Taurus - The World Gemini - Eight of Cups


Taurus - The World Gemini - Eight of Cups
TAROTSCOPE May 2016 (written by Consultant Member Jayne Wallace - founder of Psychic
Sister at Selfridges).
Taurus - The World
This card shows that your life is regenerated
and renewed as you finally find the success you
seek and celebrate your achievement. You may
also receive a particular reward for your
efforts. The card also shows the completion of
a phase, such as meeting a target or goal, or
finalizing a house move or other major project.
The World often comes up in readings to
signify a relationship landmark, such as a
wedding anniversary or renewing vows. There
are opportunities to travel now and, if you are
single, have romantic adventures, too.
Advice - Celebrate what you have achieved and
embrace new opportunities; you will be full of
energy and motivation. The world is your
Gemini - Eight of Cups
An ending, departure, journeys, movement,
transition, travel, vacations Meaning: Change
It’s time to take your leave, and this is exactly
the right time to move on. You may have
already left a relationship, home, job or other
commitment at an emotional level, so there’s
little drama or moral struggle to contend with
as you say a quiet goodbye: you are ready for
change. The card can also reveal a journey or
change of scene, such as going on vacation or
taking short trips away.
Advice - Follow your heart and go forward.
Cancer - King of Cups
Understanding This King has integrity,
honor, and sensitivity, and is devoted to
his friends, his family and his career; when
he makes a commitment, he is loyal for
life. He may be distant at times as he feels
everything deeply, but may not show it. As
the ‘you’ card in a reading, you balance
empathy with others with fairness to
yourself. He also represents the ideal male
partner. Follow your emotions, but don’t
feel you have to explain your feelings;
trust that you are right.
Advice - Maximise your good fortune and
make your money work for you; you
deserve it. It’s time to make a wise
financial decision.
Leo - Nine of Pentacles
Now is the time to treat yourself to some
leisure and luxury – furnishing your home,
tending your garden, indulging in your
favourite pursuit, or otherwise spending on
yourself – as you’ll be feeling rich in time and
money. You will love your home, so you may
redecorate, re-arrange, bake, and invite others
to share your relaxed, comfortable space.
Advice - Devote time and money to your
interests and your home. You can be the centre
of your world, and appreciate all the good
things in life just now
Virgo - King of Pentacles
This King reveals a man who is ambitious,
trustworthy and protective. When he
commits to a project or relationship, he is
loyal to the last. He can be a powerful
business owner or leader; he has a handson attitude. As the ‘you’ card in a reading,
he represents generosity and love; what
you gain, you share with the people who
are important to you.
Advice - Protect what is yours, while
helping those on their way up the ladder.
Enjoy the rewards that success brings.
Libra - Ace of Swords
This month reveals you benefit from a
smart decision that leads to immediate
victory. If you've been beset by uncertainty
or delays to your plans, this Ace shows a
breakthrough as you cut through
confusion to win power and success; in
relationships, you make a positive new
beginning. The card is also a sign of
mental clarity, so you are sharp-witted;
there may also be a legal victory, or a
triumph in an argument or debate.
Advice - Use your intelligence and victory
is yours.
Scorpio - Six of Swords
It's time to glide into more peaceful, calm
waters, so this is a reassuring card if you have
suffered upheaval, conflict, or uncertainty
recently. The Six also predicts physical
journeys over water and, in general, sees you
moving on in positive ways; new work may also
be on the horizon. An additional meaning is
protection, in that you prioritise what’s
important to you, and leave behind the people
or situations that no longer serve you.
Advice - Go with the flow of life; there's no
need to resist change.
Sagittarius - Ten of Swords
The Ten as the final ‘number’ card of the
Swords is the summing up; an ending, usually
involving some degree of drama. This can
come as a shock or as a relief, as you see the
situation or relationship for what it is, or was;
it cannot develop and grow. However
unwanted this card may be when it arrives in
reading, it does tell the truth, and helps you see
what needs to be released.
Advice - Walk away, and let go. Focus on the
present rather than dwell on the past.
Capricorn - Page of Swords
A young person, or person who is young at
heart, has a secret agenda. This may take the
form of gossip or slander against you; although
this Page often appears witty and charming, s/
he thrives on attention, and is self-interested
and underhand. The card can also show a legal
matter, a complaint at work, or the need to
sign a contract or other documents.
Advice - Be precise in all your verbal and
written communication so that you can’t be
Aquarius - Ace of Wands
You’re crowned with success under the
influence of this creative Ace as new
projects, work, ideas, and travel plans take
off. You’re able to communicate well now,
to share your vision and persuade others
to get onside. If you’ve been wondering if
your plans will succeed, this card tells you
‘yes’. Listening to your intuition will also
strengthen your spiritual beliefs. An
additional meaning is fertility and
pregnancy, and beginning a new journey
or adventure.
Advice - Step into your power – invent,
talk and create. Whatever you say now will
be well received
Pisces - King of Wands
This king is an action man, which makes him
an engaging companion and an inspiring
leader. Self-motivated, he is entrepreneurial,
dynamic, and open-minded. You will know
what he is thinking, as his feelings always
show. Travel may be important to him, and he
is connected to many people with backgrounds
different to his own. As the ‘you’ card in a
reading, expect to find practical solutions to
problems, and also see your network of friends
and professional contacts grow.
Advice - Explore your passions and look to
unconventional people and new places.
Aries - Judgement
Self-reflection It’s time to revisit the past
to take stock before you move on. You may
muse on happy memories, or discover that
there’s unfinished business, so you may
find yourself being in touch with someone
from the past, or revisiting an old situation
to find answers. At this time, you’ll also be
judging yourself on your past actions: did
you do the right thing? An additional
meaning of the card is spiritual
connection, linking with those in spirit guides, angels and loved ones.
Advice - If you feel you need to give a
person a second chance, or return to an
old situation, now is the time to decide. If
you’re reassessing the past in other ways,
don’t be too hard on yourself.The World.