information packet


information packet
American Flatbread is a unique pizza hand-made entirely from all
natural and organic ingredients. It is baked in a primitive wood-fired
earthen oven and frozen for retail sale in better health food and grocery
stores throughout the country. East coast Flatbreads are baked in two
locations: Waitsfield and Middlebury, Vermont. West coast Flatbreads
are made in a licensed bakery in Los Alamos California. American
Flatbread is a convenient food of uncompromised quality.
The goal of American Flatbread is to make truly good food, food that not
only fills our hunger and tastes good to our mouths, but also nourishes,
nurtures, and heals. To do this we treat the food with respect and start
with good ingredients.
We use many organic and local ingredients. The dough, for example, is
made with 100% organically grown wheat, milled into a white flour with
restored wheat germ. This flour has a lot of the nutritional
characteristics of whole wheat with the lightness, color and flavor of a
classic white high-gluten bread flour. It is important to support and
enjoy regional and local foods, so the East and West coast bakeries
research their own communities for ingredients of the highest quality.
Therefore, our Vermont bakeries use Vermont whole milk mozzarella,
and a Vermont farmhouse parmesan. The California bakery uses two
cheeses from California. There are no preservatives, colorants, flavor
enhancers, or dough conditioners used to make American Flatbreads ever.
American Flatbread has been featured in many print and television
articles in its twenty-year history. A few recent examples follow:
WCAX CBS NEWS ‘Made in Vermont Segment’ – March 7, 2008
– Television Feature
Everyday with Rachael Ray – March 2008 - Winner’s Circle –
Best Overall Frozen Pizza – “It’s pizza in its purest form”
“The Today Show – Today’s Kitchen” – February 21, 2008 –
Meredith Veira: “…the pizza’s secret is a perfect blend of crispy
crust and chewy inside.”
Natural Health Magazine – March 2007 – “… they come out of
the oven tasting fresh and flavorful”