Current Brouchure


Current Brouchure
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6” Gowsticks - ass colours
$0.70c each or $32.50 per 50
12” concert glowstick - ass colours
$1.50 each or $65.00 per 50
8” bracelets in tube (100)
$30.00 per tube
22” necklaces in tube (50)
$39.95 per tube
40cm foam THUNDERSTICK - three functions
$2.95 each $250 per 100
LED Glowhawk Mohawk
$3.95 each
LED Light up noodle hair
$3.95 each
Glow glasses
$1.00 each or $22.80 per 24
LED Shutter glasses
$2.95 each
Glow bunny ears
$2.00 each
Four finger light torches on card
$2.95 each or $60 per 24
5 pack light up balloons
$2.00 per packet of 5
Glow balls
$2.00 each
5 Glow straws - foodgrade
$1.95 per pack of 6
LED hair braid - ass colours
$2.95 each
Fluro face and body paint - ass colours 40ml pot
Fluro face and bidy paint - 5 pcs kit
Ready set glow pack - 200 kids
GLOW getter - 350 kids
The GLOW show - 500 kids
the school fundraising specialists
Event date
Email orders to [email protected] FAX orders 03 8686 1456 Call 1800 773 893
Welcome to
Our team have scoured the world to bring you the latest, the
greatest, the brightest and the best range of GLOW STUFF on
the planet. We make it easier than ever to raise funds and sell
our fantastic range. Get your sales flying and GLOW stall looking
great with our FREE merchandising kits - we make it easy.
Buy one of our amazing VALUE packs, we have carefully
selected a range of our best sellers, or feel free to buy
products individually.
Each order over $100 receives our FREE merchandising kit,
2 meters of brightly coloured bunting, a free black tablecloth
and some great point of sale posters to really get sales going.
Amazing packages
Ready set GLOW
(200 kids)
GLOW getter
(350 kids)
• 100 8 “ bracelets
• 50 22” necklaces
• 20 LED light up noodle wigs
• 20 LED glowhawk mohawks
• 50 40cm foam thunder sticks
• 24 6 “ light sticks - classic
• Free merchandising kit
100 8”bracelets
100 22” necklaces
30 LED light up noodle wigs
30 LED glowhawk Mohawk
60 40cm foam thunder sticks
50 6 “ light sticks - classic
24 4pcs light up finger torch
24 LED hair braid
24 Glow glasses
• Free merchandising kit
ONLY $360.00 SAVE $40.00
ONLY $660.00 save $50.00
The GLOW show (500+ kids)
• 200 8 “ bracelets
• 24 4pcs light up finger card
• 100 22” Necklaces
• 30 Glow glasses
• 40 LED light up noodle wigs
• 24 hair braid
• 40 LED Glowhawk Mohawk
• Free merchandising kit
• 80 40cm foam thunder sticks
• 72 6 “ light sticks - classic
ONLY $820.00 save $80.00!
Top Sellers!
Crazy noodle Hair.
6” Glowstick
All time classic
12” Concert Stick
Great for parties
Tube of Bracelets (100)
Tube of Necklaces (50)
Glow Glasses
LED Shutter Glasses
Groovy baby
Glow Bunny Ears
Inner glow bunny
Four Finger Torches
Great value
5 pack Light up Balloons
Suitable with helium
Glow Balls
Great fun!
Glow Straws
Sell with a drink combo
LED Hair Braid
great seller!
Glowhawk Mohawk
Thunder stick.
40cm foam 3 functions.
Fluro Face & Body Paint
(assorted colours)
Fluro Face & Body Paint
[email protected]
Is there a minimum order?
No. Please order what you need although
our products do get cheaper when you
buy in bulk.
Can we get some samples?
Yes, we have a sample pack available that
includes all of our best sellers. These packs
are $15.00 each and we will refund this
amount when you place an order with us.
Are all your products
ready to go?
YES! Everything that needs batteries are
ready to glow, all of our products are hand
picked for their top quality.
How much do we sell your
products for?
Pretzel rods are a sweet and
salty fundraising sensation.
Outselling traditional chocolate
fundraisers two to one.
You make $20 per
carry box sold!
Call today for your free info kit
1800 773 893 (1800 PRETZEL)
That is entirely up to you but as a general
rule, if you can sell the wigs and larger
items for $5.00 and the smaller stuff for
one dollar, every one is happy and you get
to raise some easy funds.
How do we pay you?
If your a school or established company,
we will invoice you. Please raise your funds
first and send us your payment within 7
days, we accept cheque, direct deposit or
How quickly can you
send my order?
Please allow 5 working days for delivery
Australia wide.
Do you offer returns?
Sorry, we don’t accept returns but our
products will last at least two years, plenty
of time to sell them at your next event.
How many items will we sell?
As a general rule, allow one to two glow
items per customer.
What’s in the
merchandising pack?
A black rectangle tablecloth that fits a
standard trestle table, 2 meters of bunting
and 2 point of sale posters. Every order
over $100 receives the free merch pack.
How do I order?
Call us on 1800 773 893
Fax order form (on next page)
to 03 8686 1456
email us at [email protected]
How much is freight?
Flat freight Australia wide is
$25.00 per order.