Enamelon Sensitivity Pamphlet



Enamelon Sensitivity Pamphlet
... Ask your dentist or
dental hygienist about
Easy to use!
Use Enamelon Preventive Treatment Gel
once a day after brushing your teeth with a
toothpaste or use as directed by your dentist.
Brush your teeth thoroughly with Enamelon
for one minute, then spit out. Do not rinse.
Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes.
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Stop being so
Tooth sensitivity is a common
problem that should be evaluated
and can be treated with Enamelon.
What is tooth sensitivity?
A sharp pain (zinger) or discomfort when your teeth
come in contact with hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods
and beverages, as well as when breathing in cold air.
Speak with your dental professional about
possible causes of your tooth sensitivity
• Aggressive tooth brushing
• Abrasive whitening and/or tartar
control toothpastes
Broken, chipped or fractured teeth
Tooth decay (cavities)
Tooth whitening strips or gel
Acid reflux or heartburn
Dental work – crowns, cleanings
Tooth grinding or clenching
Inflamed, sore or receding gums (gingivitis)
The New Standard of Caring ™
4 Steps to reduce sensitivity
Why Enamelon works
1. Use Enamelon as instructed by your
dental professional
2. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush
3. Brush and floss daily
4. Continue regular dental check-ups
Enamelon® contains stannous fluoride, calcium
and phosphate to build increasing protection
against sensitivity.
Triple protection treatment
Maximum Tooth Protection
Enamelon is non-abrasive to minimize enamel
wear - this is especially helpful if you have sensitivity,
erosion or thin enamel.
• Prevents caries - cavities
• Prevents gingivitis - bleeding, swollen gums
• Treats sensitivity
Additional benefits
• Soothes and moisturizes dry mouth.
• No SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)
• No gluten
• No dye
• Contains spilanthes, a natural herb, that
Ask your dental professional
how Enamelon can be
helpful for your sensitivity.
enhances flavor and offers a refreshing finish.
Controlled dispensing with reduced-size orifice.
Enamelon’s smaller
orifice easily dispenses the
appropriate amount and
does not waste product.
Safe for all ages!*
*Dose based on age.

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