This treatment starts with a hand spritz which
not only sanitises the hand before the treatments starts but also uplifts and energises,
hands are then soaked in extracts of chamomile
and bearberry, followed by mulberry and pomegranate sorbet that deeply exfoliates the hands
to increase the penetration of the enriched cocoa
butter mask that is then applied. A lotion or
crème moisturizer is then massaged into the
hands and forearms, followed by cuticle care
products. Nails and cuticles are then treated is
in normal manicure.
Claire is a Harley Street (London)
qualified Aesthetics practitioner
and studied at the Guinot Institute.
With 16 years experience, she will
help you design an exclusive
treatment plan to achieve the
results you desire.
Aesthetic Clinic
The same as the Manicure but finished with an
invigorating foot spray of tea tree & ginger.
Please note: all clients have to undergo a patch
test 24hours before treatment irrespective of
having tinting done previously.
We have Retail Available in
For more than 40 years, GUINOT's mission
has been to make women more beautiful
using exclusive and innovative beauty care
Today Guinot has become "the benchmark"
for beauty salons.
Guinot has a presence worldwide: 11,000
salons dotted around 70 countries throughout the world.
It is a mark of excellence!
Ideal for when time is precious. This facial includes gentle cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage and mask.
Beaute Neuve
Mind Body and Spirit Facial
This treatment is recommended to be taken as
a course of three at least twice a year.
This is more an experience than a facial with
all the benefits of an exceptionally luxurious
The Special formula PEEL In gel and PEEL
Out foam is a Guinot exclusive exfoliation
method which enables deep dead cells to be
gently removed, lightening the colour of the
complexion and restoring the radiance of new
skin. The Sérum Régénérant Dermanove enables the creation of new skin, skin which is
smoother and more luminous after peeling.
The Mask brings back the skin's radiance
while providing a lightening effect, in particular for brown spots.
Time 1 hour
Price 50.00€
Course of three 125€
This deep cleansing facial restores vitality to
tired, aging skin. Using aromatherapy based
products, the facial includes a double cleanse,
tone, exfoliation, eye treatment, massage to face
neck and shoulders, specialised masks for eyes
neck and face to hydrate, lift and nourish the
skin, finished with laminating, eye neck and
face moisturizers. Your skin will look new and
feel amazing.
This facial firms the skin and tightens the features, in order to rejuvenate the appearance of
the face. A unique treatment method combining firming, regenerating active ingredients
with Masque Thermolift, which diffuses heat
to improve penetration and cell activity. Products contain Pro-Collagen concentrate which
reinforces the skin's elastic tissue deep down,
re-densifying and visibly restoring firmness.
This facial includes all the same as the antiaging facial but with additional acupressure
and energy healing during the massage, using
the hands to active the meridians. Followed by
a deep penetrating nutritious mask. Whilst the
mask is on you then have the option of a guided mediation or a hand massage. Then specialised hydrating eye, neck and faces creams
to complete the experience.
Time 1.5 hour
Price 80.00€
All Guinot treatments are undertaken following a full assessment and a skin care plan is
developed according to your needs and lifestyle…
You will be recommended a home skin care
plan and samples will be given for you to try
before purchasing. The full Guinot product
range is available but there is limited space in
the treatment room, so if you need a product
then please ask.