Patient Instructions


Patient Instructions
Patient Instructions
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Patient Instructions
Evolution liners are cast to the highest quality standards, using a blend of medical grade silicone and
other additives that provide the unique flow characteristics and feel of the material. Silicone is nearly
biologically inert when used as material for prosthetic liners.
Details on the dermatological properties of silicone socket liners may be found in the Journal of
Prosthetics and Orthotics, 1997 Vol. 9, Num. 3; pp. 97-106.
How long should it last?
Evolution liners are designed to be worn for a period of four to six months, at which time they should
be replaced by your prosthetist
Liner Care Instructions
The liner and your limb should be washed thoroughly once a day with mild antibacterial soap and
warm water, taking care to remove all soap residue when rinsing. Failure to remove soap residue may
cause an allergic reaction while wearing the liner. We do NOT recommend leaving the liner turned
inside out overnight to dry. Dry the liner with a clean towel.
Wearing the Liner
The liner should be rolled onto and off of the limb if possible.
The liner should not be donned by stretching it over dry skin, because this may create shear forces on
the skin, causing irritation, blistering, or other physical injuries.
**A nylon sheath must be worn over the outside of the liner to reduce surface friction in the socket.
**We do not recommend folding the liner over the socket. Our warranty does not cover damage to the
liner caused by this action.
Your prosthetist may recommend using a lubricant such as Monistat® Soothing Care Chafing Relief
Powder Gelâ„¢ to eliminate skin friction over sensitive areas. Other lubricants may be used as
recommended by your prosthetist, except any lubricants containing mineral oil. Use of a lubricant is
not indicated for all amputees, so please consult your prosthetist.
If you experience a significant amount of perspiration while wearing your prosthesis, it is advisable to
remove your prosthesis and dry the limb several times during the day.
Warnings and Contraindications
Discontinue using the Liner and contact your physician or prosthetist, if any of the following occur:
Allergic reaction to the liner or residues left on the liner
Open sores on the residual limb
Bruising of the residual limb
You experience unusual pain or discomfort, or the prosthesis injures you in any way.
The liner tears or no longer fits properly
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