Class A Knot Tying - Fairbanks Girl Scouts


Class A Knot Tying - Fairbanks Girl Scouts
Class A
Knot Tying
The Knot Tying Class has two categories:
Mounted Knots
Decorative Knots: (ex. macrame's, lanyards, and friendship bracelets)
Please make sure that your knots meet entry requirements on the criteria sheets
attached along with criteria points needed based on girl scouting level.
Criteria Points needed when making knots pet Girl Scout level ate as follows...
Seniot: 10 points
Cadette: 8 points
Junior: 6 points
Brownie: 4 points
Daisy: 2 points
Enclosed you will find numerous types of knots to choose from. Be certain to include knots
that will earn you enough points for your scouting level.
Entry Requirements:
Mounted Knots:
Decorative Knots:
The entered item should include what the item is and how the finished project could be
Each entry is required to have an index card visible on the poster board with the following
items listed:
1. Name
2- Age
3. Date Completed
You must have a total of knots to meet your girl scouting level of criteria points.
Please remember to follow all entry requirements and to provide an entry that has a
clear and neat appearance.
Decorative Knots
Date Completed:
Describe the item and it's use:
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