What relationship do Metran Kakhsis have with St. Gregorios


What relationship do Metran Kakhsis have with St. Gregorios
What relationship do Metran Kakhsis have with St. Gregorios thirumeni of Parumala ?
This is the question that comes to our mind when we see the life of St. Parumala Thirumeni and
the present “Metran Kakshis” who shamelessly claim his legacy. The “Metran Kakshis” have no
shame in clinging on to the properties and institutions found by St. Parumala Thirumeni.
While reading through the biography of this saint of our church, we can clearly see the difference
in what St. Parumala Thirumeni believed in and what the present “Metran Kakshis” stands for.
And yet they claim his legacy.. Shamelessness at its height!
St. Parumala Thirumeni was born in the parish of Marthoman Jacobite Church, Mulanthuruthy.
He was a student of St. Koorilose Yuyakim bava, who was the Patriarchal delegate in Malankara.
The arrival of HH Ignatios Petros III Patriarch was a milestone in the history of the Malankara
Church. An administrative structure was established in Malankara which even the “Metran
Kakshis” are following to this day. The Royal proclamation in favor of Palakkunathu Athanasios
was withdrawn by the efforts of this Holy Father which paved the way for getting back the
churches and properties occupied by the reformists. The Malankara church was divided into
seven dioceses and more Metropolitans were ordained. Though the “Metran Kakshis” criticize
that this was done to divide and rule Malankara, in the same breath they claim all the holy fathers
so ordained as theirs. Hypocrites to the core ! Canon was formalized.
The biggest and most memorable events that happened in malankara during the visit of HH
Ignatios Petros III Patriarch were the Historical Mulanthuruthy Synod and the Consecration of
the H. Myron, for the first time in Malankara. And both these historic events happened in
Mulanthuruthy Church of which St. Gregorios was a parishioner.
St. Gregorios was one of the main organizers of the Mulanthuruthy synod. Since, it was being
held in his own parish church, he was involved in every stage of the synod - the preparation and
the proceedings. He was acting in the capacity of the secretary to His Holiness and so was
always following his footsteps.
On the first day of the synod, a pledge was taken led by HG Mor Divannasios and folowed by all
the Rambans, priests and laity. St. Gregorios was one of those who took the pledge keeping his
hands on the H. Gospel. The relevant part of the pledge so taken is as shown below.
St. Gregorios Thirumeni and the forefathers of the present day “Metran Kakshis” pledged
on the H. Gospel that they shall never depart from the obedience to the Holy throne of
Antioch. How can their latter generations who have broken this pledge claim any relationship
with St. Gregorious Thirumeni?
On the next day, 17th Mithunam, 1876, the representatives of the Malankara church, who had
assembled at Mulanthuruthy representing the whole Malankara Church, submitted a "
Sammathapathram" to His Holiness which included St. Gregorios also. The relevant parts of the
same are given below.
Our forefathers including St. Gregorios pledged that " Neither they nor their children would
ever depart from their obedience towards the Holy throne and the commandments of His
holiness ". In what way are the “Metran Kakshis” keeping this pledge? And if they have
departed from this pledge, how can they claim St. Gregorios's legacy?
The parishioners of the Mulanthuruthy Church submitted a registered deed to His Holiness. St.
Gregorios was a part of this process being a member of Mulanthuruthy Church. This deed was
registered at the Ernakulam Registrar's Office on Chingam 7th, 1876. The relevant parts from
that deed are as given below.
The Mulanthuruthy parishioners, St. Gregorios being one of them, submitted a deed and
mentioned clearly therein that “They will obey the commands of The Patriarch of Antioch
and the person appointed by the Patriarch ". They also pledged “If anyone departs from his
obedience to the Patriarch of Antioch and the faith of the Jacobite Church, such a person
has to pay a penalty of 100 rupees and go out of the Church without any claim ". How can
“Metran Kakshis”, who consider themselves independent of the Holy Throne and have had a
tradition of having always rebelled against the person appointed by the Patriarch claim that
St.Parumala Thirumeni is theirs and that his legacy belongs to them ?
On the same day, the shrine and two rooms at Vettikkal and the adjoining land belonging to
Mulanthuruthy Church was donated to His Holiness, The Patriarch by the parishioners of
Mulanthuruthy Church. The title deed was also registered on the same day. The Title deed of the
St. Thomas dayara at Vetikkal, which was found by St. Gregorios and which was sanctified by
his long stay in this Dayara is as shown below..
We request the “Metran Kakshis” to go through the highlighted parts of the title deed. The land
and the rooms were donated to His Holiness and it has been mentioned in the deed that His
Holiness is free to use it in the way he deems it good. When the title deed is so clear about the
purpose for which this land and the building at Vettikkal were donated by the Mulanthuruthy
Parishioners, how can they continue to occupy this Holy place shamelessly and at the same time
bad mouth His Holiness, the Patriarch ?
“Metran Kakshis” have mastered the art of lying and cooking up false stories by misinterpreting
facts and events from history. They need to do this in order to justify all that they have done in
the last 100 years. What more can we expect from the members of a church which was born out
of deception and sustained in deception. Lie is the foundation of the Metran kakshi church and
its walls are built with tracheary and deception.
Recent times, we are seeing new Metran kakshi his-storians misinterpreting facts and claiming
that St. Gregorios was in fact a spokesperson for the autocephaly of the Malankara church as
“Metran Kakshis” define autocephaly. They go to the extent to claim that St. Gregorios was
acting against the wishes of the Patriarch and supported Pulikottil thirumeni against the
Patriarch. It is also just a part of the deception which comes so naturally to “Metran Kakshis”.
We see that right from the time of His Holiness's arrival in Malankara, St. Gregorios was always
with him. He acted in the capacity of the secretary to His Holiness. We also see that St.
Gregorios was selected to translate al Kalpanas of His Holiness to Malayalam from Syriac. Even
after having been ordained as a Metropolitan, we see St. Gregorios following His Holiness
everywhere and always with him. There is one particular incident worth mentioning.
After ordaining four Metropolitans, His Holiness decided to ordain two more people. But some
lay leaders objected to this. His holiness felt that Mor Divannasios was behind this, got angry (
HH Petros III had a terrible temper but at the same time a soft heart ) and commanded him not to
be part of the synod proceedings hereafter. Mor Divannasios accepted this command of His
Holiness and travelled to the south. “Metran Kakshis” project this minor incident as a rebellion
against His Holiness by Mor Divannasios.
If in fact, St. Gregorios was acting against the Patriarch and in support of Mor Divannasios, he
would have accompanied Mor Divannasios. We cannot dream that a saint like St. Gregorios
would act against his conscience for momentary gain. It is not only that he did not act against His
Holiness, on the contrary we see him in the company of His Holiness always.
It was Mor Divannasios who went to meet the other Metropolitans in Vettikkal dayara on his
return from Mumbai. It was there that any differences which if existed were sorted out and all the
Metropolitans decided to work in unision.
In his whole life, there is no one instant where St.Gregorios acted against His Holiness. But still
people who have lost their senses in their greed claim on the contrary. The Shalmoosa of St.
Gregorios is a slap on the face of those who claim his legacy but at the same time break every
pledge that St. Gregorios stood for.
Let us just quote the relevant parts of the shalmoosa.. The full Shalmoosa can be read by clicking
on the below link.
The relevant parts are..
and again..
Let the above part open the eyes of Metran Kakhsis. St. Gregorios has clearly mentioned what is
to befall not only those who rebel agaisnt the church and its Head but also those who encourage
others to do so. Can Metran Kakshis still claim the legacy of St. Gregorios ?
Lastly, let us see what the title deed of the land donated to Parumala Seminary by Mr.
Areekapurathu Mathen says.
The land was donated to the Metropolitan of Malayalam , Joseph Mor Divannasios, who was
ordained by the Patriarch, was always submitted to the Patriarch and never thought himself to be
head of an independent autocephalous church and to be used for " the benefit of the Syrian
christians who are obedient to His Holiness the Patriarch reigning on the Throne of
Antioch ".
Is this the case in Parumala ? Is the seminary and the property so got being used for the benefit of
those owing allegiance to the Holy Throne of Antioch? How can people badmouthing His
Holiness the Patriarch at every opportunity and encouraging rebellion against the Holy throne,
claim something which was donated as mentioned above?
From all the records available and the biography of St. Gregorios, he can be anything but a part
of Metran Kakshi Church. The sad fact is that, the very people who are acting against the faith of
St. Gregorios are clinging onto the legacy of St. Gregorios.
Liers and hypocrites !!
Hope someday the “Metran Kakshis” will see reason and repent for having broken the pledge of
St. Gregorios and their forefathers. May God guide them!