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cnc • router • plasma • waterjet • laser • knife
MultiCam, Inc. manufactures CNC Routers,
Plasmas, Lasers, WaterJets, Knives &
Digital Finishing Systems
Welcome to the World of MultiCam
MultiCam, Inc. is a global force in mechanized cutting solutions that include CNC
routers, plasma cutters, water jets, lasers, knives, and digital finishing systems. Our
CNC systems cut and process a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic,
cardboard, rubber, stone, and many others.
Our customer base is worldwide. More than 7700 units are currently placed in
industries ranging from aerospace to automotive, sign making to other forms of graphic
manufacturing, sheet metal to plate steel fabrication, hardwood processing to cabinet
making, and plastic trimming to plastic fabrication.
Since 1989, thousands of companies have chosen MultiCam because we provide a
diverse, high-value, easy-to-use product line supported by a worldwide network of more
than 70 Technology Centers. We know that productivity is your top priority. There is a
Tech Center near you that offers a variety of services.
At MultiCam, we build every machine to order based on your manufacturing
requirements. Other machinery companies sell pre-defined machine models that can put
you in a box and limit your capability. Companies like yours want to think outside the
box; that is why you are considering automation. And that is why MultiCam is right for
So welcome to the world of MultiCam! No matter what your application may be,
MultiCam has the right cutting solution for you.
At MultiCam we envision,
engineer, manufacture and
market CNC cutting solutions.
Our Mission Is Clear
At MultiCam we envision, engineer, manufacture, and market CNC cutting solutions.
Our focus is on integrating advanced technology and value into systems that are highly
productive, easy-to-use, and built to last.
Engineering begins with customer studies and discussions. Once we understand your
needs, we can engineer a solution that will satisfy your requirements. Our world-class
design team utilizes state-of-the-art CAD systems to design, verify, and document
all MultiCam products. MultiCam continually researches advanced, cutting-edge
technologies to improve all of our CNC machines and maximize productivity. The key
word at the end of each day is productivity!
Our manufacturing facilities are housed under one roof, ensuring quality control
throughout the manufacturing cycle. Unlike other manufacturers who simply assemble
their machines after having parts outsourced, MultiCam manufactures most everything inhouse. We utilize automation in every manufacturing application that we can. After all, we
are in the automation business, so we practice what we preach.
Technical Support
Technical support is just a phone call away! Factory-trained technicians at each Tech
Center are ready to diagnose problems, and spare parts are readily available.
MultiCam builds every machine
to order based on your unique
manufacturing requirements.
Team MultiCam
MultiCam is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Just minutes from the Dallas Fort Worth
International Airport, access is convenient for both international and domestic clients. We
welcome plant tours and offer consultations and application demonstrations. MultiCam has
two facilities that encompass a total of over 135,000 square feet of space for manufacturing
and product development.
The Bottom Line
We have learned that automating a cutting process focuses on sending profits to the bottom
line. Our customers want to make accurate parts faster, with less waste, less labor, and
shorter lead times. MultiCam achieves these cost-saving goals. Go to
and schedule a consultation to discuss your application requirements and discover how our
solutions will work for you.
The MultiCam EZ Control™
is at the heart of every
MultiCam cutting solution.
Advanced Graphical
CNC Interface
Our Approach to Automation
The MultiCam EZ Control™
The MultiCam EZ Control™ is at the heart of every MultiCam cutting solution.
Incorporating state-of-the-art CNC computer technology, it features an incredibly easy-touse, human-machine interface that separates it from the competition. EZ Control allows
you to use your existing workforce. The control’s handheld interface eliminates the need
for operators to be G-code literate. With a few minutes of training, any shop employee can
operate a MultiCam machine. We make it easy and enable you to take your profits to the
next level.
Common Parts
Using common parts brings cost, availability, and economies of scale into line. EZ
Control is a common part on all MultiCam machines and many of our standard parts are
interchangeable. Linear bearings, rack and pinion, ball screw assemblies, electronics, and
motor systems are all of the highest quality and are off-the-shelf parts for fast, convenient
The MultiCam Difference in Construction
Each electromechanical assembly is engineered to perfection with the finest of
components: linear and helical rack and pinion drives, closed loop brushless AC servos,
and heavy duty precision linear guide ways and bearings. All electronics are fully
documented with complete schematics. All frames are constructed of high-grade steel that
has been precision cut, welded, and stress-relieved in advance of precision machining.
Each of these components produces linear, parallel, and perpendicular motion platforms
that meet the MultiCam quality seal of approval.
MultiCam has over 70
locations worldwide...
MultiCam Republic of South Africa
MultiCam Midwest , Illinois
MatCam OZ, Australia
MultiCam Québec, Canada
MultiCam Mexico
ABC / MultiCam, Colorado
MultiCam China
MultiCam GmbH, Germany
MultiCam Great Lakes, Michigan
Perez Camps, Spain
HaWe Systems, Czech Republic
MultiCam Technology Centers
Factory automation machinery has been marketed to end users through a variety
of different distribution networks over the years. Many manufacturers use a Sales
Rep network to sell the product with service and support coming from the factory.
While this can be an effective method of selling, service and support is many times
compromised by the fact that the factory is in a different time zone and on-site service
requires added expense. MultiCam pioneered the concept of the “Technology Center”
in the early 1990’s by implementing a dedicated network of regionally based offices
with full sales, demonstration, training, service and post-sale support capabilities.
All MultiCam Technology Centers have a
demonstration facility with machines on
the floor for evaluation of product features,
time studies, etc. Bring us your parts
and we will show you how to cut them!
They also have a staff of factory trained
technicians that will install your machine
and train your operators. In addition, our
Technology Centers are well versed in
a variety of CAD/CAM programming
software packages and can recommend
and support your CNC programming
requirements as well.
Damon Automation,
New Hampshire
All MultiCam machines come with a
comprehensive warranty so you can be
confident in your purchase. However,
all machines have “normal wear” parts and over time will
require periodic maintenance. MultiCam has identified the most common parts
requiring replacement that in most instances will be immediately available from the
local Technology Center.
And last, our Technology Centers are there to answer your questions and provide
post-sale phone and on-line support. Most problems can be resolved without a
service call by simply contacting your local
Technology Center. With over 70 Technology
Centers worldwide, we are working hard to
make your purchase of a MultiCam the best
investment possible.
Our worldwide network of Technology
Centers is supported by our Corporate
Customer Service and Technical Support
Department. Call us at 972.929.4070 to find a
local Technology Center in your area.
MultiCam Factory Tour
MultiCam has a 135,000 square foot corporate
facility located in Dallas, Texas of which
over 100,000 square feet is allocated to
manufacturing. Our manufacturing goal is
to produce high-quality, commercial grade
machinery at reasonable prices. So, as a
manufacturer of precision CNC machinery,
we have continually reinvested a significant
portion of our profits into automating our own
At MultiCam, we have our own engineering
staff and design all products in house using
SolidWorks 3D modeling software. FEA (finite
element analysis) software allows our engineers
to simulate structural machine loads so that
appropriate safety factors can be designed into
each area of the machine.
All machine control systems are manufactured
to NEC (national electrical code) standards. All
major name brand components are either UL
listed or UL recognized and we are CE certified
to ship into Europe.
Structural steel is stocked in 40 foot lengths
to help reduce costs and control lead times.
Precision band saws are used to cut steel
tubes and bar stock to length.
A custom built MultiCam CNC router is
used to process aluminum extrusions.
We recently added a Motoman 6-axis
welding robot mounted on a CNC
controlled MultiCam 20’ slider mechanism
for seam welding of frames.
Plate steel is cut with a MultiCam 3000 series
HyPerformance plasma system and processed on our
precision CNC press brake.
MultiCam Factory Tour
Our Uniport 6000 is used for processing
both frames and gantries and has a work
envelope of 40 feet (X), 10 feet (Y), and
4 feet (Z). It is capable of machining
tolerances well under +/-.0005”.
Most small components are machined
on high-tolerance Cincinnati Milacron
vertical machining centers.
A new Giddings and Lewis horizontal
machining center is used for multi-sided
machining of critical gantry support and Z
axis castings.
MultiCam uses low VOC, high-solid
paints applied with HVLP systems to be
environmentally friendly.
MultiCam has approximately 30 machines in
various stages of assembly at any given time.
Our Quality Control department thoroughly
inspects and signs off on every machine to insure
the high quality and accuracy of your machine.
MultiCam’s multi-million dollar inventory
helps reduce lead times and insures minimal
downtime for service and support issues.
MultiCam shrink wraps all machines with heavyduty, 10 mil industrial plastic to ensure that no
moisture will affect your machine during shipping.
We also have an interior truck well so your machine
will be unaffected by the weather when it is loaded
for shipment.
MultiCam manufactures the popular space-saving moving gantry as well as moving
table design CNC routers. Each series is available in multiple sizes and can be outfitted
with options that will customize the machine to meet your specific requirements. Options
include: high-frequency spindles, tool changers, gang drills, vacuum tables, aggregate
heads, saws, knives, and many more.
1000 Series Router
The 1000 Series is an entry level, moving gantry design
CNC router. The custom engineered extruded aluminum
gantry provides a rigid assembly that can carry multiple
cutting options while delivering clean, smooth
edge quality. The 1000 series provides a strong,
stable routing platform at a very affordable price.
HP Range: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
Weight: 4 HP - 5 HP
50in x 50in to 80in x241in
850 IPM
+/- 0.001”
2,500lb to 4,600lb
3000 Series Router
The 3000 Series moving gantry design machine is a popular
choice among small to medium size manufacturers that
demand a powerful yet affordable machine.
Capable of processing a unit of material
in an 8 hour shift, the 3000 Series CNC
Router is an all steel powerhouse
designed for the intermediate budget.
HP Range: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
Weight: 5.5 HP to 11 HP
50in x 50in to 80in x241in
2500 IPM
+/- 0.001”
3,000lb to 8,000lb
* All specifications subject to change.
3000 Series cutting and
3D carving 3/4 inch MDF
• 3-D Carving
• Acrylic Fabrication
• Aluminum Fabrication
• Architectural Millwork
• Aerospace
• Cabinetry
3000 Series cutting
small aluminum parts
• Exhibits/Fixtures
• Sign-Making
• Arts & Crafts
• Furniture
• Boat Building
• Musical Instruments
And more…
1000 Series
cutting 1/2 inch acrylic
5000 Series Router
Are you in the market for a large format CNC router?
The MultiCam 5000 series moving gantry machine
comes in table widths up to120” and standard lengths
up to 600”. Custom sizes can also be
quoted to fit your specific needs.
If you’re looking for a large CNC
routing platform, the MultiCam
5000 series is an excellent choice.
HP Range: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
Weight: 5.5 HP to 20 HP
50in x 50in to 120in x 600in
2700 IPM
+/- 0.001”
5,000lb to 20,000lbs plus
7000 Series Router
The most powerful of the moving gantry design
machines is the 7000 series. The 7000 Series
can be configured with up to
four independent Z-axis
carriages or with heavy duty
spindles and drill banks for
multifunction panel processing.
HP Range: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
Weight: 5.5 HP to 20 HP
60in x 60in to 120in x 600in
3000 IPM
+/- 0.001”
6,000lb to 30,000lbs plus
3D Carving
Materials Cut
• Acrylic
• Copper
• Brass
• Aluminum
5000 Series cutting
3/4 inch plywood
• Foam
• Melamine
7000 Series cutting
wooden beams
• Phenolic
• Plywood
• Solid Surface
• Solid Wood
And more…
5000 Series XD Router
The MultiCam 5000 XD is an affordably priced, highproduction CNC router. It is designed for
flat sheet panel processing applications
that demand high-speed automatic
load/unload capabilities. A roller hold
down option is available for simultaneous
multiple sheet processing.
HP Range: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
Weight: 11 HP to 20 HP
50in x 121in to 80in x 241in
3000 IPM
+/- 0.001”
8,000lb to 16,000lb
MT Series Router
Custom CNC Routers
MT Series CNC Routers feature a fixed gantry and a
moving table. This separates the X-axis motion from
the Y and Z. Precision ball screws drive the X and Z
axes and precision ground rack drives the Y axis. The
inherent rigidity and precision of the moving table
design make the MT a popular choice for demanding
MultiCam CNC machines can be custom
manufactured to your unique manufacturing
requirements. Do you need a machine with an 80ft
table? How about two gantries? Six spindles? A rotary
table? Custom paint scheme? We’ve built all of these
variants for customers in the past, and our innovative
design team can custom-tailor a machine to fit your
needs. If a custom machine is what you’re looking
for, please contact your local MultiCam Technology
Center for an evaluation of your application.
MultiCam offers high-speed, high-accuracy cutting
solutions in a size to fit your company’s needs.
HP Range: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
Weight: 5.5 HP to 20 HP
25in x 25in to 80in x145in
2100 IPM
+/- 0.001”
2,600lb to 10,000lb
Materials Cut
• Carbon Composite
• Delrin
Beveled aluminum part
cut at high speed on the
7000 Series
• Fiberglass
• Honeycomb material
• Lexan
• Polycarbonate
• Titanium
• Polypropylene
• Zinc
• Polyurethane
Aggregate tooling offers
machining flexibility
• Precision Board
• Rubber
And more…
Custom 5000 Series
8’ x 50’ capacity with
dot matrix ink jet for
part identification
2000 Series Laser
Cutting with a .0004” beam of light is the
latest technology Multicam has brought
to market! This technology also takes advantage
of the EZ Control system MultiCam has refined
over the past two decades. The 2000 Series is
an extremely versatile and affordable
laser system.
Able to raster engrave and vector cut in one CNC process,
the 2000 Series is perfect for cutting a wide variety of
materials including plastic, wood and light gauge ferrous metals.
When machining acrylic, the laser both cuts and polishes the edge in the same pass
eliminating secondary operations and saving valuable production time.
Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
100 - 600 watt
60in x 50in to 80in x 241in 2500 IPM
+/- 0.001”
Laser cut
acrylic part
Vector cutting
Raster engraving
Name plates
Control panels
Polished edge acrylic fabrication
Sheet metal fabrication
And more…
400 watt 2000 Series Laser
cutting gauge steel
All MultiCam, Inc, laser cutting machines conform to the Laser Radiation safety codes per US 21CFR1040.10/.11 except for
variations of laser notice No. 50 (07-2001). MultiCam takes great pride and care in assuring complete safety of our customers
and staff members. For more information please contact MultiCam at [email protected] or 972.929.4070.
* All specifications subject to change.
MultiCam Digital Express
The MultiCam Digital Express
is loaded with features normally
found on more expensive X/Y/Z
cutting systems. It combines high
speed digital registration
with powerful routing
and knife cutting
capabilities in a fast, wide
format sheet feed cutting
platform. Companies that
are looking for a versatile,
affordable platform that
can register, route and knife-cut at high
speeds will appreciate the affordable price
point of the MultiCam Digital Express.
HP Range: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
Weight: 3 HP to 5.5 HP
50in x 50in to 120in x 289in
3400 IPM
+/- 0.001”
3,000lb to 10,000lbs
MultiVision Digital Registration System
MultiVision is a digital camera/software based system that can visually
recognize media registration marks and automatically compensate for skew,
distortion and image drift. The MultiVision system easily integrates into
your existing workflow while providing the additional flexibility of utilizing
state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software for enhanced tool path generation as
well as advanced 3D sign and graphics applications.
MultiCam EZ Knife System
The MultiCam EZ Knife system was developed to serve markets
that require mechanized knife cutting, creasing, and perforation operations. The tangential system supports rotary, kiss cut, drag, oscillating and
ultrasonic cutting technologies. EZ Knife is available as a stand-alone CNC
machine or as an option to all Router and Plasma machines.
MultiVision Digital
Registration Option
Materials Cut
1000 Series Digital
Finishing System
with MultiVision, EZ
Knife & 4 hp Router
Sign & Graphics
Digital Printing
And more…
* All specifications subject to change.
Imagine the high torque and lateral stresses generated by router cutting. Applying the same
principles we have learned over time to plasma cutting produces an amazingly smooth,
clean cut. MultiCam innovations in CNC plasma systems start with the EZ Control
material library. EZ Control automatically sets all cut parameters, yielding highly consistent
cut quality. MultiCam is proud to partner exclusively with Hypertherm, the global leader in
plasma cutting technology.
1000 Series Plasma
The cost-conscious 1000 Series CNC conventional
plasma is ideal for HVAC applications. Featuring a
heavy, all-steel plate frame base, it can be equipped
for light to medium duty plate cutting.
Plasma Units:
Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
Hypertherm 50in x 50in to 80in x 241in
850 IPM
+/- .001”
3000 Series Plasma
The popular MultiCam 3000 Series Plasma is the
perfect choice for those looking for value, versatility,
and firepower. Optional zoned downdraft tables
and convenient pull out dross drawers make fume
extraction and clean up a snap. Both sheet metal
as well as plate steel can be cut with virtually dross
free results.
Plasma Units:
Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
50in x 50in to 96in x 289in
2500 IPM
+/- .001”
* All specifications subject to change.
• Aerospace
3/4” mild steel
plasma cut part
• Armored vehicles
• Automotive Fabrication
• Construction
• Decorative Fencing
• Job shops
• Manufacturing
3000 Series with
HPR 130 cutting
1/2 inch plate steel
• Marine fabrication
• Oil field equipment
• Sign Shops
• Metal Fabrication
And more…
3000 Series
with optional water table
* With MultiCam’s EZ Knife option,
fiberglass and closed cell foam
insulation are cut with ease on the
same machine.
1000 Series Bridge & Rail Plasma/Oxy-Fuel
The 1000 Series Bridge and Rail is designed for the
customer that desires modularity, versatility and a
wide range of working envelopes. It is an excellent
choice for the entry level manufacturer or
any shop looking for an economical way
to cut plate steel and aluminum.
Plasma Units:
Rapid Traverse:
Hypertherm 8ft to 20ft
5ft to 100ft +
850 IPM
+/- .001”
6000 Series Bridge & Rail Plasma/Oxy-Fuel
When it comes to large format, heavy duty jobs,
the MultiCam 6000 Series Plasma is the product of
choice. It is designed for manufacturers that need to
cut heavy plate steel and need a large process area
without sacrificing accuracy and quality.
Plasma Units:
Rapid Traverse:
Hypertherm 8ft to 20ft
5ft to 100ft +
1400 IPM
+/- .001”
Materials Cut
• Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Aluminum
3000 Series with
CNC interface and
rotary indexer options
• Brass
• Bronze
• Copper
• Diamond Plate
• Expanded Metal
• Galvanized
And more…
6000 Series with six head
Oxy Fuel system
6000 Series with
HPR 260 cutting
5/8 inch plate steel
Decorative sheet
steel parts
MultiCam high-pressure waterjet machining systems offer unique advantages over other
cutting technologies. When combined with our EZ Control system, waterjets are able to
cut virtually any material with a high degree of accuracy and without heat. The MultiCam
Waterjet series is available in three strategic frame styles all powered by KMT highpressure waterjet intensifiers. MultiCam is proud to partner exclusively
with KMT, the global leader in waterjet cutting technology.
1000 Series Waterjet
The 1000 Series Waterjet system is engineered for those
who require an affordable pure water system that can be
used to cut rubber, gaskets, and other materials that do
not require abrasive additives. The 1000 Series is a pure
water powerhouse at an affordable price.
Water Jet Units: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
KMT WaterJets
50in x 50in to 80in x 120in
850 to 2100 IPM
+/- .001”
3000 Series Waterjet
The MultiCam 3000 Series Waterjet
cutting system is an affordable,
easy-to-use, production cutting
solution designed for manufacturers
that want the ability to cut a
wide variety of materials.
Available in both pure water and
abrasive configurations, all 3000 Series
water jets come standard with MultiCam’s
Advanced Graphical CNC Interface and
NC GeoMate programming software.
Water Jet Units: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
KMT WaterJets
60in x 60in to 80in x 144in
2100 IPM
+/- .001”
* All specifications subject to change.
• Aerospace
• Metal Fabrication
• Glass/Ceramics
1000 Series cutting
vinyl for athletic jerseys
• Boat Building
• Countertops
• Fiberglass
• Gaskets/Seals
• Job Shop
• Ornamental Metal
• Prototyping
• Sign-Making
• Textiles
3000 Series cutting
1/2 inch aluminum
• Vehicle Customization
And more…
MultiCam’s NC GeoMate software
was developed specifically for
CNC waterjet systems. Unlike
conventional CAM programs
designed for general metalworking
applications, NC GeoMate is
fully optimized to the demands of
waterjet cutting.
NC GeoMate
Programming Software
Advanced Graphical
CNC Interface
MultiCam is a registered trademark of MultiCam, Inc.
Other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
4000 Series Waterjet
The 4000 Series provides a small footprint with big
performance in a cantilever design machine. It’s an
affordable, easy-to-use, production cutting solution
designed for manufacturers who need a large
processing area for cutting a wide variety of
materials without sacrificing accuracy or
cut quality.
Water Jet Pump: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
KMT Intensifier
50in x 50in to 80in x 120in
1400 IPM
+/- .001”
6000 Series Waterjet
The MultiCam 6000 Series CNC Waterjet raises the bar
when it comes to manufacturing excellence. When the
job calls for large work envelope, power and flexibility,
the 6000 Series Waterjet is the
system of choice.
Water Jet Units: Table Sizes: Rapid Traverse:
KMT WaterJets
120in x 60in to 144in x 481in
1400 IPM
+/- .001”
WaterJet cut precision
aluminum part
Materials Cut
• Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Aluminum
• Brass
• Copper
• Titanium
Architectural facia
cut on 4000 Series
• Concrete/Cement
• Stone
• Granite
• Marble
• Rubber
• Plastics
• Vinyl
And more…
6000 Series cutting
3/4 inch granite
MultiCam, Inc.
1025 West Royal Lane
DFW Airport, TX 75261
tel 972.929.4070
fax 972.929.4071
email [email protected]
© 2008 MultiCam, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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