Interparking Bios Pathé car park


Interparking Bios Pathé car park
Interparking Bios Pathé car park
Parking in Interparking style factory
The Interparking Bios Pathé car park is
located in the centre of Groningen, on the
city side of the canal and under the Pathé
cinema. The underground car park with 800
spaces is close to the Herenstraat shopping
area and within walking distance of the
Groninger Museum. The pedestrian
entrances and exits connect directly to the
cinema. As part of the refurbishment of the
Interparking Bios Pathé car park, Bolidt was
asked to install the parking surfaces, fully
in keeping with Interparking’s corporate
The car park remained open as usual
throughout the refurbishment. This required
working to a strict schedule, with no room for
deviation. At the same time, everything possible
was done to minimise inconvenience to car park
users during the works. The key word in this
project was flexibility; on the part of users of
the car park, but especially on Bolidt’s part.
Evening out
Thanks to the refurbishment, the car park has a
fresh new look. One of the goals was to already
give visitors the feeling and experience of an
evening out in the car park. Interparking’s
corporate style contributes to this and has
8 August 2016
therefore been used throughout the car park,
including the parking surfaces. Interparking
wanted a fresh and clean car park, and for it to
remain that way. Bolidt contributed by installing
liquid-tight flooring systems that provide lasting
protection to the floor surfaces and prevent
fluids such as urine from soaking into the
concrete. As a result, the car park is and will
remain not only fresh in appearance, but also in
Requirement specific solutions
In addition to being designed in Interparking’s
corporate style, the flooring systems were
carefully selected based on the conditions they
would be exposed to. The driving lanes, for
instance, have been surfaced with the Boligrip®
200 R system. This system is designed to
withstand the impact of moving traffic.
Boligrip® 200 P, on the other hand, offers
excellent resistance to the impact of cars
braking or speeding up. This system was used
to surface the parking bay areas. Bolidt has the
expertise required to recommend the optimum
solution for every area in a car park. Each
flooring system is thus perfectly tailored to the
type and level of stress it is subjected to.
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