Issue 6 - Vermont Secondary College


Issue 6 - Vermont Secondary College
Vermont College News
Excellence Integrity Responsibility Respect Tolerance
Issue 6
30 April 2015
Principal: Tony Jacobs
Assistant Principals: Mike Stevens,
Harry Ruff, Joanna Alexander
School Captains:
Sam Brindley
Louisa Xie
Phone: 9873 1077
Student Absence: 8872 6338
Postal Address: PO Box 138,
Vermont Vic 3133
Year 11 Connectedness Day
Year 7 High Resolves Program Stirling Period 1 & 2
Year 10 Building Capacity
Pathways - Period 3 & 4
Year 7 & 8 Immunisations
Year 10 TeenAID - Period 1 & 2
Division Cross Country
Year 7 High Resolves Program Macedon Period 1 & 2
Year 7 Guest Speaker Archie Fusillo Period 1 & 2
Melb Uni Maths Competition P1&2
Year 11 English Guest Speaker ‘Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif’
Inter-house Theatre Sports
Year 9 History Excursion - Old
Melb Gaol & State Library 9.1, 9.9
Year 7 High Resolves Program Hotham Period 1 & 2
Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN
Year 11 Geography Excursion Marysville
Round 2 Spelling Competition Lunchtime
Autumn Concert 6.30pm
Year 9 Geography Excursion 9.2, 9.4
Year 12 Geography Excursion Ringwood Lake
Year 9 High Resolves
ICAS Digital Technologies
Competition (Years 7-10)
Year 9 Geography Excursion -
Principal’s Report
2015 Parent Information Session (6.00pm) & Open
Evening for the College Community (6.30pm - 8.30pm)
Wednesday 6 May
The Year 7 Information Session for prospective Year 7 students in 2016 will be held
on Wednesday 6 May in the College Gym, commencing at 6:00pm and finishing at
6.30pm. More information on page 17 of this Newsletter.
On the same evening we will hold the annual Vermont Secondary College Open
Evening commencing at 6.30pm and finishing at 8:30pm. All current members of the Vermont
Secondary College community and prospective students and their families are warmly invited to attend
our annual Open Evening. Please note that parking within the College grounds is extremely tight and
participants will need to park in surrounding streets.
Also please note that on this day, Wednesday 6 May, Periods 1 - 3 will run as normal and all classes
will finish at 1:00pm (there will be no Period 4) to allow staff and students time to set up for the Open
ANZAC Performances and Annual Autumn Concert Thursday 14 May
Last week was a very busy week for our talented music students and staff and it will continue to be busy
with the Autumn Concert on the way.
On Friday 24 April, the Concert Band, outstandingly lead by Jeremy Shannon, were exceptional in
supporting our annual VSC ANZAC ceremony held at the College for all students via a Junior and Senior
School assembly. Accompanying music and the playing of the National Anthem was wonderful and
added a great atmosphere to the proceedings.
The ANZAC Day Parade in the City of Melbourne is a long held tradition for our
music students. As always, our Concert Band performed superbly marching and
playing the ANZAC Day route twice on a very wet day! A big thank you to Jeremy
Shannon for his leadership and thanks also to Harry Ruff (Assistant Principal) and
the parents who were present at the march to support the students on the day!
While on a musical note there is an upcoming opportunity to see the Vermont
students performing at the upcoming annual VSC Autumn Concert being held on
Thursday 14 May starting at 7.00pm in the Fallon Centre Auditorium, showcasing
the talents of our music students and staff. Tickets can be purchased on line and full
details are on pages 12 & 13 of this newsletter. I look forward to seeing you there!
In conjunction with our ANZAC Day and Centenary Commemorations the College
planted an Aleppo Pine tree in our front lawn on
Friday 24 April. Ms Wendy Ward from the
10th Australian Field Ambulance Association,
school captains Sam Brindley and Louisa Xie,
along with myself all had a hand in planting the
tree. The tree is a sapling propagated from the
seeds of the solitary pine which was left standing
on Lone Pine Ridge in Gallipoli during the 1915
campaign. The seeds were sent back to Australia
by Lance Corporal Benjamin C Smith and planted
by his mother who later donated the saplings to the
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Australian War Memorial. Many thanks to the library staff who
initiated the idea of purchasing and planting the pine.
This year, also as a part of the ANZAC day commemoration,
Vermont Secondary College has affiliated with the 10th Australian
Field Ambulance Association which served in both World War I
and II. Harry Ruff attended their luncheon on ANZAC Day
following the march and Wendy Ward (her father served with the
10th Australian Field Ambulance Association in World War II)
spoke at the School's Anzac Day assemblies the previous day.
Vermont will be housing their World War II honour board listing
all those that served with the 10th Australian Field Ambulance
Association. This is a wonderful opportunity for the College and
with dwindling numbers it allows the ANZAC memory to live on.
College Council – Community Reporting Meeting
The VSC annual Community Reporting Meeting was held on Tuesday 21 April
2015 at 6:30pm. At this meeting the VSC 2014 Annual Report was presented,
and once ratified by the Department of Education and Training (DET) it will be
placed on our College website. Also once ratified, the 2014 Annual Report will
be available on the Victorian Registrations & Qualifications Authority (VRQA)
website at: Once there click on ‘State Register’ and enter
‘Vermont Secondary College’.
Vermont Secondary College Council Executive
A reminder that school parents and guardians can contact Parent Council
Representatives via the Council President, Steve Siems, at:
[email protected]
Parent Representatives: Andrew Treloar, Philip Horner, Simona Jobbagy,
Steve Siems, Jennifer McClintock and Stephanie White
President: Steve Siems
Vice President: Simona Jobbagy
Treasurer: Jennifer McClintock
Upcoming Key Dates
Queen’s Birthday Holiday – Monday 8 June
Parents/guardians are reminded that the long weekend for the Queen’s Birthday
falls on Monday 8 June.
VSC Mid-Year Report Writing Day – Friday 12 June
Parents/guardians are also reminded that Friday 12 June is a pupil free day.
Vermont Secondary College will be using the day as an Assessment and
Report Writing Day and students in Years 7 – 12 are not required at school.
Semester 2 Starts Monday 15 June
Reminder to parents/guardians and students that the whole school (Years 7 –
12) moves into the second semester in the last two weeks of this term starting
on Monday 15 June.
Tony Jacobs
Online Access of the Newsletter Report
From Term 3 onwards this year, the fortnightly Newsletter will only be accessed online. This will ensure that we
implement a more environmentally sustainable process and allow us to investigate a range of alternate formats for
the Newsletter.
Mrs Joanna Alexander
Student Volunteers at the VSC Open Evening on Wednesday 6 May from
We welcome and encourage all current students to get involved in the Open Evening on Wednesday 6 May by
volunteering to assist the teachers in specific learning areas or by helping the visitors move around the school.
Any student who wishes to volunteer will need to speak directly with their class teacher or see Mrs Alexander.
The Open Evening provides the College community with an opportunity to celebrate and promote the outstanding
programs and activities with our current and prospective families. We look forward to seeing the students and
their families on the night.
Mr Harry Ruff
Reminder of the Shortened School Day on Wednesday 6 May for the Open
Evening Preparations
A reminder to students and parents/carers that on Wednesday 6 May we will have a shortened school day
working from period 1 to 3 and concluding at 1pm. The early finish will provide the teachers with an opportunity to
set up and prepare for the Open Evening activities.
Term 1 Interim Reports
Mr Mike Stevens
A reminder to all students and their parents/carers, if you haven’t accessed the Term 1 Interim Reports please do
so using your unique password and ID through the parent portal. If you have any difficulty with this process or
want to discuss another issue relating to reporting, please contact Mrs Alexander.
NAPLAN Dates – Year 7 and 9
NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) testing will occur from Tuesday 12 May until
Thursday 14 May. NAPLAN tests assess student knowledge and skills in Writing, Reading, Language
Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy. The results of the tests provide information for
students, parents, teachers and principals which can be used to improve student achievement. All students in
Years 7 & 9 are expected to participate in the NAPLAN testing. Support can be arranged for students with
disabilities and exemptions may be granted to students with significant intellectual disabilities and students who
have been learning English for less than one year. Students may be withdrawn from NAPLAN by their parent or
carer. This is a matter for consideration by parents and carers in consultation with the principal. If, after
consultation, you decide to withdraw your child, you must sign a Student Withdrawal form. These forms are
available at the school. All enquiries should be directed to Mike Stevens (Assistant Principal – Overseeing
Harry Ruff, Mike Stevens & Joanna Alexander
Assistant Principals
MCM also accept
donations via:
Telephone - 1300 364 507
Website https://www.melbournecitymi
Helping Hands
The Year 10 High Resolves Leadership group from Vermont Secondary College are seeking your assistance in effecting the
lives of people who are experiencing the effects of homelessness.
Homelessness is a condition that effects 1 in 200 people, in which the person lacks regular, safe, secure and adequate forms
of housing or night-time residence. People who are effected by homelessness are often most vulnerable in society and are in
extreme need of assistance.
We are partnering with Melbourne City Mission (MCM) which is a non-for-profit organisation with the goal to support and link
young people, adults and families to housing, education, training, employment and social support. Within this partnership we
are asking you to give a helping hand in breaking the cycle of homelessness.
MCM has advised to support the homeless with the donation of the following:
Sanitary items (Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturiser, deodorant and
feminine hygiene products)
Non-perishable food items (Cans, pasta, rice etc.)
We ask you not to include: clothes, blankets, sleeping bags.
Vermont Secondary College’s Year 10 High Resolves Leadership group
Stirling Rocks!
Kay Bird - Stirling
Thank you Kay and Judy for all your help
Matt Cullen - Hotham
Peter Henderson - Macedon
Congratulations Stirling
Thank you to the Canteen staff
for the amazing red food
The victors at last!
Well done to all our outstanding athletes
Year 9 Building Capacity Program
Bill Duiveman - Stirling
This week students participate in the Building Capacity Program (BCP - formerly known as PEP). This program
involved students acquiring skills of : enhancing self-esteem and connectedness, developing practical learning and
living skills, strengthening resilience, improving research skills and supporting students to plan a pathway as they
begin their transition to the senior school and part-time workforce. Below are a few snapshots from students
involved in the program.
1. Careers
Ines Lehmann - Macedon
The ‘All About Me’ program, is a course that discusses and gives thought about the future and potential
opportunities that students will face. The initiative expanded on the possible career options, by exploring the
benefits and disadvantages that would be approached. There were group conversations that encouraged the
students to share future endeavours, yet time was taken to personally reflect on the opportunities and threats that
are possible to occur in the working life. Having a designated course that invigorates students to contemplate the
possibilities of their life outside of school and for their future is a great concept that was well delivered during the
Year 9 Building Capacity Program.
Adam Rae 9.8
Brian Woodcock - Hotham
Heath Black
“During the Year 9 Building Capacity Program, one of the activities involved
Heath Black, an ex pro AFL player who has played for Fremantle and St.
Kilda, came here to discuss about the general problems with the use of
alcohol at all ages. He talked about how he has many mental health issues
specifying in anxiety, OCD, ADHD and how they affected his Football career
and general life. Heath told us what to do if any of our peers felt left out or
alone and how to identify such emotions. All in all, it was great having Heath
come to Vermont and discuss about his past life troubles and the risks we face
as young adults’.
Harrison King 9.5
Self Defence for Girls
“Bad guys, be scared! We now have some tools and ways to protect
ourselves following our inspiring self-defence lesson as part of the
Year 9 Building Capacity Program. Our instructor had some very
practical tips and moves for us to use if we find ourselves in a
situation and need to escape. One of the first ways to protect yourself
is to just use your voice, draw attention to the situation and address
the attacker. It's also important to stay calm so that you can think
clearly and act quickly. We were also shown some practical moves if
an attacker does actually approach us. Altogether, the lesson was
very beneficial with some great practical moves that hopefully we will
never have to use”.
Caitrin MacDowall 9.2
Year 8 History
Alex Nevins - Hotham
In Year 8 History we have started studying the Black Death. During
1347-1349 Europe was being wiped out by a massive plague called
‘The Black Death’. In class we are looking at the devastation caused,
the social impact of the plague and various erroneous cures that were
considered necessary to quell Europe of such evil.
So far we are having some fun, but learning a little bit as well.
8.4 & 8.6
Lauren Seymour - Stirling
Mr Henderson pretending to have the plague
Upcoming Year 8 Science Excursion
In Week 7 of this term, all Year 8 students will have an excursion to Imax and the Melbourne Museum. At the
museum students will look at human systems as well as psychology. At Imax, they will view a film on dinosaurs
which will tie in with a unit of work on Geology.
On the day of their excursion, students will need to bring their lunch, pen and clipboard and they will receive a
task booklet to work through. Students will receive permission forms in class from their science teacher. These
need to be returned, along with payment to the General Office by 18 May.
Dates for Classes are as follows:
Monday 25 May – Year 8 Stirling Students (8.7, 8.8 and 8.9)
Tuesday 26 May – Year 8 Hotham Students (8.1, 8.2 and 8.3)
Wednesday 27 May – Year 8 Macedon Students (8.4, 8.5 and 8.6)
Upcoming House Theatre Sports!
House Theatre Sports will be held on Friday 8 May. Each house is looking for two teams consisting of 4 – 6
members. The junior competition will be held during Period 3 on this day. Please check the Student Bulletin for
further information on tryouts or see your Head of House!
Get some friends together and get involved!
ANZAC Day March
To begin the day, we had to be at school by
7.00am on Saturday 25 April. The Concert Band
got all the equipment required into the bus and
then we headed off to the City.
When we arrived, we got all our
instruments out and waited under cover.
It was rather cold as we headed towards
the start of the ANZAC march but
thankfully it wasn't raining.
We were directed towards the start of
the march at the corner of Flinders &
Swanston Streets (Federation Square),
and before we knew it, we were
We marched through puddles, rain and up stairs.
There were poppies along the side of the road in certain areas that
looked stunning. There were many bands and the crowd turn-out was
Overall it was an amazing experience to be involved in and I look
forward to doing it next year.
A big thanks to Mr Shannon, our amazing Conductor, and to the
awesome effort put in by all the band to make our performance sound
as spectacular as it did.
Riona White 8.7
Outstanding Achievement - Nelson Xie
We would like to acknowledge the recent efforts of 8.4’s Nelson
Xie at the 2015 Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Age
Swimming Championships.
During the week of April 13 – 20 this year, Nelson travelled to
New South Wales, where the championships were held at the
Sydney International Aquatic Centre
Nelson competed in many events including 100 metre and 200
metre backstroke, 100 metre and 200 metre breaststroke, and
both the 200 metre and 400 metre individual medley.
In both of his individual medleys he achieve a two second
personal best.
Congratulations, Nelson on a magnificent accomplishment!
Year 9 Drama
On Tuesday 14 April Miss Savage's Drama class and I
travelled into the heart of the city to record a live TV
show at ACMI studios. When we got to ACMI we were
told what all the equipment was used for, and how it all
works in the studio. We recorded advertisements and
got to pick out costumes and characters to portray for a
live TV show. We learnt so much in the studios and got
to work with the TVs, headsets, camera and
microphones. Our TV show theme was a news show
and we had different roles including reporters, victims
and anchormen whilst working in front of a green
screen. We also got to visit Screen Worlds where they
take you through various ages of the moving image
through history. There was much to see, such as the
Great Gatsby costumes, Cate Blanchett's Oscar etc. At
the end of the day the editor edited our TV shows and
ads and we all got to sit down and watch the finished
product! Overall thank you Miss Savage, it was an
amazing experience and I hope to do it again in the future.
Isabel Charlton
Students have had a great start to Term 2. They have attended House Assemblies and a very moving ANZAC Day
Assembly last week.
Inter House Soccer & Netball
Shaun Gillespie - Hotham
Kathryn Bowtell - Macedon
The much anticipated Year 7 Inter House Soccer &
Netball competitions were played this week. Although
the competition was fierce the House rivalry was
friendly and it was so pleasing to see so many Year
7s playing in the competition.
A big thankyou to the Student Managers, Ms Bowtell,
Mr Gillespie and Ms Arthurson and the umpires Mr
Quinn, Ms Mills, Ms Dunlop, Zoe and Maddie for
volunteering their time.
Year 7 Student Managers
Shaun Gillespie
Kristy Arthurson - Stirling
Hotham 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3
Name: Shaun Gillespie- Known as Mr.G
Likes: Fishing
Dislikes: Brussels sprouts
Favourite Movie: Notting Hill
Email: [email protected]
Kathryn Bowtell
Macedon 7.4, 7.5 & 7.6
Name: Kathryn Bowtell
Likes: Cooking. Books. Swimming.
Dislikes: Mushrooms
Favourite Movie: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Email: [email protected]
Kristy Arthurson
Stirling-7.7, 7.8, 7.9 and 7.0 in 2015
Name: Kristy Arthurson
Likes: Sunshine. Sewing. Art. Books.
Dislikes: Negativity. Mangoes.
Favourite Movie: Chocolat’
Email: [email protected]
Coming soon
Student Managers will be running the third session in classes over the coming weeks in the Social Emotional
Learning Program (SEL) with a focus on bullying and building resilience.
All Year 7’s will be taking part in the High Resolves Program completing a Personal Identity Workshop where
they will learn to:
interact positively with others (including online)
feel confident to tackle and overcome complex challenges
believe in their ability to make a positive contribution to their community.
The sessions are scheduled to run on:
Friday 1 May- Stirling (7.7, 7.8, 7.9 & 7.0) Period 1 & 2
Monday 4 May- Macedon (7.4, 7.5 & 7.6) Period 1 & 2
Friday 8 May- Hotham (7.1, 7.2 & 7.3) Period 1 & 2
Shaun Gillespie, Kathryn Bowtell & Kristy Arthurson
Year 7 Student Managers
Round 2 of the Interschool Debating Competition took place on Tuesday 21 March,
and it was a challenging but overall successful event. The DAV has been working in
partnership with the Victorian Department of Education to raise awareness of
indigenous issues through debating, and as such, each topic for the evening had a
focus on Indigenous issues. Our Year 9s were debating “that we should stop
celebrating Australia Day” while the Year 10 teams discussed whether “all
educational institutions should reserve places for indigenous students.” VSC
walked away with three wins and two losses on the night. Well done to all students
who participated!
Congratulations must go to Vermont students who were awarded Best Speaker on
the night: Hugo Morgan, Emily Hsu and Luke Bain. A special thank you goes out to Sammie Khoo, Katia
Vougiouclis and Daniel Ling who stepped in to debate for other teams who needed extra participants on the
night. Particular congratulations must go to Maddie Tritt who stepped in to participate in the Year 10 debate with
only half an hour’s notice. She managed to win Best Speaker in this debate, as well as Best Speaker at the Year
9 debate which proved to be a fantastic achievement!
Round 3 will take place on Wednesday 6 May at Tintern Schools.
Natalie Scott
English Programs Debating Coordinator
Congratulations to all of the people who auditioned for the production this year. We look forward to working with
the cast as listed below. The rehearsal schedule is located on the Production MOODLE page as well as our Facebook group. Please encourage your child to check for changes regularly and attend promptly.
Harmony Singers
Dance Group A
Museum Dancers
Dancers Group B
Egyptian Soldiers
Egyptian Ministers
Nubian Slaves
Michaela Facun
Rowan Sizer
Hayley Wootten
Linden Sizer
Max De Nardis
Tianah Truong
Samuel Brindley
Michaela Stephens
Kathryn Italiano, Sophie Argyle, Charlotte Miller
Christine Spencer (Mezzo), Michelle Clifford (Mezzo), Maddy Pentland (Alto/Mezzo),
Christina Ho (Sop), Kiamba Briscoe (Alto), Maria Bitzios (Alto), Liam Stott (Tenor),
Sophie Holliday (Mezzo), Kate Fergusson (Alto), Olivia Eitrich (Alto), Paige Spurrell
(Alto), Amy Hill (Soprano), Lachlan Rae (Tenor), Riona White (Alto)
Laura Smith, Asmara Soekotjo, Bree-Arnn Lawrence, Hannah Frank, Maddie
Corby, Jessica Vosinthavong
Hayley Coulter, Tara Schwarz, Abby Pharmacis, Alicia Drinnan, Emily Hsu, Emily Hill
Maria Bitzios, Alannah Faulkner, Tahnee Tresise, Emma Bowkett, Chloe Martin, Holly
Tresise, Christine Cho
Liam Stott, Zach Elimelech, Kevin He, Lachlan Rae, William Cowan-Daly, Damon
Gibson, Clement Wong, Lachlan Dann, Trent Tucker, Jake Kennedy, Josh Lowe
Russell Fook, William Cowan-Daly, Clement Wong , Lachlan Dann, Spencer MacleodFinke, Rebecca Toose, Rebecca Neilsen, Chandra Exon, Valeria Bello, Sophie Holliday,
Maddie Pentland, Michelle Clifford, Kate Fergusson, Christine Spencer, Paige Spurrell
Riona White, Sian White, Isabella Mead, Olivia Eitrich, Amy Robinson, Emily Ragg,
Natalie Sinicka, Sara Manfre, Mia Trembath, Nicole Ward, Adriana Anguello, Jasmine
Tuvey, Nikki Harbourd, Chelsea Smith, Kalani Ambuwaru, Hannah Bailey, Amy Hill,
Jenny Hu, Romahn Mestin, Ebony Giatras, Angela Michaelides, Abby Pezze, Bianca
Balocca, Tanya Hammill, Abbie Crew, Grace Kovacs, Amy Bethune, Tayelle Johnson,
Lily Strachan , Tia Harmer, Jemma Balocca, Amy Burchell, Keilani Keyte
Note: If your child is no longer participating, please ensure they send an email to Ms Mills at
[email protected] so they can be taken off the program.
Tracy Mills,
Region Senior Golf
Cara Macfarlane Sports Co-ordinator
It was windy and there was a lot of water around the Yering Meadows course... it wasn't in particularly good
condition. Taylor had the best score with 86, all the others were above that. Adam Pasek and Damian played as
best they could in the conditions. There were some very good players there and the course was really very
challenging. Well done to all team members: Taylor Davidson, Adam Pasek, Damien Vassiliou, Luke
Richardson, Nathan Chua, Williem Zheng and Nick Ainsworth. Thanks to Mr Woodcock for looking after the
boys on the day.
VSC Cross Country
Congratulations to the following students who finished in the top 4 of each age group race last week at the VSC
Cross Country which was run at Bellbird Dell.
Kylie Natoli Assistant
Sports Co-ordinator
12/13girls: 1st – Amy Whitington, 2nd – Keely Egan, 3rd – Tegan Vanour, 4th – Mieke Barnes
12/13 boys – 1st – Harry Banfield, 2nd – Will Toose, 3rd – Ben Nicholas, 4th – Isaac De Roos
14 girls – 1st Kayla Ridley, 2nd – Annabel Deerbon, 3rd – Mikayla Callen, 4th – Sommer Tumes
14 boys: 1st – Harry Morgan, 2nd – Jordan Hansen, 3rd – Ethan Turner, 4th – Bailey Deckert
15 girls: 1st – Maddie Ferris and Kellie Aisnworth, 2nd – Lara Finlayson, 3rd – Katia Vougiouclis
15 boys: 1st – Aaron Van Zuylen, 2nd – Will Horner, 3rd – Tom Niehof, 4th – Luke Bain
16 girls: 1st – Casidee Cullen, 2nd Xanthia wright
16 boys: 1st – Ryan Fitzpatrick, 2nd- Hugo Morgan, 3rd – Brayden Hansen, 4th – Nathaniel Low
Well done to all competitors and especially to those who finished in the top 15 for each age group. You will be
competing at Division on Monday 4 May. Please check the Sports Noticeboard which has the team posted on it
and collect a permission slip.
Term 2 Sport
The sports on offer this term are Badminton, Netball, Soccer and AFL. A list of coaches for each year level is on
the Sports Noticeboard. Students interested in playing should see the teacher coaching the sport for training
Upcoming Sports Events
Monday 4 May – Division Cross Country
Friday 22 May – Division Intermediate Round Robin
Wednesday 27 May – Division Senior & Junior Girls AFL
Friday 29 May – Division Year 8 Round Robin
Friday 5 June – Division Year 7 Round Robin
Tuesday 16 June – Region Cross Country
Cara Macfarlane
Sports Co-ordinator
VSC Ritchies IGA Community Benefit Card Program
Ritchies' Community Benefit Card Program donates a percentage of
the money spent by you to your nominated club, school or charity.
Nominate VSC to help raise funds for the College.
VSC Bakers Delight – ‘Dough Raiser’
Present your card at Bakers Delight in Brentford
Square each time you make a purchase to raise
funds for VSC.
as of 29 April 2015
Thomson Dam (by far our biggest water storage) 73.4%
Total of all Dams in Melbourne
My Top 5 Cyber Safety Tips By Arnika
iPad Ambassador for 7.1
Don't post personal things on social media, definitely not your phone number and
Don't post inappropriate pictures up on social media.
Make sure you have an equal balance between tech and exercise. e.g: footy, basketball,
netball, soccer, cricket.
NEVER EVER share your password with people, they could hack your account.
If you or someone else says anything they would never say to a person's face then don't
“like, comment or share the picture”.
In other words, treat people online the same way you'd treat people in real life.
Staff and students made poppies and attached them to one of the poles
in the Library to create a wonderful display for the ANZAC Day
The Library had a distinction ANZAC ‘diggers’ feel to it.
Books pertaining to the ANZACS where displayed for students to take
out on loan, enabling them to get a better understanding of the meaning
of ANZAC Day and what life was like for the men and women who
What a start to Term 2!
Our music activities in the past weeks included:
 Erika Turner, Emma Avery and Kim Green taking the vocal students on a camp on the 16 and 17 April;
 VCE students performing at the Parkmore Primary School Fair on the 18 April;
 A fantastic Brass Soiree by Sally Barkla and the Brass students on the 23 April and;
 the Concert Band Anzac Day assemblies and March on the 24 & 25 April.
Thank you to all the staff, students and parents who helped make it such a wonderful start to the term.
Jeremy Shannon
VSC Music Director
Jeremy Shannon Director of Instrumental Music
Khristian Mizzi Music Administration
Parkmore Primary School Fair
VCE students, Sam Anderson, Sophie Argyle, Jacob Charlton, Ebony Delmo, Patrick Dyett, Li Madeline
Pentland and Lily Tomkins-Barry, played an amazing hour and a half set at the Parkmore Primary School Fair
on Saturday 18 April.
The Year 12 boys started off with solo voice and guitar (and loop pedal) performances that they have been preparing for their final exam at the end of the year. After this, the Year 11 girls played ten pieces for voice and guitar
accompaniment that they put together in an incredibly short amount of time. Our seven students did a great job
and were a credit to themselves and their school. Well done!
Ms Barkla’s Brass Soiree
Thursday 23 April saw the return of the VSC Brass Soirée. There were some lovely items performed by Mrs Barkla's brass students. Players with at least a year's experience did a solo and everyone played in a group item.
'Little Swinger' played by Lachlan Rae was a stand out. The small group performances were also good. Well done
to Jack Edwards’ group who performed 'In Dreams' with a very smooth, rich sound. Jackson Zhang helped in
many groups and did excellent performances of 'Promenade' on Trombone and 'Claire de Lune' on Piano.
Congratulations to the Year 7 beginner Trumpets and Trombones on their debut performance of Mrs Barkla's
scary story set to music.
Pre-concert entertainment was provided by Alvia Yeng on piano as the audience settled in to their seats and the
performers were warming up.
We finished the night with a terrific piano duet - 'Puck' played by Alvia and Jackson.
Well done to all the Brass students and thank you to Mr Shannon for recording and to Alvia Yeng for pre-concert
The Autumn Concert
The Vermont Secondary College annual Autumn Concert is the first of the major concerts held by the Instrumental
Music Program. All music students will be performing at least once with their selected ensemble groups. This year
we have performances by the Guitar Ensemble, The Percussion Ensemble, The Strings Group, The Stage Band,
The Vermont Singers Choir, The Junior Band and The VSC Concert Band. The Autumn Concert is being held on
Thursday 14 May in the Flexible Learning Centre Auditorium and will commence at 7.00pm.
Parents and friends are invited to attend this concert. Tickets are $6.00 for adults and $4.00 concession; this
includes tea and coffee served during interval. Performers, VSC students and children will be admitted free.
Tickets will be available on-line. To purchase your tickets please follow these steps:
1. Go to the school website
2. Click on the webticketing icon (right hand side of screen)
3. Select event
4. Click on buy tickets
5. Select the number and type of tickets you want to purchase.
6. You will then be presented with the total cost of the tickets and you can click 'Proceed'
7. Enter in your details and click 'Proceed to payment'
8. Enter your credit card details and click 'Make payment'.
9. An email will then be sent to you with a PDF ticket attached. Keep it safe and treat it as you would any other
ticket you have.
10. Before the concert print it out and bring it with you to the concert.
This is a fantastic opportunity to see your child perform and their progress in the Instrumental Music Program. It is
also a great way of meeting and connecting with other parents and families within the school community and most
of all, to support the kids! We are hoping for a big turn out this year.
Khristian Mizzi
VSC Instrumental Music Program Admin
9873 1077
“SING OUT” …our City Vocal Camp
On Thursday April 16, World Voice Day, singing students from Vermont Secondary College and Wantirna College
boarded 3 buses and headed into Melbourne’s CBD for our inaugural Residential Vocal Camp (our event is
officially listed on the site: After students were assigned
their rooms we got straight into the important stuff, singing. Marten Visser (singing teacher, Wantirna) and I ran an
introductory session warming up one hundred and thirty voices, discussing vocal health and fitness and performing
a jazz style round to get our minds and ears ready for the next two sessions with Kate Sadler, an amazing teacher,
choral director and choral composer.
Kate worked with our students in a positive and enthusiastic manner for several hours covering two mainstream
choral pieces (“Seasons of Love” from Rent and “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge) and two of her own
compositions. She shared many insights into breathing technique and articulation to ensure that the group sound
was strong and cohesive. To view to a performance of “Seasons of Love”, please cut and paste this link into your
Following a quick dinner, we took a 20 minute walk to Her Majesty’s Theatre to see “Strictly Ballroom”. We were
fortunate enough to have the entire Grand Circle section to ourselves, so everyone was able to choose a seat that
gave them the best view of the show. The students all thoroughly enjoyed the show which was energetic,
interactive, funny, visually spectacular and skilfully presented. The cast loved having us there as our group was so
responsive, appreciative and respectful. The actors actually spent a lot of time looking up at us and seemingly
performing just for us. By the end of the show the entire audience was on their feet, arms in the air, swaying,
clapping and singing along.
Friday saw a shift away from large ensemble work to solo work. There were a variety of sessions during the
morning run by Master Teachers from Tertiary Institutions, current tertiary students and “Vocal Australia”. For the
first session, students could choose from the following electives:
“What Next?” - Tertiary students came in and talked to senior students about the music courses they were
undertaking. Among the group were two ex-Vermont Secondary College
students; Willow Sizer from the VCA (Music Theatre) and Emma Swiney from
Box Hill (Contemporary Popular). Both of them spoke exceptionally well and
had lots of valuable advice to pass on. I thank them for generously giving up
their time to come in to the camp and share their experiences.
“Beat Boxing”- Vocal Australia ran a session which taught students how to
use vocal sounds and a microphone to produce instrumental sounds i.e.
drum sounds.
“Intermediate Masterclass”- students from Years 7-11 were invited to
perform for our guest Master Teacher and receive feedback on their
The final session for the camp was with Melissa Ceresoli (a VCE voice
specialist) who worked with our Contemporary, Classical and Music
Investigation students on their VCE performances. Melissa was inspiring and
informative, cleverly involving the entire group in her work with the soloists.
She was extremely impressed with the high standard of performance across
the entire group.
It was a very quiet but satisfied group that travelled back to school on Friday.
All the students that I spoke to on the way back said that they had an
“awesome” time and thought that perhaps next year the camp should be
three days! We’ll see!
I would like to thank Emma Avery (the College’s newly appointed second
singing teacher) for attending the camp. The students and I really enjoyed
getting to know her and she was a fantastic support throughout the entire
I would also like to thank the College’s Music Support Group for providing
funds for some of our presenters. This contribution allowed us to bring in
fantastic presenters and keep the cost to students at a very reasonable rate.
Erika Turner
4 May
1 May
1 May
5 May
18 May
31 July
Year 7 High Resolves Program
Year 7 Guest Speaker – Archie Fusillo
Year 11 English Guest Speaker – ‘Encountering Conflict’
Year 9 History Excursion - Old Melbourne Gaol & State Library
Year 11 Geography Excursion - Marysville Fieldtrip
Year 11 & 12 AGI Ideas – Design Futures
Year 9 Geography Fieldwork – Vermont South Shops
Year 12 Business Management Excursion - Fosters Brewhouse
Year 8 Science Excursion - Imax & Melbourne Museum
Year 10 Central Australia Trip
Year 10 High Resolves Program
Year 7 PE Dance Lessons
$955.00 (First instalment)
1, 4 & 8 May
5 May
7 May
13 May
14 May
15 & 19 May
19 May
25, 26 & 27 May
12 – 21 September
VSC Community Association News
Vermont SC Community Association (VSCCA) is the social and fundraising
arm of the College, made up entirely of volunteers. We are a like-minded
group of parents who want to give back to the school what our children take
out of it; and by doing so not only are we enriching our children’s lives, we are
also enriching our own life experiences! If you would like to be involved with
the VSCCA or any of its activities, please send Jenny Smith an email at
[email protected] or you can leave a message at the College General
The VSCCA group have volunteered to be the ‘guinea pigs’ at the first
workshop Engaging Parents in Career Conversations Framework. The
workshop is all about empowering parents to become career and pathways
counsellors not only to their children but work collectively to help other
families struggling to understand the pathways choices for their children.
Besides organising events for and on behalf of the school, the VSCCA is the
forum where you can find out first-hand what the school’s initiatives are for
your child and more importantly, you can have input into what you would like
to see happen. Enthusiasm is infectious. If you have not caught it, you surely
will if you come along to our next meeting Wednesday 13 May 2015 at
7:00pm in the Conference Room. Mr Neil Angus MP, Member for Forest Hill
will be attending this meeting.
Thank-you to the parents who attended the Working Bee on 19 April, helping
out in various capacities around the grounds and in the kitchen. Our next
activity is the barbecue on Wednesday 6 May 2015 during the Year 7
Information Evening and Open Evening. This is a great opportunity to show
off our community spirit to prospective students and their parents. If you
can help out anytime between 5:00pm and 7:00pm on the day, please contact
Jenny Smith or just turn up.
Donate your unwanted access codes for eBooks
Many text books are now delivered on-line (eBooks) using an ‘access code’.
If your child does not require a particular eBook any more, please consider
donating the access code (to that eBook) to the College. It would be of great
help to other students who are having difficulty purchasing their own access
codes. If you can donate, please contact Mr Aidan Message (Student
Wellbeing Leader) or the College General Office.
Kelly McNabb (A), Michelle McDonald (R), Thi Nguyen
(R), Jenny Hansen (R), Cynthia Wong (L), Ruchika
Hatter (L)
Stef White (A), Janine Antcliff (L), Julie Nesbitt (R),
Maria Hammill (A)
Alli Carr (L), Mary Salatas (R), Mandy Cooke (R), Tam
Leggio (L), Angela Hucker (R)
Katrina Shanks (A), Elisa Dawson (A), Kerry Storey (A),
Paula Anastasoglou (R), Sandra Wiessel (L), Robyn
Nash (A)
Kerryn Jean (L), Laura Tresise (R), Simone Lindner (L)
Kate Riddle (L), Julie Cleary (R), Enny Wong (A),
Jenny Hansen (R), Marg Buchanan (L), Donna Davies
Janine Anderson (A), Tracey Lont (A), Vanessa Vance
(R), Jo Cambareri (L), Cheryl Grieve (L), Helene
Renner (R)
Heather Pinolo (A), Simone Gatt (L), Angela Edwards
(L), Louise Porteous (R)
Nicole Vernal (R), Suvra Das (L), Lee-Anne Adams (R),
Christine Ruff (R), Helen Smith (L), Rick Durra (L),
Nikki Ferris (R)
Michelle Hendry (L), Petra Frank (R), Sue Kennedy (L),
Anna Millers (L), Wye Ng (A)
(A) All Day
11.00am - 11.45 am &
12.45 pm - 1.55 pm
(R) Recess Only
11.00 am - 11.45 am
(L) Lunch Only
12.45 pm - 1.55 pm
Trivia Night is scheduled for October 2015 and planning is now in full
swing. Watch this space for further news and start collecting your ‘tables of
10’ (singles are also most welcome) for an evening that promises to thrill. If
you can or you have contacts that can help us with the set-up and/or the
fundraising for this event, you will be welcomed with open arms.
Community Association Meetings for 2015
Wednesdays at 7:00pm to 9:00pm
13 May, 10 June, 15 July, 12 August, 9 September, 14 October
11 November
Please mark these dates in your diary
Mobile Phone Recycling
Save the world by donating
your unwanted phones.
Just drop them off at the
General Office.
Deakin Community Awards
The Deakin Community Awards is an initiative that recognises our unsung community leaders and volunteers who
generously give their time and energy to make our local community a better place to live without expecting reward or
I invite you to nominate a local hero whose spirit, passion and dedication to our community deserves recognition.
This is a fantastic opportunity to honour the sports coach, volunteer, parent or student leader who has gone above and
beyond in their service to the community.
These awards are not exclusive, and acknowledge the hard work and dedication individuals put into their local sporting
clubs, charitable groups, school community, or community organisation.
To be eligible for nomination, the award nominee must live in the Deakin electorate.
This year, the Deakin Community Awards ceremony will be held at Aquinas College, Mahon Theatre, on Tuesday 21
July from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Seating is limited, so bookings are essential.
Go to:
to complete the nomination and booking forms online.
I look forward to honouring those valued members of our local Deakin community who make an immense contribution to
our lives and those around us.
Best regards,
Michael Sukkar MP
Sunday 21st June 2015
Melbourne Revival Centre
275 Middleborough Road
Box Hill (cnr. Clarice Rd)
Time: Starts at 5pm sharp!
Cost: $20 per head
$10 for children 12 and under
This great night includes a 1950’s era entrée, home
cooked roast dinner and dessert, plus plenty of 50’s
music. This is a NO AlCOHOL event.
Book your seat or table today, by calling
Karen Fuhrman on 0412247456
Funds raised will be used by the Vermont Secondary College
Leos Club to support Irabina (autism support group) and
Beyond Blue Youth (teenage depression counselling
Like their Lion counterparts, the Leo Club Program gives young people
the opportunity to serve their communities and make a positive
Vermont Secondary College does not endorse the product or services of any advertisements, paid or unpaid, printed in this newsletter