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2016 Spring Collection
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EDEN | Monofilament W ig with Lace Front | CARAMELKISS
Step aside Hollywood royalty, a new star is born. Eden is a gorgeous long layered style full of face framing
layers. Her greatest feature? Definitely her monofilament top with lace front. Now that’s Oscar worthy!
E V E R LY | F r o n t L a c e L i n e W i g | R H 14 8 8 R T 8
Curls, curls and more curls! This classically romantic style is a quick and easy way to add some drama to
your look. Full of bold, voluminous curls and luxurious layers, Everly is exactly what you need to set yourself
apart from the crowd.
Lily | Front Lace Line W ig | R12/26CH
Want to have more fun? Lily’s the perfect pixie cut for you. Her side-swept bangs and tapered nape scream
adventure. Once you put her on you won’t want to take her off!
OCEAN | Front Lace Line W ig | RTH6/28
Gorgeous, soft beachy waves give Ocean a relaxed, yet sexy vibe that is universally adored. Ocean’s front lace
line make her ever-stylish, loose waves a look that is naturally beautiful all year round.
Violet | Front Lace Line W ig with Lace Part | RH1226
Light and airy, carefree and effortless. Violet is full of lavish layers and beautiful, beachy waves that make
styling a breeze. Sweep those bangs to the side and grab your sandals, it’s time to soak up the summer sun!
re m i h u m a n h a i r | t i m e l e s s R E D
We are proud to add a stunning new array of colors to our expanding palette. For the
first time ever in remi human hair we are excited to announce and introduce one of our
most popular red blends. Synthetic reds have been expanded to offer bold new blends like
you’ve never seen before. Highlights have been refined to offer dimensional, dynamic and
undeniably brilliant color.
re m i h u m a n h a i r | t i m e l e s s RE D
s y n t h e t i c h a i r | p o w e r f u l REDS
synthetic hair | dimensional LIGHTS
A luxurious blend of medium auburn,
light auburn and golden blonde.
Currently available in Emmeline & Nicole
Strong, powerful and bold, but above all, passionate. Our new reds are the result
of mixing perfect tones to achieve intriguing blends. You’ll fall in love as you get
lost in rich dimension and fearless color. Currently available in Christa, Ellen,
Jamison, Orchid and Petite Coby.
s y n t h e t i c h a i r | p o w e r f u l REDS
Certainly a color that’s in style and here to stay, Vogue is a
beautiful blend of the darkest brown with a warm auburn.
Go ahead, strike a pose and vogue your way to fame.
A little bit of sweet, with a whole lot of spice. This
gorgeous blend of dark brown, dark auburn and
bright red is sure to spice up your look.
This stellar blend of dark brown and medium auburn will
have you seeing stars. Starfire is a stunningly bold red
designed to be unforgettable.
synthetic hair | dimensional LIGHTS
Light Auburn with Pale Blonde
Highlights and Pale Blonde Tipped Ends
Chestnut Brown with Subtle Auburn
Highlights and Auburn Tipped Ends
The name says it all, dimensional lights. One look and you’ll get lost in layers of
beautiful depth-defying color. Every piece of color has been carefully and thoughtfully
placed to create a stunning visual masterpiece. Visit www.esteticadesigns.com for
color availability.
Dark Blonde with Fine Pale Blonde
Highlights & Pale Blonde Tipped Ends
Pale Blonde with Warm
Strawberry Blonde Lowlights
coming soon
coming soon
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