Newsletter Treescape July 2013 FInal Web


Newsletter Treescape July 2013 FInal Web
out on a limb july issue 2013
A monthly newsletter for the Treescape Community
Skydivers Receive
Unexpected Landing
On the Scene: Jim Norman (Crew Leader), Tony Bennett,
Jack Wessling, Ethan Phillips, and Project Managers:
Willie McIvor and Ross Goldsboro
Treescape crews were called to the Kaipara Coast Highway in
West Auckland to assist Police and Ambulance crews with a
plane that had crash landed on top of Macrocarpa trees. The
plane was carrying skydivers when its engine cut out, and
luckily just one passenger received minor injuries.
and rail lines. Pete Peterson was sent in a loader to State
Highway 58, where traffic had come to a complete stand
still due to fallen trees. By pushing the trees off the roads,
crews could then clear the way more quickly. Phil Warin,
Hapi and Anaru used their MEWP to tackle some large
gum trees that were leaning onto high voltage 11kV
power lines, before being called to Eastbourne for more
11kV faults. On the way around the Bays to Eastbourne
their MEWP was repeatedly slammed by the large sea
swells that pushed driftwood logs and large rocks onto
the road.
With calls not letting up and the storm raging on, the call
was made to bring in crews from Masterton and Bulls
who arrived at midnight ready to work. Their first job was
to help KiwiRail with a Pine tree which was resting on
their overhead lines stopping trains. When the crew
arrived, the tree was swirling around in the ground and
had to be secured with an excavator while it was trimmed
back using a Kiwirail Hi-Rail Bucket Truck. By 3am the
winds had increased to such a level that the Police had
closed most roads. Treescape crews also needed to
abandon their efforts due to the significant safety risk the
storm environment created.
Treescape’s role was two-fold: remove dangerous branches
to allow the Hiab access to the plane, and to manage road
control while the emergency services did their job.
Emergency services commented on the professionalism of
the Treescape crews there to assist – well done.
Written By: Martin Herbert – NZ QEST Manager
Tree-Toppling Storm Hits
The Treescape Wellington team received notice of a regional
Storm Alert on Thursday the 20th June, which meant all
crews were on standby. A storm was certainly in the air, with
winds starting to pick up late afternoon and the first of many
calls to respond received at 7.30pm.
All available staff were called into the depot where Project
Manager Jeremy Brown coordinated efforts to deal to trees
that had fallen on roads, power lines, State Highways, houses
At 7am on Friday nine crews were dispatched into high
winds and pouring rain. Our top priority was to tend to
Wellington Electricity, Kiwirail, Wellington City Council
and Fulton Hogan Transit requests. More crews and gear
were needed to meet demand so Operations Manager
Dion Wright flew in from Auckland to assess the situation.
Before long we had two extra crews and a PC130
Excavator with Bulk Bin 8-Wheeler on its way. By Sunday
we had 14 crews rolling out of the yard, and although we
were working at full capacity we still could not keep up
with demand.
cont... P2
James Alexander from PV flew in to help price and assess the many insurance jobs that
flooded in. A large number of Macrocarpa, Pine and Gum trees had fallen, many resting
on houses, garages, driveways and cars. Several days on, many people were still out of
power and could not get out of their driveways.
After 11 days the work has only just eased off to a pace that is easier to handle,
although all crews are still tending to fault work. It has been awesome to work
through this major event with such a great group of dedicated guys (and gals in
the office), and I would like to thank all staff involved for the many hours of
overtime and effort you have put in.
Written By: Kevin Birdsall – Business Manager (WN)
“I live up Horokiwi in Wellington and I just wanted to thank your team for sorting out the fallen trees
after the storm last Thursday. The sight of your trucks etc going up the hill was such a relief as then we
knew ‘power’ was within our sight.
I know it is their job, but they worked in not so good conditions and worked tirelessly and endlessly to get us closer and closer to
having our power on again. By Monday 5.15pm… our power came back on to my absolute relief! Even though we are quite
self-sufficient with a fire and the use of a generator intermittently, I was amazed at the relief I had when the power came on again.
Please extend my gratitude and endless thanks to your team.”
Fran Jacobs, Horokiwi, Wellington
Sticky Quarry in the Firing Line
Kumeu staff recently helped out with a trial to re-establish Manuka on a
quarry face at Mataia Farm. The 1300ha property, owned by Kevin and Gil
Adshead, is located on the Kaipara Harbour. Jo Ritchie (TE) has been
working with the couple on various environmental projects since 2009.
As part of their resource consent conditions, the couple are required to
rehabilitate the land wherever quarrying has been completed. This
includes a sand mining operation, which is one of the main activities
carried out by the farm.
Instead of just regrassing, Gil and Kevin were keen to re-establish these
areas back into Manuka forest, so that it blended with the existing forest
surrounding the quarry. In 2012 – and with Jo’s help, a trial cutting
Manuka and laying brush was carried out on a 1.5ha area.
Although the trial was successful, it was back breaking work so in 2013
we decided to try a different approach. A team of five from Kumeu
(Geraint, Stephen, David, Daniel and Glen) spent a day cutting fresh
Manuka heavy with seed, before taking this and the Rhino to the site for
distribution. The seeds were then put through the tracked chipper and
spread (see picture). Dion and Corin from Otahuhu helped initially to get
the gear set up to ensure the seeds came out whole.
In less than a day, the team had spread a 2.5ha area with chipped material
(pictured). The combination of an efficient and skilled team of cutters,
chipper operators and the tracked chipper meant that we could cover a
sticky, muddy undulating site really quickly.
We believe that this technique could have wide application on other
large and small scale sites where re-establishment with native species is
Written By: Jo Ritchie – Environmental Manager (TE)
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Zoo Food in the Hands
of Volunteers
Weighty Problem for
Protected Tree
Always keen to
provide the
freshest, most
nourishing food
for its residents,
Auckland Zoo
staff recently
launched a
to create
of vegetative
material for
the animals in
its care to eat.
An important amenity tree has been given a new
lease of life after developing a large split on the
largest limb at the main union.
The Quercus Coccinea tree or Scarlet Oak is located
within the grounds of Salisbury School in Richmond.
A considerable amount of weight needed to be
removed from the tree while supporting its
substantial framework. Further cabling work is
intended to reduce the risk of further failure.
Pictured: Michael Willoughby and Jo
Ritchie with Council and Zoo Volunteers
The programme is a first for Zoos in New Zealand, and once
mature, will soon provide easy access for Zoo staff to harvest a
range of food. Five Waitakere sites have been prepared, with
the plants intended to be continually coppiced to ensure a steady
supply for hungry giraffes, tortoises, wallabies, pigs, rats, rabbits
and orangutans among others, ensuring a diet full of variety.
A project of this nature is a first for Treescape Environmental –
instead of our energy going into eradicating the likes of rats and
rabbits, we were putting energy into feeding them. Jo Ritchie and I
were both involved in the planting days,
ensuring the 2200 plants were correctly planted
by the many Zoo volunteers, Council workers,
and local school children. We also ensured the
kids refrained from sampling some of their
favourite animals’ dinner selections. The planting
project was considered a great success with a
fantastic turn out.
The Tasman District Council and Salisbury School
were both helpful and pro-active in retaining this
important amenity tree. We also commend the
quality and professionalism of the sub-contractor
on site: Lift n’ Shift.
“Treescape have an excellent Health and Safety
Protocol. All procedures are clear and arboricultural
practices observed.” (Comments made following the
site audit by Tasman District Council)
Crew: Glen Ball, Nick Scaife and Andrew Friesen
Written By: Lian Polak – Business Manager (RS)
Written By: Michael Willoughby – Treescape
Environmental Consultant
The First of 500 in Sydney
The Sydney crew are scheduled to plant 500 trees this
season, and in June, they’ve already completed 107. The
rest of the contract is going well and the new Sydney
Operations Manager Andrew Kairouz and crew are
settling in nicely.
We are also looking for further opportunities in the area
and have been talking to Ausgrid, Waverley Council
among others.
ee Krueger,
Flynn and Tian
Pictured: Sean
st tree ymbi
planting the fir
Eximia (Yellow
Written By: Lee Perry – Business Development
Manager, Brisbane
First Aid Training Pays Off for Treescape Crew
Gary Baker and Troy Gibson (pictured) thought it would be an uneventful journey
back to base one day back in June, until they noticed a car that looked like it had
just run off the road on Scenic Drive in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges. Noticing
flames and smoke coming from the vehicle, the pair immediately called
emergency services before tending to the needs of the passengers who had
managed to escape. A passing doctor stopped to assist, and tended to the
needs of one of the passengers who was badly injured.
Gary and Troy attempted to control the blaze with a fire extinguisher, but
soon gave up when explosions started coming from the vehicle. By then
the fire had also taken hold of the surrounding bush. When emergency
services arrived the guys helped out by controlling and managing traffic past
the site until the scene was cleared.
Thanks to the quality and level of First Aid training provided by Treescape, crews are always equipped to
deal with most emergency situations they find themselves in. I commend the crew for their bravery, and swift, logical
actions under pressure. It is great to know that we have staff that are such fantastic representatives of the Company, and
are willing and able to provide such important services to the community.
Written By: Matthew Priestley – Contract Supervisor (AK)
Big Thumbs Up
“Yesterday Treescape removed a tree at McEldowney Road in Titirangi. I
had called it in to the Council last week as I felt it had become dangerous.
I thought it would be a difficult job, as the tree’s lean was significant, its
base was quite decayed, and there was immense tension on the wood of
the main stem. The Treescape team took it out and cleaned it up with no
fuss and no mess, minimal noise and disturbance.
“I have been knocking around the Arb industry for over 30 years, I have
seen countless tree removals - both easy and difficult –and in general I
am very concerned about standards within the industry. But what I saw
yesterday was, I think, the slickest operation I have ever observed. In fact
I have never before written a letter of this type but I was so impressed
that I just had to compliment Treescape on the job. I take heart that such
a job can be done so well.”
From: Chris Hinton, Katsura Tree & Landscape, Titirangi, Auckland
Compliment received for Crew: Zach Fell (foreman), Nathan van Alphen,
Callum Hay, Ian Connelly – well done!
“Thank you for the positive actions last week on the Te Awa Fonterra site
where a worker was displaying symptoms of a heart attack. Henry
Menzies assessed the situation and took the man to medical care. We
appreciate and commend your actions.”
Henr y
From: Kim Wihare – H&S Manager, Livingstone Construction.
“Hi Jaco - I just wanted to thank you so much for your prompt quote and
promptness in getting the job done once we gave the OK. You can be very proud of the two young men you sent to do the
job. They have our highest recommendation. Not only were they very courteous, and respectful, they also did a wonderful
job and cleaned up to perfection. Their public relations is an asset to your company. Thank you once again.”
Marie and Axie Macfarlane
Well done to Will Morris and Damion Silbey who were the crew who impressed on the day.
Safety and Quality Award Recipients
The Safety/Quality award for WN goes to Chris Paine, Chris works on the PowerCo
contract operating a 6 wheeler 55ft MEWP based out of Masterton. Chris displays
excellent work knowledge and is also putting in some good work training less
experienced members of staff.
Chris Paine
Daniel Leonard
Nominated By: Kevin Birdsall – Business Manager (WN)
All the work that we do in Sydney is the public domain, which means that along with
staff safety issues, risk to the public is generally always high. Site set up is critical in
Sydney. Daniel Leonard has been nominated as the safety ambassador for Sydney
because he has shown the utmost diligence in ensuring that site set up is appropriate,
leading the charge with ensuring that exclusion measures are in place. Daniel recently
finished a traffic control course, and a First Aid course, which along with the licences
and arboriculture qualifications that he brought with him to Treescape, has made him
a valued member of the team.
Nominated By: Anthony Kairouz - Sydney Operations Manager (AU)
CA was extremely hard to award this month as the majority of the crew were nominated through various sources both
internal and external. We had some amazing feedback (as you have seen) on multiple projects. The Taupo crew led by Barry
(key staff of Steve, Pai and Jody) were recognised through Boffa Miskall, Waikato Council and Transpower for their stand out
effort relating to safety and environment.
The entire CA team that were sent to Wellington to clean up the storm damage (Steve, Jed, Darryl, Jeremy and David)
performed at their usual exceptional level and were thanked by the WN team and clients for their dedication and long
hours put in to achieve a great result.
The crew currently working on the edge of Lake Pukaki (between Tekapo and
Twizel) have also done a great job. The crew (Harley & Darrin) lead by Pai have
worked on cleaning up a harvested forest on the edge of the lake. They have
had some challenging conditions to work in with the wettest June ever
recorded for the region. The entire site was covered in snow for over half
the tour and at its peak the road to site (15kms) was closed for 3 days
where we were confined to the house.
Jed was the final choice as he not only contributed to the Wellington
response but also for his excellent work on our new project being SH16
Causeway upgrade where he has logged two weeks work in a very confined
space undertaking flax mulching and tree felling. Given the restrictive work zone
and controls required he has done an exceptional job and set the standard not only
for Treescape, but for the project.
Nominated By: Chris Sheffield – Business Manager (CA)
Andrew Freise
Andrew Freisen has been nominated for his high level of
professionalism in the sometimes thankless task of grounds man on a Temporary
Traffic Management site. Downer NZ job to dismantle and fell approx 42 large gum
trees on SH6 just north of Murchison, under Downer TTM, with 16t Excavator and log
loader on site. Andrews’ communication was clear, concise and controlled throughout,
organising between additional grounds man, MEWP operator and climber. Foreman
Nick Scaife commented on Andrews’s performance and site was audited with level of
communication being noted!
Nominated By: Lian Polak – Business Manager (RS)
John Nocks
John Nocks’ work over the last 3 months has improved markedly. He has shown a huge
commitment in getting work completed within the allotted time given and worked
extra time to ensure we are not gong back the following day. We have also had some
good feedback from the Rotorua Council work that John has been involved in, which
has been a factor with our increased work load we are getting off them. John
deserves a pat on the back for his efforts of late.
Nominated By: Hugo van In - Business Manager (HM)
NZ Training Opportunities
Keen to up-skill? Talk to your Business Manager about booking yourself on one of the following courses:
Tree ID – Kumeu on 2nd August
Tree Biology - Otahuhu on 13-14th September
Tree Valuation - Otahuhu on 3rd August
Tree Inspection - Otahuhu on 7th October
Felling II – Hamilton on 12-13th August
Introduction to Arboriculture - Kumeu on
20th September
Sectional Felling – Hamilton on 26-27th August
Soils - Otahuhu on 11th October
Warm Fuzzies from the Fuzz
The South Island team have been working hard pruning, felling and planting around more
than 30 police stations between Havelock and Queenstown recently after being
contracted by Transfield who hold the NZ Police property maintenance contract.
As part of their tidying work, the crews enjoyed meeting some very interesting Police
Officers in some very out of the way places. Their professionalism and consistently
high standards resulted in some fantastic client feedback:
“Today I have had exceptional feedback from Alexandra and Queenstown police.
Words like meticulous, take a lot of pride, do the right thing, nice guys, it looks great…
- all great accolades. I have to include Ranfurly … what a transformation!!!! Thanks
does not cover it… you have made us look good”.
Thanks to the RS crew for maintaining high standards and delivering such great results.
Written By: Dominic Williams – Business Manager (RS)
Be Heard With the Assistance Of Your SHEQ Champion
The SHEQ Champions Meetings (formerly called the Worksafe Committee) were established to encourage open
communication between all levels of the Treescape business. Held every three months, each meeting is attended by a SHEQ
Champion nominated by their peers from each branch.
SHEQ Champions need to be formally trained to play this role, and act as the spokesperson for all issues or concerns relating
to workplace safety, the environment (and our impact on it), and quality of the service we deliver. The SHEQ Champion then
brings issues to the SHEQ Champions Meeting for discussion with the Committee.
The SHEQ Champions Meeting is not just attended by nominated Champs - Management and the SHEQ Team also attend to
ensure decisions are made and projects can move forward. All meetings are minuted, with copies of these minutes available
on your staff notice board.
Who Is Your SHEQ Champion?
Scott Barker (Nelson)
Cameron Mitchell (Wellington)
Daniel Firth (Hamilton)
David Stejskal (Otahuhu)
Aaron Smith (Kumeu)
Chris Tingle (Workshop)
Have a question about this process? Contact the SHEQ Coordinator: [email protected]
Written By: Anita Fleming – QEST Coordinator
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