Property details - Croatia - Large historic house on the Beautiful


Property details - Croatia - Large historic house on the Beautiful
Croatia - Large historic house on the Beautiful Island of Silba.
€ 200.000,00
Property type:
Land included:
120 m2
132 m2
S. Primorska (e.g.
Koper, Portorož)
Located in the centre of the Island Silba village 100 metres from the sea and hosting the Island’s world famous Toretta in its garden.
Living/usable area 132m2
Private rear terrace, front courtyard and garden 120m2
Renovated completely in 2006 with new roof, windows, new stucco and plumbing.
There are three floors:
Ground floor is a Large living and kitchen area, a bedroom, a bathroom and a storage room
First floor – two large bedrooms and bathroom
Top floor – a large living or bedroom space
Silba is an island in Croatia with an area of 15 km2 in northern Dalmatia, south-east of Lošinj, between the islands of Premuda and
Olib. It has a Mediterranean climate with 2570 hours a year of sunshine. Most summer days are hot, bright and clear with light
westerly Maestral wind cooling the island in the afternoons.
Silba has an area 15 square kilometres (6 sq mi) in the shape of number 8, with the village of Silba located at the narrowest point in
the middle. It takes only around 10 minutes to walk the 600 m from the north-eastern harbour of Mul to the south-western harbour of
Officially, Silba's population is 292, but it varies seasonally; from a few hundred, mainly pensioners, in the winter, to several thousand
during summer months. Many have jobs and properties on the mainland. There is also an influx of tourists during the summer months
as tourism is now the main economic activity on the island. The whole island is a pedestrian zone; no traffic is allowed with the
exception of vehicles supplying the local businesses.
Slovenia Estates, Žabjak 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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