elead ace 2015


elead ace 2015
Automated Customer Engagement
What if You Could Follow Up with EVERY Lead and Unsold Customer
with 100 Percent Consistent Engagement... Until They Purchase?
Now You Can!
ACE provides fully automated email communication to prospects and unsold customers with intelligent data
capture and responds to inquiries utilizing profiling technology. ACE answers during or after business hours to
provide additional communication coverage and capture more lead information. Improve customer
communication and their overall purchasing experience with your dealership - ACE is so efficient that you never
have to worry about opportunity follow up again. No Excuses!
This exciting, cutting-edge technology goes to work for the dealership sales team as a virtual BDC assistant.
ACE consistently engages opportunities with smart email conversation and has the ability to interpret customer
replies, respond intelligently or take action when required. ACE provides 100 percent engagement to schedule
more appointments and gather valuable customer information! All customer communication seamlessly
integrates with the CRM system, and real-time alerts are sent to the sales staff when action is required. Best of all,
dealers can save thousands in salaries per year that would be needed to offset its ability to produce these
additional revenue-generating opportunities.
ACE Automated Email Response
• Engage Customers with Automated Communication,
• Real-time Updates, Including Customer Phone Number,
Over a 58 Percent Success Rate!
Email Address and Vehicle Information - 60 Percent
• Active Email Communications Keep the Customer
Success Rate Obtaining Mobile Number!
Engaged and Sends On-demand Alerts to Dealers
• Transfers Hot Alerts and Customer Information into
when Action is Required
ELEAD CRM in Real Time. Best of All, the Sales
• Provides Consistent 100 Percent Customer Engagement, Opportunity is Expecting Your Call!
Lead Generation and Follow Up Until the Customer
• Real-time Reporting Provides Compensation on
Buys or Opts Out
Any Bad or Duplicate Lead. Detailed Reports
• Reactivation Campaigns Determine Status of Inactive
Identify Bad Lead Information, Including Those
Prospects. Over 65 Percent of Leads are Still In-market and
Not In-market and the Reason Why
Re-engage as Hot Alerts
• Customized Targeted Messaging, Coupon Offers and
Maintenance Reminders Maximize Sales and
Service Opportunities
The Only Artificial Intelligent Communication System that Appends Customer Information Automatically!