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atc career catalog
2010 - 2011
Industrial Systems & Maintenance I
Table of Contents
We also offer Industrial Systems & Maintenance Level I and Level II. These
classes provide you an opportunity through lab work to discover how belts,
chains, couplings and motors work together to get work done. This class is primarily hands-on and project based. The projects vary from year to year, but we
never fail to impress. The projects in the past have been hovercrafts, an electric
motorcycle, fiberglass kayak and dune buggies. No telling what it will be in the
About ATC
Archangel Systems, Inc.
Borbet Alabama, Inc.
Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Cumberland Plastic Solutions, LLC
CV Holdings, LLC
Industrial Systems & Maintenance II
Cylpro Auburn, Inc.
Donaldson Company, Inc.
Hoerbiger Automotive Comfort Systems, LLC
Langcourt Limited, Inc.
This course is a continuation of the Level I course. In this class you will be relied on to be proficient in the things you learned in the Level I class and be able
to share those things with the Level I students. You will be able to manage part
of the project and act as a supervisor on small portions of work being performed. You will also gain more in depth understanding of the topics as they
come up.
Mando America Corporation
Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc.
Matrix Wire, Inc.
Nikki America Fuel Systems, LLC
Rexnord Industries, LLC
SCA, Inc.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Toolcare US International, LLC
V2 Composites, Inc.
Weidmann Plastics Technology North America, Inc.
Weston Solutions, Inc.
Auburn High School Career/Tech
In this almost entirely hands-on class you can gain valuable skills and understanding that apply to industrial maintenance. Currently maintenance jobs in
our area can pay over $19.00 an hour. They are highly-skilled jobs and people
with those skills are in high demand. The skills we teach also apply heavily to
engineering and design careers.
We offer two classes in our Precision Machining program. In these classes you
get hands-on experience with industrial machining equipment including vertical
mills and engine lathes making metal parts. We start from the ground up teaching safety and part identification. We continue through blueprint reading and
tool selection. By the time you have finished you have a metal product you can
be proud to display.
The Auburn Training Connection (ATC) is a non-profit workforce development
organization. After two and a half years of planning, Auburn’s Workforce Development Taskforce announced plans to initiate the ATC in 2002. In February
of 2003, the ATC was created through a joint-partnership between the City of
Auburn and community leaders from industry, education, and government.
Industries in the City of Auburn are finding it increasingly difficult to find
skilled workers in the surrounding five county areas. The skills of the local labor force are not keeping pace with changing technology of industry, resulting
in a shortage of skilled employees to hire. This unique partnership was created
to address workforce development needs and issues.
Introduction to Precision Machining
Introduction to Precision Machining students work the majority of the semester
to make an aluminum handled, and brass headed hammer. This incorporates
processes including facing, turning, tapering and knurling.
Provide career opportunities for high school students
Develop an industrial technology education program at AHS
Involve industry, government & education entities in employment training, skill standards, employee development, and other related activities
Enhance industrial and manufacturing career opportunity for area citizens
Introduction to Milling, Drill Press and Surface Grinding
In this class, students focus on the Vertical Mill. They spend most days working at their own pace on a mill of their own. They make a playing die (like for
playing Monopoly) out of aluminum. This project teaches drilling, feeds and
speeds, facing and radiusing.
In today’s labor market, occupational skills are the most demanded.
Low skill employment doesn’t offer fringe benefits such as paid vacation,
holidays, retirement and tuition reimbursement plans whereas skilled employment in manufacturing does.
Nationally, over 50% of college freshman never earn a degree and over
25% never return for their sophomore year.
At age 26, a precision machinist or tool maker can earn $45,000 annually,
compared with $35,000 for a person with a bachelor’s degree in business.
Introduction to Manufacturing
In our Introduction to Manufacturing class we take a look at how all the manufacturing disciplines come together to form a unique organization that adds value to their products. We also tour many of the local companies and students see
the setting and fast-paced career environment available. You can see in this
booklet that companies in Auburn produce a wide array of interesting products
and we get to see them up close and personal.
For More Info, please visit:, or
Auburn Center for Developing Industries
1500 Pumphrey Avenue | Auburn, AL 36832
Phone: (334) 501-7300 | Fax: (334) 826-1659
Mr. Cary Cox, Director of Workforce Development
1635 Pumphrey Ave.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 826-8008
Contact Person: Dr. Kitty Greene, HR Manager  [email protected]
The Industrial Systems and Maintenance program at Auburn High has grown
from a unique seed. It has come about through direct involvement of industrial
partners here in Auburn. They see the need for an industrial workforce because
Auburn industry is growing quickly. As a result their need for high quality employees is growing quickly. Through this program you have a chance to see the
opportunities that exist in industrial employment.
Gone are the days of dark dirty industrial plants. Here in Auburn we pride ourselves on having a very technical and advanced group of industry. Industry employs more than just operators. There are opportunities in Information Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Management, even Environmental Engineering.
Archangel Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the development, manufacturing,
and application of MEMS inertial sensors and systems. Primary customers are
the U.S. military and commercial aviation.
Positions and Salaries:
Electronic Technicians- starting salary $12/hour
Engineers (electrical & computer) - salary varies with experience
Benefits: 401k retirement program with company match; BCBS medical insurance; 12 holidays, 12 personal leave days per year; Profit sharing; Flextime
(for some positions)
Ladies, please don’t be afraid to take our classes. Often the females are the
most successful in my classes, because they can often admit they don’t know it
all coming in. I take my time to work with all students no matter the experience
level to make sure you are successful and can enjoy the tasks at hand. Don’t tell
them, but the guys often don’t know what they are talking about anyway. Most
of the machinery we work with no one in the class has had an opportunity to
work with so everyone starts on the same level.
We have two programs that make up our Manufacturing education. We have a
Precision Machining program and an Industrial Systems & Maintenance program. As the instructor of these classes I strive to keep them interesting and
applicable to employment and real life. Know that I have the student’s safety
and learning at the forefront in all activities. I also know that exploration and
hands-on experience are often the best teachers.
I look forward to seeing you in class,
John B. Williams
Industrial Systems Technology Instructor
Paid Holidays, Sick Leave and vacations; Comprehensive Health
Plans: medical ( choices of PPO or HMO in certain locations), prescription drugs,
Dental and Vision Care; Retirement savings and Employee Stock Ownership Plan
-401K with Annual and Matching Stock Contributions; Healthcare Flexible
Spending Account; Dependent Life Insurance at 1.5 times Annual Salary; Supplemental Employee and Dependent Life Insurance; Company provided Accidental
Death and Dismemberment Insurance; Long term Disability Insurance; Long
term Care insurance; Tuition Assistance for Master’s and Doctorate Level courses ( Reimbursement 100% for passing Grade); Employee Assistance program;
Adoption Assistance; Childcare and Eldercare referral services through Life Care;
Health Advocate; payroll-deducted Auto and Homeowners Insurance through
Liberty Mutual; WESTON Wellness Program; MetLaw legal Benefit; equal Opportunity Employee; Drug/smoke free workplace-drug screening Employer,
Background checks
979 W. Veterans Blvd.  Auburn, AL 36830  (334) 502-9400
Contact Person: Les Davis, HR Manager
Skills Expected: Depends on position you are applying for. All positions require professionalism, good communication skills, teamwork, integrity, client
focus, safety, exceptional quality & making a difference.
Since 1881, when Gustav Borbet founded a brass foundry in Altena/
Westphalia, Germany, the Borbet company has been in continuous operation.
Beginning in 1977, the company began producing high quality aluminum alloy
wheels for the automotive market. Today with several manufacturing operations throughout Germany, Austria, South Africa, & now Auburn, AL, Borbet
is one of the world’s leading producers of aluminum alloy automotive wheels,
with customers such as BMW, Volkswagen, & Mercedes.
Borbet’s Entry-Level Positions with Salaries:
Quality Technicians
General Machine Operators
Casting/Machining Technicians
Paint Technicians
Entry level pay for most production jobs range between $11.20- $14.13 with
top pay from $12.45-$15.46. Pay increases are based on time with company
and knowledge/experience.
Benefits: Medical, dental, vision and life insurance; 401K retirement program;
Paid vacations and holidays; College tuition reimbursement program
Skills Expected of High School Graduates: Reading, writing and math
skills; Communication skills (written & verbal); Problem solving ability; Great
attitude and excellent attendance
1625 Pumphrey Ave.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 466-5600
Contact Person: Regina Fulmer, HR Manager  [email protected]
On-The-Job Training is Available in:
Problem Solving; Automotive
Supplier Expectations/Culture; Automated Equipment Processes/Operations;
Teamwork/diversification training
Weston Solutions, Inc. (Weston) delivers integrated, sustainable solutions for
environmental restoration, property redevelopment, design/build construction,
green buildings and clean energy. Dedicated to making a difference in the
world, the company’s 1,800 reach out form 60 offices around the globe to build
strong stakeholder relationships and produce solutions that work. Weston has
been responding to our clients’ toughest problems for more than 50 years. The
Weston Mission: Grow sustainable value for our clients, employee-owners and
communities by integrating teams and innovative approaches to solve emerging, complex problems for the environment and infrastructure worldwide.
Positions and Salaries:
Exec/Sr. Officials and Mgrs.
First/ Mid officials and Mgrs
Sales workers
Administrative Support
Craft workers
Operators Laborers and Helpers
Service Workers
Salaries depend on education, experience & state in which you are applying for.
BC/BS Medical, Dental and Vision insurance; Life insurance and
STD; 401K retirement program with company match; Up to 5 weeks vacation
and 13 paid holidays; Bonus Incentive Program; Educational assistance- 100%
150 Technology Pkwy.  Auburn, AL 36830  (334) 821-7999
Contact Person: Jerry “Cisco” King, HR Manager
Skills Expected: Basic skills in reading, writing and math; Good communication skills (verbal and written); Good attitude and attendance; Ability to work
independently or in teams; Ability and desire to produce a Quality product for our
Briggs & Stratton is the world’s leading producer of air-cooled gasoline engines for the outdoor power equipment market. Engines are produced to support a variety of consumers and commercial applications. Briggs and Stratton
is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and operate five plants in the Southeast U.S.,
including Auburn, Alabama.
Briggs & Stratton Entry-Level Positions with Salaries:
Production Operator: $10.37 - $11.99/hr
Machine Setup: $12.56 - $14.00/hr
Quality Analyst I: $12.56 - $14.00/hr
Salaries listed above are entry-level rates. Employees can increase their salary
based on their work performance and willingness to participate in additional
Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance; 401K retirement program; Vacation and 10 paid holidays; Educational assistance- Briggs
& Stratton encourages continued education and will reimburse 75% for books
and tuition as long as the employee makes a “C” or better in the course.
Skills Expected of High School Graduates: Strong math, reading, writing
& computer skills; good attitude & good attendance; ability to work independently or with a team; Willingness to learn and participate in additional
229 Teague Ct.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 821-5033
Contact Person: Alison Petersen  [email protected]
204 Enterprise Dr.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 826-4004
Contact Person: Jimmy Allen, HR Manager
Benefits: Healthcare, Vacation
In 1877 Heinrich Weidmann acquired the mill on the town creek of Rapperswil,
Switzerland and established a pressboard and cardboard factory. By the turn of
the century, H. Weidmann AG provided all kind of insulating materials to the
still young electrical industry, and also molded parts made of asbestos and cement for low voltage use (e.g. in locomotives). In 1989, the still growing
groups of businesses under the wings of the Swiss parent H. Weidmann AG
were reorganized under holding company, renamed WICOR (Weidmann International Corporation) Holding AG and formed a new business area with
WEIDMANN Industrial Products several years ago. The company’s rich heritage of invocative and high quality continued into the plastics arena and helped
propel it into a world leader. Today, WEIDMANN Plastics Technology AG
operates facilities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Brazil and the United
States. The manufacturing facility in Auburn, Alabama was completed in January of 2004 to supply plastic injection molded components for Mercedes Benz
in Vance, Alabama as well as other automotive manufactures.
Skills Expected: Mechanical Skills, Machine Operation, Maintenance
Positions and Salaries:
Cumberland Plastic Solutions, LLC opened in 2006/Additional facility in
Franklin, KY/ injection molding of plastic parts for the automotive industry,
recreational vehicles, etc.
Process Engineers
Machine Operators
Material Handlers
Production Operators & Material Handlers: $11.00 - $14.00/hr
Machine Setup: $12.50 - $15.08/hr
Quality Technicians: $14.00 - $20.72/hr
Maintenance/Tooling: $16.00 - $22.60/hr
Pay increases are based on time with company and knowledge. Annual wage
increases are based on economic factors and profitability.
770 Lee Rd. 191  Auburn, AL 36830  (334) 502-3000
Contact Person: Kevin Horne, President
960 W. Veterans Blvd.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 887-8300
Contact Person: Blake Arrington, Plant Manager
Established in 1999, V2 Composites, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of composite reinforcement fabrics utilizing mediums such as fiberglass, carbon, aramids
and other synthetic and natural fibers. V2 reinforcements are found in a variety
of markets including: construction, infrastructure, sports and superior reinforcement solutions, allowing the customer to optimize the cost and performance of
these high-strength fibers.
V2’s Entry-Level Positions with Starting Salaries:
Entry level wages start at $8.00/hour with promotional opportunity to $14.50.
Pay raises are based on time with the company, performance, attendance and
increasing knowledge and skills.
CV Holdings, LLC manufactures specialty-packaging products based on a
number of patented technologies. The company is divided into four divisions,
each with their own market/product focus. CSP Technologies is a leader in
providing active packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical & diagnostic markets. Capital Plastics Products manufactures and fills vials for the food & dairy
industries. Capital Insulated Products makes lines of specialty children’s cups
sold under the Playtex brand. Capital Cups manufactures a line patented insulated/non-insulated cups used for promotions and high end retail applications.
CV Holdings, LLC Entry-Level Positions with Salaries:
Material Handlers
Operator Trainees
Technician Trainees
Major Medical, Dental insurance; Supplemental Insurance; Life
insurance; Paid Holidays, Vacation and overtime
Skills Expected of High School Graduates: Basic mechanical aptitude;
Hand-eye coordination; Good attitude and attendance; Ability to follow and
understand directions and written procedures; Pride in work, eye for quality;
Problem solving, teamwork and communication skills; Ability to read measurement instruments
Quality Control Technicians: $9.00 - $13.00
Molding Operators: $9.00 - $15.00
Material Handlers: $8.50 - $10.00
Maintenance Technicians: $15.00 - $24.00
Assemblers: $8.00 - $11.00
Pay raises are based on time with the company, performance, attendance and
increasing knowledge and skills.
Medical and Dental; Paid Holidays and Vacations; 401K Retirement Program with company match; Supplemental Insurance available through
an independent insurance company
Skills Expected of High School Graduates: Basic skills in reading, writing
and math; Hand-eye coordination; Good attitude and attendance; ability to follow
and understand directions and written procedures; Pride in work, eye for quality
1117 W. Veterans Blvd.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 321-4980
Contact Person: Alison Peterson  [email protected]
Additional On-The-Job Training is Provided Depending on Necessity:
CV Holdings conducts on-the-job training in-house on a regular basis in order for
employees to reach maximum efficiency levels.
Toolcare is a tool management service that provides customers with complete
design-build of new tooling from prototypes to production molds. The project
is a joint investment between the long-establishment United Kingdom based
toolCare UK and industry veterans in the US.
Toolcare serves a variety of industries for their tooling needs, including plastic
injection molds, blow molding tools, die cast tooling, metal stamping tools as
well as fixtures and gages. The company can also perform engineering changes
and tool modifications. Additionally, it will offer complete maintenance and
repair programs for tools at their Auburn facility.
Program Manager
Machine Operators
Benefits: Healthcare, Vacation
Skills Expected: Mechanical Skills-Die Building, Machine Operation
Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance; Life and AD&D Insurance;
Short and Long Term Disability Insurance; 401K retirement plan with company
match; Stock Purchase Plan; Paid Holidays and Vacation; Tuition Reimbursement Program; Service Award Program; Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
2175 Pumphrey Ave.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 321-0845
Contact Person: Plant Manager
Skills Expected of High School Graduates: Hand and Eye Coordination;
Basic skills Reading, Writing and Math; Pride in work, eye for quality; Good
written and verbal communication skills; Good attitude and good attendance;
Ability to work as part of a team
Cylpro Auburn, Inc. is a tier two automotive part supplier, primarily CNC machining precision turning. The company is based in The Netherlands and our
parent company is the supplier for the European market.
Benefits: Blue Cross Health & Dental Insurance; paid vacation/paid holidays
Skills Expected: Reading, writing, and strong math skills; Good attitude and
good attendance; Ability to be team member and work independently; Attention
to detail and focus on quality.
246 Enterprise Dr.  Auburn, AL  (334) 887-7411
Contact Person: Jay Harris, HR Manager
2039 McMillan St.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 887-8311
Contact Person: LuAnne Clayton, HR Manager  [email protected]
Donaldson Company was established in 1915 when Frank Donaldson, Sr. invented the first air cleaner for an internal combustion engine. Since its start in
Utah; the company has expanded with more than 40 distribution and manufacturing of exhaust systems for medium and heavy-duty transportation products.
The Donaldson Company, Inc. Entry-Level Positions:
Production Operators
Salaries depend on the employee’s performance and ability. Every six months,
performance evaluations are conducted.
Benefits: Medical, Dental, and Vision; 401K retirement program; Vacations
and paid holidays; Life insurance; Educational assistance for job related courses
Skills Expected of High School Graduates: Problem solving, teamwork,
written and oral communication; Blueprint reading and reading comprehension;
Welding skills; Basic computer skills
On the job training will be available in the following areas: Precision
Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. We enable our
customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer by providing analytical instruments, equipment, reagents and consumables, software and services
for research, analysis, discovery and diagnostics. The Auburn facility operates
under the specialty product name of Capitol Vial which was established in Auburn in 1995 and is leading manufacturer and marketer of patented, flip-top,
leak-proof, and tamper-evident plastic vials used primarily by reference laboratories for government-mandated drug abuse testing and other diagnostic and
industrial testing. Capitol Vial became part of Thermo Fisher Scientific in November, 2006 when Fisher Scientific merged with Thermo Electron forming
Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Thermo Fisher Scientifics Entry-Level Positions:
Assemblers: $9.00 - $12.00
Auto Drug Line Associates: $9.00 - $12.00
Material Handlers: $9.00 - $12.00
Machine Operators: $9.00 - $12.00
Quality Associates: $9.00 - $12.00
Maintenance: $18.00 - $24.00
Process Technicians: $18.00 - $24.00
Pay increase based on time with the company and knowledge/experience.
Economy and market values can be a factor in annual raises.
Measurements; Organizational Skills; Process Flow Diagrams
764 W. Veterans Bvld.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 887-6720
Contact Person: Priscilla Dismukes, HR Manager
[email protected]
284 Enterprises Dr.  Auburn, AL 36830  (334) 321-2292
Contact Person: Kimberly Couch, HR Manager and select the US Flag icon for English
SCA, Inc. is a privately owned Korean company that manufactures parts by
plastic injection. Also, light assembly is a manufacturing component of our
company. We are currently a Tier 1 and Tier 2 Supplier to HMMA.
Positions and Salaries:
Operators, assembly, sealers, forklift operator, trimmers, QC, Shipping
and Receiving personnel: $8.00 start rate
Mold Tech & Maintenance: vary by position and skill
BCBS (health, vision, dental, drug); 401K retirement; short term
Skills Expected: Basic high school requirements (math, reading, and writing), hand-eye coordination, computer skills, troubleshooting for most jobs
The Hoerbiger brand is synonymous throughout the world with courage and
pioneering spirit; in gas and process technology; in the automotive industry and
in mechanical engineering. Generations of engineers have shaped this image.
The series of patent registrations goes back to 1894 when the charismatic inventor and scientist Hanns Horbiger laid the foundation for over 100 years of
successful corporate history.
In 2002, the Hoerbiger Automotive Comfort Systems began in Auburn, Alabama. We are a Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive supplier based out of Switzerland, but most of our facilities are located in Germany. Our division of
Hoerbiger Corp has focused on development and production of sophisticated
hydraulic folding roof-top systems for convertibles and power lift gates for
SUVs and crossovers. Our work environment is very clean, quiet, and climate
controlled which is an added benefit for our employees.
Hoerbiger entry-level Positions with Salaries:
Assemblers: $9.50 - $11.66
Material Handlers: $10.00 - $14.00
BC/BS of Alabama Medical, Dental and Vision; Life Insurance,
Short-term and Long-term Disability; Paid Holidays and Vacations; 401K retirement Program
2080 McMillian St.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 887-9633
Contact Person: Geoff or Maria Slater, Owners
1600 PumphreyAve.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 821-9100
Contact: Alabama State Employee Office
Langcourt Ltd. provides a repair service for cylinders for high performance engines such as motorcycles, snowmobiles and personal watercraft. This technology has been offered to customers around the world from their English location
since 1984, and in 1994, they opened a facility in Auburn, Alabama to improve
the service they offered to customers in the USA. The Auburn plant now has
customers ranging from individual racers to major manufacturers, located
throughout the US, Canada and Central & South America.
Langcourt entry-level Positions with Salaries:
Typical starting wages for Production Team members would be around
$9.00 to $12.50 per hour, and could increase to $15 or more depending
in good performance, attendance, and increasing skills.
Benefits: Medical insurance; Dental insurance; Optical insurance; Life insurance; Paid vacation, holidays and overtime
Skills expected of High School Graduates: ability to read and understand
written information; ability to write clearly and neatly; ability to solve math
problems accurately and quickly; ability to THINK clearly and logically; A
strong desire to succeed; A positive attitude
Rexnord Industries LLC, headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, manufactures
lubricated and non-lubricated flexible steel couplings and Thomas Brand Couplings. This company is a world-leader in manufacturing power transmission
solutions. Rexnord has expanded into several countries with many distributor
locations and several production plants. Equal Opportunity Employer.
Rexnord Industries LLC Entry & Mid-Level Positions with Salaries:
Production Parker; Shipper/Receiver: $10 - 16
Manual machine operator; CNC Machine Operator: $12.50 - 18
CNC& Manual multi-machine operator $15 - 22 (skilled)
Salary increases are based on performance during the year.
Benefits: Medical and dental insurance; 401K retirement program with partial
company match and a quarterly performance dividend; Up to 5 weeks vacation
and 12 paid holidays; 90% educational reimbursement for all accredited courses
Skills Expected of High Schools Graduates: Basic skills in reading, writing and math; Good communication skills (verbal and written); Ability to learn
and work in teams; Basic mechanical aptitude
Additional On-The-Job Training is Provided in the Following Areas
Depending on Necessity: Operation of machines; CNC programming; Lean
Manufacturing and Team Building; Maintenance/Electronics
272 Technology Pkwy.  Auburn, AL 36830  (334) 321-1001
Contact Person: Gary Kidd, HR Manager
4201 Northpark Dr.  Opelika, AL 36801  (334) 364-3600
Contact Person: Jerry Rolison, HR Manager
Contact Person: Kimberly Gradic, HR Manager
Mando was founded in 1962 as Hyundai International Inc. Mando America
Corporation (MAC) was incorporated in the US in January, 1996, as a wholly
owned subsidiary of Mando Corporation, the largest tier 1 automotive supplier
in Korea with headquarters in Seoul. As a top-tier company supplying core
components to the world’s ten largest car manufactures, Mando offers its employees a great future through a solid financial structure and stable profitability.
Nikki America Fuel Systems, LLC manufactures small engine carburetors including other fuel systems to be sold to Briggs & Stratton and other customers
in the United States.
Nikki-America’s Entry-Level Positions with Starting Pay Rates:
Machine Operator $10.42
Machine setup $12.00
Fuel Flow Tester $12.50
Assembly Setup $12.50
Pay increase are based on time with company, performance, attendance, increasing knowledge and skills.
Benefits: Medical, Dental and Vision insurance; Supplemental Life and Disability available through independent company; 401K retirement program; Vacations and 10 Paid Holidays
Skills Expected: High School Diploma or Equivalent; Basic math, reading,
writing and computer skills; Ability to work independently or with a team; A
willingness to learn and participate in additional training; Good attitude and
Good attendance; Hand-eye coordination; Ability to follow and understand directions and written procedures; Quality conscious
Positions and wages are as follows:
Operator I, Repack, Material Handler I: $9.50/hr - $12.08/hr
Operator II, QC Inspector, Material Handler II: $10.50/hr - $13.13/hr
Operator III, QC Auditor: $12.12/hr - $15.00/hr
Machinist, Maintenance Tech I: $14.00/hr - $17.00/hr
Maintenance Tech II: $15.66/hr - $21.00/hr
Employees progress from entry-level rates to higher rates over a two year period. The positions and rates above are based on the initial start-up of the company. As the company progresses, Mando will offer many opportunities for advancement within each department as we further establish various skill levels.
Mando’s growth and profitability along with market wage surveys will also
play a factor in possible annual wage adjustments & job classification changes.
401K retirement programs; Medical and Dental insurance; STD,
Life and ADD&D insurance; Paid Holidays and Vacations
Skills expected of High School Graduates: Reading, writing, math and
communication skills; Good attitude and attendance; Ability to work independently or with team; Safety, Quality and Productivity consciousness; Acceptance of responsibility and accountability
300 Webster Rd.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 887-5600
Contact Person: Sean Bland, HR Manager
1955 McMillan St.  Auburn, AL 36832  (334) 887-6200
Contact Person: Sonia Seay, HR Manager  [email protected]
Matrix Wire, Inc. formally known as SMS South, supplies numerous industries
with wire products. Matrix is an innovative producer of quality custom parts
for industrial and retail businesses. The wire they manufacture is used for numerous products including barbeque grills, lawn & garden equipment, refrigerated shelving and point of purchase displays.
Matrix Positions:
Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc. is made up of multiple cabinet brands that include
Schrock, Diamond, Kemper, Aristokraft, Decora, NHB, Kitchen Classics, Capital, Thomasville, Omega, Kitchen Craft and Home Crest. These brands have a
combined total of more than 200 years experience in manufacturing kitchen and
bath cabinetry. It is type of dedication that keeps each brand in our family focused on the goal of producing the finest quality products in the marketplace.
We believe in a team environment in which our associates are encouraged to
provide input for improving our business. We believe by working together, we
can improve our company and work environment. We offer training programs
to help our associates be successful both on and off the job. We seek selfmotivated, positive people interested in seeing the team and company succeed.
Entry level positions from $8.00 to $20.00 per hour
Pay raises are based on performance
Benefits: Medical, Dental and supplemental insurance; 401K retirement program; Paid holidays and vacations; Educational assistance
Skills Expected of High School Graduates: Literacy and mathematical
ability; Mechanical aptitude; Excellent hand-eye coordination; Knowledge of
precision measurement instruments; Safety conscious
Additional Skills Required: Shop math, Blueprint reading, Precision measurement, Safety courses
Entry Level Positions and pay rates are as follows:
Manufacturing Associates: $10.45/hr - $12.60/hr
Sprayers and Machine Operators: $11.55/hr - $13.80/hr
CNC Operators and Quality Auditors: $12.90/hr - $16.25/hr
Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, prescription and life insurance; 401K retirement program with company match; Paid Holidays and Vacations; Bonus Incentive Programs; Educational assistance with 100% reimbursement

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