Digital Pro-T (310-800EX) Digital Press-T (310


Digital Pro-T (310-800EX) Digital Press-T (310
Digital Pro-T (310-800EX)
Digital Press-T (310-810EX)
Nikon & Canon Stroboframe TTL kits:
with Pro T (310-800EX)
with Quick Flip (310-635)
with Camera Flip (310-900)
An Innovative Plateless Design.
• No camera plates required
Heavy Duty coiled TTL cord dedicated
for either Canon or Nikon
• NEW adjustable flash height knob
• More robust camera mounting base for added
security and confidence
• Integral QR style camera mount compatible
with Stroboframe 300-BASE (receiver)
• Pivoting flash arm centers flash over the lens
for both landscape and portrait
• Convenient fold away kickstand
• Solid machined T6061 Aluminum construction
• Five Year Warranty
Net Weight: 14 oz.
Max. Height: 10–3/4” 310-810EX:
Net Weight: 11 oz.
Max. Height: 8–5/8”
Two 1/4”-20 Camera Mounting Screws
Flash Mounting Knob (14”–20)
5/16” Allen Key
• Each kit comes with either a dedicated Canon TTL cord
or dedicated Nikon TTL cord
• Perfect TTL cord match for Stroboframe brackets connecting
Nikon or Canon Cameras to flash
• For all Nikon or Canon Speedlights with TTL Hot Shoe
• Works with any Nikon or Canon DSLR camera
• Maintains Full TTL Connection
• 6.5’ (2 m) max.-24”
Coiled Cord
• Heavy Duty 4.4mm thick
coiled wire
• Mounts to 1/4”-20
Threaded Studs
• Mounts to Flash Shoe
Camera Flip and Canon TTL cord kit
Camera Flip and Nikon TTL cord kit
Quick Flip Canon cord kit NEW
Quick Flip Nikon cord kit NEW
ProT digital Canon cord kit NEW
ProT digital Nikon cord kit NEW
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Camera Rotating Brackets
Flash Rotating Brackets
Pro-RL (310-700)
Pro-Digital Folding Flip (310-625EX)
A Standard Amongst Professionals.
An Innovative Design That Fits in Your Pocket.
• Rotate your camera instantly and effortlessly
from vertical to horizontal
• Compatible with Nikon SC-28
and SC-29 TTL cord
• Exclusive, one-hand TiltTrigger™
allows you to set the flash angle
• New lock and release folding mechanism
• Flash height adjustment up to 18”
• Unique “kickstand” pivots out to safely
support and stabilize
the bracket when it is
set on a table or floor
• Integral QR
(Quick-Release) Plate
mates with optional
QR Receiver
• Accepts all Stroboframe
flash mounts, Camera
Anti-Twist Plates and
Quick Release accessories
Net Weight: 33 oz.
Bracket Height: 14”
• Compatible with all Stroboframe Anti-Twist Plates
• Eliminates “Red-Eye”, vignetting and softens
harsh shadows
• Adjustable bracket height
• Compact fold-up design
Net Weight:  14 oz
Max. Height:  10-3/4”
Folded Dimensions:
8-1/2” L x 3” D x 3” H
Shoe-type Flash Mount
Long and Short Camera
Mounting Knobs
1/4” - 20 Tripod Mount
Hex Key for Height Adjustment
1/4”-20 Mounting Knobs
for camera and flash,
Cork Base Pad.
Camera Flip (310-900)
The Value Leader in Rotary-Link Brackets.
• Low-profile Rotary-Link system
allows you turn your camera from
horizontal to vertical with ease
• Compact, lightweight Aluminum construction
• Cushioned, Neoprene foam grip is comfortable
for both shooting and carrying
Net Weight: 15.4 oz.
Bracket Height: 9.5”
Nominal Lens-to-Flash Distance: 12”
Shoe mount, 1/4”-20
Camera Mounting Knob,
Cork Base Pad.
VH 2000 Stroboflip (300-100)
The Most Compact Approach to Flash Rotation
• Accepts Digital SLR’s, 35mm SLR’s
and smaller 6 x 4.5 cameras.
• Supplied with a machined,
positive-locking shoe mount
and a 300-SLR Anti-Twist Pate
(interchangeable with other
Anti-Twist Plates).
• Made for shoe-type
flash mounts
• Built-in tripod mount
Net Weight: 9 oz.
Bracket Height: 5.5”
Nominal Lens-to-Flash Distance: 7.5”
Shoe Mount, standard 300-SLR Anti-Twist Plate
Universal Camera Anti-Twist Plate
For All Digital SLR & 35mm
and Medium Format Cameras
• Will not scratch or damage your camera body
• Economical choice—you don’t have to purchase
multiple custom camera plates each time you upgrade
your gear
Quick Flip 350 (310-635)
Our Most Economical Flash-Rotating Bracket.
Quick Flip 350 offers high value, compact size, light weight
and fast handling. No wonder it’s the best-selling bracket
on the market! Although lower in price than our top-of-the-line
brackets, they share the same quality
materials and construction. The
Quick Flip 350 accepts all 35mm
cameras except those with large,
accessory battery packs or motor drives.
Net Weight: 10 oz.
Bracket Height: 9.5”
Nominal Lens-to-Flash Distance:12”
Shoe Mount, 1/4”-20 Camera Mounting Knob
Suggested Accessories: Camera Auto Quick Releases
• Fits virtually all film and digital SLR cameras, as well as
medium format
• High quality craftsmanship—CNC machined from
T6061 aircraft Aluminum with hard black anodize
• Recommended with Stroboframe 300-BASE
• Compatible with the following Stroboframe brackets:
310-800EX Digital Pro-T, 310-810EX Digital Press-T, 310-628EX
Pro Digital Folding Flip, 310-700 Pro-RL, 310-755 Pro-DCRS
Net Weight: 1.8 oz.
Dimensions: 3 x 1.75”
All neccessary mounting screws and Hex Key.