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Tallman Island Upgrade - John P. Picone Incorporated
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Tallman Island
General Construction,
Queens, NY
— Committed to quality, backed by hard work.
Project Manager: Joe Sehested
Contract Number: TI-3G
General Contractor: Picone/McCullagh JV
Agency: NYC DEP
Contract Amount: $250,000,000.00
Tallman Island Upgrade– General Construction
Queens, NY
Contract TI-3G at the Tallman Island Water Pollution Control Plant in College
Point, New York includes the replacement of almost 90% of the existing
waste treatment systems while maintaining the mandated flow and treatment
levels throughout the construction at a cost of over $250,000,000.00. The
project will entail the excavation of over 70,000 cubic yards of soil of which
approximately 7,000 cubic yards must be handled as contaminated soil
with special trucking and disposal requirements. Demolition of the existing
structures and equipment often entails dealing with lead based paint, PCBs,
and asbestos, all of which must be abated and handled in accordance with all
existing regulations. During the excavation, four different dewatering systems
must be designed, installed and operated to keep a safe and dry excavation.
Twelve different plant process systems must be temporarily bypassed and
full flow maintained to perform the reconstruction work in this contract.
We are responsible for the design, sizing, layout, implementation, operation,
and power distribution for each of these temporary systems throughout the
different phases of construction.
Over 15,000 cubic yards of new concrete must be formed, reinforced and
placed to construct approximately 70,000 square feet of new treatment
buildings with distinctive architectural features. In addition the new treatment
process requires 100,000 linear feet of piping including ductile iron, steel,
stainless steel, brass, copper, PVC, CPVC, and HDPE piping systems from
½” diameter up to 72” diameter. Hundreds of new valves including gate valves,
plug valves, cone check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and knife valves
up to 48” diameter are included in these systems. Major process treatment
equipment being replaced includes the 500 HP Main Sewage Pumps,
1250 HP Process Air Blowers, centrifugal sludge pumps, progressive cavity
sludge pumps, effluent water pumps, mixed flow process pumps, submersible chopper pumps, chemical metering pumps, submersible sewage
mixers, a complete aeration system, and digital process controls on a
plant-wide network.
This project will be a great test of our construction ability.
Unique Features:
In order to complete this project while maintaining the existing
level of flow and treatment, we must employ an engineering staff
capable of designing needed support systems, planning
& updating the project schedule, coordinating the manufacture
& delivery of all supplies and equipment throughout construction
stages and supervision of the workforce for efficiency, quality,
health and safety. The craft forces include: carpenters, laborers,
operating engineers, metal lathers, ironworkers, dock builders,
electricians, sheet metal workers, ornamental ironworkers,
plumbers, steamfitters, millwrights, and electricians.

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