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June 28, 2013
Hi From Hivio
Just a little over a week ago I was privileged to
be one of about 50 invited guests to attend Hivio
-- veteran media researcher Mark Ramsey’s
experimental venture designed to bring together a
“hive” of creative broadcast and new media minds
for what was billed as a “radio ideas festival.”
Far from your typical industry meeting, attendees
were treated to a roster of presenters that were
anything but the usual faces in a daylong program
of back-to-back-to-back sessions, all designed
to take radio folks out of their comfort zone
and encourage them to think about our business
from the perspective of other professionals who came from outside of
radio. Along with speakers from companies with familiar names such as
Pandora, Google, and Triton Digital, Ramsey also gave a platform for
presentations from several less familiar digital media ventures, including
Mindgruve.com, Vadio.com and SoCastSRM.com, to name a few.
There was even an audience participation improv segment featuring Gary
Kramer, founder of the National Comedy Theater. To say that the day’s
speakers represented a diverse group and an unusual approach to a radio
industry meeting is an understatement and Ramsey and his Hivio partner
Jaime Solis should be congratulated for taking a chance and thinking
outside the box to present this event.
Keeping Your Brand Fresh
When I arrived and checked out the agenda, someone who to me appeared
to be one of the most unorthodox speakers selected for a gathering of radio
people was Michael Warburton, the Brand Manager for the San Diego
Zoo Global. Now you might be asking yourself -- as did I -- what could
a guy who markets a place where they display wild animals possibly have
to enlighten radio professionals? Turns out he had quite a bit of info that
was more than relevant to those of us in the radio business which, like the
San Diego Zoo and its companion the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, must
constantly work on keeping a well-established brand fresh and exciting,
while also encouraging frequent and repeat engagement from customers.
Here are six points Warburton made about how his organization does that -and all are more than just a little relevant to any radio station or show brand:
• Always work to stay relevant to people’s changing lives
• Innovate constantly at all levels of your organization
• Be innovative and open-minded about your marketing and creative
• Constantly develop and introduce new products
• Always deliver on the expectations of your brand recognition
• Always be willing to take a calculated risk
Warburton also cautioned that simply deciding to jump on something new
without reviewing it in context with what you are already doing isn’t always
a good thing. “A lot of companies are anxious to do ‘new stuff’ but spend
little or no time reviewing the ‘old stuff’ that you are doing to ascertain if
it’s still relevant and worth the cost,” he told attendees. “While it’s easy to
say you don’t have a budget for trying or developing something new, the
fact is that budgets for a new initiative can often be found in ending one
or more old initiatives that are no longer as valuable and relevant as they
once were.” Warburton also noted that all too often he is pitched by radio
stations seeking to get part of his marketing budget by quoting him ratings,
cost-per-point, etc. “What you really need to do today is to first ask what
the advertiser’s goals are, then go to work to tell them/show them how and
why your station fits their strategy and how you can help them achieve their
Be Everywhere
Just as the entire Hivio meeting was designed to take attendees out of
their comfort zone, Triton Digital Media Chief Strategy Office Patrick
Reynolds echoed that message when he told the room, “The consumption
of audio entertainment is being transformed rapidly and you simply cannot
afford to feel comfortable. It is time for you to learn how to juggle a lot of
things all at the same time. You no longer have an option to simply ‘set it
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June 28, 2013
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Clear Channel/Providence has named Rhonda Lapham Market
Manager. In her newly created role Lapham will be responsible for all
aspects of the market’s operations including all strategies, programming
and sales initiatives for the entire Providence cluster that includes News/
Talker WHJJ … Clear Channel/Seattle names 12-year company veteran
Katerina Perez as Vice President/Sales for the company’s Emerald City
cluster, effective August 1st. Most recently President of CC/Norfolk,
VA, in her new role Perez will oversee sales operations for all seven of
Clear Channel’s Seattle stations, including Sports Radio 950 KJR-AM
… Congratulations to longtime WCBM/Baltimore hose Tom Marr as
he re-ups with the station he’s called home since 1997, in a new deal that
will keep the Charm City radio fixture on the station through at least 2017.
eMarketer.com reports that nearly 7 of 10 college students in the U.S. now
own a smartphone and more than one-third own tablets. That’s in addition
to laptops, MP3 players and more electronic entertainment devices. Mobile
is cutting into students’ computer and TV time, with daily time spent on
smartphones and tablets up by about 18 minutes over last year’s survey.
Read the full report on today’s multi-tasking college students HERE
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Dial Global reports that Herman Cain -- the man who you may recall charge as a service to the Talk media industry.
wanted to do away with the IRS using his “9-9-9” plan -- has added
another significant 9 to his resume, posting a 9.3 share of Men 35-64 on
flagship WSB/Atlanta in the March/April/May Arbitron PPM report
… New Cumulus Media Networks affiliates this week include KCPXAM/Spanish Valley, UT (The Mark Levin Show); KTRS/St. Louis and
KLVT/Lubbock (Red Eye Radio); KCPS/Burlington, IA and WSKY/
Gainesville, FL (The Savage Nation); and KROS/Davenport-Rock
Island (The John Batchelor Show) … Envision Radio Networks
names certified meteorologist and 30-year broadcast radio veteran John
Wetherbee as ‘Chief Stormcaster’ for the company’s America Weekend,
where he’ll provide live reports on major severe weather developments
that could affect travel and business across the nation … New Waves
Radio’s one hour weekend show The Book Report -- hosted by Elaine
Charles and currently airing in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and
Miami -- is rolling out in national syndication. Former Westwood One
exec Rob Magaziner and his new Centerpiece Media Group is handling
affiliate relations for the weekly program … For the second straight year,
SportsUSA will syndicate the Little League World Series to radio,
offering the U.S. World Championship Game on Saturday, August 24th
and the International Championship contest on Sunday, August 25th.
Both games, which will be produced in conjunction with Clear Channel/
Williamsport, PA, will air at 3pm (ET) … Independently syndicated University of Nebraska/Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman recently
weekend show Northwest Outdoors Radio, hosted by John Kruse, marks joined 1620 The Zone’s (KOZN/Omaha) Sharp & Benning In The
the 50 affiliates milestone with the addition of KMPT/East Missoula, MT Morning to talk about a favorite topic of most Nebraskans -- college
and KWVR/Enterprise, OR … After a two-year run on KCMO/Kansas athletics. The conversation covered a range of topics including pay for
City, weekly talk show The Radio Dish -- hosted by Darcie Blake, Mary athletes, Nebraska in the Big 10 Conference, and athletic department
McKenna and Mindy Hart -- moves to crosstown KMBZ-AM & FM salaries. Pictured (l-r) are: Gary Sharp, Perlman, and Damon Benning.
where it begins airing on July 7th.
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June 28, 2013
Page 3
and forget it’ when it comes to your audio product, as was the case for radio
in times past.” Sharing some numbers from active online listening sessions
recorded in San Diego (where Hivio was held) during the month of May,
Reynolds surprised the crowd with the revelation that there were 5,126
active sessions over 30 stations on some 60 different devices. “But only
41% of that listening was from within the market,” he said. That means that
more than half of the online listening to San Diego radio stations during the
month was coming from listeners outside the market, something that surely
presents a challenge to broadcasters of how to monetize and market to all
those non-local listeners to develop new revenue streams.
Be everywhere, on
every device -- starting
with mobile.
Reynolds also noted that as the consumption of audio is being transformed,
so is the way that radio sales professionals will need to sell. “Today’s sales
environment requires that you are able to sell not only radio’s traditional
‘one-to-many’ concept, but also ‘one-to-some’ and ‘one-to-one.’ You have
to be able sell your product in all of those ways and have the data to support
selling your audio to all different kinds of buyers.” And what’s Reynold’s
best advice for your station’s streaming strategy going forward? “Be
everywhere, on every device -- starting with mobile.”
The preceding is just a very small sample of some of the content delivered
at Hivio 2013. And while with most ‘conventions’ if you weren’t there you
are out of luck, Ramsey has opted to share the day’s sessions absolutely free
HERE. Among the sessions in particular we’d suggest you check out is a
presentation from Gabriela D’Addario and Maggie Ferrante on what
Google+ and Google Hangouts can do for your station or your radio show,
and a really fascinating conversation with Mike Hodges, President and
COO of the UT San Diego (formerly the San Diego Union-Tribune) on
how the UT is transforming from a traditional newspaper media company
to a multi-platform digital information service to address the changing
needs and wants of a new generation.
Oh, and don’t miss Ramsey’s introduction in which he set the tone for the
day’s event. I can attest that his remarks and some of the stats he displayed
caused more than a few attendees to squirm in their seats as he challenged
all to admit that radio has changed and that now is the time to make plans
for the future. A future not based on myths, but on the reality of radio’s role
in a changing media universe.
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