CD_Playing_Time_Disclaimer_CDN [Converted]


CD_Playing_Time_Disclaimer_CDN [Converted]
CD Playing Time Disclaimer
Duplium Selection Number: __________________
Cust Ref No:________________
The Philips CD specification for CD Audio and CD-ROM formats defines the maximum playing time as
74 minutes, 44 seconds or 650Mb. Duplium will accept masters of up to 77 minutes. Longer playing
times of up to 85 minutes may be possible but Duplium cannot guarantee that the disc will play satis factorily in all CD players/drives.
Where the length exceeds 77 minutes, Duplium will only commence production upon receipt of this
disclaimer from the Customer acknowledging the above.
The length of play of the above CD is: _________min
The program length of the above CD is:_____________MB.
And as such exceeds the recommended specifications for length of play. In signing and returning this
form, I understand that Duplium cannot guarantee playability of these discs on all drives.
SIGNATURE: _______________________________
PRINT NAME: _______________________________
Print and Fax to (905) 709-9439
DATE: _______________________________
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