Atizo Letter



Atizo Letter
Testimonial – Berne, spring 2009
Testimonials of Companies
Anik Maag, Customer Experience Design, Swisscom
"Our innovation projects were confirmed by several ideas of the Atizo community.“ Roland Keller, Corporate Development Project Manager, Swiss Post
"We think about involving the innovators in the realization of their ideas. ”
Christine Leuenberger, Innovation/Marketing, RailCity SBB
"We are interested in evaluating the Atizo software (Atizo Inside) for possible internal use.”
Samy Liechti, CEO, Blacksocks
"We were surprised by the large amount of ideas.”
Christian Locher, Innovation & Technology Manager, Mammut
"We never would have expected such high quality from several concepts handed in by the Atizo community.”
Anna Natuzzi, Computer Systems, Toshiba
"We received some very interesting ideas.”
Franco Bassani, Head of Internet TV Programm “Gesundheit Sprechstunde”, Ringier
"One of the ideas was very innovative and has a high cross­media potential.”
Patrick Zingg, Marketing Coordinator, RUAG Land Systems AG
"Thanks to Atizo we got in contact with some very interessting innovators.”
Eric Tholomé, Goup Product Manager, Google
"Atizo could be an online assessment tool for us to discover exceptional technologists.”
Beat Flück, Head of Innovation Management, Die Mobiliar
"We already integrated two new ideas of Atizo innovators in our existing concepts.”
Hans Blum, Head of Development, bio­familia
"By integrating costumers and consumers in the innovation process, companies obtain more market insights as if they rely on the q.t.”
Testimonials from Innovators
Jean­Philippe Gorgerat, Travelling
“Since I am travelling in South America, I can use the reward for an additional trip.“
Christopher Walter, Mediamatiker
"To collaborate in innovation projects is a good thing, so I decided to take an active role.”
Markus Elsener, Freelancer
"It was great to receive comments from other innovators to own ideas."
Ruth Sutter, Pension Fund Specialist/ Enterpreneur
"Collaborative innovation at Atizo is a great experience. ”
Romy Steinhäuser, Consultant
"I particularly liked the diversity and variety of the solutions and ideas.”
Patricia Jäggi, Student
"I love to find and develop ideas together with a team."
Further information: Open Innovation GmbH, Atizo
Christian Hirsig, CEO
[email protected], +41 31 961 90 90,

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