Enjoy our beach. Relax and swim or be active in water sport Our


Enjoy our beach. Relax and swim or be active in water sport Our
Enjoy our beach. Relax and swim or be active in water sport
Our white sand beach is close to our Garden Hotel and our Restaurant. Only 80 meters away. The best place for all kinds of occations like birthday parties, baptism, reunion
and wedding. We serve from “lechon baka” to frozen tuna. Our “Floating bar” is good
for swimming, even in time of low tide. Stay here in fresh breeze and relax fronted to the
skyline of Davao. Bamboo benches and pillows will help you to stay comfortable like on
You like a trip you vanish island? You must do it. You will reach this island in 10 minutes
by speed boat or 15 minutes by kajak. During high tide is this island under water, during
low tide a niche island – only white sand and some trees.

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