An American Company WIGGLE, SQUIGGLE, BLOOM Suggested


An American Company WIGGLE, SQUIGGLE, BLOOM Suggested
Peg Stamp Set
Wiggle, Squiggle, Bloom
VersaCraft Burgundy, VersaCraft Midnight, VersaCraft
Maize, Cyan, Green Tea & Charcoal
Suggested VersaColor Inks
The simplicity of component peg stamping makes
it easy to create intricate borders, wreaths & layered
art. Our stamps can be used on paper, fabric, polymer
clay, bisque, glass, & more. Try peg stamping today!
An American Company
Rubber Stamp Tapestry™ peg stamps are handcrafted in
North Carolina with superior materials manufactured in
the United States. We use real red rubber & sustainable
wood. Thank you for your thoughtful patronage!
— The Walton Family
Step-by-step instructions for cover art included
inside. For project ideas, tips, & tutorials
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Established in 2002, Rubber Stamp Tapestry™ is a
family-owned business located in the Uwharrie Mountain
foothills of North Carolina. It’s because of customers like
you that we’ve been able to continue doing what we love.
Thank you for being part of our success!
Step-by-Step Instructions
1. Create a border around the card by stamping
the Tiny Flower in burgundy. Use the
StampRight™ placement line to determine
the position of the image. Rotate the stamp
between impressions. Clean the stamps each
time before re-inking them with a new color.
Leave enough space for subsequent images.
2. Stamp the Tiny Flower in midnight.
3. Stamp the Tiny Flower in maize.
4. Stamp the Mini Flowers in cyan.
5. Stamp the Mini Leaves in green tea, rotating
the leaf stems toward the flowers.
6. Stamp the Tiny Squiggle in charcoal.
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