Who`s the Best Hunter ?


Who`s the Best Hunter ?
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Fire Up Your Imagination
A few techniques used by famous thinkers:
• Ludwig van Beethoven. The
composer frequently sought inspiration at
the sink, pouring pitchers of water over his
hands as he hummed loudly—or sometimes bellowed the scales.
• Marissa Mayer. Yahoo’s CEO doesn’t
like to quit when she’s on a
productive roll. During her
years at Google, she would
frequently sleep at her desk
during her 130-hr work week.
• Charles Dickens. The British writer
trained his critical thinking skills by visiting the morgue to look at dead bodies. The
grisly sight inspired him to think up ‘the
why’ to the mysteries behind their deaths.
Who’s the Best Hunter ?
An African lion is only ~25%
successful at catching their prey, &
sharks only ~½. The dainty, flittery
dragonfly snatches their targets
95+% of the time, then voraciously
consumes it on the fly. Speaking of
which, eating 30 flies in a row is not
unusual. Their nervous system has
capacity for selective attention,
focusing on a single prey among a
cloud of fluttering insects. IAlso,
their brain is connected to their flight
center which locks on the trajectory
of its target, subtly adjusting its path.
They approach from behind & below
& their next meal never
knew what hit ’em.
A husband & wife in bed heard
a knock on the back door at 3
AM. The wife asked, “Aren’t you
going to see who that is?” The
husband got up, put on a robe,
& went the back door. “Who is it?” he asked.
“C-could you give me a p-push?” answered a
slurred voice from behind the door.
“It’s 3 in the morning! Get lost.” The husband
went back to bed & told his wife. She objected,
“That wasn’t very nice. He obviously needs help.
Go down there & see what’s wrong.” Realizing
that his wife was right, the man went back
downstairs. “Are you still there?”
“Can you give me a push?” came the voice, now
in the backyard. “Where are you?”
“Over here, on your swing set.”
Useless Information
-40’ Celsius & -40’ Fahrenheit are the same temperature
- That “YKK” on your zipper
stands for “Yoshida Kogyo
Kabushikigaisha”, the world’s
largest zipper manufacturer
- The metal part on the pencil is
called a “ferrule”
- The blue whale is so big that a
small child can swim thru its veins
- When you yawn & stretch at the
same time, you are ‘pandiculating’
- The only state that does not contain any of the letters in the word
‘mackerel’ is Ohio. (that’s useless!)
Plus one more, Barbie
The doll’s real name is Barbara
Millicent Roberts, daughter of
George & Margaret, from Willows, WI.
(noted in a series of novels published in the
60s by Random House) Barbie was “born”
on March 9, 1959 (let’s say at about age
20) which makes her 75 years old. Her
b’day coincides with her debut at the
American International Toy Fair in
New York. The adult figured doll was
based on a German toy doll, Bild Lillli
(originally sold to adults). Lilli was based
on a popular character in a comic strip
in the newspaper Die Bild-Zeitung. Lilli
was a blond bombshell, a working girl
who knew what she wanted, & got it.
(If you know what I mean).
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Watermelon Day - Aug 3 (Sun)
Free Slices
Your Entire
D o ub l e
Po i n t s!
Does “Inversion” Irritate You?
Seems dozens of large corporations are
considering &/or moving their headquarters
out of the country, merging with foreign
companies. The motivation is to lower their
taxes. The latest is Walgreen. Seems like a
dirty trick since a quarter of its $72 billion in
revenue (in 2013) comes from you, U.S.
Taxpayers from Medicare & Medicaid. In
addition, they received $46 million in tax
credits from the state of Illinois in a pledge
to create jobs along with hundred of thousands for training & other tax incentives.
Further, large investment companies are
part of the push to make it happen.
Americans for Tax Fairness labeled it “unfair
& deeply unpatriotic if the company moves
offshore while continuing to make its
money here, leaving us to pick up the tab
for its tax avoidance.”
Here! Here!
For $1.00
Creamsicle Day - Aug 14 (Thurs)
For $1.00
Sr Citizen Day - Aug 21 (Thurs)
Nat’l Toasted Marshmallow Day
Seems lots of home devices are getting
“connected”: TVs, refrigerators, baby
monitors, security systems, garage
doors, locks, doorbells, lights, & so on.
Once these devices get connected to
the Internet, they become potential
targets for …. you guessed it
“vulnerabilities”. So how do you protect
yourself? The experts advise: 1) google
the device to see what security issues
it has & how the compnay responded
to breaches; 2) keep your software up
to date to maintain the manufacturer’s
fixes; 3) Strengthen your passwords;
4) Guard your Wi-Fi or set-up a separate network for your gadgets; 5) Hire
a pro like Geed Squad.
House Bugs
Free Shot in Beverage of Your Choice
Sunday, Aug 30
Labor Day - Sept 1 (Mon)
Open 6AM to 8PM
Kasey Kasem
May he rest in peace … soon!
Here is a thought I ran across
though. His top 40 show may have
been the last consensus on which
music was the biggest hit. It was
based on Billboard charts for sales &
airplay. It was definitive as to what
the country was listening to. Now the
notion of a “hit” is confused by the
numerous ways we find it: streaming,
downloading, online video, games,
ads, singing shows, & so on. The
“Nielsens” (remember them) have
similar issues further compounded
by independents who don’t share
info, like Netflix, cable, & DVRs. So
what’s a hit anyway, it’s what you
like! Just as it has always been!
Which is Scariest?
Cyber Bugs
Turns out software bugs are worth big
bucks, worth up to 6 figures, & sold to the
highest bidder. Those found in Windows,
Google, FireFox, FaceBook, etc. What’s
the value? Your Data! When a “vulnerability” is found, it
is ‘packaged’: tech documentation that spells out the
what, where, how, & a procedure to follow to trigger &
take advantage of it. Who would want such a thing, you
ask? The software company so they can fix it. The government for espionage. Criminals after trade secrets or
personal info (social, business, personal, medical, etc.).
Foreign governments. Companies specialize in finding
them & even ‘bug brokers’ to fence the vulnerabilities.
The average American company fielded 16,000+ attacks
in ‘13 according to IBM’s security division.
August Specials
Veggie Challenge (almost a pound)
On a spinach or tomato basil wrap … lettuce,
tomato, red onion, radishes, shredded carrots,
cabbage, cucumber, red & green bell pepper,
zucchini, cucumber herb dressing & a side of
our signature oriental garden sauce
Onion Cheddar Bagels
every Tues & Sat
Lemon CheeseCake Cream Cheese
Caramel Oatmeal Bread
Root Beer Float - Aug 6 (Wed)
Free Lollipops
Present Coupon Expires 8 / 31 / 14
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Dine In, Take Out, Drive Thru only;
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Aug 10th Sunday
August Days
We have added to our everyday menu :
Chicken Club Ranch, Italian Sub, Almond Milk,
Veggie Bowls, & Chicken Wild Rice Salad
Big Bugs
Last month the world’s largest
flying aquatic* insect was found
in China’s Sichuan province. The
dobsonfly has an 8.3 inch wing
span (think the width of this
page). Perhaps more scary it is
described to have giant snakelike fangs. Previously the South
American damselfly held the record with a wing span of 7.5
inches. But hey, in the ol’ days
aquatic insects had spans up to
30 inches—Take Cover! (that
was 250 million yrs ago). The
good new is these guys only
hang out around clean water.
* means part of their lifecycle is in
the water
Stopped me if
you have heard
this one. Seems a giant hole
has appeared in Siberia: 260 ft
across & appears to descend
infinitely below the surface.
Not a meteorite nor a sinkhole, but a “pingo” or hydrolaccolith, which is a natural
phenomenon where ice
pushes up from underneath,
then melts. Climate change is
one theory; nearby gas fields
(explosion) is another.
The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Hurrah! Turns out a
New Yorker turned
into a professional
line sitter (after he lost
his job at AT&T). Don’t scoff. He has
made up to a $1,000 in a week. So
what does he wait for? He started on
Craig’s List & signs up clients who do
not want to wait in line … for a movie
premiere, a new iPhone5 or Xbox, a
Cronut, or a Shark Tank audition (that
was 43 hours). He also sells milk
crates to others tired of standing;
passes out business cards at big
events; & posts pics of the lines his
clients are avoiding.
Odds & Ends
Out West they are in the midst of a big
drought. Lake Mead provides water &
power to millions & is nearing an all time
low. If it loses another 50 ft of water
depth, they will shut down the generators
which will make for a dark Las Vegas!
NASA is more confident than ever that
extraterrestrial life will be found soon.
They estimate up to 20% of the planets
“around us” are Earth-size & in a habitable zone. Imagine the headline!
We’ve discussed the driver-less car, but
beware the same goes for big commercial
semis. Daimler Trucks is at the forefront
& intends to revolutionize road freight