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New Pump Catalog - Longwall Services Inc.
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Pumps &
Centrifugal Pumps:
Cobra manufactures world class centrifugal pumps to ISO standards and it’s components are
100% interchangeable with pumps from Mission, MCM, BAKER and other pumps on the market.
Cobra manufactures:
Gate valves, Shear relief valves, Plug valves, Reset valves, and Float valves.
Solids Separation Equipment:
Cobra manufactures: Desilters, Mud buckets, Mud hoppers, Linear Motion Shakers, Desanders,
Mud guns and Mud agitators.
Pumps &
Pollution Control:
Self Priming—Positive Displacement Pumps, Sliding
Shoe Pumps, Rotary Lobe
Pumps & Diaphragm
The Megator positive displacement sliding shoe pump
offers many advantages including self-priming, dry running
and high suction lifts. Applications including bilge pumps, sludge pumps and grey water pumps
onboard ships, waste oil pumps at industrial plants and oil dispersant systems on pollution control vessels.
The Megator Rotary Lobe Pump is perfect for pumping fluids that are highly viscous, abrasive and laden with solids, while ensuring a low life cycle cost.
The Megator Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump is guaranteed to outlast the competition due to a number of patented design features, which include high suction lifts, low air consumption, large solids handling and low life cycle costs.
Oil Spill Recovery Equipment, Oil Skimmers, Oil Water Separators, Salaroll
pump & Oil booms:
Megator manufacture and
supply a range of oil spill recovery
equipment which include: Floating
oil skimmers, Oil water separators,
Oil spill pumping systems, Oil containment booms and Oil dispersant
spray systems.
Pumps &
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps &
Travaini liquid ring vacuum
pumps and compressors are developed utilizing the latest technologically advanced machinery. Their
pumps and compressors are designed
to operate under the most difficult
circumstances even when highly saturated vapors or particles occur in the
inlet stream. Continuous improvements have resulted in industry leading "Proven Designs" of a wide range
of vacuum pumps and compressors..
Centrifugal Heat Transfer
TCD Series self cooling centrifugal
pumps are specifically designed to be
used in installations with positive or negative suction pressures for a wide variety of applications operating under the severest of conditions up to 320°C.
Liquid Ring Systems
Experience in the application of vacuum technology has established Travaini as an industry
leader in providing cost effective and reliable solutions to a broad number of industry applications where stringent conditions exist. "Proven Designs" of standard to customized engineered
vacuum systems.
Blowers &
Vacuum Systems:
Blowers & Blower Packages:
M-D Pneumatics Blowers and Blower Packages can handle many applications, from pneumatic
conveying to aeration, fluidization and vacuum exhausting.
Vacuum Pumps & Vacuum Systems:
Kinney Vacuum Pumps and Atlantic Fluidics Vacuum Pumps have a wide range of Vacuum applications.
Qube Blower Packages & Qx Blowers:
Tuthill's quietest and most efficient blower in a new package designed to set the pace in factory
packaged blower systems.
Valves &
MCM is a Texas-based Manifold, Valve, Choke and Control Panel manufacturing company. For
over 20 years, MCM OIL TOOLS has maintained a reputation for providing quality products to its
We specialize in the
manufacture of
Manifolds, Gate
Valves, in both Manual and Hydraulic
styles, Chokes,
Check Valves, Control Consoles and
OEM parts.
an API 6A certified
manufacturer. Their
parts are completely
with OEM components and meet or
exceed industry
GrimmerSchmidt is a leading American manufacturer of air and natural gas compressors. Their
extensive range of compressors has become essential around the world in manufacturing, infrastructure construction and maintenance, water well drilling, mining, oil and gas production, and
natural gas well boosting.
Construction and industrial clients soon discover that GrimmerSchmidt compressors include
many standard features that other manufacturers add at extra cost. Their standard product line
addresses most needs, but you also can rely on GrimmerSchmidt expertise to address your own
particular application: We specialize in personal attention.
GrimmerSchmidt also provides compressed air and gas drying equipment and related products,
as well as a
stock of service filters,
fluids and replacement
parts. Count
on GrimmerSchmidt for
sales, service,
warranty support and
same day
parts shipments.

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