Barn board made simple! Shipwood



Barn board made simple! Shipwood
Barn board
made simple!
Innovative GREEN Engineering
Reduced Carbon Emissions
Surface Innovation stone products weigh substantially less than their standard counterparts.
With SlateFlex at 1/2 lb per sq. ft., this is 1/20 of the weight of standard 3/8” slate! As a
result, transport costs and carbon emissions are dramatically reduced.
Measure - Cut - Stick...
It’s that easy!
Efficient Natural Resource Usage
Welcome to a radical new approach to natural
wood wall decor - the world’s first solid wood
planking with a self-adhesive backing. The
beautiful planks, crafted from the reclaimed wood
of old buildings, add instant character and warmth
to any space. Transform any room quickly and
cost-effectively with this innovative interior design
Slate, sandstone, granite and marble are non-renewable resources which should be used
with responsible efficiency. Our stone veneers are many times thinner than standard
products and therefore increase the usage efficiency exponentially!
Technical Specifications
Substrate: can be applied to most standard building surfaces.
Sheet size: 2’ x 4’ (610 x 1220mm) approx 2 - 2.5mm thick.
4’ x 8’ (1220 x 2440mm) for select colours - special order.
Weight: approx 1/2 lb / sq. ft.
Roll size: (depending on colour) 39”x 106” (990 x 2690mm),
47”x 106” (1194 x 2690mm) or 50”x 102” (1270 x 2590mm),
Weight: approx 1/2 lb / sq. ft., Approx. 2 - 3mm thick.
A taste of the exotic!
Unique and beautiful natural wood tiles, made form the reclaimed wood
timbers of old fishing vessels in Asia. These tiles begin as old growth
heartwood, hundreds of years old in some cases and are used as ship
wood and now reclaimed as beautiful wood tiles.
Sheet size: 5’ x 8’ (1524 x 2440mm) & 5’ x 6’ (1524 x 1830mm)
Thickness: 8mm
Weight: approx 3 lbs/ sq. ft.
Tile size: 30 x 30cm - 36 pcs per case
Tile size: 50 x 50cm - 36 pcs per case
Tile size: 50 x 50 cm - 36 per case or
Roll size: 36” x 36’
Barnboard PS
Planks 5” x 1/8” x random lengths 1’ - 4’.
Self adhesive backing
Weight: approx 1/2 lb / sq. ft.
Barnwood & Parkwood
Tile size: varies depending on pattern.
Approximately 1 sq. ft per tile and 1.5 lbs/sq.ft.
Beautiful, hand-crafted tiles from the re-claimed wood of old barns, add instant
beauty & dimension to any space. Each tile is pre-mounted on a backing for
easy installation and protected with a durable, low VOC ceramic finish.
Natural, Whitewash & Gunstock finish
All of Surface Innovation products are natural
and therefore within a colour family there will be
variations of texture, colour and pattern.
Each piece will be unique.
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Flexible stone veneers
A unique, new surface innovation for Canadian
architects, designers, builders & developers, cabinet &
furniture manufacturers, home owners and more!
Our stone veneer products are easy to use, easy
to install and easy to transport. The result…
a stunning but simple surface transformation
that adds both beauty and value.
Our exciting product range also includes
one of the most unique and innovative surface products in
recent memory; SandFlex… a thin and extremely flexible
sandstone veneer.
• thin veneer, with its light weight and tremendous flexibility,
opens a whole new range of applications for Sandstone
Surface innovations from nature for walls, cabinetry, furniture &
interior accents.
A semi-flexible tile made from natural, hand-laid, Capiz shells.
Available in Pearl, Gold and Bronze colours and various patterns.
• stunning colours in 4 distinct Collections
The beauty of real slate is now available in
lightweight, flexible veneer sheets, their use limited
only by the imagination. Put slate where it was never
before possible.
• 9 distinctive colours, 2’ x 4’ & 4’ x 8’ shts
• suitable for interior and wet applications
• use on back splash, cabinetry, columns,
furniture, lighting, signage, feature walls
and more
A flexible tile made from
natural Capiz shell chips and
available in Champagne &
SlateFlex is not only flexible with its fiberglass reinforced
polyester backing, it’s also lightweight and can be
applied over most existing surfaces.
The rough stone surface must be treated with natural stone
sealers. Enhancers may also be used to bring out the
natural beauty of the slate.
Fusing the beauty of nature with the innovative
strength of technology.
From Travertine to Marble and Onyx, these large scale panels are some
of the thinnest, most lightweight stone veneers on the market today.
Create a grout-less, durable, customized space with ease of handling
and installation. MarbleLite is the answer to cost effective stone solutions
for both residential and commercial applications.
Made from Water Hyacinth plants,
Natura is perfect for feature walls and
furniture applications. Available in both
a tile and a large roll in 3 colours.