Chantal and Alain Bertrand



Chantal and Alain Bertrand
Tim de Alwis
Chantal and Alain Bertrand played host and entertained us in their delightful property and garden in
An aperitif was served in the chapel, where everybody could view the magnificently restored stained glass
windows. Alain gave a short interesting talk about the history of the property which was formerly a convent
and explained that the windows needed to be restored because the previous owner’s children used them for
target practice! We walked around the garden admiring the numerous varieties of roses and other flowers
that were in bloom.
A superb buffet lunch consisting of cold meats, salads, and a home prepared dish of Flemish origin called
“Potjevleesch” was served in the garden. We were all spoilt for choice.
Edith Prunier gave a vote of thanks on behalf of all those present.
After the meal, 14 members visited the local Musee Joseph Denais where a guided tour was arranged.
Although the museum is small, it houses over 7,000 artefacts, ranging from Egyptian mummies to French
porcelain and represents one individual’s amazing lifetime of collecting.
After the visit we returned back to Chantal and Alain’s home for a cup of coffee or tea.
It was a truly superb day enhanced by reasonably good weather: warm for a change with no rain!
We were pleased to welcome our newest member Mary Dunsford.
In total there were 31 present.
A mini raffle earned the ESU LV a sum of 30.90€ which will be put into the funds.