The ultimate location lighting advantage:
maximum power, dedicated wireless control to 500 ft.,
and now, full wired or wireless TTL-Ratio capability!
The 5d-R series is the latest evolution of Quantum's
proven portable Qflash units. Used with FreeXwire, the
new Qflash 5d-R now suppor ts wireless control of all
dedicated camera-flash functions -- including Manual,
TTL, Auto, Auto-fill and TTL-Ratio -- up to 500 feet away!
Qflash 5d-R blends seamlessly with Canon, Nikon and
other professional digital camera systems, using
Quantum's proprietar y QTTL adapters. In some cases,
it even provides capabilities a camera system may not
support -- such as wireless remote Fill-Flash!
New Wireless Freedom and Reliability:
Combined Qflash 5d-R/FreeXwire systems open up
exciting wireless lighting opportunities. Even the most
complex set-ups can be accomplished Quickly, Easily,
and Reliably.
Jerr y Small
With the Qflash T5d-R/FreeXwire system's wireless Ratio control, even
the most complex set-ups can be accomplished quickly and easily.
Exposure ratios for local and remote Qflashes can be set from the
on-camera Qflash 5d-R, even if the camera does not support TTL-Ratio.
Key Features:
•Studio Quality, Parabolic reflector
•Model T5d-R - 150 watt-seconds flash
power (vs. 50w-s for shoe mount flash)
•Model X5d-R - 400 watt-seconds
flash power
•Full digital and film camera dedication
•Wireless TTL with multiple TTL-ratio
using FreeXwire
•Wireless Auto-fill using FreeXwire
•Link to Canon/Nikon wireless TTL
flash system with Qnexus
•Sensor Limit for Auto and Auto-Fill
•Over/under exposure displayed after
a 1/3-stops!
•25 precision 1/3-stop Auto settings
•19 precision 1/3-stop Manual settings
•Model T5d-R -- powered by Quantum
Turbo SC, Turbo, Turbo 2x2 or Turbo
•Model X5d-R -- powered by Qpaq-X,
Lumedyne or Norman 200/400 packs
QFlash 5d-R
QTTL Adapters:
Two new QTTL adapter modules are now available: D12w-R for Nikon --- D13w-R for Canon.
Currently only Nikon and Canon systems are capable of transmitting wireless TTL-Ratio
commands directly to remote flash units. However, Qflash's wireless auto-fill feature
gives other camera brands the ratio feature of wireless TTL.
Quantum QTTL adapters are available for: Olympus (D10w) Hasselblad H1/H2 (D19w)
Contax (D24) Mamiya (D25)
*NEW Upgrade Model QF3d-R
To give older Qflash 2 models some of the
features of the newest Qflash 5d-R, Quantum
makes available the Qflash 3d-R series upgrades.
QF3d-R's have never been sold as new, and it
provides these new features of the Qflash
•Full digital and film camera dedication using
QTTL "D" adapters (all series)
•Wired/wireless multiple TTL-ratio for remote
Qflashes -- using FreeXwire
•Wireless Auto-fill for remote Qflashes -- using
•Sensor Limit for Auto and Auto-Fill modes
•Auto and Auto-Fill over/under exposure
•Twice as many program modes - 8
•Quick turnoff of Qflash
Mini Folding
Softbox with
hotspot reducer
Use QF69 for close up work when a perfectly
smooth, soft diffused look is a must.
The Qflash sensor remains unobstructed,
and the QF69 may be used with all Qflash
series in all modes. Folds flat for compact
Accessory Reflectors:
-Bare Bulb Enhancer -Telephoto
-Wide Angle Diffuser -Softbox and Snoot
NEW FW25 Mount
Quantum makes available the Following Upgrades:
QFT 2/2d
QFX 2/2d
QFT 4d/5d
QFX 4d/5d
*Check our website for pricing and shipping information
on all upgrades.
Quantum's new FW25 mounts the FW9T
FreeXwire Transmitter conveniently to the
Manufactured in USA by
Quantum Instruments, Inc., 10 Commerce Drive, Hauppauge, New York 11788-3968 • Tel 631-656-7400 • Fax 631-656-7410 •