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Monthly Newsletter
August 2016
What is a “Children’s House?”
In the early 1900’s, when Maria Montessori first began her work
with children, she coined the term “Children’s House” and said “If
houses for children do not exist, then let us build them.” When she
spoke these words, she was referring to the prepared
environment. This is an optimal developmental space for infants,
toddlers, elementary, and adolescents, each corresponding to
the respective “planes of development.”
The Montessori classroom is a “living room” for children.
Children choose their materials from open shelves with self-
correcting materials and work in discrete areas. The prepared
environment integrates the psychosocial, physical, and academic
functioning of the child. Its curriculum covers practical life,
sensorial education, mathematics, language arts, geography,
history, science, and other aspects of culture. Adjacent gardens,
play, and work areas integrate indoors and outdoors experiences.
taken from Montessori in Contemporary American Culture, by Margaret Howard Loeffler
Mya’s Mark
Hi Everyone! I’m Mya and I am 1. My favorite things are climbing
dangerously, laughing, and eating as many bananas and blueberries as
I’m allowed (and don’t share with the dog). I am so excited that
the school will be moving into our new suite so that all of my new
friends will have more room to learn, romp, and play!
Look here for my insights throughout the year as you and your child navigate GMCH!
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Riddle Me This
Wall-E’s Welcome!
What belongs to you but
Kendalyn Sudduth - Infants
Aaron & Meredith Sudduth
Anson Powers- Infants
Jeffrey & Kelly Powers
Anhyla Felix- Infants
Nichole Washington & LaShawn Felix
Baby Jones (due Jul)- Infants
Andrew Jones & Harmony Mappes
Baby Wang (due Aug 25)- Infants
Timothy Wang & Joan Jang
Riley Mitchell- Toddlers
Taylor & Kathi Mitchell
Alec Whited- Toddlers
Craig & Isabel Whited
Meher Sandal- Toddlers
Sumit Sandal & Prachi Sethi
Nathan Momprevil- Toddlers
Wechner & Christine Momprevil
Luke Oleksiak- Toddlers
Chris & Kelli Oleksiak
Christian Wagoner- Early Childhood
Matt & Jennifer Wagoner
Dorian Cleary- Early Childhood
Pearl Cleary
Rosalind Oleksiak- Early Childhood
Chris & Kelli Oleksiak
Montessori @ Home
Glass Pitcher with Lid
16 3/4-ounce juice pitcher - ages 3+
Highly recommended by teachers for use at
home. Children can serve themselves
independently by twisting the plastic lid open
to pour, then twisting it again to close. Easygrasp handle and nearly dripless spout.
Not recommended for hot liquids. Pitcher is dishwasher-safe. Lid is BPAfree polypropylene (plastic #5). Holds 16¾" ounces;
3¼" base x 6" high. Lid color may vary.
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Pancake Art
pancake batter
food coloring
squeeze bottles
Prepare your pancake batter according to package directions
or from your favorite recipe. Then divide the batter into the
squeeze bottles, and tint each bottle with food coloring.
Lightly oil the griddle, and turn to medium heat. When warm,
gently squeeze patterns of colored batter onto the griddle.
Does your child like to help in the kitchen?
Early Childhood Snack Schedule
Maxim W.
Christian W.
Sloan W.
Ella F.
Krishna K.
Dorian C.
Toddler Snack Schedule
Isabella M.
Alec W.
Washington B.
Riley M.
Nathan M
24 Mya H.
Questions? See the Parent Handbook or your child’s teacher.
August Birthdays
24th - Ella Foley (3)
31st - Maria Montessori (146)
Important Dates
13th - Back to School Night
15th - 1st Day of School
Sept. 5th - No School (Labor Day)
Sept. 14th - Apple Works field trip (Toddlers/EC)
A Word from the Director
or tune, they come to mind more easily.
For me, organization is a doubleedged sword. I typically find it very
Order is a large part of early development with children
valuable in helping me remember my
and it evolves as they mature. Infants seek order by
responsibilities and I do enjoy the act
cataloging experiences. Mom and Dad mean food,
of putting my actions and thoughts in
comfort, love, and security. Laying in a bed means
order. This is extremely helpful during
relaxing for sleep. As they get more dexterous and mobile
the school year as I prepare lessons, schedule events, and
they begin to explore objects by color, shape, and size
manage my family life at home. However, during the
using their mouth & fingers. Toddlers and pre-school aged
summer I sometimes have difficulty turning it off and living
children love to find order by knowing a consistent daily
a more carefree lifestyle. By the time I’ve adapted to it,
schedule, discovering that objects have a certain place
August is approaching and I have to kick it back into
on a shelf, in a cabinet, in a room, or in a home. They
often relish in tidying and cleaning finding comfort in
helping to keep their environment just right.
Over the years I have developed many different methods
for keeping everything in its place. I keep a wall calendar
Now that the school year will soon begin, I am enthusiastic
and a chalkboard for scribbling notes or communicating
to begin this work with the children and know they will be
with my husband when we are not home together. I
equally happy to employ such a powerful life skill- even if
keep lots of Post-It notes and find I have to hang them
they don’t yet know they posses it !
very prominently to keep them in the forefront of my
memory. I also find that I need to repeat phrases and lists
Cheers, Miss Julia
in my head and I find that if I put them to a certain rhythm
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