The Magnificent 7 Brochure


The Magnificent 7 Brochure
The battered, ocean-roughed bottle has arrived at last. “Time to go” the message inside
reads. This time, you’re listening. Welcome to the Magnificent 7- Luxury Wilderness
Lodges of Canada.
We invite you to experience a
truly authentic adventure. Jettison
your cares in favour of the
breathtakingly wild Canadian
Like distinct individuals, each of
our exquisite properties embodies
the essence of Western Canada.
Join us in our family-owned,
eco-friendly, sustainable resorts.
Steeped in history and rich beauty,
we can offer you secluded locations,
unparalleled accommodation, and
the story of a lifetime.
Each intimate setting will bring
you face to face with nature’s rich
tapestry. Slip into the ocean and
swim with belugas. Whale watch
up close, perhaps from your kayak.
Ride the wind on horseback. Defy
gravity in pristine powder, as you
traverse the mountainside heliskiing. Hear the whir of the flyfishing line. Feel the hair on your
neck rise, as you encounter black
bears, grizzlies, and polar bears.
The Magnificent 7 pivots on a high
level of service, catering to your
individual desires and tastes. With
‘farm to table’ cuisine and expertly
guided tours, we provide all the
creature comforts.
You’ve received the message:
“time to go”. The real question is,
“where do I go first?”
Arrive by float plane or helicopter to this remote speck on the map; it’s the
only way in to Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, and into the magical Great
Bear Rainforest.
Set along the coastline at the
foothills of Mt. Stephens,
Nimmo Bay Resort is pure
wilderness adventure. Split
between sea and land,
the lodge is a sustainable,
symbiotic mecca. A glacier-fed
waterfall provides drinking
water and green energy; luxury
and sustainability are realized
in breathtaking fashion.
Lounge in the hot tub and
plan your days gazing upon
the waterfall with eagles
overhead. Envision the
mountaintop you will climb…
your reward will be a delicious
picnic spread on a 10,000
year-old glacier. Imagine the
black bears you will encounter
from your sea kayak seat. Feel
the exhilarating pull of your
lure - this is heli-fishing utopia.
Customizing your personal
adventure is half the fun; the
other lies in savouring the
sights, the cuisine, and the
wine by a fire. A rare spotting
of phosphorescence, or the
splash of an orca ten feet
away will embed itself in your
memory forever.
With access to 50,000 sq miles
of pristine wilderness, your
stories are waiting for you, and
they won’t need embellishing.
Tweedsmuir Park Lodge lies in the heart of the stunning Bella Coola Valley, in
British Columbia’s largest protected park. The mountains, the rivers, the fjord and
First Nations culture await your exploration.
Your journey begins in old growth
forest: grizzly territory. The Great
Bear Rainforest is their backyard; at
times they stroll right past the lodge.
Follow the wondrous lifecycle
of the salmon as they return to
spawn. Watch eagles as they soar
higher up the slopes, where glaciers
and towering peaks offer another
glimpse of the sublime beauty of
Bella Coola.
The vast and rugged Coast Range
is the ideal setting for sensational
heli-hiking and heli-skiing. Later,
accompanied by a Native guide,
learn the Smayustas - the creation
stories of the proud Nuxalk people.
Constructed in 1929, Tweedsmuir
Park Lodge initially served as a
retreat for hunters and fisherman.
Now updated to include modern
amenities, it welcomes all
who desire an intimate, ecofriendly wilderness adventure
complemented by authentic
Canadian hospitality.
Eleven chalets flank the main lodge
and serves as your private retreat
within a private retreat. Enjoy a
wildlife viewing or adventure tour
with an experienced guide, or just
have an afternoon to yourself,
indulging in a good book next to
the crackling fire.
Delight in the lodge’s pristine
setting and enjoy the now. Breathe
in... this clear air is like nowhere
else on the planet.
The sunrise wakes you, gentle hoofbeats nearby; the horses are back from their
nightly escapades. Coffee awaits at the doorstep; it’s time for the joys of ranching.
Travel back in time, transported
by the rustic beauty of Siwash
Lake Ranch. Frontier style
accommodations in bucolic
Cariboo country create a personal
adventure nothing short of
For refined pleasures, visit the
forest spa, for yoga and a massage.
Your hideaway is the barn loft, a
suite or a canvas canopy: outfitted
with lavish attention, these inspired
environments are extravagance
amidst the wilderness.
Hone your wilderness skills
hiking into backcountry, stopping
at lakes and waterfalls to enjoy a
gourmet picnic lunch. Explore
the remote terrain by mountain
bike, kayak, or horseback. The
Siwash Synergy with Horses
riding program will embolden any
level of rider, as expert mentors
interpret these gentle giants.
Canadian hospitality assures
your comfort, and the organic,
ranch-raised and harvested food
completes the experience.
Try your hand at fly-fishing; steady
it during shooting and archery.
Arrive at Siwash Lake Ranch in
awe of 80,000 acres of untamed
British Columbia; leave with a
newfound appreciation of how
much cowboy you really had in you.
Over thirty years ago, Craig and Deborah Murray established this visionary property
It started in the early 1990’s with an offhanded comment to a pal during a fly fishing trip
near Tofino. “I wouldn’t mind owning a piece of the wilderness one day.” Today, Rick
Genovese is owner of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, a first class, sustainable eco-tourism
destination; he truly cares about Clayoquot Sound and has gone to great lengths to protect
its environment. A Toronto native, Rick’s path to a remote part of the untamed western
coastline of Vancouver Island was paved with blood, sweat and good old fashioned
perseverance. His ambition was inspired by his mother, who raised three boys on her own.
Money was tight and Genovese caught the entrepreneurial spirit early on…and he went
on to found the first luxury ‘glamping’ destination in Canada!
an intuitive knowledge of the land and lodge. He is always improving upon a model
grounded in brilliance.
Having worked every job on the grounds, explored every nook and bay, Fraser knows
what to deliver his guests. His passion for, and commitment to, Nimmo Bay melds
with true stewardship of the Earth. Fraser, his partner Becky, and his team all deliver
excellent service, dedication to sustainability, and one family’s dream, realized.
Good things come in threes: Beat Steiner, Christian Begin, and Peter ‘Swede’ Mattsson.
ultimate outdoorsman. Jeanne is the quintessential host, an unbelievable chef, and a
Sports, as he runs Operations with a verve only he could muster.
eco-lodge on Hudson Bay. Mike and Jeanne’s bold endeavours have created a premiere
destination for wildlife enthusiasts, inviting all into the fascinating world of the
Canadian Arctic.
As true backwoodsmen, each brings a long list of skills to the table as they uphold the
Siwash Lake Ranch is the product of Allyson Rogers’ vision realized through passion,
hard work and endless perseverance; built in harmony with the environment to
he found his sea legs; he’s been exploring ever since.
there wasn’t even a road in to the place. Not a problem for Allyson.
She camped and rode around the property, getting to know the lay of land, then
her partner Roy, and their two teens, have great pleasure in welcoming discerning
adventurers from around the world to this spectacular home on the range.
An entertainer by nature, Colin makes his guests feel welcome with a story and a laugh.
His mastery of both his ship and the sea secures your trust; you’re in good hands.
rew are like a loyal family; they will lead you into the secret coves,
The ultimate destination for luxury eco-tourism. Located in the Clayoquot Sound
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, integrating impressive hospitality with coastal beauty,
showcasing some of the most dramatic views in British Columbia.
Step onto the cedar boardwalks
under the rainforest canopy, and
into your coastal living room.
Sleep in a luxury tent with wood
stoves, antique dressers, opulent
rugs, oil lamps, bamboo sheets,
and an abundance of candles
complete the offering.
Founded in 1997, the Clayoquot
(First Nations for “different”
or “changing”) Wilderness
Resort presents a truly sensory
experience. The scenery is
ever-evolving; the tides usher in
weather, wildlife, and stunning
sunsets at the edge of the world.
“The edge” is not without
comforts and endless options
for activities.
Spa marquees, workout facilities,
a yoga studio, three hot tubs
and two saunas ensure ultimate
indulgence in the wild.
Not to mention experienced
guides to take you on every
excursion imaginable from
horseback riding to rock climbing
to fishing…even heli-hiking! Try
your hand at archery and other
interesting diversions. Enjoy the
local and delectable coastal cuisine
prepared in the open cookhouse.
The outside world will wait, as
you navigate some of the most
beautiful wilderness on the planet.
The prelude is a gentle hum of aircraft in the twilight. In the distance, the dance of
Aurora Borealis, conveying the magic of Churchill Wild. Below lies your otherworldly
safari adventure, waiting.
From July to November,
professional photographers,
interpreters, and bear guides
lead your group into the Arctic
tundra, skirting the edges of
Hudson Bay. Treading lightly
on the Earth, the owners are
committed to sustainable tourism
and environmentally-friendly
practices are always employed.
The polar bears won’t remember
you. You will never forget them,
hiking at ground level through
their remote territory for a heartpounding close encounter.
Arctic Canada has a spectacular
landscape, from estuary to Boreal
forest, bay to inland tundra.
Churchill Wild has four ecolodges, presenting many angles
from which to view polar bears,
foxes, caribou, wolves, and
over 100 species of birds…
the thrall of exotic creatures
delights all nature lovers. For a
closer inspection, take a swim
in the estuary with a smiling
beluga; gentle curiosity evoking
a forgotten kinship.
After the adrenaline recedes,
pour yourself a drink and kick
back by the fire. Enjoy locally
sourced Arctic cuisine, prepared
using traditional methods and
family recipes. Here one can
truly appreciate the spirit of the
great white North.
Launched in Maine in 1943 as a US Army Junior Mine Layer, later to
become an ammunition supply vessel servicing the Pacific fleet, the Yellowfin
exudes adventure and excitement.
Refitted with all modern amenities,
Captain Colin Griffinson and
his crew expertly engage the sea,
navigating the inside channels of
the West coast. These mystical
waters include the Great Bear
Rainforest, the Gulf Islands, and
spectacular Desolation Sound.
You hold the compass; the captain
sets forth, dropping anchor in his
secluded coves, inlets, and hidden
bays. Your neighbours are often
nosy; whales and seals are naturally
curious creatures.
The land animals may regard you in
silence, assessing your partnership
in the quiet enchantment of the
unseen world. Grizzlies, wolves,
and eagles initiate you into their
secluded wilderness forum. Enjoy
the ‘one nautical mile’ diet.
Harvest your own dinner as you pull
up bountiful prawn and crab traps,
or gather oysters and clams. Your
catch will be prepared to perfection
by the ship’s talented chef.
Connect with your friends, loved
ones, or colleagues as you shoot
down the giant slide and into some
of the warmest waters north of
Feel the rhythm of the water in
your kayak, explore an island on
mountain bike, and hear the stories
from the locals as they invite you in
for a glimpse of their lives.
Whether you’re a photographer,
fisherman, or nature-lover, the soul
of the Yellowfin beckons and the
forests will stand to attention as you
sail past.
M U LT I - R E S O R T
Resorts can be booked independently or string together the pearls of the Magnificent 7. We
offer custom travel planning so that you can visit different properties on the same journey.
Magnificent adventures...
Swim with belugas one day
and observe grizzlies the
next. Steer your horse across
windswept plains of the
Cariboo; the morning after
find yourself breathing in the
salt air of a secret Pacific cove.
Dine on Dungeoness crab on
the back of the boat or enjoy
freshly caught salmon in a cozy
1929 lodge.
We can create a seamless trip
to suit your every whim. Visit
our website to view our sample
itinerary collection.
For all inquiries contact us at:
+1 800 798 1749
[email protected]