The Face - Lovejoy


The Face - Lovejoy
Lovejoy Series Special
Hands & Feet
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Lovejoy Extras
Lovejoy Manicure
•1-Hour Skin Care Analysis and Makeup Lesson - $50
- With Brow shaping - $65
•Makeup Application - $40
•Bridal Makeup Application - $52
- With Brow Shaping - $60
Other Treatments
•Back Facial - $80
The Lovejoy Facial for the hard to reach back.
Facial Add Ons
(added to a facial or facial peel)
•Firming Eye Treatment - $20
•Scalp Massage - $15
•Relaxing Foot Treatment - $20
•Anti-aging Hand Treatment - $20 (with leave-on
peptide mask)
•Hyperpigmentation Treatment - $20
•Half Leg - $48
•Bikini - $35 and up
•Brow - $20
•Back - $55
•Half Arm - $30
•Full Face - $40
Experience the joy of beautifully manicured nails.
Enjoy our relaxing and thorough pedicure.
•Full Leg - $65
•Lip or Chin - $14
•Underarm - $30
•Sideburns - $25
•Full Arm - $50
•Abdomen - $30
•A thorough and meticulous manicure.
•Careful cuticle treatment and nail shaping.
Manicure - $23 | French Manicure - $26
Spa Manicure
All of the above plus a relaxing dip in our warm
Murad Vitamin C Infusion Pedicure
A Lovejoy pedicure with Dr. Murad’s Vitamin C
infusion treatment that uses a high strengh Vitamin
C mask to reduce the visible environmental damage
on the feet. $65
The Body
A full 30, 60 or 90 minute massage using organic
massage lotion. Relieves stress, soothes tension
& improves circulation. Ask about our specials
on series!
Therapeutic Massages
•30 Minute Neck and Back - $45
•60 Minute Relaxation Massage - $75
•60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage - $85
•90 Minute Relaxation Massage - $95
•90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage - $ $105
•15 Minute Scalp Massage - $20
Lovejoy Pedicure
Feel Great Combinations
Murad Vitamin C Infusion Manicure
A Lovejoy manicure with Dr. Murad’s Vitamin C
infusion treatment that uses a high strengh Vitamin
C mask to reduce the visible environmental damage
on the hands and arm. $40
•Aromatherapy foot soak to soothe and relax
•Careful cuticle treatment and nail shaping
•Salt Glo treatment to eliminate dry skin from the
bottom of the feet
•Therapeutic foot and leg massage to increase
Pedicure - $46 | French Pedicure - $48
Spa Pedicure
All of the above plus a relaxing dip in our warm
Back & Neck Massage - $80
Massage - $90
Repechage Seaweed Body Treatment
•Rehydrates and rebalances the skin
•Mini whole body massage
The Body (cont.)
Ahava Dead Sea Mud Treatment
•Ahava mud mask application to entire body, face
and scalp.
•Purifying, relaxing and restoring sense of well-being.
•Mini whole body massage.
Dr. Murad’s Pomegranate Body Scrub
•This exclusive treatment begins with a total body
exfoliation scrub using anti-oxidant with pomegranate. This is followed by a tranquil shower.
Next you’ll receive a moisturizing application of
Murad Body Firming Cream.
A Beautiful Tan
•Pomegranate body scrub to exfoliate, deeply
cleanse and promote a glowing, even tan.
•Leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft, and supple.
•Excellent tanning results without exposure to the
sun’s damaging rays.
Firm & Tone Body Treatment
•This localized treatment improves the overall ap
pearance of your skin by reducing the visible signs
of cellulite and stretch marks.
•After a thorough exfoliation, we apply an infusion
of pure Vitamin C to the hips and thighs.
The Face
All of our facials are tailored to deliver the
maximum cleansing and hydrating results for
each skin type.
Lovejoy Facial
•Customized deep-pore cleansing with the
finest quality products.
•Combination of vitamins, and botanical
extracts that gently cleanse and refresh
the skin.
•Targeted delivery technology of antioxidants to
facilitate infusion of nutrients.
•Relaxing massage of the face and shoulders.
•Hands are massaged and placed in warm mitts.
•60 minutes - $75
Add on: Scalp massage - $15
Teen Facial or Mini-Facial
•Deep cleansing and rebalancing.
•Dual-mask application: Deep-pore cleansing mud
mask and 2-part enzyme mask.
•Gentle extractions and toning.
•30 minutes - $55
Add on: Anti-Aging Hand Treatment - $20
Repechage 4-Layer Seaweed Facial
•Nourishes skin with vitamin and mineral-rich
•Thorough treatment to restore, rehydrate, and
rebalance skin.
•Relaxing massage of the face and shoulders.
•Hands are massaged and placed in warm mitts.
•75 minutes - $90
Add on: Relaxing Foot Treatment - $20
Lovejoy Facial & Repairing Peel
•Esthetician customizes the facial to suit your
skin’s needs.
•Fruit enzymes gently exfoliate the skin.
•Choose from one of our facial peels.
•Professional strength micronized vitamins are
infused to boost results and soothe skin.
•Skin texture and color tone are improved. Less
Recommended for all skin types including acne,
hyperpigmentation, and mature.
•60 Minutes - $115
Add on: Firming Eye Treatment - $20
Our most popular facial. For those experiencing sun
damage and pigmentation. Dr. Murad’s patented
infusion technology delivers pure vitamin C directly
into the skin for maximum results. This anti-oxidant treatment restores clarity, texture, elasticity
Resurgence Renewal Facial
aging. An infusion of plant derived estrogen from
soybeans, wild yams, and cloves restores vitality
and beauty to skin suffering from hormonal aging.
See the transformation and welcome the ageless
you. $85
Redness Therapy Facial
Calms and cools Rosacea-like redness with our
blend of Goji berries and peppermint leaf. Relax
into our therapeutic treatment as the redness disappears and your true skin tone is revealed across
your face. $85
Clarifying Acne Complex Facial
Murad’s professional strengh acne treatment is
combines exfoliating fruit enzymes, anti-oxidants
and hydrating agents for deep cleansing and
extractions without irritation. $85
Dr. Murad’s Wrinkle Reducer Rapid Peel
See an instant transformation with this gentle yet
highly effective treatment. Glyconutrient Complex
reduces the appearence of lines and wrinkles while
hydration. $65
Glycolic Peel
•The solution for dry and dehydrated skin
•Uses glycolic acid to restore skin to a more
youthful state.
30 Minutes - $65
Genesis Peel
•A powerful yet gentle non-acid peel.
•Great for all skin types, including: sensitive,
rosacea, acne and dry.
•Uses peptides, retinol, and vitamin C to achieve
impressive results without aggressive measures.
30 minutes - $65
Beyond Microdermabrasion
•Advanced microdermabrasion designed to optimize
results and reduce irritation with no downtime.
•Corrective skin exfoliation utilizing advanced
microdermabrasion, fruit enzymes, and
vitamin therapy.
•Recommended for all skin types including acne,
hyperpigmentation and mature.
Face - $100
Hands - $45
Chest - $65
Dr. Murad’s Men’s Facial
Day of Joy
Ultimate Spa Experience
•A professional skin treatment designed to immediately soothe irritated skin, deeply clean clogged
pores and reduce break-outs.
Series of six for 10% off
Sheer Joy
•Lovejoy Manicure
•Lovejoy Pedicure
•A Murad Signature Facial
Pure Joy
•60-minute Relaxation Massage
•15-minute Scalp Massage
Joyfully Renewed
•Repechage 4-Layer Facial
•Pomegranate Body Scrub
•Lovejoy Manicure
•Lovejoy Pedicure
•60-minute Full Body Massage
•A Murad Signature Facial
•A delicious lunch
•Spa Manicure
•Spa Pedicure
•60-minute Full Body Massage
•A delicious lunch
Restore Him
•Men’s Manicure • Men’s Pedicure • Men’s Facial
Knock Him Out
•60-Minute Deep Tissue Massage
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Vitamin C Infusion Facial
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