newsletter | summer 2015 - Vincentian Service Corps West


newsletter | summer 2015 - Vincentian Service Corps West
From Sr. Frances Vista DC
“Go Make a Difference”
Go make a diff'rence, we can make a diff'rence
Go make a diff'rence in the world
Go make a diff'rence we can make a diff'rence
Go make a diff'rence in the world
First Verse:
We are the salt of the earth, called to let the people see
The love of God in you and me
We are the light of the world, not to be hidden, but be
Go make a diff'rence in the world
Second Verse:
We are the hands of Christ, reaching out to those in need
The face of God for all to see
We are the spirit of hope, we are the voice of peace
Go make a diff'rence in the world
This song based on Matthew 5:13-16 (text and music by
Steve Angrisano and Tomas Tomaszek) accompanied us
throughout the orientation of the 2015-2016 VSC West
A week before Orientation, this song kept reverberating in
my head and I could not help but think of the new members who are coming to serve in the VSC West. The two
words that expressed the feelings on their first day of orientation are “excited and stoked”. All through the week,
each participant exhibited eagerness, animation and enthusiasm about being in the program. The spirit was so
alive and contagious! Needless to say, the week went fast
like a buzzing bumble bee soaring from one bright and
colorful flower to another. May this joy last all through
the year. May everyone become the light of the world, the
hands of Christ that reach out to those in need, and the
face of God to be seen by all.
Welcome Message 1
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Since God is
satisfied with
our good will
and honest
efforts, let us
also be satisfied
with the
outcome He
gives to them,
and our actions
will never be
without good
St. Vincent de Paul
(CCD III:206)
Congratulations Vincentian Service Corps ‘14’- ‘15!
Wondering where they went? (From left to right: Jose continues to work for
Gubbio Project as Volunteer Coordinator in San Francisco and also a resident
minister for USF; Katie stayed in Los Angeles free lancing on Digital CinemaFilm Production; Ashley, assistant to the general manager in commercial real
estate in Oakland, CA and getting ready for grad school; Pamela is at USC for
her Masters in Social Work; Adavia to Manhattan, NY as case planner for Sheltering Arms Children and Family Services; Molly to Centerville, OH as Support
Specialist at YWCA Dayton as Crisis Support Specialist with their Emergency
Shelter and will eventually start Grad school; Emily to Georgetown Hospital in
Washington, DC as a Nurse; Jon
is a Resource Associate at Behavioral Healthcare Inc in Denver,
CO; Jordan is a resident minister
at USF and working as a proSEPTEMBER
gram coordinator at The Healing
Well in the Tenderloin; Skyler
26 Vigil celebration at Seton Provinstayed in San Francisco also
cialate, Los Altos Hills - Feast Day of St.
working for Sunrun Solar ComVincent de Paul, September 27th
pany; Mike is going to Indiana
Univ. of PA to study Educ. PsyOCTOBER
chology Graduate Program; Me1-4 Mission Congress, Houston, TX
gan to “big ol’ town” of Mt.
Combined with CVN
Caroll, IL as Marketing Coordinator for Depot Electric Supply;
29-Nov 1 Reflection Weekend
Neenah teaching at CWC SilLos Altos Hills, California
verlake in Hollywood, CA and
preparing for grad school.
We wish each one of them the
best as they move forward in
life. May the Vincentian charism
continue to play a big role in
their lives.
27 Feast of the Miraculous Medal
28 Feast of St. Catherine Laboure
29 Founding of Daughters of Charity
Brendan Parks
is from Denver,
Colorado and
graduated from
the University of
Denver where he
studied Journalism and Communication Studies .
Brendan is a
Teaching Assistant at St. Vincent’s School.
“I’m fortunate to
have so many
great people in my life that have helped to lead me to
this point in time. I am enthused about
my next step in my journey and I am
looking to take advantage of the time I
have to give to help others as I deepen
my faith.”
Beatriz Granados is from Levelland,
Texas and graduated from The University
of the Incarnate Word where she studied
Interior Design. Beatriz is a Case Worker
at the Cardinal Manning Center.
“I know the poor desire hope, happiness, joy and God’s
love. I believe if they have one person to believe in them
or be a part of their journey it could change their
life. I know that I do not
know their story, their
sufferings, or will I ever
fully understand what
they are going through
but by being there for our
brothers and sisters I can
and will make a change
for them, it all starts with
a smile.”
Taylor Leavens
is from Buffalo,
New York and
graduated from
Niagara University where she
studied Special
Education. Taylor
is a Teachers Assistant at Mother
of Sorrows.
“I have always
wanted to work
with children in
some way. I was presented with new experiences and
to work with children, whom forever impacted my life.
My decision to major in education
was one of the greatest decisions I
have ever made in my life”
Danielle Enriquez is from Bakersfield, California and graduated from
Loyola Marymount University where
she studied in Communication. Danielle is a Teachers Assistant at Our
Lady of Talpa School.
“Although the poor may not have much, they have an
unexplainable way of
teaching us valuable
lessons . This is something that money cannot buy. The needs of
the poor, to me, are treat them as our
friends and not as something that is to be pitied.
The poor are children of
God...We are all humans
who just have different
stories to tell.
Collin Ehret is from Sammamish,
Washington and studied Biology at
Loyola Marymount University. Collin is Student Support at Our Lady of
the Visitacion.
“Since serving in the fields of education and social services I have
learned that what society is doing is
not enough or not right at all...We
are treating the symptoms and not the sickness that leads to
homelessness...Homelessness can, and unfortunately will
outlive me if the way we deal with the homeless stays the
same. I will not be one to end any of these
problems, but I want to be one of the steps
towards the solutions.”
Nicole Bejany is
from Weston,
Florida and graduated from Emory
University where
she studied Anthropology and Human Biology
with a BA in Human Health. Nicole is the Wellness Coordinator
at The Epiphany Center.
“I have learned that Life is about
the journey not the destination...I do not always succeed in
preventing the stress or other factors in life from overcoming my enjoyment of the moment , I have made a point of
enjoying the small things that bring me joy each day.”
Karen Martinez is from Los
Angeles, California and studied
Environmental Sciences at University of California , Riverside.
Karen is a Children’s Case Manager at the St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco Riley Center.
“I may be nice, but my life and the
people in it have taught me that I
am also strong, courageous, and
understanding because we all come from various backgrounds and have distinct stories to tell. Helping others is
what I love to do and if it means I have to be
taken down to do so, I know I have the strength
to stand back up and keep going.”
Corey Bigoni is from Portland, Oregon and
graduated from Loyola Marymount University,
where she studied Psychology and Environmental Studies. Corey is a Program Coordinator of the social ACTion program at St Anthony
“ We all have different stories, and
what has brought us to where we
are in the current moment, but it
is our duty as humans to be there
for each other and do what we
can with our minds and hearts to
help make the world a more
equal, fair, and happy place. I believe all people deserve the right
to be heard... “
Aubrey Demler is from Bakersfield, California and graduated
from Loyola Marymount University where she studied Psychology. Aubrey is Student Support at
DeMarillac Academy.
Notice the colored ribbon next to the
picture of each member. Each one of
us selected a ribbon and wove it to
create a colorful pattern that symbolizes our rich uniqueness and to become a wonderful whole.
“Empathy is a trait that I believe is
something I can share with others
in order to share God’s love with
the world...In taking responsibility
of my gift to empathize, I am choosing every day to share it
with the lives of others, while I continue to unwrap and see
the gifts that God has planted in my heart and the hearts of
others “
“How difficult it is sometimes, though, to join in the pattern,
and not to control it. To utter that simple “yes” when really
we often would, rather say, “Not yet”, later, perhaps maybe,
or perchance. (From: Psalm of the Life Loom by Chuck Lathrop)
We all pray that we become the rich, textured people whom
God envision us to be
Racing to the finish line!
Put the napkin
on the tray
VSC WEST 2015—2016
Celebration with CM’s, DC’s, Alumni and Supervisors after
Sending Forth Mass.
Serenading GOD with our beautiful voices!
Beatriz &
Congratulations to Jen
Schooling (‘05-’06) and
John Downing on their
marriage last April 10,
Thank you Marie Madrid for
serving as support person
for the Los Angeles Community this year and sharing your ministry of presence.
Thank you to our alumni who gave a helping hand and
came to support the new volunteers at Orientation! Marie
Madrid and Ryan O’Pallick ‘07-’08; Ann Stacy and Darby
O’Neill ‘09-’10; Clare Smith, Daniel Echeverry, Kathryn
Mogk, Elizabeth Miller, Emily Van Ostran and Gino
Altamura ‘13-’14; Pamela Gonzalez and Katie Heck ‘14-’15.
VSC staff and new members were happy to see so many of
Congratulations to Connor Johnson ‘09-’10 who finished
grad school with a degree in Urban and Regional Planning
at UCLA and also, Angela Silk ‘13-’14 for finishing Masters
Program in Education now a 3rd grade teacher in Tacoma,
Board of Directors
Sr. Trinitas Hernandez, DC
Board President
Rosalie Rendu Center
Sr. Josephine Burns, DC
Province of the West
to Chicago, IL. And Steven Rivera from Southern, CA to Northern, CA.
John Scudder
Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory
Sr. Kathleen Powers, DC
DeMarillac Academy
Sr. Margaret McDonnell, DC
Province of the West
Lawrence Ellison
St Gabriel School
Sr Betty Marie Dunkel,, DC
Province of the West
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Do you have
any cool
news you
would like
to share
with the
rest of the
“formers” or
greater VSC
InterRJ Toledo ‘09-’10 and his wife Marianne
Black ‘11-’12 moved to Denver, CO where
in getting
good prospects and the opportunity to start
involved? a family is more reasonable than California.
Know a The best part of this move is moving from
one Vincentian program to another Vincenjoke?
tian Program. As RJ says “from good to
let us
good” . His latest sharing, “Marianne is enjoyknow.
ing her work too and we closed on our house in
hearing Arvada!
Katie Abel ’06-’07 moved from Southern, CA
Vincentian Service Corps West
25 San Fernando Way Suite B
Daly City, CA 94015-2065
Kitty Mullooly
Member of MISEVI International