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aamft -hi forum - American Association for Marriage and Family
Volume 2, Issue 3
Summer 2012
Tri-Island Conference!
individuals with existential life crises. Facilitating groups is one of
Michael’s favorite
professional activities.
AAMFT-Hawaii is very
He has served as
He is a Clinical Fellow
pleased to announce the
Treasurer of AAMFT,
member and Approved
keynote speaker and topic
President of GAMFT,
Supervisor with the
for our first Annual ConChair of AAMFT’s
ference, scheduled on
Ethics Committee,
THREE islands this year!
and is
President-Elect of
The conference, entitled
AAMFT. He has
“Symbolic Experiential
presented workshops
Psychotherapy with
at local, regional, and
Couples,” will be held
national conferences
from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
on Symbolicat the Honolulu Country
Experiential PsychoClub on Oahu on Saturtherapy,
SuperviAAMFT President-Elect Michael Chafin,
day, September 29;
sion, and Ethics. His
MFT, will be the keynote speaker at our first
Kahili Golf Course in
Annual Conference.
most recent workWailuku, Maui, on
shop, “The Ethics of
Wednesday, October 3; and
American Association for
Self Disclosure,” received
the West Hawaii CommuMarriage & Family
very high marks from
nity Health Center in
Therapy (AAMFT), a
attendees in both
Kailua-Kona on Saturday,
Fellow with the American
Mississippi and Georgia.
October 6. Our speaker is
Association of Pastoral
AAMFT President-Elect
Counselors, and a member
For those unfamiliar with
Michael L. Chafin, M. Div., of the Atlanta Group
M.Ed., LMFT, whom many Psychotherapy Society.
psychotherapy, it is a
of you had an opportunity
model of psychotherapy
Michael has practiced at the
to meet last year when he
defined by Carl Whitaker,
Brookwood Center for
and other AAMFT officials
one of the founding
Psychotherapy since 1989,
visited Hawaii to help us
generation of family
specializing in working
form our State division.
with depressed men,
Michael is a licensed
couples, families, and
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Marriage & Family
Annual Conference Dates:
Honolulu, Oahu-September 29
Wailuku, Maui-October 3
Kona, Big Island-October 6
Therapist and
Pastoral Counselor
who has practiced
psychotherapy for
over 28 years.
Inside this issue:
Special points of interest:
Annual Conference Registration Form
Leadership Corner
Island Chapter News
Mullin’ with Mullen
Annual Membership Meeting
Student Dialogue/Pau Hana Recaps
 Annual Conference on 3 Islands
 Free Student-Dialogue Event
 New column by Barbara Mullen, MFT
 Annual Membership Meeting
 Welcome new, transferred, & reinstated
Page 2
A A M F T - HI F O R U M
Sharon R. Liden, PhD, MFT
Aloha Members!
I hope Summer 2012 has been a
great time for you and your
family. As we prepare for a new
school year, a national election,
the Olympics, and of course, the
AAMFT-HI Division Annual
Conference, there is a sense of
momentum building in the air.
You may have heard that our
island of Lanai was recently
purchased by Larry Ellison of
Oracle, Inc. While we residents
of Lanai aren’t really sure what
this will mean in the long-run,
there is much hope for the
future of our island and its
residents, and excitement around
the change of ownership.
The AAMFT-Hawaii Division’s
first Annual Conference will be
held on multiple islands from
September 29 through October 6
and will feature Michael Chafin,
President-Elect of AAMFT. He
will be traveling to Oahu, Lanai,
Maui, and Hawaii to present
workshops on couples therapy
and will be joining us at our
Annual Membership Meeting,
which will be held on Oahu on
September 29. More information
about the Annual Conference
“...as therapists, we are agents
of change for our clients,
and it is part of our profession
to ride the wave and
not be swept away by it.”
and Annual Membership
meeting can be found within this
Please be sure to attend one of
our island workshops and help
send our “Spirit of Aloha” back
to the national headquarters.
Michael is as excited to come
here as we are to sponsor him!
On another note, as therapists,
we are agents of change for our
clients, and it is part of our
profession to ride the wave and
not be swept away by it. This
issue is a focus at the AAMFT
national conference.
I encourage you to attend the
AAMFT Annual Conference,
“Women: Evolving Roles in
Society and Family,” to be held
in Charlotte, NC, September 1316. If you have never been to a
national conference, it is one of
the most exciting and inspiring
events you can experience for
your professional life.
There are a lot of exciting things
happening with AAMFT-HI and
we hope to see you at these
membership events! Our
committees work diligently to
offer programs that enhance our
association — please take some
time and join us.
Please don’t hesitate to contact
me if you have ideas, concerns,
needs, or questions. I can be
reached at [email protected].
Visit Page 7 and enjoy the newest addition to our newsletter,
“Mullin’ with Mullen,” a column for YOU, our members, hosted
by Board Member-at-Large Barbara Mullen, MFT.
V O L U M E 2, I S S U E 3
Page 3
Attendance at the monthly West Hawaii meetings
is growing! The group now meets for a brown bag
lunch on the second Friday of each month from
noon to 1:30 pm in the conference room of the
West Hawaii Community Health Center (the old
States for three years. At the end of the three
years, the U Visa holder may apply for lawful
permanent legal resident status (a green card).”
For more information, please contact “The Hawaii
Immigrant Justice Center” through The Legal Aid
Society of Hawaii at (808) 536-8826.
Members have expressed a desire to have
presentations at the meetings that can provide
meaningful content for our professional use. In
June we were fortunate to have two very interesting presentations.
Jan Fradenburg gave a very informative presentation about the Kona Vet Center. The Vet Center is
part of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Jan is
working with Readjustment Counseling Services.
The Kona Vet Center provides a wide array of
counseling services, including individual, group
and family counseling. There are also referral
services available for medical, employment,
substance abuse, and other community resources.
Maite Anasagasti Robles gave a wonderful presentation about the work she is doing with immigrant
victims of crimes. She is working with a grant
from the Hawaii Immigrant Justice Center that
allows her to advocate for and support victims who
are not United States citizens or legal residents.
With the support of a compelling PowerPoint
presentation, Maite illustrated the incredibly complex set of obstacles that an undocumented immigrant must overcome when
navigating the
legal system.
Victims of
crimes, particularly domestic
violence, have
numerous issues
to face, often
without knowing
either the system
or the language.
Maite taught us
that through the U Visa program, which is funded
by the Federal Government, “a non-citizen who is
a victim of certain crimes and who cooperates with
law enforcement may be able to apply for temporary legal immigration status. A person who is
granted a U visa can live and work in the United
The Kona Vet Center services are available free of
charge to all eligible veterans and their families.
The list is very comprehensive, so it is recommended that veterans come to the Vet Center and
talk to someone there to determine how to best
have their needs met, or make an appointment or
Shelley Shane, MFT, Hawaii County
Board Representative, West Hawaii
It is being widely discussed that veterans from all
eras are suffering from Posttaumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and other issues.
The Kona Vet Center hopes to reach as many
veterans as possible. If you know of any veterans
who may benefit from their services, please
encourage them to contact the Kona Vet Center. It
is located on Kamanu Street near Kona Costco.
The phone number is (808) 329-0574.
We are very excited that the Annual Conference is
being held on three islands this year and are looking forward to hosting Michael Chafin at the Big
Island event. We need help planning and producing our island’s conference; please contact me to
volunteer to be on the Events Committee!
For more information on our Chapter events and
activities or to volunteer to help, please contact
Shelley at [email protected] or Kathy at
[email protected].
call for more information. No one is turned away.
Parents, spouses, and children of Armed Forces
personnel who died in the service of their country,
including Reservists and National Guardsmen, are
eligible for bereavement services at the Kona Vet
The MFTs on Maui are
staying busy in their
respective jobs, practices,
etc. and some are even
finding time to come out
to our once a month “Pau
Hana” gatherings. The
June and July networking
events were enjoyable!
Please call Jen
Dan Uhrich, MFT
Welcome, MFT,
Maui County Board Representative
Page 4
at 808-344-8218 to suggest a location or
help plan the next gathering – we’re always
open to ideas!
We are also gearing up for the AAMFT-HI
Annual Conference with one day to be held
on Maui! (Thanks committee!) Maui’s
event will be held on Wednesday, October
3 and we could really use the help of our
members to make our island event a success.
This year’s speaker is Michael Chafin, see
the conference brochure on Page 2 for
details but remember Early Bird Registration ends August 31.
Please call at me at 808-268-3435, or Sharie
Liden at 808-649-0032 to volunteer for the
conference. For information on our Maui
Chapter, email [email protected].
A A M F T - HI F O R U M
The Philip
Stahl workshop
that was held in
late April was a
fantastic event.
With over 200
attendees from
a variety in
disciplines and
from throughout the islands,
it truly was a
dream come
true for the
Laurette DeMandelTask Force
Schaller, PhD, MFT,
Kauai County Board
members at the
Hawaii State
The Child Custody Laws that were passed
in 2008 envisioned offering CEUs in child
custody issues as an interdisciplinary group
with all Hawaii groups present and this is
what happened at this conference!
Co-sponsored by the American Psychological Association, AAMFT-Hawaii Division,
and National Association of Social Workers
-Hawaii, with assistance and coordination
provided by attorney Jackie Kong, the
workshop covered a variety of topics
including “Timesharing/Visitation Plans
Based on Children’s Developmental Needs
and Ages,” “Differentiation in Domestic
Violence,” “Nuts and Bolts of Child Custody Evaluations,” and “Expert Witness in
Contested Custody Cases.” Offering such
courses creates continuity of care in Hawaii
and helps build a solid team of interdisciplinary professionals who can share resources
and meet the needs of the families,
community and the Judiciary in Hawaii, on
the mainland, and even internationally.
We had excellent representation from our
AAMFT-HI community and also from our
Kauai Chapter members. Dr. Stahl
was an engaging speaker, the
material timely and topical, and the
opportunity to meet with so many
people from so many different
disciplines invaluable.
If you have questions regarding
AAMFT-HI and our Kauai
Chapter, please contact me. My
email is [email protected].
Pictured with Dr. Laurette Schaller are Dianne Gerard, PhD (L)
and June W.J. Ching, PhD (R)
Featured with speaker Philip Stahl are AAMFT-HI member Janet Covington (L) and AAMFTHI Kauai Chapter members (L-R) Donna Charron, Mary Navarro, Mariana Ferrari, and
Laurette Schaller.
Workshop attendees were invited to join the Stahls for dinner following the event.
This provided a casual environment to network with each other and for further discussion of the important materials covered throughout the day’s event.
The East Hawaii Chapter has formed a committee
to plan our East Hawaii Chapter meetings. This committee is currently working on ideas for presenters,
mini-trainings and/or group consultations. If you are
interested in being a part of this committee please
contact Kai Hansen, Committee Chairperson, at 808936-7909.
V O L U M E 2, I S S U E 3
We also need help planning our island’s Annual
Conference, scheduled Saturday, October 6 in
Kailua-Kona. Please contact me to learn more about
our East Hawaii Chapter and its upcoming programs.
I can be reached at [email protected].
Glenn Pressel,
MFT, Hawaii
County Board
East Hawaii
Aloha, Glenn
Page 5
Barbara Mullen, MFT
Board Member-at-Large
Welcome to Mullin’ with Mullen.
Part almanac, part professional
asides, part good gossip about our
members, part question/answer, and
part what you’d like it to be — let
me know!
We have just passed the Summer
Solstice, the longest day of the year.
From now on we are getting a little
less light every day until the Winter
Solstice, when everything begins to
brighten up. Now I am rather ambivalent about all this. On one
hand, the shortening of the days
reminds one of less time to do one’s
work, that is, if one’s work requires
daylight, and also of just less time,
period. Contrarily, the longer
“sacred nights,” as Louis Armstrong calls them, allow for more
quiet reflection, more incubation of
the seeds still waiting to sprout
sometime in some spring, and more
time to put on the music and dance
in the moonlight. I guess, as my too
-fast-aging grandson would say,
“It’s all good.”
Whatever. This is my first column
V O L U M E 2, I S S U E 3
and I am happy to have long
evenings to write it. I could go on
and on with my own philosophical
musings, but that isn’t what this is
about. This, people, is about you.
What you’re thinking, what you’re
doing that keeps you (and your
clients) healthy and growing (or
not), what you’d like feedback
about, something new you’ve tried
that worked (or not), something
great and/or funny you know about
a fellow member they would never
tell us, (I reserve the right to censor), and anything else you’d like
mulled over in print.
So….I’ll start. There are a couple
of things happening that more of us
should know about and maybe collaborate with/join. One, there is a
group trying to start a local chapter
of the national organization for
groups, and they need more group
members to start it. The national
group is AGPA, American Group
Psychotherapy Association (web
site is http://www.agpa.org/) and
the local contact is Pamela Menter,
[email protected]). If
you’re interested she can put you on
the info list for meetings. Personally, I am thrilled at the prospect of
more regular ol’ psychotherapy
groups that are just that. No special
focus, only people who want to
work on their intra- and interpersonal issues in a group that may
create a recapitulation of the family
dynamics and all that good stuff a la
Yalom. I’d like to be a leader and/
or a member. (Not of the same
group at the same time, though!)
Another group (check thesaurus,
Barbara), ok, let’s call it a “cluster”
of people doing exciting things is a
learning collaborative (Catholic
Charities and CAMHD’s Project
Kealahou) that has been offering
training in TF-CBT (Trauma
Focused-.you know the rest) for
traumatized children. There is a
Website that offers a free training
seminar in the model. Just Google
TF-CBT. Hopefully, their grant will
be renewed and the trainings will
continue. I’ll keep you posted.
Speaking of Symbolic Experiential
Therapy with families…we were,
weren’t we? We all know the
therapeutic gold mine of learning a
client’s personal metaphors and
myths, whether through listening
carefully to them, their dreams,
their art work, journals, sand tray,
etc. I’d love to hear some of your
“tricks” to help clients bring these
metaphors and myths into their own
awareness. AND, I’d love to hear
where you find your sandtray stuff.
The professional catalogues are a
rip-off. I know about garage sales,
Chinatown, and stealing toys from
kids in your neighborhood. Any
better ideas?
A hui hou! Send me whatever you
want for the next column. I can’t
do Facebook, my grandchildren are
tired of trying to teach me.
[email protected].
Page 6
Tri-Island Conference!
With his use of metaphor, his giftedness with humor, his “crazy” fantasies,
and his deep caring for human beings –
he not only gave birth to a theory but
also a way of “being” a therapist. This
workshop will teach the essential tenets
of Symbolic-Experiential Psychotherapy and how these concepts can be
applied to couples therapy.
ethical lens. The question: “What are
the ethical considerations in the use of
self-disclosure?” will be explored.
This workshop will focus on these
questions and more with the hope that
the workshop participants will leave
feeling energized about using Symbolic
-Experiential Psychotherapy with
Michael was trained at the Atlanta
Psychiatric Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia –
founded by Carl Whitaker, Tom
Malone, Dick Felder, and John Warkentin. He will share some of the rich
history of how this theory developed
with the use of a video conversation of
three generations of experiential psychotherapists.
Learning objectives include:
He will also share the results of a
survey of his practice and the effectiveness of this methodology with couples.
Video tapes of couples in therapy will
highlight the application of these
Symbolic-Experiential concepts.
Additionally, the use of self-disclosure
– a key intervention that Whitaker used
quite well – will be explored using an
Participants will learn the essential
tenets of Symbolic-Experiential
Participants will learn certain
applications of SymbolicExperiential Psychotherapy
concepts in working with couples.
Participants will learn the preliminary results of a qualitative study
of couples reporting successful
outcomes from SymbolicExperiential Psychotherapy.
(Continued from Page 1)
self-disclosures and process where
the ethical boundaries are.
Participants will learn and witness
(from video clips) certain applications of Symbolic-Experiential
Psychotherapy in clinical settings.
AAMFT-HI is approved as a provider
for ADAD CSAC CEUs and is
pursuing approvals as a CEU provider
for California MFTs, Social Workers,
Psychologists, and Mental Health
Counselors. More information on
CEUs is forthcoming.
The registration form can be found on
Page 2 of this newsletter, or you can
register on-line at www.hiamft.org.
Early Bird registration is available
through August 31. For information,
email [email protected] or call 808291-5321.
We look forward to seeing you at our
Annual Conference!
Participants will learn about both
the appropriateness and the inappropriateness of certain therapist
Annual Membership Meeting
AAMFT-Hawaii will be holding its first
Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday,
September 29, from 4:30 to 5:30 pm at the
Honolulu Country Club. The meeting will
immediately follow our Annual Conference.
Featured speakers at this event will be
Michael Chafin, AAMFT President-Elect
and Sharie Liden, AAMFT-HI President.
Michael will review the changes that are
occurring at our national office and the
projects that AAMFT is working on to
support the MFT community here and on a
national level. He will also provide some
background on the revised Code of Ethics
and how these changes may affect MFTs.
V O L U M E 2, I S S U E 3
Sharie Liden, AAMFT-HI president, will
speak on the progress the Hawaii division
has made since forming in the summer of
2011. She will also review the activities of
the various committees and discuss ways
that members can make the most out of
their professional affiliation with AAMFT.
The official meeting notice will be sent to
members by August 8. We encourage you
to make an effort to attend this meeting and
look forward to seeing you all at the Annual
Conference AND Annual Membership
Annual Membership Meeting
Saturday, September 29
4:30 to 5:30 p.m.
Honolulu Country Club
For more information call
808-291-5321 or email
[email protected]
Page 7
Student Event A Success!
On Friday evening, May 4, at
Argosy University’s Honolulu
campus, AAMFT-HI hosted
its inaugural “Student Dialog”
event. Developed for students
in current MFT programs, the
informal program features a
“talk story” format between
students and practicing
therapists. The goal of
“Student Dialog” is to
interface our professional
community with AAMFT-HI
Student members while
providing encouragement and
information during their time
of formal schooling.
Our featured MFTs for this event were Barbara
Mullen, MFT and Dr. Barry Sukoneck, MFT.
Attending the gathering were students from the
Chaminade University and Argosy University
MFT programs. We even had a pre-med student
attend who is beginning her program this Fall!
The event generated three new AAMFT members
and much aloha between students and therapists. These two experienced therapists
answered questions from the students as we
shared food and beverages. Students asked
about how to prepare for exams, how to
plan for licensure, self-care, and how to
balance working as a therapist while managing the demands of family.
There will be another Student Dialog event
August 10 and all Clinical Fellows are encouraged to attend as a source of encouragement to
those still struggling through school, or recently
finished. By offering advice and encouragement,
experienced therapists can help those still developing their skills.
If you are a student, please attend the August 10
event (see flyer on next page) as we plan to
expand the discussion and offer even more real
life experience from those who are practicing
therapists. Announcement has already been
emailed to our membership: RSVPs are
Speakers for the upcoming event currently
include Susie Joy Quick, MFT, CSAC, Argosy
University; Mark Matsushita, MFT, CSAC from
Schofield Barracks; Lacey Fowler, MFT, and
Virginia Jones, MFT, CSAC, MHC, NCC from
Tripler and Chaminade.
If you have any questions, comments or
suggestions, please contact Mary Ann Erwin,
Student Representative, at 808-927-0755 or at
[email protected]. Mahalo!
There was a very open and honest aspect to
the meeting, with questions flowing back
and forth among all those present. Students
met other students and active discussion
followed between and among all attendees.
Engaging Pau Hana Events
Our last two Oahu Pau Hana events were
held at the IHOP in Pearl City and we had
a good showing at each event.
The May 18
event featured
Bruns, MFT,
who presented
on, “Opening
and Filling your
Private Practice
-From Credentialing to Marketing.”
Catherine provided practical information on
the “dos and don’ts” of opening a practice
and reviewed the “nuts and bolts” side of
V O L U M E 2, I S S U E 3
private practice including taxes, insurance,
billing and record-keeping, and marketing.
She shared her practice forms and other
resources with the participants, and fielded
a lively Q&A session.
Bessie Estonactoc,
MFT, was the featured
speaker at the June 29
Pau Hana and she
presented on “SelfCare-Learning to Give
to Yourself.” Bessie
reviewed the value of
caring for our spirit,
body, and mind,
providing definitions for each of these three
areas and then engaging the audience in
exercises that focus on each aspect of care.
Participants were taken on a journey that
included meditation, exercise, and
mindfulness strategies. By the end of
Bessie's presentation, we were all very
relaxed and much more aware of the value
of spending a few moments each day to
care for ourselves.
Mahalo to Catherine and Bessie for taking
time from your busy practices to share your
knowledge and expertise with your fellow
Page 8
V O L U M E 2, I S S U E 3
Page 9
Welcome new, transferred, & reinstated members!
(April 2012—June 2012)
PO Box 698
Honolulu, HI 96809
Phone: 808-291-5321
[email protected]
Pamela Alualu, Student Member, Oahu
Robyn Ponciano, Pre-Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Alicia Banda, Pre-Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Christie Ramos, Student Member, Oahu
Kristen Benevides, Student Member, Oahu
Robin Spencer, Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Debra Chavez, Clinical Fellow, West Hawaii
Lyann Sugai, Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Jennifer DeCosta, Clinical Fellow, West Hawaii
Jessica Tate, Student Member, Oahu
Monique Hess, Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Jeslyn Tantag, Pre-Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Kaimana Morris, Student Member, Oahu
Crystal Tawata, Student Member, Oahu
Jon Motohiro, Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Madeline Tompkins, Pre-Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Lucius Nimu, Student Member, Oahu
Ellen Wright, Pre-Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Sharon Osby, Student Member, Oahu
Jeanine Wong, Pre-Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Alexandra Poleshaj, Pre-Clinical Fellow, Oahu
Vicky Wong, Student Member, Oahu
Visit us on Facebook!
Mission Statement:
AAMFT-Hawaii’s mission is to promote the profession of
marriage and family therapy, support our members and
allied mental health practitioners with clinical
opportunities and events, and serve as a professional
resource for our greater Hawaii community.
Marian L. Miller, MFT, is starting a support
group for teen girls on Oahu based on the Ai
Pono treatment program philosophy that has
been designed by Dr. Anita Johnston, author
of the book “Eating In The Light Of The
Moon.” The group is for teen girls ages 1417, and is limited to six participants. Participants will: 1) Learn how to eat for physical, rather than emotional reasons, 2) Discover the root cause of disordered eating, 3)
Create a new relationship with food and
their body, 4) Implement positive boundaries
within all relationships.
For information or to register, contact Dr.
Miller directly at 808-262-3345, email
[email protected].
& II: Dr. Philip Manfield will present a
training on EMDR on Maui from September
7-9, CEUs available, cost is $500 per part.
For registration and information visit
attentively to
our Oahu
Pau Hana
terms for four of our Board of Directors
will expire on December 31, 2012 and we
need new members who are willing to run
for these offices. Positions that will be
available are: Kauai County Board
Representative, Student/Associate Board
Representative, Member-at-Large, and
Hawaii County Board Representative-West
Hawaii. If interested in running for any of
these positions, please contact
[email protected]. Inquiries will be
forwarded to our Elections Committee for
Submission deadline for
the next issue is
September 25
Contributions of ideas, articles, &
photos are encouraged.
[email protected]
We need your contributions!