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Information Notary Deed - Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz
Information on the notarial deed
for cohabitation
The so-called “Reproductive Medicine Act” has been effective since the 1st of July 1992. In this,
the regulations regarding fertility treatments for unmarried couples are written down. Attached
are the relevant original paragraphs (last page) which point out the need for a notary deed for
couples living in cohabitation who wish to undergo insemination or IVF treatment.
Please consult your certifying notary. On the following page you can also find notaries with
special experience in this field who liaise closely with our Institute. Please note that the validity
period is limited by law to two years. Therefore, should you wish to start the treatment in a few
months it is beneficial to postpone the notarial deed appointment as well. In case it is not clear
which treatment (IVF or insemination) is going to be conducted please mention BOTH procedures
in the notarial deed.
Please note that if we do not receive the notarial deed or if the document has expired, an IVF or
insemination treatment will not be conducted! (no exceptions will be made)
Of course, we are always available should you have any further questions on this subject.
The notarial deed
has to be present in the original copy &
is only valid for 2 years (therefore, it has to be renewed every 2 years).
When planning a new attempt please make sure the notarial deed is valid until the end of
the treatment.
Your Team of the
Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz
Declaration of consent – consent according to § 8 Reproductive Medicine Act
Guideline notarial deed
In order to draw up the consent declaration in the form of a notarial deed the following
information on the couple is needed:
● First and last name, title, birth date, addresses, marital status, nationality,
telephone number, photo identification
● Do the parties to the agreement live in an existing cohabitational relationship? Or are they
married? In the latter case, the notary needs the date and place of the marriage.
● Does the couple speak German or do they need a translator? (additional costs!)
● Does the couple have children? Please disclose the names and birth dates of the children and
whether they emerged from the marriage/cohabitation between the parties to the agreement
or whether they originated from previous relationships.
● Will the partner’s sperm or donor sperm be used for the assisted reproduction treatment?
In case the parties to the agreement are not Austrian nationals information on the respective
foreign law is necessary. The notary can only obtain this information on a case-by-case basis so it
is best to let him know 4 – 6 weeks before the notarial deed is drawn up.
Our cooperating notaries ask you to make an appointment in good time. At the signing
appointment it is necessary to bring your photo identity. Please note that your title should be
stated in your ID card otherwise the notary will also need your graduation or postdoctoral
Dr. Michael Zerdik
Öffentlicher Notar
T +43 - 1 - 533 08 47
Naglergasse 9
F +43 - 1 - 535 55 23
A - 1010 Wien
Mail: [email protected]
Mag. Ulrike Gessler-Wolfinger
Öffentliche Notarin
T +43 - 1 - 982 03 83
Missindorfstraße 16
T +43 - 1 - 982 03 83 - 17
A - 1140 Wien
Mail: [email protected]
Mag. Martina Bernegger
Öffentliche Notarin
T +43 - 1 - 216 08 82
Hollandstraße 18
F +43 - 1 - 214 58 00
A - 1020 Wien
Mail: [email protected]
Dr. Gerhard Berger
Öffentlicher Notar
T +43 - 1 - 405 95 95
Hormayrgasse 8
F +43 - 1 - 405 95 95 - 22
A - 1170 Wien
Mail: [email protected]
Pre-registration for the notary
Information for the notary:
Birth date:
Telephone number:
Own sperm
Donor sperm
Assisting Institute:
Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz
Lazarettgasse 16, A - 1090 Vienna
Declaration of consent:
I agree to the forwarding of my notarial deed by email to the Kinderwunschzentrum
Goldenes Kreuz (Dr. Obruca & Dr. Strohmer Partnerschaft, Lazarettgasse 16, 1090
Vienna) at [email protected].
Signature of both partners:
Vienna, on the
Kind regards,
Your Team of the Kinderwunschzentrum