Fall 2012 - Home Hospice


Fall 2012 - Home Hospice
L i g h t U p A L i fe 2 0 1 2
Letter from the Director..............2
A Bear Hugs Story .....................3
Volunteer Opportunities .............4
Educational Opportunities .........4
Special Planning Ideas ..............5
Wish List ....................................5
Light Up a Life Update ...............6
Light Up a Life - 2012 marks the 30th anniversary
of caring and sharing with our community and it
is your generosity that makes this care possible,
especially for those who are making their final
journey without advantage of insurance or
financial resources. Light Up a Life is an annual
benefit event in which we take time to remember
or honor a loved one, friend or family member.,
or celebrate a special event in our life. Please join
us in our efforts to reach our goal of $100,000
and continue 30 years of compassionate care in
Grayson and Fannin Counties.
Please join us for the
Light Up a Life Tree Lighting Ceremony
Tuesday, November 27th 7:00 pm
at Kelly Square in Sherman.
Hospice Hugs ............................7
Auxiliary News ...........................7
Programs That Comfort .............8
Trees of Honor ...........................9
Memorials ...........................10-11
Scholarship Winner .................12
The Great Conversation ..........12
Golf Tournament ......................13
This will be a special night for remembering
special people. Come at 7:00 pm to enjoy some
delicious hors d’oeuvres provided by Fulbelli’s
Restaurant, and for a chance to mix and mingle;
the ceremony will begin at 7:30. Come to hear the Denison High School Choir, hear
some inspiring stories from patients and families in our care, and witness the lighting of
the tree symbolizing the many lives that have touched us, our communitites, and you.
Consider the Conversation ......14
“The whole Home Hospice team was excellent, tender, loving, kind, and
patient. We could not have chosen anyone to care for her as awesome and
loving as her team from Home Hospice.” – A Hospice Family Member
Christmas Card Contest ..........14
YOU make this possible
Camp Dragonfly.......................15
Pumpkins .................................16
Money donated to Light Up A Life goes directly to fund the care of terminally ill patients
and since Home Hospice is a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible.
Look for the Light Up A Life Donation Form on Page 6
Highlights • Volume XXIII, Issue 3 • Fall 2012
Fr o m t h e D e s k o f t h e D i r e c t o r
Eligibility for Hospice Care
We see it every day. Some families desperately want their loved one to experience the benefits
of hospice care during a time of critical or serious illness, while other families resist the official
prognosis that feels as though it is limiting time. Neither is right or wrong; these are simply
Obviously, Home Hospice adheres to the two conditions Medicare stipulates as indicative of the
need for hospice care: a physician statement indicating a reasonable expectation of death within
six months, and the patient’s decision to forego curative treatments. These guidelines were established in 1982, when the
majority (67%) of Americans receiving hospice care had cancer.
Currently, the national average for hospice patients with cancer is 35.6%. The numbers have changed because we all know
more about hospice care, and recognize that it is designed to meet the needs of those in the final phase of life under many
diagnoses. With greater awareness came increased complexity. Physicians now wrestle with the point at which a patient
can be considered in the final stages of life, having moved from seriously ill to critically or terminally ill. They must make
their best judgment call. Medicare accepts that.
It’s not always an easy call and it sometimes leaves families frustrated. They know about the benefits of hospice care and
want that level of care and comfort for their loved ones (and also the support for themselves), but may have questions about
qualifying criteria. Call us. We’ll come out and do a thorough evaluation. Even if we have to tell you that the time has not
yet come for hospice care, we can provide you with important information about services, comfort, guidance, and support.
And we can follow up with you on a regular basis.
As difficult as it sometimes is, know that the official guidelines for hospice care protect all of us. Each of us, regardless of our
age and stage in life, has a stake in the health of the Medicare system. If the system goes broke, as some predict, the money
available for our medical care in the later stage of our life and that of our loved ones, will disappear. There is no excuse for
anyone who would willingly “bend the rules” to accept patients who don’t qualify.
Home Hospice is committed to comfort care for patients and families, but also to applying stated criteria and eligibility
guidelines evenly and fairly so that the full intent of the hospice benefit is realized for all who qualify. It’s the law. And it’s
the best way we know to ensure that we can deliver comfort, compassion and care to those in the final phase of life and to
the families who love them.
We can help you find many kinds of support at any time. Call us, we’ll be right there.
How You Can Make a Difference
Your tax deductible donation to Home Hospice, a 501(c)(3) organization, makes a positive difference in the lives of our patients.
Monies donated will go toward patient and family care.
Name of Donor: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Enclosed is my gift of $ ______________________________ (A credit card donation may be made online or by calling our office)
This gift is given “In Memory of”___; “In Honor of”___; other (please specify) __________________________________________
The person’s name is __________________________________________________________________________________________
Please send acknowledgement of this gift to: ______________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________City, State, Zip: ____________________________
Please return your donation, made out to Home Hospice, to our office or mail to the address listed
on the address side of the newsletter.
Page 2
Volume XXIII, Issue 3
A Bear Hugs Story
As she gently pulled the stitches out of the overalls, years of memories
washed over Velma. From the very first of their marriage until he died, Bill
had always worn overalls. Good times, bad times, lean times, abundant
times, children being born, going to school, getting married, all etched into
her mind, always framed by denim. Carefully deconstructing the overalls,
she began cutting them into pieces to create a quilt top, a tangible keepsake
suitable for denim memories. Hands and body too frail to finish the task, the
unfinished quilt lay nearby – a legacy of memories and love to all who passed
by and knew its story.
Eventually, Home Hospice was brought into Velma’s life to support her
journey, providing her comfort and care in her last days. In continued support
to the family and caregivers who loved and cared for her, Home Hospice
suggested the family participate in
the Bear Hugs program, part of our
bereavement services. As Velma’s
family searched for just the right item –
a special garment of Velma’s to use for
their Bear Hugs, they came across the
denim quilt top. Too many memories
of Velma’s bluebonnets, lazy summer
days, backyard mud pies, and family
were attached to it for them to look any
further – this was the piece they would
Recently, Home Hospice was honored
to present Bear Hugs to the family of
Velma Mayo. Memories, legacy and
love, all starting with a man in
overalls and his little quilting,
bluebonnet-growing lady, now
encompassing the span of an
entire family, are still suitably
framed in well worn denim –
denim bears.
Fall 2012
Page 3
Volunteer Opportunities!
Vet to Vet Volunteer Program
We are combining two powerful resources and benefits by pairing the benefit of volunteer support with
the benefit of veterans interacting with other veterans. If you are a veteran interested in supporting a
veteran on Home Hospice service, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Barb Samuelson.
Vet to Vet Training
Prerequisites: Volunteer must be a veteran and must have completed Patient and Family Support Training
(see schedule below). Focused training will address needs and issues specific to veterans.
March 19 1:00 – 5:00 Home Hospice 505 W. Center Street in Sherman
Registration required by March 12 – contact Barb Samuelson at 903.868.9315 or [email protected]
Music can be uplifting and therapeutic for Home Hospice patients, relieving stress and reducing focus on pain. We’re looking
for small volunteer choirs go into our patients homes to minister, to soothe, and bring cheer to our patients. Each small choir
of 4 or 5 singers may select their own repertoire of songs (to be approved by Home Hospice). Groups may sing a cappella or
use an instrument for accompaniment. If you are part of a choir or a small group, and you would be interested in this program,
please contact Volunteer Coordinator Barb Samuelson for additional information and training requirements. Barb Samuelson
903.868.9315 [email protected]
Volunteer In-Services:
Volunteer Training:
The Three P’s: Policies, Procedures and Paperwork
Mon. Jan. 7, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the Home Hospice
office, 505 W. Center Street in Sherman
Patient and Family Support
February 19, February 26, March 5, and March 12 1:00 p.m.
– 4:00 p.m., Home Hospice 505 W. Center Street in Sherman
Participants will become familiar with the Home Hospice team
concept, philosophy and approach to end-of-life issues and will
meet some of the nurses, chaplains and social workers to get
their perspective, as well as gain an understanding of the role
of volunteer. This multi-session training is free, but registration
is required by February 13th so that adequate materials may be
prepared. Contact Barb Samuelson at 903.868.9315 or barb.
[email protected]
This is the time and place to find out new information, update
your volunteer files for the year and receive your yearly TB
screening. Call Barb Samuelson to register 903.868.9315
Caring for an Alzheimer’s Patient – Judy Hunt, TCOG
February 8, 2013 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Home Hospice 505
W. Center Street in Sherman
Judy will educate volunteers about Alzheimer patients and share
tips on how to interact and support them. Good information for
caregiver’s of Alzheimer’s patients too.
Contact Barb Samuelson to register 903.868.9315
Educational Opportunities
PIE “Partners in Education” is a collaborative effort designed to bring
educational programs to the Texoma area. The speakers are all experts in
their field and each program is designed to educate the attendee along with
providing an opportunity for questions of the presenter. All PIE seminars are
held on the third Tuesday of each month at noon in the Eisenhower Room of
the TCOG building, 1117 Gallagher Road in Sherman. They are presented as
a public service and there is no fee to attend. Complimentary pie and coffee
are served. Sponsored by Texas Health Resource Presbyterian WNJ Senior
Passport, TCOG, Area Agency on Aging, Texas AgriLife Extension Service
& Home Hospice and with assistance from Sherman Healthcare and Hilltop
Haven, Christian Care Center.
F-PIE “Fannin Partners in Education” is held
the last Wednesday of the month at 2:00
p.m. at the TEAM Center, 806 W. 16th Street
in Bonham. Delicious pie by Cappy’s is
served and great speakers provide useful and
informative programs. All F-PIE sessions are
free and presented as a community service by
TCOG Area Agency on Aging, Texas AgriLife
Extension Service, Clyde Cosper State Veterans
Home, and Home Hospice, with support from
Cappy’s Café, and Bonham Housing Authority.
Upcoming PIE programs include:
Upcoming F-PIE programs include:
November 20- Bill Wheeler – “Holiday Fun”
December & January- No meeting
February 19- Robin McCoy – “Financial Planning”
March 19- Amin S. Musani, AuD – “Do You Hear What I Hear?”
April 16- Jasyn Haney, M.D. – “Talking to Your Doctor”
November 28- Bethany Arie, Texas Agri-Life“Holiday Gift Ideas”
December & January- No meeting
Meetings resume February 27
Page 4
Volume XXIII, Issue 3
Special Planning Ideas
for our Friends of
Home Hospice
Just as we don’t like to contemplate our
death, we also don’t like to plan for “after”
our death. That’s why it is not surprising
that so many people don’t create an estate
plan. But a good estate plan can provide
much needed peace of mind as well as
benefits such as knowing exactly what
will happen with your assets once you no
longer need them, or knowing that your
family members and other loved ones will
be taken care of, or knowing that your loved
ones will not have to deal with the stress of
legal proceedings as they try to carry out your wishes. In addition, an
estate plan may reduce probate costs, waive some expenses, and reduce
taxes. Planning for your estate will not only bring peace of mind to you,
but it will also leave that same peace of mind with your loved ones.
Wish List
Donations of items listed below enable
Home Hospice to practice the good
stewardship for which we are known
and to use our resources in the best way
possible. Please call in advance if you
have a large donation so we can help you
Baby monitors – this is a huge need for
our agency
Baby wipes
Ensure-all varieties, all flavors
Boost—High Protein or Carnation
Instant Breakfast
Inexpensive red or maroon towels
Clear bud vases with 1 ½ - 2” opening at
the top for Petal Pushers program
Tissue paper, all colors
Curling ribbon
If a lasting legacy is a desire, then consider an estate plan as an
opportunity to leave that legacy. Many estate plans have provisions for
memorial gifts as part of the family legacy. Recently, one of our long-time
volunteers passed away and left a portion of her estate to Home Hospice
to help with care and services associated with our mission which she had
actively supported for years. Home Hospice has been most fortunate to
receive several of these types of gifts and they make a huge difference to
our patients that need our services, but live on very limited resources.
• Polyester Fiberfill 16 oz bags
• Ribbon: satin, grosgrain or organza
½” – 1 1/2 ‘ wide (solids, stripes or
• Buttons: tan, medium brown or black
¾ - 1 ¼” diameter
• Thread - different colors
• Gift cards to Hobby Lobby
“These gifts help provide the ‘yes’ in our response to those in need
during this continual journey of life, increasing our ability to care for
those without resources in many special ways,” said Sherry Little,
Executive Director of Home Hospice. “These gifts touch lives long after
you’re gone; it can be your footprint on the world.”
Flat bottomed wicker baskets, 9” or
larger in diameter
If you do choose to include Home Hospice in your estate plan, providing
Home Hospice with a copy of your Will or Trust documents can help
us be prepared and help you have peace of mind knowing your wishes
will be honored and your legacy to Home Hospice is received. We are
happy to provide you with more information, in confidence and with no
obligation, as you consider a gift through your estate and other financial
The amount of time it takes to make an estate plan seems small when
you consider the many benefits. Don’t wait to consider your estate plan
and to ensure the peace of mind that you and your loved ones desire.
Call us, we will be right there.
Blue ink pens
Zip Lock bags—quart and gallon size
Bottled water for events
Snacks for support groups
Toilet paper, tissues & paper towels
3 x 3 self-stick note pads
1 1/2 x 2 self-stick note pads
Coffee- regular and decaffeinated
New projector/laptop/speaker system
for presentations
Home Hospice is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and this type of
contribution meets the charitable contribution requirements of IRS
Section 170(b).
Fall 2012
Page 5
Light Up A Life Dove Day Set for December 6
In conjunction with Light Up a Life, the Home Hospice Auxiliary of Grayson County announced that Dove Day
will be observed on December 6. Donations for doves for the Home Hospice Tree will be accepted for a longer time
on this day, from 10 am – 6 pm, at Kelly Square in Sherman. Everyone who donates one or more doves on that date
will also receive a piece of Dove chocolate, just to “sweeten the pot.”
The doves may be inscribed and hung on the tree that will be on display in Kelly Square during the holiday season
or the doves may be given to individuals in acknowledgement of the donation in their name or that of a loved one.
For more information, contact Volunteer Coordinator Barb Samuelson, 903.868.9315.
Leadership levels of giving extend our ability to care for patients
Leadership levels of giving extend our ability to care for patients and
families. of every size are deeply appreciated.
Contributions of every size are deeply appreciated.
gift of $10 or more lights a symbolic light on our Tree of Li
Leadership levels of giving extend our ability to care for patients and
gift of levels
of Lights.
our appreciated.
and families.
of or
are adeeply
Home Hospice is a 501(c)3 organization. Your gift is tax deducti
size are
deeply appreciated.
Home Hospiceofisevery
a 501(c)3
Your gift is tax deductible.
$250 Bronze
Platinum Dove
Each gift of $10 or more lights a symbolic light on our Tree 
of Lights.
Dovea symbolic light on our Tree of Lights.
Each gift $5,000
of $10 or
more lights
Gold Dove
 $100 White
a 501(c)3
organization. Your gift is tax deductible.
Silver Dove
Home Hospice is a 501(c)3 organization. Your gift is tax deductible.
 Other
$5,000 Platinum Dove
$100 Bronze
White Dove
$1,000 Platinum
Gold DoveDove
Other $ ________
Your name____________________________________________
$500 Silver
 Mailing
$ ________
Mailing address ________________________________________
Your name____________________________________________Phone______________________________________________
address ________________________________________
address ________________________________________
City/State/Zip__________________________________________My gift is in memory of:________________________________
My gift is in memory of:______________________________________________________
My gift is in honor of:__________________________________
Please mail doves to me
Please place my doves on the tr
My gift is in memory of:______________________________________________________
mail doves
to me
Please place my doves on the tree
My gift is in honor of:________________________________________________________
My gift is in honor of:________________________________________________________
Give online at www.homehospice.org/events (Click on Light Up A Life)Give online at www.homehospice.org/events
my doves
the atree
You mail
may doves
if you
like to on
at www.homehospice.org/events
A Life)
if you would like to make
Please mail doves to me Please
my doves
on the
to tree
You may also call 903-868-9315
if you
to make
a credit
card payment over the phone
Please make your check out to H
338 •your
out to75091-0338
Give online at
on Light Up A Life)
P.O. Box 338 • Sherman, Tex
Up A Life)
P.O. ifBox
• Sherman,
You may also call 903-868-9315
like to make
a credit
over the phone
903.868.9315 • www.homeho
You may also call 903-868-9315
if youyour
like to
a credit
card payment over the phone
to Home
your• check
Hospiceyour gracious support of Home Hospice
Thank you to our sponsors who Please
by September
We appreciate
• www.homehospice.org
2012 Gold Dove Sponsors:
Tohnie Hynds, in loving memory of Henry &
Jack & Mary Windlow,
in loving memory of Don T.
• www.homehospice.org
Jimmy Jack & LaJean Beale, in loving memory of
Thank you for Lighting Up a
Thank you for Lighting Up a Life!
Thank you
you for
for Lighting
Lighting Up
Up a
a Life!
Ron Plyler
Magdalene Swartzrock, in loving memory of Roy
2012 Silver Dove Sponsors:
Patti Castleberry, in loving memory of Dr. Mack
Bill & Joan Douglass
Nan Jones, in loving memory of Lee Jones
Jimmie Tom McDonnell, in loving memory of
George C. McDonnell & Jody Chisum and in
honor of Mary Rives
Stephen & Melissa Sandoval
Helen Schulz
Mrs. Jay Simmons, in honor of Sherry Little
Dr. Howard Starr, in honor of Finley & Ellis Starr
Texas Health Presbyterian - WNJ
Texas Star Bank
Gail & Richard Ulrich, in loving memory of Gerald
Badgett and Catherine Ulrich
Page 6
(Bud) Wallace
2012 Bronze Dove Sponsors:
Jim Anderson, in loving memory of Mary Anderson,
Wyman Anderson & Donna Williams
Roxeanne Bartelmey, in loving memory of Juanit a
Rodger & Brenda Bateman
John & Ann Call, in loving memory of Jim Cole and in
honor of Janet Cole
Carol Crain, in loving memory of Steve Crain and
Ernest & MaeBell Bennett, and in honor of Chase,
Taryn & Ryleigh
Linda & Ray Davis
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Dickson, in loving memory of Hal
Donald Fincher, in loving memory of Susan Fincher
Dale & Tina Garner, in loving memory of Reta
McDearman, Dale Walter Garner and Clarence
Russell Lyday
Ruedi & Karen Good, in loving memory of Liz Alford,
Cookie Charlton, Suzy Penly, Joan McGahren and
Mary Sage
Jo Gray, in loving memory of Wayne Gray
Helen Hynds and Maldon & Loy Haynes
Valerie Kubala, in loving memory of David
Mark Kubala
Ms. Dean Lottinger, in loving memory of Mom,
Dad and Uncle Sam Ross and in honor of
Stan Ross
Dick & Sue Malnory, in honor of the 30th year
of service by Home Hospice
Candee & Harry Myers, in loving memory of
Lilian & Harry Myers, Laura & Raymond
Myers and Eleanor & Mac McFarland
May Del Redeker, in loving memory of Burnett
A. Redeker
Charles & Darlene Schweizer
Arthur & Bobbye Stoolfire
William L. Swanger, in loving memory of
Juanita B. Swanger, loving wife
Lynda Uphouse, in loving memory of Mr. &
Mrs. E. R. Uphouse
Don & Beth Williams
Big Dog, Little Dog
Anonymous in loving memory of Lee Jones
and in honor of Nan Jones
Volume XXIII, Issue 3
Hospice Hugs
To Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) of
Sherman High School for adopting Home Hospice as their nonprofit
To American Bank of Texas for donating birthday cakes for patients.
To the Auxiliary of Home Hospice for all the support – especially the
wonderful lunches and breakfasts for our staff.
To Kroger in Sherman for flowers for our Petal Pusher ProgramMaking our patients’ days bright with flower deliveries.
To Missy Sofey-Andrews for working with local artists to make sure
our Art Wall is always full, beautiful and inspiring.
To all our donors who help this mission serve those in need and a
special word of thanks to those who have access to matching funding
and work so hard to make that a reality.
To Sherman Healthcare Center for providing the pies for P.I.E.
seminars held each month at the TCOG building in the Eisenhower
Room, and to Hilltop Haven for their support of this community
education series. We are grateful.
To Grayson County Health Department, Dr. Tom Fletcher, and Dr.
Easwar Sundaram for their presentations for P.I.E.
To Sherman Service League, the George O’Hanlon family, and
Community Health Charities of Texas for their support of Camp
To those who have named Home Hospice as beneficiaries of their
estates – their life work keeps giving to others through these valued
To Hunt Cares of Hunt Consolidated of Dallas for naming Home
Hospice as the beneficiary of their employee golf tournament.
To United Way of Grayson County for their wonderful support of our
programs and services.
To David Stone and Juston Dobbs of Stone Wealth Management
Group, Wells Fargo Advisors for being our Double Eagle Sponsor for
our October golf tournament.
To Father Tony of St. Anne’s Catholic Church for his willingness to
provide last rites to patients on short notice.
To McDaniel A/C & Heating for Providing A/C and installation for a
hospice patient and their family.
To First United Methodist Church in Sherman for allowing us to use
their facility for our mass mailings.
To First United Methodist Church in Whitesboro and First Baptist
Church in Gunter for allowing us to use their facilities for training
in September.
To Paula Gurak for presenting ‘The Benefits of Reiki’ for one of our
volunteer in-services.
To Dickie’s Barbecue for hosting fundraisers for Home Hospice.
To Waldo’s Funeral Home for providing a tour for SHS’s HOSA
class volunteer training in October.
To TCOG & Hallmark for letting us participate in the ‘freebies’!
To wonderful people who make a difference by volunteering, in any
capacity, at Home Hospice.
To Nancy Russell for making delicious homemade bread for all the
staff, and for her willingness to help our new Community Services
Coordinator in her new role.
To Dale Garner for removing and re-installing a stone in the Memory
To our Petal Pusher volunteers for arranging and delivering flowers
for our patients.
To Ron Huff for his guidance, advice and support.
To Jim Walker, Tim Harkins, Sue Malnory, Tom Talbert, David Taylor,
and Robert Little for their recent work with our Ethics Committee.
To the Lake Kiowa Chapel, Paul and Pam Liscom for hosting
“Consider the Conversation,” allowing us to reach many Lake Kiowa
residents with valuable information about advance care planning.
To Bob Montgomery & Roger Osterhout for the hours and hours
spent in completion of the Gainesville office renovation project.
To Tohnie Hynds for her guidance, advice and support.
To our golf committee for all their work on a great event – Mark
Tooley, Gerri Bandemir, Eddie Brown, Tommy Gibbs, Lyn Jostes,
Nancy Russell, Kayla Click, Marie Ward, Joe Frank Jr., Donna
Bedgood, Christian Webb, and Nathan Blankenship.
Thanks to Project Linus, The Humidor, All Saints Camp & JOLT
staff, Family Pharmacy of Pottsboro, ESP Designs, and all camp
volunteers for a great Camp Dragonfly.
We had a fun and successful golf tournament thanks to Stone Creek
Country Club, all sponsors and donors, golfers, volunteers and the
WNJ Community Foundation.
A special thanks to any and all of you who support the United Way.
You cannot imagine how your donations help our local agencies and
how that in turn helps us to help our community.
To Willie Steele and Site-Scape of Sherman, for the donation of
materials for our parking lot.
To Cappy’s Cafe for support of F-PIE.
To First United Methodist Church in Howe’s Great Days of Service
Crew for providing a wheel chair ramp for one of our patients.
Auxiliary News
The Auxiliary provides support to Home Hospice through
fundraising, community education and program support.
Membership is open to all interested adults. If you are interested
in joining contact Barb Samuelson by phone, 903.868.9315 or
via email, [email protected]
January 24, 11:30 a.m. at Home Hospice, 505 W. Center St.
Cathy VanBebber will be the Auxiliary’s guest, presenting
the program, “The History of Angels”. Following the pot-luck
style covered luncheon and business meeting, members may
participate in Home Hospice service project.
No business meetings in November and December.
February 28, 11:30 a.m. at Home Hospice, 505 W. Center St.
Special speaker, Michael Miller, from the Sherman Public
Library will present, “Genealogy”. Following the pot-luck
style covered luncheon and business meeting, members may
participate in Home Hospice service project.
December 6, 11:30 a.m.
Annual Christmas luncheon at Fulbelli’s in Kelly Square. Cost
is $12.00 per person. You may contact Barb Samuelson at
903.868.9315 by 11/29/12 to make reservation.
Fall 2012
Page 7
Programs That Comfort
These programs of comfort are offered as part of the mission which has guided our non-profit organization for 30
years, providing comfort to all in our communities who grieve. Although you may feel alone in your grief, we invite
you and/or ask you to invite a friend to attend one of our many workshops and support groups. We look forward to
walking with you in your journey. All programs are open to anyone interested in attending and offered at no charge.
Help for the Holidays Workshop
This workshop is designed to help you work through the unique
challenges people face during the holiday season after the loss of a
loved one. To register, please contact Jolene Senek at 903.868.9315 or
email [email protected]
November 5, 2012
5:30-6:30 pm
Muenster State Bank
1601 Hwy 82 W. in Gainesville
November 12, 2012
5:30-6:30 pm
Home Hospice Office
505 W. Center St. in Sherman
HeArtful Odyssey
Join this unique experience that will honor the memory of your loved
one while creating a HeArtful piece cherishing the memories within
your family. To register, please contact Jolene Senek at 903.868.9315
or email [email protected]
November 26– 5:30-7:00pm (Adults)
December 3– 5:30-7:00pm (Kids 6-17)
Home Hospice, 505 W. Center Street in Sherman
Caregiver Support Group
This group is open to all people caring for someone with a critical or
ongoing illness. The dynamic group is led by Paula Perkins, LBSW, a
Social Worker at Home Hospice. The members of the group are very
supportive and welcoming of others. If you have any questions about
the group, please call Paula at 903.868.9315.
The Next Step
Support group for those who have lost a
loved one to suicide.
Meets on the second Thursday of each month
Nov. 8 and Dec. 13
6:00 p.m. at Home Hospice
505 W. Center Street in Sherman
For more information call 903.868.9315.
When Life Changes
Because there is a need for those who grieve
to be able to have a safe place to talk about
their grief or to listen to others who are
experiencing grief, a new support group has
been formed. This structured support group
will focus on grief and loss. There is no fee
to attend, but registration is required so that
appropriate materials may be prepared.
Please contact Jolene Senek at [email protected]
homehospice.org or call 903.868.9315.
Every Monday from 12-1:30 p.m.
(Will not meet on Monday, December 24)
Home Hospice, 505 W. Center Street in
First Tuesday of each month – 1:00 to 2:30 pm
Denison Public Library, 300 W. Gandy
Are you on Facebook or do you know someone on Facebook? Home Hospice invites you to go
to your Facebook account and search for Home Hospice of Grayson, Cooke & Fannin Counties
and then “like” us. As of October 2012, we have 200 “likes” and we would like to have that
number up to 500 by the end of this year! “Liking” us is a great way to keep up with the various
events that are going on and you’ll get to see some “newer pictures” as well as timely articles submitted by our Bereavement
Coordinator and our Executive Director. If you find these articles interesting, we ask that you “share” those articles with
your friends and ask that they “like” us, too!
The Home Hospice website continues to expand and improve. If you have not seen the website lately, we invite you to check
it out.
Page 8
Volume XXIII, Issue 3
November 15
Last Day to Buy Trees!
An inspiring living tribute
for generations to come in
celebration of our 30 years of
caring and sharing with
our community.
Purchase one or more trees in memory or honor of someone special, or in
celebration of a special event. Home Hospice is partnering with the City of
Sherman and the City of Gainesville to plant trees in designated locations
benefiting our environment and allowing you to make a gift that will last for
Levels of participation are $30, $300, and $1,500.
Take your tree home to plant, have a tree planted in one of the Home Hospice
Honor Groves, plant a tree on Home Hospice property, or make a donation
to help purchase trees for those who can’t afford a memorial, but wish to
Visit our website at www.homehospice.org/trees to purchase your tree!
For more information call 903.868.9315.
Thank you for your continued support
of Home Hospice for the past 30 years!
Fall 2012
Page 9
2 0 1 2 G r ay s o n C o u n t y M e m o r i a l s
Home Hospice acknowledges the many memorials
and gifts that have been given. All gifts are
tax deductible and acknowledged upon receipt.
The individual whom the memorial remembers
is in boldface. The following individuals were
remembered and honored from June 1, 2012
through September 30, 2012. Every attempt is
made to assure accuracy in recognizing donors.
However; errors may occur. We ask for your
assistance in correcting inaccuracies that you
detect. Donations to our Light Up a Life campaign
are not included in this list, they are recorded in the
Book of Lights which is kept at the Home Hospice
office or at the Tree of Lights..
In MeMory of
Andy Anderson
Chris & Margaret Troxtell
Margie Arthur
Art Arthur
Catherine Shires
Ross Atchley
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brown
Alvina Benesh
Vern & Betty Freeze
Viola Brice
Kathleen Bischoff
Doug & Linda Buck
Georgia Ford
Susan Kessell
Jim & Mary Louise Ricketts
Charlene Snyder
H.W. Totten
Myra Zickefoose
Sammy Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brown
Ernest & Helen Melton & Colin
Ruby Byrd
Lilta Sullivan
Ron Campbell
Robert & Sherry Little
Ruth Carson
Tom & Kathie Kimes
Sybil Carter
Lilta Sullivan
Norma Jean Case
Ann Dandridge
Laurie Mineart
Adam Stein
Teddy Chesshir
Nancy Cooke
Sherry Shipley
Bud & Joyce Webster
Earlene Clay
Ginger Nye
Jeff Craig
Fred & Margaret Hansen
Janeen Jones
Dorothy Cummings
Dorothy Brown
Jeanette Cranfill
Mrs. Thomas Hulsey
Johnny Key
Charles & Carolyn Parker
Russell Robertson Family
Struska Family
Jackie Bragg Dallal
Bill & Joan Douglass
Suzy Patton Davis
Gail Ulrich
William Davison
Marian McCarley
John Elkins
Erna Elkins
George Elliott
Carl & Billie Ruth Vawter
Helena Fair
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brown
Frank Fry
Bonnie & Steve Avard
Edwin Gaines
Bobby & Linda Wilson & Family
James Garvin
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Don Williams
Anne Laverne Gattis
Tohnie Hynds
Margaret Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brown
Neva Gilbreath
Brian Bates Family
Lois Gotcher
Pauline Barnes
Al Graham
Henry & Brenda Scharff
Al Green
Barbara Ray
Magdalene Swartzrock
Lois Jean Grigg
Pauline Barnes
Rodger & Brenda Bateman
Troy & Bobbie Cox
Family of Lois Jean Grigg
Peggy Grooms
Lynn H. Lee
Jerry & Joyce McGowen
Robert & Angie Nicholson
Barbara Powell
Rita Gundlach
Jack Grignano
Mary Hahn
Paul & Frances Brown
Donna Harper
Betty Martin
Ginny Harrell
Dr. & Mrs. Rudolf Good
J. Frank Hartwig
Joe Frank Gann
Barbara Henderson
Russell & Patty Braswell
Ashley, Alex & Molly Doyle
Daniel Doyle
Elizabeth Doyle
Anne Hefton
Stephen & Teresa Mosby and family
Kimberly Nelson
Patti Rawls
Joe Van & Gwen Smith
Polly Stone
Robert & Sherry Ziegner
Don Herd
Ray of Sunshine Sitting Service
Nancy Wright
Dennis Hewlett
Waymon & Mary Evans
Francine Hickox
Chris & Margaret Troxtell
Mary Jo Hill
Judge Lloyd & Dorothy Perkins
Thelma Hoover
Pauline Barnes
Bobby & Linda Wilson & Family
Michelle Hott
Debbie Russell
Sarah Elizabeth Houseknecht
Tom & Kathie Kimes
Jack Jackson
Bonnie & Steve Avard
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brown
Home Hospice Auxiliary
Betsy Owens
Donor & JoEtta Penn
Nancy Jamison
Bonnie & Steve Avard
Roger Johnson
Adult Social Club
Jeffrey Kelley
May Del Redeker
Robert “Bob” Kelly
Billie Jerrell
E.B. Kent
Billie Bartley
Michael Bartley Family
Buchanan Insurance Agency
John Gilchriest
Elwood & Mary Jones
Dan Kent
Joe C. Murley
Dorotha Kent Savage
Jack Sudderth
Tim Wheeler
Wanda Kitchens
Maxine Wigley & Tommy Kitchens
Judy Kondrat
Blanton Family Reunion
Judy Hair
Lee Headrick
Jo Ann Meyer
Debra Morash
Jo Ann Pedlar
Jerry & Priscilla Phillips
Jodie Taylor
Dee & Monica Westbrook
Continued on Page 11
Page 10
Volume XXIII, Issue 3
William Lamming
Tops TX #1827
Louise Maret
Mary Charlotte Casteel
Charles & Darlene Schweizer
Clyde Marr
Sherman-Denison Line
DeEsta Marr
James & Susan Carroll
Dale & Tina Garner
s and families.
Claude & Elaine Henslee
Ralph McCord
Glaser Family Charitable
Dr. Bill Gray
Judge Lloyd &
$250 Bronze
Dorothy Perkins
Other $Doris
Delbert Taylor
Jean Woodley
Cynthia Anne McQueen
Kenneth Monroe
Pauline Mitchell
Ron & Sammie Mailes
Leander Moore
Wanda Johnston
Rebecca Morrison
Marinan Washburn
Pauline “Polly” Nance
Aunt Lib’s Kids-Linda,
Sandra, Carey, Paula &
& Tom
s (Click on Light
A Life)
Brown over the phone
e a credit card
FUMC, Graham-Open Bible
Home Hospice
exas 75091 Tommy & Bobby Gaskamp
ospice.org Doyle Henson
Nan Jones
Betty Martin
Pat McCleese
John & Joyce Ann Millard
Donor & JoEtta Penn
Janeda Protz
Pat Robinson
Dr. & Mrs. G.R. Stephens
Vivian Walker
Don Nichols
David & Opel Blount
Erwin Nix
Lilta Sullivan
Annabelle Nixon
Paul & Frances Brown
Betty Martin
Residents of Texoma
George O’Hanlon
Betty O’Hanlon & Family
Bobby O’Donley
Donor & JoEtta Penn
Lex Passman
Pamela Mulligan
Steven & Louisa Passman
Fall 2012
Elaine “Suzy” Penly
Charles & Darlene Schweizer
Ernest Pressley
Robert & Sherry Little
Martha Maudie Preston
Bert Brown Family
Ted Brown Family
Mr. & Mrs. H.L. Nichols
Carroll & Juanita Prior
Xi Theta Delta
Leonard “L.W.” Ramph
Family of Leonard Ramph
Lynn, Dianne, Sandy, Charles
Dr. Bobby Ray
Donor & JoEtta Penn
Jerry Rector
Debbie Fulton
Gary Ray Robinson
Roger & Marilyn Banks
John Roe
Wally & Ann Black
Kenneth & Donna Church
John Denton
Don & Joyce Hobbs
Troy Kueker
Margaret Smith
Peggy Smith
Dave & Linda Strickland
Joe Russell
Jimmye Phillips
Joyce Sampson
Bonnie & Steve Avard
Mary Sherrard
Dale & Tina Garner
Peggy Smart
Joe & Myra Miller
Ralph Spencer
Tom & Kathie Kimes
Ward Stenger
Daniel & Debra Stenger
Dennis Stewart
Glenn Hardin Family
NTDS-Dale & Elaine Schilling
Dusty Sullivan
Dorthy Hullett Brown
Carol Durbin
LaVerne Golden
Marjorie Gray & Denise
Janice Hullett Hawkins
Tom & Janice Hoefer
Irene Hullett
Linda Hullett Trice
Charles Swick
Asbury Sunday School Class
Amber Nickels Easterling
James Thompson
Henry Bercutt
Ada Tilley
Jesse Crouch
Sherry Little
Fran Tillman
Arthur & Mary Anne Wagoner
Dorothy “Dot” Tisdell
Bonnie & Steve Avard
Dr. & Mrs. Rudolf Good
Vee Vee
Daniel & Debra Stenger
Weldon Vines
Cardinal Glass Shift A
Global Gaming LSP, LLC
Kenneth & Maria Luster
Bud Wallace
Tina Garner
Edward & Betsy Owens
David Wheat
Jerry & Kay Bynum
Donna Williams
Dorothy Anderson
Tracy Carruth
Sandra Dean
Joe & Katy Engle
Donald Forseth
Jana Garner
Bobby & Barbara Gilbert
Ed & Judy Harris
Home Hospice Auxiliary
Lesa & Jerry McCall
Ruby & Sam Moran
Jimmie & Martha Nesmith
John & Pat Nowicki
Tom & Betty Sanger
Henry & Brenda Scharff
Elaine Slawson
Herman Williams
Linda Williams
Blue Ridge Post Office
Mert Williams
Pat & Melvin Plumlee
Anita Wolfington
Margaret Avard
Jo Bateman
William Guest
Bob & Jennette Hodge
Jennifer Steiner
Bill & Patsy Robbins
Mike & Linda Tarzis
Elizabeth Wurtele
Carolyn Coates
Janice McGargill
Kathy Matzner
Gene & Fern Welniak
Jackie White
Syble Yost
Phyllis & Carrol Macon
In Honor of
Al & Dorothy Bartley’s 50th
Wedding Anniversary
Peg Grooms
Tina Garner
Gail Utter
Hayley Horton
Art Arthur
Sherry Little
Gail Utter
Kathy Munson
Gail Utter
The Honorable Lloyd Perkins
and Dorothy Perkins
Alisha McCleese Collett
Ricky Collett
Deb Stenger
Carrie Klass
Mary Thompson
Xi Theta Delta Chapter
X2387, Beta Sigma Phi
Carolyn Vogel
Xi Theta Delta Chapter
X2387, Beta Sigma Phi
American Bank of Texas
Glen Armstrong
AT&T through United Way
Elaine Atkins
Cindy Beale
Karen Brennan
Community Health Charities of
Cooke County United Way
Bill & Beverly Cowan
Sally Creamer
Trey Crosthwaite
Dickey’s Barbeque/Lone Star
Kathy Faber
First Christian Church, Denison
FCCLA of Sherman High School
Grayson Crisis Center
Nancy Haas
Mrs. Jane Haddock
Ricky Hayes
Kroger, Sherman
Billy & Rita Mangrum
Paulette McDonald
Karen McGee
Linda Nelson
Frances Otto
Pairs & Spares Sunday School
Class, Harless Memorial
Methodist Church
Areta Phillips
Project Linus
Georgia Richardson
Dixie Roberts
Ruth Class, First Baptist Church,
Joann Shaw
Lilta Sullivan
Texas Health Presbyterian-WNJ
Neochia Thompson
Truist Comprehensive
United Methodist Men
United Way of the Midlands
United Way of Grayson County
Todd Velekei
Jan Worstell
Harold Wright
Page 11
Scholarship Winner
Congratulations to Jerryd Wallace, one of our Spiritual Care
Counselors, on his educational scholarship! The Board of Directors
presented the scholarship at the Board meeting Friday, September 28,
2012 as a part of our newly established staff scholarship fund. Jerryd
has a BA in Theology, is a registered and licensed chaplain through
Chaplain Fellowship Ministries, and he is currently working on his
Masters in Divinity and graduate certificate in pastoral care from SMU.
We are proud of you!
“I am just happy to be caring for people in this environment and happy
to be at a place where they value education. I am very appreciative of
the scholarship funds and already have plans to put it to good use.
Thank you to everyone again for the opportunity.” - Jerryd
A special thanks goes out to Sheila Graham, Robert and Sherry Little,
Hayley Horton, and the family of Margie Arthur for providing finances
for this scholarship opportunity.
This fund has been established to provide support to Home Hospice
staff who are pursuing educational opportunities. If you are interested
in helping to provide for this support through a contribution to this fund, contact Sherry Little at 903.868.9315 or
[email protected]
The Great Conversation
There is no greater gift than the gift of “The Great Conversation.”
It is a gift for the future – yours and your family’s.
Come discover the steps to take to address a matter of the heart by
looking at the heart of the matter, what you want for yourself and
how to have the conversations that will help your family know your
It will provide a peace of mind that cannot be purchased – prepare
now for the greatest gift of your holiday giving. Take a look at advance
planning, advance directives and strategies for discussing them with
those you love.
Monday, October 29
Monday, November 19th
Monday, December 10th
5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Home Hospice, 505 W. Center Street, Sherman
Facilitated by JoCarolyn Chambers, LCSW
There is no charge to attend, but registration is requested so that adequate materials may be prepared.
Call 903.868.9315 or 940.665.9891, or email [email protected]
Page 12
Volume XXIII, Issue 3
Eighth Annual Golf Tournament
Benefiting Home Hospice of Grayson
County Raises Over $14,000
T u!
The Eighth Annual Golf Tournament was held on October 5 at Stone Creek Country Club in Sherman. 109 Players
came out to participate in this event and compete for the chance to win prizes provided by our generous sponsors.
A big thank you goes out to all who helped to make our golf tournament a success, those who made special donations,
our players, our committee members, all our volunteers, and of course our 2012 Sponsors.
Stone Wealth Management Group – Wells Fargo Securities
Eagle Sponsors:
A-1 Printing & Graphics
Red River Title
Moseley & Associates, LLP
Betty O’Hanlon in memory of
George O’Hanlon
Central Health Services
Bob Utter Ford
Birdie Sponsors:
The Angry Dog
Chapin Title
Texas Star Bank
Chuck Phelps & Jeannine Hatt
Waldo Funeral Home
Fall 2012
Independent Bank
Higginbotham & Associates
The Home Hospice Bush
Joe & Becky Frank
George F. Sunkel Foundation
Tohnie Hynds
Axtell Rite Value Pharmacy
Mark Tooley & Tommy
Gibbs with Virginia Cook
Par Sponsors:
Ray of Sunshine Senior Care
Malnory, McNeal &
Company, PC
Ramey Chevrolet
Ronnie Cole & Ken Taylor
with Virginia Cook
Debbie Hudnall with
Virginia Cook Realtors
& Debbie Sartin with
Shelter Mortgage
Meador Funeral Home
First Place:
Shawn KinCannon
Louis Welch
Todd Young
Kyle Boothe
Second Place:
Barry Boothe
Stewart Murray
A.J. Anderson
Lincoln Golike
Third Place:
Donna Jackson
Megan Little
Mike Vickers
Dave Wager
Longest Drive:
Todd Young
Closest to the Pin:
Ted Miller
Adam Hulsey
Michael Taylor
Page 13
Consider The Conversation
Would You Like to Have a Presentation
for Your Church or Civic Organization?
Home Hospice has many opportunities available for local churches
and civic organizations to schedule seminars and educational
opportunities for their members and those in the community.
Please call or e-mail Sherry Little at 903.868.9315 or [email protected]
homehospice.org to schedule an event.
One opportunity available is the presentation of “Consider the
Conversation.” It is a beautiful film about a difficult subject. “We all
want to make our own decisions about healthcare, but we rarely do
anything about ensuring they are carried out,” said Sherry Little.
“This is the perfect opportunity to take action.”
This is a special opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of
your congregation or group.
Christmas Card Contest
SHARED Veterans’ Program Initiated Imagine…YOUR artwork on OUR 2013 Christmas card!
Entries are due by February 25,
2013 and should be submitted
Imagine…YOUR artwork on OUR 2013 Christmas card! Home Hospice is proud to care for our nation’s veterans at this time of life. Our staff had undertaken We’re looking for artists to provide artwork for our to:
Christmas card by illustrating these phrases which
can Home Hospice of Grayson,
the task of designing a special program of care and services tailored to meet their specific end‐of‐life Cooke & Fannin Counties
be found on our website:
needs and honor their service to our country. Peace at Last, a book authored by Deborah Grassman Attn: Barb Samuelson
“Find Comfort”
guides the process and offers insight to the staff. Among other services, a Vet‐to‐Vet Volunteer program 505 W. Center St.
“Know Peace”
Sherman, TX 75090
is being designed and training will be offered in the coming months. If you are interested in serving as a hospice volunteer for veterans as they make their final life’s journey, please contact Kathi Kirby, You may choose to illustrate only one of the phrases
or all Artists will be acknowledged on
We’re looking for artists to provide artwork for our Christmas card by illustrating these phrases 940.665.9891, [email protected] (Cooke and northern Denton counties); or Barb three. Each phrase should be illustrated individually
and our website, on our Facebook page and in an issue of our
which can be found on our website: Samuelson, 903.868.9315, [email protected] (Grayson & Fannin counties). each piece of art should be labeled with the appropriate
“Find Comfort” Highlights Newsletter. Selected artwork will be used for
“Know Peace” the 2013 Christmas card and other submissions may be
phrase. Do not include the phrase as part of the artwork.
“Experience Joy”. used at a later date or for other projects.
[use picture of flag] We aren’t looking for any particular theme or design
You may choose to illustrate only one of the phrases or all three. Each phrase should be To discuss the contest, please contact Barb Samuelson at
illustrated individually and each piece of art should be labeled with the appropriate phrase. Do you’re the artist – let your creativity be your guide!
SHARED Spotlight on our Board of Directors not include the phrase as part of the artwork. 903.868.9315 or [email protected]
Entry forms may be printed from our website orWe aren’t looking for any particular theme or design – you’re the artist – let your creativity may be
Have fun!
loose! picked up from the Sherman or Gainesville offices.
Page 14
Entry forms may be printed from our website or may be picked up from the Sherman or Gainesville offices. Entries are due by February 25, 2013 and should be submitted to: Home Hospice of Grayson, Cooke & Fannin Counties Attn: Barb Samuelson Volume XXIII, Issue 3
Camp Dragonfly Fall 2012
Camp Dragonfly continues to grow and evolve to
meet so many special needs for grieving children.
Most of the camp volunteers would agree this was
definitely one of our most emotionally charged
groups. Seventeen children showed up, a bond was
formed and the healing truly began for each one of
them. We began the weekend learning some new
games that allowed us all to be silly together, relax
a bit and get to know each other. Saturday revealed
some had tears that they never thought would
stop, while others arrived closed and reticent to
participate in any remembering exercise. Through
the gentleness of our volunteers and the kids’
concern for each other, we watched these children
unfold, turn corners and find their smile again.
Some just needed to cry, letting their grief find a
way out, while others took the opportunity to tell
their story. Sunday came and the kids headed out
to the Challenge Course where they learned to work together
in order to move forward to the next challenge. As always,
we leave camp tired and a bit haggard, but with a smile in
our hearts knowing that in some way each child has been
given an opportunity to find their voice, their smile
and the courage to move forward. Thank you to
our volunteers and the generous donors who made
Camp Dragonfly possible.
Here is one story:
A 9 year old boy arrived at camp, cute kid, sweet spirit, but full of tears, sadness and devastation. As we
began the remembering exercise, his body language changed to show anxiety as he waited his turn and then the
tears came with no end in sight. Despite the tears, this courageous guy participated, allowed himself to explore
his feelings and never once worried about the tears that were flowing. Later that day, we then had the children
write a memory letter to their loved one, informing them that no one would read this letter - it was just between
the camper and their loved one.
The boy sat there surveying those around him and initially fighting the tears while others began writing their
letter. The tears once again took over and he continued to sit there with his pencil and paper making no move to
write a letter. The other children completed their letters and eventually left the room quietly, respectfully. I then
joined him and we talked about who he had lost, what he missed about the person and how the thought of facing
special days without that loved one was more than he could bear. After time and with the boy’s permission I
wrote down some things he said and eventually he took part and was able to write something down. We then
folded the letter and walked back to the cabins with the boy’s tears gradually becoming less and less.
We made it to the memory camp fire later that evening and when it was his turn he courageously stood up
and put his letter in the fire and watched as the message was symbolically carried to his loved one. No tears this
time, just a strong little guy taking part in the ceremony. As he watched the others put their letters in, he was
aware of the emotions and understood the tears that others were shedding that night. One girl was having a
difficult time after placing her letter in the fire and the boy quietly got up, came over to me and said quietly “I’ll
go get her some napkins.”
My heart smiles thinking of this moment because the boy had truly come full circle that night and it was
evident in his care and concern for those around him.
Jolene Senek, LBSW, CT, GC-C
Bereavement Coordinator
Fall 2012
Page 15
P.O. Box 2306 • Sherman, Texas 75091-2306
505 W. Center St. • Sherman, TX • 903.868.9315
www.homehospice.org • [email protected]
HoMe HosPice Board of direcTors
Mark Tooley, PresidenT
donna Bedgood, PresidenT elecT
lyn JosTes, Treasurer
ToM kyle, iMMediaTe PasT PresidenT
Virginia o’Hanlon, secreTary
niTa BoardMan
louis eMerson
sHeila graHaM
TiM Harkins
sue Malnory
roger osTerHouT
sTePHanie ricHardson
roBerT sHannon
ToM TalBerT, Md
arie VanderVeer
sue keaTing, Auxiliary President - Grayson County
doT rosenBerg, Auxiliary President - Cooke County
Our MissiOn stateMent
Home Hospice is a non-profit organization, founded in 1982,
dedicated to providing education, programs, services and quality care
to ease physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms at end-of-life for
patients, families, and caregivers regardless of ability to pay, as well as
all in our communities who grieve.
H ome H ospice e mployee p umpkin D ecorating c ontest !
On October 15 several employees participated in our pumpkin decorating contest. Take a look at the pictures; you can
imagine the laughter and smiles that were brought into the office that day! The staff at Home Hospice is so creative,
and they really went out of their way to make this contest fun for all! But the joy didn’t stop in the office; after the
judging was completed, the pumpkins were delivered to our patients to spread the smiles around. Thank you to the
Fun Committee for planning such a great event and for always bringing encouragement to the staff!