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V OLUME 1 8 , I SSUE 1
1704 Anna Catherine Dr.
Orlando, FL 32828
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Message from the Board
Paul Morrison, President
With winter behind and spring is here it is time to plan your fantastic vacation to Charleston, SC for our next KING Reunion. As most of you already know Charleston has a lot of history and a beautiful place to visit. There are historic
homes, museum's, buggy rides and much more to see and do while there. I look forward to seeing all of you in
June. This is your Reunion so come enjoy it with OLD friends.
Vice President
Pete Vuchetich
Our Association is still strong. In the last few years, two of my other ships have started associations
and are holding reunions. They are the USS Worden(DLG/CG-18) and USS REEVES(DLG/CG-24).
I have not attended any of their reunions. We have been holding reunions since 2002 and improving every time. Our dedicated shipmates make our association. We need to support our association
board. I am unable to attend this years reunion as my wife's ALS is reducing her ability to do anything without assistance.
Smooth Winds and Following Seas,
Dave Bilby, Sr., Director
Administrative Report
April 2013
Operationally, the only constant activities are the Website as effectively maintained by Chuck White
and the Database as consistently maintained by Jim Sievers.
A total of $3,375 was paid to the National Archives Trust Fund through Mark Donovan, Historian, to
prepare additional timelines of The King activities.
The current balance in the checking account is $2,765.61 and the balance in the savings account is
Registration forms are starting to arrive for the June reunion in Charleston. As those funds are received, they will be deposited into the checking account for later distribution to the hotel and activities.
Submitted by
Dave Bilby
Administrator and Treasurer
Ship’s Store
Terry Winters, Operator
Ship’s Store – Philip Elting & Terry Winters
Hello Shipmates. Spring is here and the Re-union in Charleston is just around the corner.
The Ships Store has hats, t-shirts, Polo's and many other types of merchandise to show your support. Please see our website for a complete list and an order form. We have both DLG-10 and DDG
-41 items. I will have a "Very Limited" quantity of merchandise at the re-union so now is a great time
to place your order and have it arrive at your home before the re-union. I am looking forward to seeing you all in Charleston.
DLG-10 or DDG 41 Challenge Coins
$18.00 Each
DLG 10 or DDG 41 Coffee Mugs
$12.00 Each
DLG 10 or DDG 41 Travel Mugs SS
$18.00 Each
King Key Chain
$1.50 Each
Gold neck Lanyard (DLG-10 or DDG-41)
$5.00 Each
USS KING rocker Patch
$3.00 Each
Collector Lapel Pin Large
$5.00 Each
Blue neck lanyard DLG-10/DDG-41
$3.00 Each
DLG 10 or DDG 41 Large Patch
$6.00 Each
DLG-10 or DDG 41 Ball Caps
$18.00 Each
DLG-10 or DDG 41 Ball Caps (Plankowners)
$23.00 Each
You can see pictures of all the above plus more and ordering information at the following web
link. http://www.uss-king.com/store.shtml
Please take a few minutes and see if there is something that you would like. Thanks again for your
support of "YOUR USS KING Association"
I can be contacted at [email protected] and will be glad to answer any of your Ships
Store Questions.
Communications Director
Chuck White
As we approach another reunion a myriad of ideas and concerns come to mind, especially in regards to communications and social media. Facebook and primarily the USS King presence on the
internet, affects a wide range of readers. I am always surprised and I shouldn’t be, to get a phone
call from someone outside of the association or USS King Experience. Case in point is getting a call
from the new webmaster for the USS William V. Pratt Association. Our website seems to have set a
standard of excellence for other military websites.
Facebook, being led by non-association member Bruce Kelleher, is constantly growing in numbers
of King folk contacted.
The following URL is the USS King DLG-10 and DDG-41 presence on Facebook. https://
Facebook is one of those issues that has its positive attributes and negative. This world is getting
smaller due to the internet. In real time we can know everyone else’s business and the government
knows too. My point is, be prudent in what you publish about yourself. Another concern is the Discussion Forum, is everything said that is going to be said? Are all the stories there? I have been
enjoying member David Sellers “On the Waterfront” online newspaper articles. I know there are a lot
of stories to be shared about when you were stationed aboard the USS King DLG-10 or DDG-41.
Notes From The Editor
This years reunion will be in Charleston, SC. It is a great place to visit with a lot to do. We always
have a great time at the reunions hashing over old times and catching up on all that has happened
since departing the King.
Here are some thing's that there are to do in the Charleston area. This is only a snap shot of things
that are available in the area. So if you want to make it an extended vacation this may give you
some ideas of things you would like to do while there.
For the guys that are retired military they have an MWR that has reduced rate tickets
South Carolina Aquarium
The Battery/ White point Gardens
Old City Market
Spirit Dinner Cruise
Middleton Place
Rainbow row
King Street Shopping District
Waterfront Park
Folly Beach
South Carolina fish aquarium and next to it is a Military Museum
Charleston Museum
National Slave Museum
Patriot Point access to the USS Yorktown and Fort Sumter with lunch at the CPO Mess on board
the Yorktown
Palmetto Carriage tour of Charleston
Middleton Place gardens, swamp tour and is a working plantation
Brook Green Gardens at Myrtle Beach which has several gardens and sculptures
There is also a large array of day trips that vary from the Historic Buff, The shopaholic, Foodies delight and much more.
God Bless America
Member News:
New Members This Year:
Michael Bustard, son of the King's first CO CAPT Melvin Bustard (associate member)
Weldon B. Cabaniss
77 - 80 IC3
Harley E. Carter
69 - 71 RM2
Richard J. Chipchak
65 - 68 MM2
Richard J. Dibraccio
77 - 79 DS1
George G. Humphrey 71 - 73 FTM2
Valentina Morrison
James R. Payne
64 - 65 RD3
Lawrence T. Pierce
67 - 70 ETR-2
Curtis D. Ranz
64 - 68 RM2
James Wright, '
83 to '85, OS
Edward S. Satsky
63 - 65 SK3
Michael I. Schaffer
72 - 73 FTG2
James J. Suttles
62 - 65 RD2
Richard D. Thurman
85 - 90 OS E6
Honored Shipmates we have lost in 2010 to 2013;
Edward J. Siegrist Jr. "Plankowner"
James (Gary) Ganz, (Ret.)
Raymond W. Hine "XO"
Norman Eubanks
Leonard J. Goltz, Jr.
Patrick Wayne Keays (Ret.)
Richard M. Keith, (Ret.) "Plankowner"
Albert Peter Stello, Jr.
William O. "Bill" French "Plankowner"
Michael Bernard Sullivan
Leo W. Gottsch
Alfred "Ram" Ramirez (Ret.)
David E. Woodbury
Richard Lee Chase, Sr.
Brian L. McGlaun
Ronald D. Bell
Frank S. Herrick Jr.
Lyndon "Lyn" Clark Hargrove "Plankowner"
David A. Nesbitt "Plankowner"
"Past Association President"
"Past Editor of the 'Buccaneer' "
Robert Tajima
Raymond “Ray” Lee Marshall “Plankowner”
'60-'62 & '65-'67
February 2010
5 March 2010
17 March 2010
5 May 2010
15 May 2010
11 June 2010
17 June 2010
7 July 2010
12 July 2010
13 July 2010
3 August 2010
11 September 2010
17 December 2010
18 January 2011
20 May 2011
1 August 2011
28 August 2011
8 February 2012
15 February 2012
1 July 20112
18 February 2013
We would like to wish these falling Shipmates fair winds and following seas.
Last but not least –
We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion in Charleston, SC.

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