Coralstone (sometimes called Coquina, Coralina, or Fossil Stone


Coralstone (sometimes called Coquina, Coralina, or Fossil Stone
Coralstone !sometimes called Coquina, Coralina, or Fossil Stone"
Stone Type: Limestone
CORALSTONE is an off-white stone with polite golden undertones, and occasional soft, light brown spots. It is
filled with fossil formations that include brain and fan coral. This limestone from the Dominican Republic is a
great substitute for Florida coral stone, which is now limited in production. This CORALSTONE from the
Dominican Republic is denser and can be cut in tiles that are larger and thinner than the stone from Florida.
CORALSTONE is suitable for interior and exterior applications. It has been installed in a variety of ways in both
commercial and residential projects for walls and floors. Special installation procedures should be taken
when installing CORALSTONE in an exterior application in a freeze thaw climate. It is mostly used in a
Saw Cut finish. It is a wonderful stone to be used around swimming pools and other exterior applications
Pool coping/stair tread are in stock, along with slabs in one and one quarter inch thickness. This finish
lends to the character that has made this stone so popular. However, if used on interior floors, a preferred
finish can be done by a contractor. The contractor will take a grout mixed with a concrete hardening
liquid, (instead of water), and proceed to grout the entire floor leaving the residue all over the stone. Once
dried, the contractor will grind the floor flat to the desired finish. This method allows any honed or
polished finish to be created allowing the fossilization to “pop” and create an all together different look.
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