Flowstones - natural water play


Flowstones - natural water play
Flowstones - natural water play
1. Whirlbowl
Flowstones are a water play feature designed with natural river flow-patterns in mind as
well as children’s unending creativity.
Flowstones are a robust and flexible set of six stones making it possible to pour water
from one form to the other.
Flowstones stimulate the child’s imagination and practical ability playing with sand,
water and stone. A sand pit of any size is ideal though other surfaces will do.
2. Race
Flowstones bring an esthetical experience to the child: The soft, rounded forms are just
like water worn stones found in the river or on the beach. The material is reconstituted
stone cast with granite aggregates where the careful hand finishing brings out the natural
colour of the stone. The weight of each is approx. 2.5 kg. Sets come complete with a tailormade wooden storage trolley, watering can and blocks to create stepped foundations.
Flowstones require no power or plumbing. They can also be mounted on a fixed base with
hand pumped water re-circulated to create a unique living ‘stream’ feature for indoors as
well as outdoors.
3. Backwater
Flowstones provide children with the most realistic experience of different water flow
patterns found in nature.
4. Oxbowlake
5. Meander
6. Flowform
Designed in Sweden, Flowstones are now produced in the UK by Ebb & Flow Ltd.
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