How to Build a Better Community College Website



How to Build a Better Community College Website
WELCOME, NCMPR District 1 Friends!
We’re finally together and ready to catch that Mystic mystique! Our conference team has been working hard to pack this year’s
program with best practices, smart ideas and creative solutions that can help you steer your college’s communications strategy in
the right direction. We hope the next few days spark your imagination and sharpen your senses to the many new and exciting
possibilities for community college marketing and public relations professionals.
Whether this is your first NCMPR D1 Conference or your 25th, let’s make this our best one ever. What a treat to have time away
from pressing deadlines and daily routines to learn together, celebrate together, and inspire one another to surmount whatever
challenges lie ahead.
Besides the planned sessions and social gatherings, you’ll have time to connect with colleagues, tour this quaint seaside town, and
explore the innovative products and services our exhibitors offer. We appreciate the support of our exhibitors and encourage you to
visit with them throughout the conference.
This is your conference and we want to help you make the most of it. Don’t hesitate to seek me out if you have any questions or
suggestions. I hope you enjoy your time here and set sail for home feeling energized and ready to take on the world – or at least
your own college community.
Warm regards,
Mary De Luca
NCMPR’s District 1 Director
Sunday, October 20, 2013
1-3 p.m.
Hallway outside meeting rooms
Hilton Mystic
20 Coogan Boulevard, Mystic, Connecticut 06355
Tel: 860-572-0731 • Fax: 860-572-0328 •
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2-5 p.m.
afternoon activity
Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration
NCMPR District 1
Meet in Lobby at 2:00 p.m.
There’s no better way to start your stay in maritime Mystic than with a visit to the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration,
located just across the street from the hotel. With both indoor and outdoor exhibits and habitats which cover a wide range of
species, New England’s hands-on aquarium provides close encounters with beluga whales, African penguins, sea lions, reptiles,
and fish of all colors, shapes and sizes. In the Ocean Exploration Center, you will journey to new depths of discovery in the stateof-the-art interactive exhibit, “Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below,” where renowned oceanographer and explorer Dr. Robert Ballard
shares his discovery of the grave of the famous “unsinkable” ship which struck an iceberg in 1912.
For more information about the aquarium, visit
6:30 p.m.
off-site dinner
Mystic Pizza
Meet in Lobby. Transportation at 6:00 and 6:15 p.m.
Join us for “A Slice of Heaven,” as the sign proclaims, at Mystic Pizza, namesake of the 1988 romantic comedy about three young
waitresses – including one played by Julia Roberts – living in a small fishing village. We’ve reserved the second floor of this famous
local establishment for a fun, casual dinner where you can catch up with old friends and meet new ones.
Monday, October 21, 2013
Photo credit: The News-Times/Michael Duffy
7:30-9:00 a.m.
7:30-8:15 a.m.
registration (Mystic Hilton)
8:30 a.m.
keynote address
Management of Media in a
Mass Casualty Event
Lt. J. Paul Vance, Commanding Officer, Public Information
Office, Connecticut State Police
Ballroom East & Center
Well known to Connecticut residents as the spokesperson for the Connecticut State Police, Lt. J. Paul
Vance was thrust into the national and international
spotlight following the Dec. 14, 2012 tragedy at Sandy
Hook Elementary School that claimed the lives of 20
innocent first graders and six courageous educators.
Considered one of the country’s worst mass shootings, the devastating event in Newtown shook the
close-knit community, as well as the state, nation and
world. As the horrific details unfolded, a traumatized
public turned to the veteran trooper for timely, accurate information amid a whirlwind of inaccuracies, rumor, and hoaxes.
Responding strategically and proactively, Lt. Vance
“delivered a master class in how to relay information
and handle the media in the wake of a catastrophe,”
noted Chicago Sun Times writer Lori Rackl following
the tragedy. “Composed yet compassionate, straightforward without being robotic or wooden, Vance…
views his relationship with reporters as cooperative
rather than adversarial, more of a partnership than a
necessary evil.”
In his presentation, Lt. Vance will discuss the Sandy
Hook tragedy, the overall response, and methods for
controlling and managing the dissemination of timely,
accurate and truthful information, particularly in this
era of instantaneous communication.
As community college communicators, we must be
prepared should the unthinkable happen. Though it
goes without saying that this is a scenario we all hope
to never encounter, the lessons learned in this presentation will help participants plan for and manage
crises of any level.
Lt. J. Paul Vance is the public voice and face of the
Connecticut State Police. As commanding officer of
the Public Information Office, he manages news in-
formation for the 1,250 person organization, working
with a PIO team to ensure that all public safety issues
are announced and publicized through the print and
broadcast media.
A Trooper for more than 39 years, Lt. Vance also
has served as a specialty K-9 handler, a SWAT team
member, helicopter medic, Major Crime Squad detective, commanding officer of the state police missing
person unit, resident state trooper in a suburban community, instructor with the Connecticut State Police
Training Academy, and in several other specialized
units. In addition, he has served as a member of the
Governor’s Crisis Communications team.
He is an alumnus of Naugatuck Valley Community
College in Waterbury, Conn., and also studied at the
University of Connecticut. He has completed several
media training programs and teaches media relations
programs to first responders, dispatchers, administrators, public safety agencies, and communications
A recipient of many awards for his law enforcement
and media achievements, he has been recognized
by the NAACP, Exchange Club, MADD, Safe Haven,
Special Olympics and several other organizations.
9:45 a.m. coffee break with our sponsors
10:00-11:00 a.m.
Monday, October 21, 2013
breakout sessions
11:00 a.m. coffee break with our sponsors
Re-Branding the UConn Huskies
Presenter: Kyle Muncy, UConn’s Assistant Athletic
Director for Trademark Licensing and Branding
The UConn Huskies were facing a “crisis of identity.”
There was no consistency within the branding of their
athletic teams—only 5 of the 24 varsity teams used
the Husky design on their uniforms—or with university
merchandise. As a result, Assistant Athletic Director
Kyle Muncy was tasked with re-branding the university’s athletic program in partnership with Nike, the
university’s apparel partner.
In this session, you will learn how UConn surveyed
key audiences to determine what kind of changes
needed to be made, partnered with Nike to develop a
new visual identity, and rolled out the new brand.
The end result is a consistent brand and a new look
for UConn, one’s that “clean, conservative, consistent, and emphasizes the school colors, white and
blue.” The new UConn Husky is “strong and proud”
and the reaction is—mostly—very positive.
How to Build a Better
Community College Website
Presenter: Anthony Poillucci,Vice President,
Strategy & Creative, VisionPoint Marketing Ballroom West
Let’s be honest. Most community college websites
could use some improvement. Visitors get lost, offerings are unclear, and the content and design don’t
represent all the amazing things you do.
Fact is, community college website design is one of
the most daunting challenges in higher ed marketing.
Join VisionPoint Marketing as we walk you through a
step-by-step process and share lessons learned from
the redesign of two of the largest community colleges on the East Coast. Learn how to understand your
target audiences, why it’s so important to use plain
language, how to structure the website so people can
find what they’re looking for quickly and easily and
much more.
11:15-12:15 p.m.
breakout sessions
Shifting Media Preferences in a
Market in Turmoil
Presenter: Pam Cox Otto, Chief Executive Officer,
Interact Communications
Last year, Pinterest didn’t exist and this year it’s #3 in Social Media, ahead of Twitter. Last year, the Food Channel only drew “old” people and this year the Gen X’ers
and Y’ers are watching in significant numbers. Colleges
are dropping direct mail due to the cost…but, what’s that
costing them? And each year, your college asks you to
do a focused marketing effort targeted to a unique audience…and all you have to use are blunt tools. What
media work with what audiences by age, gender, ethnicity and reason for coming to college? Dr. Cox-Otto can
answer your questions and walk you through the shifting
terrain of media preferences.
The Return of Content as King
Presenters: Kris Henk, Director of Marketing, and
Eve Markman, Director of Creative Services,
Community College of Philadelphia
Ballroom West
Why do words matter as much as design? Marketers
are now expected to have a brand presence across
seemingly countless and disparate media channels,
and content, not design, is your brand’s ticket to
ride. Digital marketers have dubbed 2013 the “Year
of Content.” Exactly what is content marketing? Are
you telling your brand’s story successfully? Are you
using content to dictate design or is it the other way
around? This session will define content marketing
and explore its trends, browse successful integration
of content and design, identify content marketing successes and highlight ways to engage your target audience to cut through the clutter of the sell.
Monday, October 21, 2013
12:15-1:30 p.m.
awards luncheon
Join Debra Halsey, NCMPR Executive Director, for a group lunch as we celebrate this year’s recipients of the
Pacesetter, Communicator and Rising Star awards, and recognize this year’s scholarship recipients.
Ballroom East & Center
roundtables 1:45-3:30 p.m.
(select three)
Ballroom East, Center, West
Digital Asset Management:
Archiving 40+ Years of College History
Training and Coordinating Facebook Page
Administration Across the College
Presenters: Jennifer Aradhya, Assistant Dean, College
Communications, and Kathy Register, Senior Writer/Editor,
Middlesex Community College
Presenters: Leah Bryce, Digital Marketing Coordinator, and
Susan Gumula, Marketing Coordinator, Anne Arundel
Community College
When MCC’s Office of Marketing Communications was charged
with the task of sorting through 40 years of photos and memorabilia to create a commemorative 40th anniversary book, they embraced the opportunity to implement a Digital Asset Management
system. Hear about how they took on the project, the challenges
they faced along the way, and lessons learned.
Learn how Anne Arundel coordinates the administration of more
than 25 individual Facebook throughout the college and integrates
them with its own official Facebook page. Get the rundown on effective training and tips for page oversight. Discuss challenges and
solutions, and leave with a training presentation outline and sample
rubric for auditing pages.
Sourcing Student Storytellers
To Blog or Not to Blog
Presenters: Kevin Spirlet, Media Specialist, and Patrick Stone,
Marketing & New Media Specialist, Bristol Community College
Presenter: Patrick E. Cook, Executive Director of Public
Affairs, Middlesex Community College
Nobody can tell your story better than your students. So how the
heck are you supposed to get them to tell it?! This roundtable
discussion will focus on how to identify students and turn their
individual stories into a showcase for your college.
Results of Schenectady County Community
College Student Media Use Survey 2013
Darren Johnson, Assistant Dean of Planning, Accountability
and Advancement, Schenectady County Community College,
When Schenectady County Community College wanted to learn
more about its students, they conducted an in-depth student media-use survey asking questions about technology preferences,
media habits, and social media use. Learn exactly what they did
and how the results are being used successfully to drive marketing
and communications strategy at the college, which has seen continued enrollment increases in recent years.
Crisis Communication-Practice Makes Perfect
Presenter: Chad Baker, Director of Marketing and Public
Information, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Have you thought about staging a crisis communication drill at
your college but aren’t sure where to begin? Thaddeus Stevens
College of Technology had a full drill on campus last fall that included local and state law enforcement. In this roundtable, Chad
will share what they learned and how it benefited the college. You
will leave with the tools needed to schedule a crisis communication
drill at your own campuses.
Have you considered starting a college blog? Find out what resources are needed, what content generates the most engagement, and what kind of return you can expect. Published several
times a month, MCC’s popular blog covers campus events and
news, and is shared with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the
community through email, RSS feeds, and social media.
Tips for Building Your Personal Brand
Using Social Media
Presenter: Chelsea M. Pizzi, Public Relations/Social Media
Specialist, Atlantic Cape Community College
Sure you’re doing a great job of marketing your college but are
you applying that same energy to building your career? This presentation will outline tips for creating and enhancing one’s personal brand using a variety of social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.
How PR and Marketing Can
Support Student Success
Presenter: Kathleen J. Corbalis, APR,
retired Atlantic Cape Communications Officer
As community colleges nationwide focus their attention on improving
student retention and graduation rates, PR and marketing professionals have a vital role to play. Learn how Atlantic Cape Community College (NJ) uncovered the many ways communication affects student
success and the efforts it undertook in response.
Roundtable list continued on next page
1:45-3:30 p.m.
Monday, October 21, 2013
roundtables (select three)
Ballroom East, Center, West
Mobile Surveys; Capturing Insights
Out of the Hands of Students
Presenter: Kathi Swanson, President, Clarus
In 2013 and beyond, data and research is key to developing content. And the more we know about our current students, the better
our insight into potential students. The goal of this session is to
explore the use of mobile phone surveys.
We will:
• Cover the do’s and don’ts of mobile survey design
• Explain the mechanics of utilizing mobile surveys
• Understand how mobile surveys can be used with students and
applicants to provide real-time marketing information to craft
marketing messages
Caps, Commas and Colloquialisms: Defining
Guidelines for Grammar and Punctuation
Presenter: Nikki M. Sarpolis, Marketing Coordinator/Writer,
Community College of Philadelphia
Establishing a grammar and punctuation styleguide for your marketing department and the college community will help you and
your colleagues create uniform language about your institution.
This will help build your brand and give you a written set of rules
that can help resolve and explain questions from individuals around
the college. A styleguide will also keep you on the same page with
individuals working on communications that may not be produced
by your department. But how do you start this process, and what
resources can you use to develop or enhance your styleguide?
This roundtable presentation will cover the steps Community College of Philadelphia’s marketing staff took to write a grammar and
punctuation styleguide; the benefits of the document; how the
marketing staff makes decisions on grammar, punctuation and usage; why we use the AP Stylebook as a guide, with exceptions; and
how to keep the guide up-to-date.
Why Offer a Community College
Speakers Bureau
Presenter: Lisa Saunders, Consultant,
Rockland Community College
Offering a speakers bureau is one way your college can express
its commitment to serve as a community resource while showcasing the expertise of faculty and staff. In addition, promoting
your speakers bureau to the media provides quality, quotable
sources. The speakers bureau can be offered to all types of organizations - civic, community, professional, business, and social.
Popular speaker topics include business, computers, education,
health, history, how to get published, math anxiety, nutrition, paying
for college, photography, recycling, science, etc. Arrangements are
made directly with the speaker for time, place, and any honorarium
or equipment required.
ROI for Every Channel
Presenter: Charles Groce, Lead Web Developer,
Data Analysis, Career Focus Consortium of Colleges
We live and work in an era in which understanding data is critical.
In this roundtable, we demonstrate how to measure marketing
ROI on everything from direct mail to the web to social media.
Community colleges must understand how to use data intelligently to drive their marketing strategy. For community colleges
this means more than just measuring click-rates from ads or QR
codes on the web. It means:
• Increasing enrollment and bringing in tuition dollars.
• Filling seats in programs new and old.
• Building a successful relationship in the community, including
the critical voter demographic.
Internal Communications – Why You Need to
Make Employees Your First Public
Presenter: Laurie Farrell, Assistant Director,
Public Relations, Anne Arundel Community College
At a community college, every employee is a potential ambassador for the college, which is why internal communications should
be a critical part of your public relations plan. In addition to keeping staff and faculty better informed about the latest happenings
at your college, strategic employee communications can improve
timely outreach to other important publics (including students)
and even help improve morale. Learn some easy to implement
tactics Anne Arundel Community College has been doing since
overhauling its internal communications strategies a year ago.
Find out how they assessed what they were currently doing and
created a new plan for keeping the internal community informed.
Part of that process included transitioning a PDF newsletter into
an online newsletter/blog that is getting great results.
3:30 p.m.
6:45 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
free afternoon
medallions reception
Ballroom West
dinner & medallion awards
Ballroom East & Center
8:00-9:00 a.m.
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Soundings & Lobby Café
9:00-10:00 a.m.
NCMPR District 1
Business Meeting
Ballroom East & Center
Andrea Hanstein, NCMPR president, and Mary De Luca,
NCMPR District I director, will share NCMPR news and
updates from the national and district perspectives.
Door prizes included!
(But you can’t win unless you join us!)
10:00-11:00 a.m.
breakout sessions
Social Media: Best Practices at
Community Colleges
Presenter: Leigh-Anne Mauk,
Social Media and Public Information Specialist,
Hagerstown Community College
Once thought to be a fad, social media is now a vital
part of modern marketing strategy. In a time of budget cuts and limited resources, community colleges,
in particular, have come to regard social media as a
cost-effective means for promoting programs and services to current and prospective students.
With community college social media use on the rise,
many questions still remain as to what platforms are
most student-friendly, what practices will encourage
the greatest level of student engagement, and what
strategies should be implemented to guarantee student success.
In an effort to answer those questions, Leigh-Anne
conducted a study in fall 2012 as part of her master’s thesis where she surveyed 574 community colleges from the NCMPR member directory. The survey
sought information about current usage, initial implementation, policies and guidelines, and best practices
for institutional social media use. The resulting study
identifies patterns and commonalities, provides a list of
recommendations, and predicts what the future holds
for social media in higher education.
The presentation will highlight significant trends among
community colleges and offer recommendations to
schools that are just beginning to integrate social media
into their marketing plans or want to take their social media marketing (and management) to the next level.
Acceptance Guaranteed:
Impacting Enrollment with
Personalized Marketing Strategies
Presenters: Leslie Tennant, Director of Communications, and Angela Vedro, Director of Enrollment Services, Community College of Beaver County
Ballroom West
After seeing record-setting enrollments at the college
for a number of years, Community College of Beaver
County witnessed the largest decline in the state of
Pennsylvania during the spring 2013 semester. As a
result, the Marketing and Public Relations and Enrollment Services departments decided to team up with
the goal of stabilizing enrollment through increased
retention of current students as well as new student
This presentation will walk participants through the
college’s development of targeted and personalized
admissions marketing strategies and the execution of
its cross-channel campaign to raise awareness and
to educate audiences about CCBC’s offerings, nurture interested prospects, and drive prospects to a
GURL/PURL where their data can be collected and
used for further outreach. Revamping admissions
materials for increased response and tips on how to
build bridges between the Marketing Office and the
Admissions Office will also be shared.
11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
closing address
The Value of an Eyeball: How the world’s fastest
growing retailer converts conversations to dollars
Ryan Bonifacino, Vice President, Digital Strategy, Alex & Ani, LLC Ballroom West
Within three years, lifestyle brand Alex and Ani went
from one store in Newport, RI to over three dozen
stores across the country, thousands of authorized retailers across the globe and one of the top online content and commerce destinations. Hear from Ryan Bonifacino, Alex and Ani’s vice president of digital strategy,
on how the team was built and how they planned, executed and measured content and commerce without
losing touch of the company’s proud roots of made in
America, Main Street and charitable giving.
Ryan will share some industry best practices that will
transfer well to community colleges’ communications
strategies, as we build our own communities among
students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the greater community. Ryan will outline Alex and Ani’s complex social media strategy from its small business roots to its current
multi-million dollar success.
Ryan Bonifacino is the vice president of digital strategy at Alex and Ani, previously having served as director and strategic advisor to the company beginning
in 2010. As an original member of the executive team,
Ryan pioneered Alex and Ani’s own digital center of
excellence that centralizes both commerce and content alongside data-driven marketing with a cross-
channel focus. Ryan
began his career at a
startup winning both
the Global Student
Entrepreneur Awards
for the State of Delaware and the Business Plan Competition at the University
of Delaware’s College of Business and
Ryan holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with dual majors in Marketing and Management. Ryan then founded Hedge Interactive, a
venture capital focused marketing agency focused on
eCRM and sales force automation. In 2008, Ryan led
the agency through a merger with Hedgeforce, a third
party marketing firm specializing in raising capital
for alternative asset managers. Following the move,
Ryan joined the Advisory Board of Hedgeforce, becoming a partner in the US consulting practice which
advised clients totaling a combined $8.9 billion in assets under management.
Additional Medallion Certificate Information
To request additional Medallion certificates,
contact Lynn Holl at [email protected],
by Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013.
The cost for additional certificates is $10 each.
Checks should be made payable to NCMPR,
and you’ll need to submit the person’s name and title
for each additional certificate you request.
Requests will not be considered after Oct. 30.
Thank you!
NCMPR District 1 Conference, Mystic, CT
of the Year
of the Year
Chelsea Pizzi
Lynn Holl
Public Relations/
Social Media Specialist,
Atlantic Cape
Community College, NJ
Director of Marketing
& Communications,
Mercer County
Community College, NJ
NCMPR’s brand new Rising Star of the
Year award recognizes an innovative and
progressive professional at a two-year
community or technical college. This
individual demonstrates stellar creativity or
aptitude in his or her communications work,
especially within the last year.
One of the most prestigious NCMPR awards,
the Communicator of the Year award
recognizes an NCMPR member for excellence
and innovation in leading the communications
efforts of his or her community college, as
well as advancing the marketing and public
relations profession as a whole.
Chelsea Pizzi’s career shows evidence of a
promising future in the field. Pizzi is a Public
Relations/Social Media specialist at Atlantic
Cape Community College in Mays Landing,
Lynn Holl has worked for Mercer County
Community College for more than 29 years,
serving as director of Marketing and
Communications for the past 12 years,
and teaching as an adjunct graphic design
instructor for the majority of her tenure.
She has also held the elected position of
director for the New Jersey Council of County
College’s statewide Public Relations Officers
Group since 2005 and has been an active
member with the Delaware Valley Community
College Marketing Group for more than a
Pizzi brings a fresh eye and exuberance to
the college’s marketing and public relations
team. Michael Bruckler, director of College
Relations at Atlantic Cape Community
College, said her public relations skills
and past broadcast journalism experience
“bring a unique understanding as to what
attracts the most press coverage… As a
social media expert, she is at the top of her
game, researching the constantly evolving
social media landscape and broadening the
college’s visibility and brand.”
Patricia Gentile, Ed.D., dean of Enrollment,
Advancement and Cape May County
campus, said that Pizzi is “not only a rising
star, she is already a shining example of
District 1 members who attended the 2011
conference in Baltimore will remember
Pizzi’s roundtable discussion on social
media. She will help us build our personal
brands using social media during a
roundtable at this year’s conference.
Embracing new media and technology
has placed Holl at the vanguard of her
profession. Francis Paixao, senior graphic
artist at Mercer County Community College
said, “Lynn’s approach to marketing has
pushed Mercer directly into where our target
audience is: at home and on the go.”
Holl has been an active NCMPR member
throughout her career, with this year’s
District 1 conference representing her fourth
time coordinating the Medallion awards
judging and ceremony. She is a graduate
of the Mercer Leadership Academy and
the American Association of Community
Colleges National Leaders Institute. She
has a bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the
University of Michigan Art School in Ann
Dr. Nicholas
President, Butler County
Community College, PA
The Pacesetter of the Year award recognizes a
community college CEO, who has demonstrated
an outstanding commitment to marketing and
communications and strong personal leadership
for college outreach endeavors.
Dr. Nicholas Neupauer, president of Butler
County Community College (BC3) since
2007, has been a leader in positioning
and advancing his college and community
colleges throughout Pennsylvania and
the United States. During his tenure, BC3
has prospered with record enrollment,
unique and nationally recognized academic
programs, strong civic engagement and
major gift support. A leader among his peers,
Neupauer also serves as president of the
President’s Council for the PA Commission
for Community Colleges.
Described by BC3 Trustee Robert M. Smith
as a “connected president” with “strong
communication skills and talent for advocacy,”
Neupauer has been a trailblazer in marketing
and public relations. With a professional
background in sports reporting, Neupauer still
teaches an Introduction to Public Relations
course at BC3. He was among the first of his
presidential colleagues to author a blog, and
he maintains a personal and genuine presence
on the college’s social media sites.
A friend to NCMPR, Neupauer supported his
marketing and public relations team’s hosting of
the 2012 District 1 conference in Pittsburgh, Pa.,
where he also led a popular breakout session.
Dr. Neupauer earned a doctorate in Education
in Communication and Instruction from West
Virginia, a master’s degree in Communication
from Clarion University, and a bachelor’s degree
in Print Journalism from Penn State University.
Chad Baker
Edyta Kuciapa
Amy McKissic
Thaddeus Stevens
College of Technology, PA
Mercer County
Community College, NJ
Community College of
Beaver County, PA
Director of Marketing
and Public Information
Graphic Designer
Public Relations
Richard Burchfield
Josh Larkin
Chelsea Pizzi
County College of
Morris, NJ
Community College of
Vermont, VT
Atlantic Cape Community
College, NJ
Communications and
College Relations
Public Relations
Public Relations/
Social Media Specialist
Conference Committee
District 1 Director
Mary De Luca
Community College of Baltimore County, MD
Conference Chairs
Ernie Greenslade
Northern Essex Community College, MA
Logistics and Hospitality
Margie Huoppi
Quinebaug Valley Community College, CT
Medallions Coordinator
Lynn Holl
Mercer County Community College, NJ
Social Media Coordinator
Theresa Johnson
College of Southern Maryland, MD
Exhibitor Coordinator
Leslie Tennant
Community College of Beaver County, PA
Programming Committee
Eve Markman, Community College of Philadelphia, PA
Janice O’Connor, Mount Wachusett Community College, MA
Jennifer Aradhya, Middlesex Community College
Kris Henk, Community College of Philadelphia, PA
Laurie Farrell, Anne Arundel Community College, MD
Sylvia Blair, Carroll Community College, MD
Logistics and Hospitality Committee
Kristen Cyr, Community College of Rhode Island, RI
Ron Taber, Northern Essex Community College, MA
Lisa Saunders, Historical Interpreter at Mystic Seaport
Medallions Committee
Edyta Kuciapa, Mercer County Community College
Francis Paixao, Mercer County Community College
Social Media Committee
Leah Bryce, Anne Arundel Community College, MD
Carrie Oleynik, Howard Community College, MD
Chelsea Pizzi, Atlantic Cape Community College, NJ
Marika Taylor, College of Southern Maryland, MD
NCMPR District 1
The National Council for Marketing & Public Relations
NCMPR is the only organization of its kind that exclusively represents marketing and PR professionals at community and
technical colleges. As one of the fastest-growing affliates of the American Association of Community Colleges, NCMPR
has more than 1,500 members from nearly 600 colleges across the United, Canada and other countries.
NCMPR’s District 1 includes Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, the Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova
Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and the United Kingdom.
NCMPR District 1 Executive Council
District Director
Mary De Luca,The Community College of Baltimore County
Hilton Mystic
20 Coogan Boulevard, Mystic, CT 06355
Tel: 860-572-0731
Assistant District Director
Theresa Johnson, College of Southern Maryland
Connecticut State Rep
Margie Huoppi, Quinebaug Valley Community College
Delaware State Rep
Tammy Watkins, Delaware Technical & Community College
Maryland State Rep
Jodi Neal, Community College of Baltimore County
Massachusetts State Rep
Tracy Callahan, North Shore Community College
New Hampshire State Rep
Dawn Kilcrease, Nashua Community College
New Jersey State Reps
Jacob Farbman, NJ Council of Community Colleges
Nicole Torella, Union County College
New York State Rep
Allen Kovler, Jefferson Community College
Pennsylvania State Reps
Eve Markman, Community College of Philadelphia
Leslie Tennant, Community College of Beaver County
Rhode Island State Rep
Julie Novak, Community College of Rhode Island
NCMPR National Board Members
from District 1
Sally Chapman Cameron, Immediate Past President,
Bristol Community College, MA
Ron Taber, Vice President/President-Elect
Northern Essex Community College, MA
Judi Sciple, Sage
Delaware Technical & Community College, DE
NCMPR District 1 Annual Conference, Mystic, CT
Martin Birdsall
Chris Delany, CEO
602 Main Street, Unit C
Belmar, NJ 07719
[email protected]
Interact Communications, Inc.
Trish Huntington
N5553 State Rd. 35
Onalaska, WI 54650
[email protected]
CareerFocus Consortium
Charles Groce
8455 Haggerty Rd.
Belleville, MI 48111
[email protected]
CLARUS Corporation
Kathi Swanson
212 Box Butte Ave.
P.O. Box 686
Alliance, NE 69301
[email protected]
Pea Pod Design
James Healey
158 Main St.
New Canaan, CT 06840
[email protected]
Neenah Paper
Sheila Masselli
101 Sonoma Rd.
Quincy, MA 02171
[email protected]
PointAcross Solutions
Colleen Sheehan
Senior Vice President
437 D Street, Unit 4B
Boston, MA 00210
[email protected]
Take a break! But, don’t forget to visit our exhibitor booths after
grabbing your snack or a fresh cup of java. There are great opportunities throughout the conference agenda to check out each company’s
products or services, which are tailored specifically to help two-year
college marketing and PR professionals like us get the job done.
With special thanks to Kathleen Peterson, Sussex County Community Col-
lege for designing our conference logo; from Mercer County Community College,
Lynn Holl and Edyta Kuciapa for designing our conference
publications, Francis Paixao, for providing our on-site tech
support; Lisa Saunders, for sharing her e-book,
Mystic Seafarer’s Trail, and the following individuals
for freeing up their precious time for numerous conference planning calls, brainstorming sessions and
email exchanges to make this year’s conference a
reality: Jennifer Aradhya, Sylvia Blair, Tracy Callahan,
Kathy Corbalis, Kristen Cyr, Mary De Luca, Laurie
Farrell, Ernie Greenslade, Kristina Henk, Lynn Holl,
Margie Huoppi, Theresa Johnson, Eve Markman, Jodi
Neal, Karen Norton, Kathy Peterson, Lisa Saunders,
Ron Taber, and Leslie Tennant.
NCMPR District 1 appreciates
the printing, mailing and administrative support provided by the
Community College of Baltimore County, Mercer County
Community College and Northern Essex Community College
to help ensure an affordable,
high-quality conference for our

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