Scripture Memorization - Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church


Scripture Memorization - Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church
Scripture Memorization
Hebrews 4:13 (GNT)
“There is nothing that can be hid from God; everything in all creation is
exposed and lies open before his eyes.”
There is nothing – shake head no
that can be hid – hide face behind hands
from God; – point up
everything – stretch arms wide
in all creation – take hands overhead, out, and down
is exposed – start with hand covering a fist, then uncover
and lies open – palms open
before his eyes. – point to eyes
Hebrews 4:13 – hold hands open like a book
May you rely on the truth to set you free.
the Gi
Lies hid
Take the Lead
Prepare your child for next week’s lesson by reading together Genesis
25:19-34, 27:1-42, the story of Jacob tricking Esau.
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We believe that spiritual development happens in the
home as well as in the church setting. We want to help
you engage as a family. This take-home is designed to
help you connect with your child about the lesson they
had the past week. Use all the ideas one night, or spread
them out throughout the week. Enjoy!
Object Lesson
Use a bandana or strip of material to make a gag.
Tie it around one family member’s head, making
sure that it goes through their mouth. Now, that
person will try to give an instruction or tell a story. You might want
them to read a page from a storybook that has the cover hidden (so
no one can tell what book it is). Try to figure out what the gagged
person is trying to tell you or what story they are reading. The person
who is gagged cannot use their hands in any way to help communicate.
How is being gagged with this bandana like what we do when we
tell a lie? With the gag on, it was difficult to tell what was really being said. The gag was keeping the real instructions or the real story
from coming through. When we lie, that lie keeps the truth from
coming out.
How can we make the story clear? Remove the gag! When we remove lies from what we say and do, then we make it possible for the
truth to be understood … clearly!
Play a silly game of “What if …” Complete the sentence with one
ingredient that you could add to a familiar dish you make at your
house. This ingredient should be something that if added would ruin
the dish. Example: What if I added a cup of hot sauce instead of
milk to our mashed potatoes? What if I added dill pickle slices to the
brownies? The kids will have fun making up these ridiculous “What
It only took one ingredient to ruin our favorite foods in our “What
if” game. Let’s think about that. “What if” we tell just one lie? One
lie …yes, just one lie. Does it do any harm? Could one lie possibly
ruin anything?
In our story about Joshua and the Gibeonites, the Gibeonites tried
to hide behind one lie. But, Joshua found out! God doesn’t like it
when anyone lies. You may think that no one found out about your
lie—like your mom or dad or friend or teacher—but, God always
knows. He knows everything that you say and everything that you
do. When you’re tempted to lie, have a little conversation with God
about it, and I bet you can guess what He’s going to tell you to do!
Partnering with Preschool
A skill that preschoolers are developing is investigating using tools.
Preschoolers love to mimic adults using tools, and one of their
favorites is a flashlight! Flashlights help the development of fine
motor skills as your child moves his wrist to shine a light under a
table. Fine motor skills are also challenged in turning on and off the
light. Help your child in this stage develop these skills by playing
games and doing activities with a flashlight. Turn off the lights and
play a game of “I Spy” in the dark. Hide an item and let him go on a
flashlight hunt to find it. Put on some music and let him create his
own light show using the flashlights.