New York Grilled Cheese Co.


New York Grilled Cheese Co.
New York
Grilled Cheese Co.
The much-anticipated opening of New
York Grilled Cheese Co. took place on
Monday, March 11, and of course we were
first in line. (Would you expect anything
less from the gastronome of Guy Magazine?) You
might call us something of a grilled cheese snob,
which is true to a certain extent. After all, during outings to Manhattan, we have been known
to make a special side trip to visit the Queens
Kickshaw for its cheesy sandwich eruptions. So
trotting up Wilton Drive to explore this new restaurant, housed in the back half of Nuts About
Yogurt, was far simpler.
With a counter, three tables, and a wall of
bench-seating, the New York Grilled Cheese Co.
is not a large place, and it has a menu to match.
There are seven grilled cheese sandwiches offered
, priced at $7.95 to $9.95 (which may seem a little
place with his papa, recommended the Manhaton the high side, but this is the Drive, and these
tan Grilled Mac ‘n Cheese ($8.50) and scored with
are HUGE sandwiches, so value is the watchword
a gooey mess of comfort. This is a sandwich-andhere). Each comes hugged by a small cup of
a-half with housemade mac n’ Cheddar cheese
Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque Soup (for dipping) in
stuffed between two thick slices of toasted couna crowded cardboard basket graced by a piece of
try loaf. Is there such a thing as too big? Okay, a
waxed paper featuring evokative newsprint (this IS
silly question.
the New York Grilled Cheese Co., after all).
We’ll admit to being slightly skeptical at the
We passed by the Broadway Classic ($7.95)—
concept of a side order of Bacon Lollipops
American-Cheddar and Swiss cheeses on house($3.95), otherwise known as heart attack on a
made garlic buttered sour dough bread pressed
stick. We watched with glee as a kid who could
in a waffle iron for an extra crispy crunch—and
not have been more than 13 devoured an order
opted instead for something more courageous.
and pronounced them “awesome.” He should
The Brooklyn Porkster ($9.50) sounded tempting,
know. It was his third time having the treat.
and was delivered to our table hot and dripping
Also available as side orders: a larger portion of
on perfectly-toasted sour dough bread. The first
the Tomato Basil Bisque ($3.95/$4.95), Empire
bite signaled a winning combination of houseFries ($1.95/$2.95), Sweet Potato Waffle Fries
made barbeque pulled-pork with a matching
($3), Disco Fries with Cheese Morsels and Hot
sauce, crispy onion bits, and crunchy dill pickle
Gravy ($3.95/$5.95), and a $6.95 event known
slices, all melded into a healthy serving of Amerias a Hot Pork Sundae (fries, shredded pork, gravy
can-Cheddar cheese. We awarded this sandwich
and Cajun American-Cheddar Cheese). Just as
Four Thumbs Up, temporarily borrowing fingers
good as it sounds. Wines are available from $8 a
from the adjoining table of teens.
glass, with soda priced at $1.25 a can.
The staff on hand raved about the SoHo
The only unanswered question reNEW YORK
Sweet Cheeses! ($8.50), which features
GRILLED CHEESE mains: “Is it wrong to eat in the same
brie cheese, onion, and bacon bits,
place every day?” We say, “Why
plus a lather of berry marmalade on
not?” The gastronome knows these
toasted oatmeal wheat bread. After
things. Feel free to join us in making
having tasted the Porkster, the SoHo
the New York Grilled Cheese Co.
FL 33305
disappointed. Less cheese, by far; and
your new favored place, and tell them
(954) 564-6887
less intense flavor explosion.
Guy Magazine sent you.
Hunky Leor Barak, who owns the