"He who laughs, lasts."


"He who laughs, lasts."
January 2013
~ Bring an empty stomach
and a brain full of ideas. ~
What would you like to see the
Eau Claire Area Master
Gardener Association
accomplish in 2013? Where are you
planning to volunteer and why?
Let’s gather for a roundtable discussion
January 15, 2013 at the Extension office
from 6:30 to 7:30PM. We’ll brainstorm ideas
about how the ECAMG Association can
carry out its mission. New ideas and subcommittee leadership is welcome! No idea
is silly! All our thinking will surely make us
hungry therefore pizza will be provided.
Please reserve your spot 839-4712.
(Photo by Jo-Ann Clark)
December ECAMGA Meeting Sees
Election of New Board Members…
On December 4, 2012 the Eau Claire Area Master Gardener
Association Volunteers (ECAMGAV) met for their annual
meeting which was a potluck (if you missed it you REALLY
missed some goodies!!!).
Bring a hat to wear. Prizes will be given to
the silliest, prettiest, and handsomeness
(are these even words?!) hats.
One of the main events for the business meeting was the
election of officers. Andy Heren was re-elected to another
term and Kate Hartsel, Jeanne Mueller and Diane Hunter
were elected for their first term by unanimous ballot.
Erin LaFaive
Horticulture Educator
Eau Claire County
UW Extension
227 First St. W. Altoona, WI 54720
Erin LaFaive announced that as of the meeting the
ECAMGAV was 65 members strong and had turned in
almost 6000 hours of volunteer time.
"He who laughs, lasts."
- Mary Pettibone Poole
Local Master Gardener News - 2
Bits and Pieces
The members present participated in a plant ID exercise as
well as a quiz with songs that have garden items in their
The Digger Award for 2012 was also announced. It was
awarded to the Expo Landscape Design Committee for all
their work at the Expo Center. The committee members are
Nina Logan, Gary Matthis, Mikel Reise, Rick Moen, Carla
Pelzel, Sally Anderson, Andy Heren, and George Sturgis.
Brochures for the upcoming Winter
Garden Seminar were also passed out.
The brochures will also be available at the
UW-Extension Center office in Altoona.
Upcoming Events
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Eau Claire Area Master Gardener New
Local Master Gardener News
Changing e-mail? Moving?
If you do, please remember to notify the
ECAMG and the newsletter editor of your new email address and/or mailing address so you
don’t miss any Eau Claire Area Master Gardener
Email your new
information to Carol Cox at
[email protected]
or notify her by snail mail at 1908
Hogeboom Ave., Eau Claire, WI
54701 (or call her at 715-7830016 - cell).
January 2013
e-mail address
phone number
Erin LaFaive
[email protected] 715-839-4712
Kate Hartzel
[email protected]
Mikel Reise
[email protected]
Jeanne Mueller
[email protected]
Diane Hunter
[email protected]
Gary Mathis
[email protected]
Roslyn Siudak
[email protected].
Andy Heren
[email protected]
Lori Kempen
[email protected]
Karen Olson
[email protected]
Daria Hutchinson
[email protected]
NOTE: The ECAMGA Board minutes no longer appears in the
newsletter. You may access them by going to the website at http://
Bulletin Board Postings
Stories and
As you know we are getting close to
our Winter Gardening Seminar on
Saturday, February 2, 2103 and we
are looking for volunteers to help
vendors set up early Saturday
morning and act as room monitors (turn lights on
and off, introduce speakers, hand out supplies for
our speakers and help with tech stuff to make
sure the computers are on, the projectors and
microphones working, etc).
In the past we have asked for an hour or two
from our membership during the conference. If
there is a speaker you want to hear, you can be
assigned as room monitor for them. I will take as
little or as much time as you want to offer.
If you feel that you can handle the tech stuff (and
want to) the ECAMGA will pay someone $50.00 a
day to run around taking care of those problems
(or, If you have a child, spouse, friend, etc. who
wants to do this, we can use the help). You
wouldn’t be able to use paid hours as volunteer
hours but its a great opportunity to help out.
To volunteer email Cindy Ferver
at [email protected] or call her at
715-606-0006 or at 715-514-1544.
Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the
form of perspiration. ~Lou Erickson
Winter Garden Seminar Presents
Diverse Opportunities...
The Eau Claire Area Master Gardener Association
Winter Garden Seminar presents an excellent
opportunity for kicking off your garden season
early. There are nine different breakout speakers
plus a great keynote presentation to hear. (Check
out page 5 for more details.)
On top of that there are tons of great door prizes,
lots of interesting vendors plus the chance to have
lunch with other garden enthusiasts.
Bring your friends, pass the information far and
wide. Let’s spread the word by putting up posters
at your church, pass out brochures to your friends
(and bring them along with you) and put the flyers
in the grocery stores and anywhere else that you
can put them up. Don’t forget to put the
information on your Facebook page also.
Let’s all pitch in and promote this event. Not only
does the event provide a great opportunity to
provide educational opportunities to the public but
the money made at the
event helps to fund many of
the projects that the
ECAMGA does throughout
the year.
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Eau Claire Area Master Gardener News
January 2013
Landscape Design Committee
Efforts Honored With the 2012
Digger Award!
(Article photos by Jo-Ann Clark & Sally Anderson)
At the annual meeting in December, the 2012 Digger Award was
presented to the Landscape Design Committee. Certainly over the years
many Master Gardener Volunteers have helped make the Expo
Gardens what they are today, but this year’s hardworking committee
has put in many long hours to make the gardens look spectacular.
The Landscape Design Committee was created in 1990, It has
contributed much to the beauty of the Expo grounds over the years with
the establishment of numerous gardens from the Trial Garden, to the
Day Lily Garden, the Moon Garden, the Native Plant area and many
more specialty areas.
It is with a note of sadness that the ECAMGA will be bidding goodby
to the garden work out at the Expo Center. The upkeep of these
gardens requires many hours and many hands and the people who have
been doing much of the work are no longer able to continue it. That and
other reasons have resulted in 2012 being the last full year that the
ECAMGA will be maintaining the Expo Gardens.
The people who served on the Landscape Design Committee for 2012
are: Nina Logan, Gary Matthis, Mikel Reise, Rick Moen, Carla Pelzel, Sally
Anderson, Andy Heren, and George Sturgis.
Continued on page 4...
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Eau Claire Area Master Gardener News
Digger’s Award - Continued from Page 3...
Helen Mawbrey standing beside the Daylily Gardens she provide
most of the plant materials for.
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January 2013
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Eau Claire Area Master Gardener News
Upcoming Events & Other Things
January 2013
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Eau Claire Area Master Gardener News
January 2013
Level 2 Training: A Row to HoeFruits, Veggies and Community Gardens
Goals of this program:
1. Define local food systems and the possible roles of MGVs.
2. Introduce concepts associated with food insecurity, good
agriculture practices
and good handling practices.
3. Address ways of incorporating youth into the garden.
4. Instruct MGVs on conventional and organic methods of growing common fruits and
vegetables in Wisconsin, with emphasis on cultural practices and selection. Pest
management will be limited to discussion via the blog.
5. Create a forum for discussion and idea sharing via the comments on the blog.
Dates: Tuesdays, February 5 through June 15 (21 lectures)
Time: 9am to 11am (some longer, some shorter, approximately 40 hours of
continuing education in total)
Schedule of dates, topics (PDF) – go to: http://fyi.uwex.edu/wimasergardener/2012/12/11/
This program is primarily targeted for an on-line audience. MGVs may participate LIVE
from their personal computer or may watch the archive of the program at their
convenience. Individuals without a computer or internet are asked to inquire with their
local UWEX office for assistance in accessing the program BEFORE registering.
Register online, pay with credit card. Register by mail, check or money order(PDF – see website
above.) $50 per person, before January 15, 2013; $65 per person, after January 15, 2013. Includes
21 lectures and online access to handouts, archive, evaluation, comments, and discussion.
Publications available for purchase via blog.
You MUST test your computer before registering. Instructions are listed in the link.
Sorry, no registering for individual lectures.
Garden Visions 2013
Saturday and Sunday,
January 25th & 26th
University of Wisconsin
Marathon County,
Wausau, WI
Deadline for registration is January 18, 2013 - For
the brochure and more information go to
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Eau Claire Area Master Gardener News
January 2013
6025 Arndt Lane
Eau Claire WI, 54701
email: [email protected]
22223 Cty. Hwy. O
Cadott, WI 54727
January 26, 2013 10:00 a.m. Birding Class (Eau Claire) -- This is a beginners guide to birding. It
will cover what and when to feed and maintenance of your feeders and much more. There is no
charge for the class, you don't have to register, but if you are going to have a group of people attend,
we would like to know ahead of time.
Bits and Pieces
Try this unique planter made from pieces of
broken slate or rock. They are glued
together, soil inserted and succulents planted
in the crevices.
Also, take a look at the neat design utilizing
succulents. Hen and Chicks and other
If you have a
garden and a
library, you have
everything you
-Marcus Tullius
Page 8
Eau Claire Area Master Gardener News
January 2013
A little summer dreaming?
It is that time of the year as
gardeners pour over the
seed catalogs that will
begin filling our mailboxes.
Here are two ideas to
ponder - a handful of
sedums and a hypertuffa
fish tank.
Unless otherwise noted, articles for
this newsletter are submitted and/or
written by ECAMGA members or
the newsletter editor, Carol W. Cox.
Unless otherwise noted, graphics are
from clipart. Newsletter layout by
Carol W. Cox
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UW Cooperative Extension information
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The University of Wisconsin Extension provides affirmative action and equal opportunity in education, programming and employment
for all qualified persons regardless of race, color, gender/sex, creed, disability, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital or
parental, arrest or conviction record or veteran status.” If you need an interpreter, materials in alternate formats or other accommodations to access this program,
activity or service, please contact Erin LaFaive at 715-839-4712 as soon as possible preceding the scheduled event so that proper arrangements can be made in a
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