WebDT Device Manager


WebDT Device Manager
WebDT Device Manager
Streamline Device Control Operations
The WebDT Device Manager (WDM) software features a web browser interface fronting a database
management system which supports (inventory, organize, control, update) a network of DT Research
embedded appliances over the LAN, WAN, or wireless networks.
WebDT Device Manager utilizes “push and pull” technology to interact with remote appliances,
allowing system administrators to inventory hardware, update OS, BIOS, Client Agent, applications and
registry entries, shutdown/ reboot/ wake up devices, update system firmware and software, along
with access to advanced logging and scheduling capabilities.
The WDM software streamlines operations, providing a way to schedule, send, and execute commands
to multiple DT systems at the same time, and also giving the ability to monitor the status and results.
Different levels of IT managers can be assigned specific task access with the account and privilege
management feature, including support for Microsoft Active Directory so that pre-existing access
levels can be imported rather than re-created.
Application Diagram
In same LAN
Database Storage
Cloud Application Servers
WebDT Device Manager
WebDT Device Manager
Edge Server
Feature Highlights
Device Inventory and Management
••Monitor and manage device asset info, including hardware, software and external
••Display external peripherals information of each device into categories such as
hardware information, connection information, and network information
••Client devices can be registered to server automatically within same LAN
Remote Management and Diagnosis
••Remotely push and pull software OS/ BIOS/ Client Agent/ Applications/ Files via FTP, USB, or a network
drive to DT Research devices, with option to install/ execute
Software update
••Tasks can be scheduled and assigned to grouped devices
••Remotely login to client devices via VNC – helps user easily
connect the device anytime and anywhere and works even if
there is no public IP and firewalls
••Watchdog function to maximize software stability
Internet/ Network
Task and Command Management
••Create, manage and assign tasks with multiple grouped commands to
specified devices or groups (tasks can be dispatched to client devices for
execution without network connection)
••Schedule, send and execute commands to multiple devices at the same time
••Monitor task execution status and results
Thin Client and Zero Configuration Client Management
••View the active connection of each device
••Automatically start a remote session by using StartUp Control
••Support for zero configuration clients to quickly get systems
••Profile Management to create system setting profiles which can
then be extracted and applied to other devices
••OS Lockdown to remote lock settings such as network, clock, and
USB ports
Efficiently Manage Hardware and Access for Large Deployments
Account and Privilege Management
Group Management
••Create groups, assign client devices, schedule startup and ••Create different types of user accounts and assign access
shutdown, and assign privileges
••Manage and set the hierarchy of edge servers and client
agents connected to WebDT Device Manager
rights or limitations
••Microsoft Active Directory support to import existing
account groups and system settings
••Device search by status (running, unknown, power off) or ••Privilege settings for accounts and roles, also down to
each command for every device group
filter search by group, BIOS, or OS name
••Remotely power on/ off
clients via Real-time Clock
and Wake-on-LAN
••View active connections of
each device
User 1
Group 2
Group 1
Group 3
WDM Server
User 2
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