Here is a downloadable packet - Children of Indiana Nature Park


Here is a downloadable packet - Children of Indiana Nature Park
Visiting the Children of Indiana Nature Park:
Using Your Deed Coordinate and GPS to Find Your Spot in
the Park
Every Nature-IN Deed holder has their very one place in the Park.
A. To find your spot in the Park, start with the Latitude and
Longitude coordinates on your Nature-IN Deed. These are
located on the left side of your deed.
B. After you arrive at the Park, enter the coordinate numbers
directly into Google Maps or Apple Maps (the same way you
would an address) and hit search.
Google maps on Android
This sign on the south
side of Shoemaker Road
(across from the parking
lot) will welcome you to
the Park.
Apple Maps on iPhone
C. Following the blue trail line on the attached map, choose the route that comes closest to the
county you live in. Then use your GPS to get as close as you can while remaining on the trail and
look around you.
D. Due to terrain and conservation needs of the land, not everyone will be able to stand on their
exact spot. Sometimes protecting nature means leaving it alone.
E. For a fun activity to enjoy on the way, complete the scavenger hunt on the next page! In nature,
the journey is often the destination!