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Volume 1 Issue 4
January 07
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Happy New Year
type this we have two
spring arrives, NO
babies on their way to
doubt will all the new
South Africa, so we
dolls from the differ-
really didn’t get much of
ent manufacturers, and
a Xmas break, but that
the rush will be on. So
behind us now, I hope
use your time wisely
you all experience a very
while you have it, as
prosperous and fulfilling
soon as the nights
year ahead.
start getting lighter
Well another year has
you will be tempted to
just rolled by, and
It is these dark winter
go out and enjoy your-
nothing has changed
months when you can
self, that means your
really, or has it??
stay in and practice all
babies will be stepping
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your new techniques and
I will apologise for the
all the tips you have
SO go on grab this time
late edition of this
been reading about,
with both hands and be
Please email us
for details
newsletter, but it has
NOW is that time to be
SELFISH, you may even
taken a while to gather
selfish and use your time enjoy it...
myself after the
to experiment with your
Christmas rush, as I
babies. So as when the
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Volume 1 Issue 4
The Big Interview: Bev Watts
I will be interviewing different reborners each month to show case their work and ask them a few questions, if there is anyone YOU would like interviewed give me a shout and we will try for you.
Truly Scrumptious Reborn Nursery
Name: Bev Watts
Nursery Name: Truly Scrumptious Reborn Nursery
Ebay name (if different): truly-scrumptious-reborn-nursery
Web Address: http://www.truly-scrumptious.biz
1. How did you start reborning
I used to be a collector of baby dolls years back until I got fed up of taking them off the bed every night
and then putting them all back on the bed in the morning. I had about 70. I eventually sold my collection to a friend and it was her who told me about the reborn
babies on ebay. I was curious - so I had a look. WOW….that was me hooked and
that’s when I started reborning.
2. Do you have a favourite artiste?
There are so many brilliant artists….I think Helen Jalland from Tinkerbell Nursery is my favourite, but then there’s Ruth Annette from Precious Dreams and
Wendy Graham from Wendys Babies
3. Do you have a favourite doll?
Without a doubt, I love working with the Euro Berenguer preemie sculpt, all 4 of
them. They are such a delight and I think the finished reborn is the most realistic
4. Approx how many reborns have you created?
I have been reborning since May 2005 and over that time I have reborn
about 23 babies.
Which one are you most proud of and why?
I would have to say Mazie. She is a Berenguer preemie and my keeper doll.
She was named after a little girl who bought one of my first reborns. Mazie
has the most perfect colouring and gorgeous hair. She is one of the most realistic babies I have had the pleasure of reborning.
6. Do you have any hints or tips to pass on?
I would recommend practicing… practice makes perfect.. never give up
learning new techniques. Take the online tutorials.. they are so informative,
and the forums too have some really nice people who can offer good advise
and reborning tips.
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7. Tell us about yourself
I am 44 years old. I live with my two children, well my son and daughter. They’re not
kids anymore. I have been dating a lovely man for the past 8 years. One day I hope to
re-marry… but I’m still waiting for him to ‘pop the question’. I work full time for HM
Revenue and Customs dealing with the Corporate Intranet. It’s a great job…..something
I’ve always been interested in.
8. Were you a dolly person in your youth?
Not really. I had a few dolls as I was growing up, but I was more into music, singing
and dancing.
9. Any funny stories about reborning to tell us.
I bought one of the Ashton Drake dolls to reborn, I took it to pieces as described in the
Simply Reborn classes, but I didn’t cut enough vinyl around the neck in order to join it to the cloth body. When I went to reassemble the baby.. I had to make do with some double thick cardboard (x 2) cut into circles so that I could tighten the tie
cables. Poor doll… It’s a bit of a Frankenstein.
10. Any reborning links to share with us
11. How do you feel about ebay
I don’t really use ebay to sell my babies, although I have just listed two.
I find ebay to be too competitive, so much choice and so many talented artists… not
enough buyers. I tend to sell at fairs, advertising in magazines and from my website.
12. What hints and tips would you give to buyers?
Really do your homework before buying a reborn baby. Check out the seller.. how long
have they been reborning, are they a member of any guilds, what is their feedback like?
Remember – you only get what you pay for!
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Volume 1 Issue 4
Mohair… The Full Story. Part III
In the last writing I talked a little about how I select the goats in my herd of 70 lovely angora goats for the
perfect doll hair that I look for:
2.fine (baby fine) locks of mohair;
3.wavy fleece or even fleece that is a bit on the "straight" side
4.free from debris or vegetation (as clean as can be.they
are not and they are lovely locks, I carefully hand pick out the
vegetable matter until I'm satisfied.)
I go to my barn's attic and look in that special place where I have marked a few bags of mohair
"EXCELLENT DOLL HAIR." are fleeces that I know my customers will love
Alexandra spinning her
I have one goat named Grease Pit. That's a horrible name, I know, but we had to name this purebred
Texas doe that because her long, almost straight locks of mohair (very fine!) are covered with wax. That
makes her look a bit soily and "greasy." That trait of a heavy wax coat on
each strand of mohair is still known to be in Texas herds to this day and there many purebred goats have
"waxy" fleeces.
The wax actually protects the hair shafts. When it is washed off, the mohair actually GLISTENS in the
light. When my husband shears her fleece, I take that waxy fleece (it really is not oil, it truly is wax) and I
wash it in VERY VERY hot water. I just let it soak. I never ever
agitate in a washing machine. Agitation of mohair, just as with wool, causes felting.
Each lock is usually separated by my hands from the fleece. I take only the perfect locks. A gently soak
them in the hot water and dish detergent of my choice (Dawn) and finally I get a squeaky clean fleece. I
prefer washing when the sun is out because I like to dry the locks
in the hot Oregon sunshine.
The fleece is then ready for dyeing. I won't tell you all my secrets, especially my dyeing secrets, but I have
dyes that I prefer to use because they are color fast. Their colors are wonderful also. So natural looking.
Of course Singing Falls is known for its natural colors. That's my favorite kind of doll hair. I love it when
reborn artists write and say, "Please - dark natural blonde please!" Or even, "Do you have a light Swedish
baby blonde - undyed?" "Yes, we do!" I zip an e mail back immediately. You bet we do! It does not get
prettier than that, in my opinion, undyed locks of mohair that look so very natural on the baby's head.
Like most doll hair suppliers, I sell doll hair only by the ounce. Why by the ounce? Because of the tedious and careful way that doll hair must be hand selected from a fleece. You don't go out and gather a
whole fleece and throw all those pounds of mohair into a big dye pot and
then dump in your package of dye and begin stirring the water on the stove. No, ma'am!
husband and
I have been
angora goats
for more than
25 years.”
It's all a very careful process and many things can go wrong! I have heard of dyes that run and bleed
onto vinyl heads and I've seen dyes that did not take "evenly" along the lock. It's not straight forward
sometimes. It's very hard work.
That's why you see some of the high prices you do when you scan the
internet for doll hair.
Some of my friends not only dye their mohair locks but actually COMB the locks. That is another time
consuming process. We at Singing Falls usually just send the locks "as is" - no combing. I leave that up
to my customers who seem to be experts with their "combs" and gels and leave on conditioners.
I love those pretty reborn babies with their pouty, newborn mouths and bright eyes and softly painted
skin colors...I am glad to help make all of your efforts succeed. Love from "my babies" --- to yours!
Your advert here
Please email us
for details
Thank you,
Alexandra, Singing Falls Mohair
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Building your Website Part IV
You'll notice here and there I use quotation marks. They are important. Whenever you have an
attribute="value", the value should really be in quotes. It's a good habit to get into.
You have no idea how many times I made a page and it was all screwed up... I mean all
screwed up because of a single missing or misplaced quotation mark or a missing space or a
missing greater than (>) sign . Someday we may be separated from this kind of coding, but for
now we just have to be careful.
Also, regarding case, HTML is largely case INsensitive. You could just as well use <FONT> instead of <font>. However, for a couple reasons, one being it's easier, it's a fine idea to keep
everything lower case.
Alright, back to the fun stuff...
A handy way to make big or small text is the big tag and the small tag.
<big>Something</big> really <small>cool</small>
Something really cool
big bumps the text up one size, small bumps it down one size.
You can change the font color if you like.
Something really <font color="#ff0000">cool</font>
Something really cool
We can, of course use more than one attribute in a <font> tag...
Something really <font color="#ff0000" face="arial" size="7">cool</font>
Something really
(Continued on page 7)
(Continued from page 6)
Oh boy we're on a roll now!
<body bgcolor="#ccffcc">
Something really <u><i><b><font color="#ff0000" face="arial" size="7">cool</font></b></
Something really
I feel the need to point out once again that multiple tags should be nested...
In most instances, it doesn't matter which tag is first. It's not like if you want to make
something red and bold you have to do one or the other first. You can do them in any order you want. Such as...
The fastest way to confuse the browser, not to mention yourself is to overlap the tags...
(I couldn't think of a way to explain it so I hope the use of examples makes it clear.)
New Section
I want suggestions from you for your favourite “Reborning” Websites, for a
new section called
“webs worth watching” and I will list them here
Just send them to [email protected]
Just NOT your own ok...
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Ijout!'!U jqt!
Some of your questions I have answered below, and added some of your tips, PLEASE keep
them coming In..
What doll should I use for my first reborn??
I always recommend a second hand, or cheap doll for your first, as there are so many places
where things can go wrong, and you always tend to rush your first, as you want desperately
to see the finished result. But if you want a named doll, here in the UK citytoy’s are quite
cheap in Asda and Toys r Us.
How do I use Glass Beads?
Glass beads are used for weighting, and are normally only used in the limbs, if you half fill a
limb with the glass beads, and then fill the limb with fibrefill, and seal the end by gluing a
cardboard disc to the end to stop anything escaping,
How long do I bake my bits, with Genesis Heat paints????
first bake should be for 8 minutes at 265 degrees and then if it's still a little wet, put it back in
the oven for another 2-3 minutes.
Removing Factory Paint……
Either acetone-free nail polish remover, or pure acetone are used by reborners across the
world it’s a purely personal preference as there are pro’s and con’s with both..
Try both and see which you prefer, don’t forget for little nook’s and crannies use a cotton bud,
or a babies toothbrush, ( a very soft one), it what you are most comfortable with and what
you prefer, your creations are just that, YOURS, and don’t forget there could well be an easier
way no body has tried yet… so try what you feel will work on an old body or piece of vinyl,
and see what happens..
Don’t forget to send in your questions, queries and tips, we love to share them and we have
over 200 people world wide reading this newsletter, so somebody somewhere should be able
to help or answer your questions..
Just email them to me at [email protected]
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One in every 600-700 children in the UK
is born with a cleft lip and / or palate.
What is a cleft lip and what is a cleft palate?
Cleft means 'split' or 'separation'. During early pregnancy separate
areas of the face develop individually and then join together.
If some parts do not join properly the result is a cleft,
the type and severity of which can vary.
Cleft Lip
A cleft lip is a condition that creates an opening in the upper lip
between the mouth and nose. It looks as though there is a split in
the lip. It can range from a slight notch in the coloured portion of the
lip to complete separation in one or both sides of the lip
extending up and into the nose. A cleft on one side is called a
unilateral cleft. If a cleft occurs on both sides it is called a bilateral cleft.
A cleft in the gum may occur in association with a cleft lip.
This may range from a small notch in the gum to a complete division
of the gum into separate parts.
Cleft Palate
A cleft palate occurs when the roof of the mouth has not joined completely.
The back of the palate (towards the throat) is called the soft palate and
the front (towards the mouth) is known as the hard palate. If you feel the
inside of your mouth with your tongue, you will be able to notice the
difference between the soft and the hard palate. A cleft palate can range
from just an opening at the back of the soft palate to a nearly complete
separation of the roof of the mouth (soft and hard palate).
Sometimes a baby with a cleft palate may have a small lower jaw
(or mandible) and a few babies with this combination may have difficulties
with breathing easily. This condition may be called Pierre Robin Sequence.
How does it happen?
The cause of clefts is not understood very well. Whilst we know what
happens, we do not know why. Sometimes clefts run in families and
sometimes a baby is born with a cleft without anyone else in the family
having one.
First Floor
Green Man Tower
332B Goswell Road
Tel: 020 7833 4883
fax: 020 7833 5999
e-mail: [email protected]
Page 9
Fun Page
Answers to last months Christmas Quiz did you get them right??
1. c
2. a
3. b
4. b
5. d
6. c
7. c
8. c
9. d
To all the drunk women, you know it's time to go home
You have absolutely no idea where your shoes are.
You've just had to get someone to help you pull your pants up in the ladies room.
You've been flashing your boobs at passers by.
You mistake a police car for a cab and shout obscenities when it doesn't stop for you.
You drop your 3:00 a.m. burger on the floor, pick it up and carry on eating.
There are less than three hours before you're due to start work.
You've found a deeper side to the office nerd.
The man you're flirting with used to be your primary school teacher.
The urge to take all your clothes off, stand on a table and sing "Hopelessly Devoted To
You" becomes strangely overwhelming.
You've started to sound like Marge Simpson’s sisters from the 60 cigarettes you've
You can't taste the gin in your gin and tonic
You think you're in bed but your pillow feels strangely like pizza.
You start every conversation with, "Don't take this the wrong way but..."
You fail to notice that the toilet lid's down when you sit on it.
You challenge the bouncer to an arm wrestling competition
You're sitting on the floor. On your own.
You decide to audition for 'X-Factor' via the security cameras.
The Home of Cuddle therapy
23 Goathland Ave
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE12 8HA
Well that’s it for this the Jan Issue, we hope you have enjoyed it,
Phone: 0191 2669347
[email protected]
Tell us what you want and we will Endeavour to put it in, space
permitting of course,
more reborns, artists, webdesign and others next month
I like it. I hope that it catches on. There is a lot of reborners looking for
ways to stay connected and maybe your news letter will help them.
Pat Secrist
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