MERRY XMAS TO ALL! - Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society



MERRY XMAS TO ALL! - Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society
NOV-DEC 2015
Commemorative SNBMS stickers
now available! Only $1 for both!
SNBMS wishes to extend a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year to The annual meeting for the election
all of our loyal members.
and installation of the 2016 officers
will be held January 9th, 2016.
The SNBMS Christmas Party and
potluck will be on December 19th at The meeting will take place outside
the Henderson Eagles Club located at Morrell Park near Lorna J. Kesat 310 Pacific Ave, Henderson, NV.
terson Community Park, 500 Harris
Street in Henderson, NV near BoulThe club will be providing the main der Highway and Basic Road.
dish of meat and one side. Please
bring your favorite holiday dish, sal- The jamming starts at 12 noon and
ad or dessert.
election and meeting will take place
at 2 p.m. We will also be voting on
The party starts at 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. changes to the club By-Laws. MemAlso optional, please bring along bers should read through and familan unwrapped Toys for Tots gift or iarize themselves with these ahead
canned goods and a white elephant of time. You will receive a copy at
gift $10 or under for a gift exchange. the Dec. 19th Christmas Party.
If you are unable to attend, these
will be mailed to you for review and
membership vote.
A potluck will follow after the
meeting. Bring your favorite food,
musical instruments, singing voices, grins or whatever to join in the
pick out during this time.
BLUEGRASS NEWS is a publication of the
a non-profit organization chartered in
1975 for the preservation and furtherance
of Bluegrass and Old-Time Music.
BLUEGRASS NEWS is published bi-monthly,
and is free to members of SNBMS.
change service requested
Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society
P.O. BOX 363584
North las vegas, nv 89030
non profit org.
u.s. postage
N. Las vegas, nv
permit no. 0027
by Vera
2015 Board of Directors
I can’t believe it’s December already!
Please plan to celebrate a Bluegrass
Vera Vann-Wilson 702-875-3579
Holiday with us Dec. 19th at the Eagle’s
Vice President
Club in Henderson. We’ll have some baked
Paul DePatta 702-839-0807
ham and it will be pot-luck for the side-dishes and desserts.
In the spirit of the Holidays, would you also bring either an
Charles Rodewald 702-645-2929
unwrapped new toy or some canned food to be given to those
less fortunate. Of course, there will be jamming, but in addition,
Brian Burns 702-521-5615
we hope for the social part of our club to be strengthened through
Board Members
a time for good food and friendship.
Peggy Ruesch 702-361-2116
We finally have a new set of By-Laws for the members to approve
and hope you all will do just that. These are now much more
reflective of our Society at the present.
There are several exciting Bluegrass concerts coming up early
in the year 2016, as well as some nearby festivals, so keep tuned
Leon Evans 702-463-3710
Glenn Nelson 702-274-1889
SNBMS Charter
The Southern Nevada Bluegrass
Music Society was chartered in 1975
as a non-profit corporation to promote
for information on them and be sure to visit our website for all
Bluegrass music in the So. Nevada area.
up-to-date news. And join us on Facebook, as well. Happy Holi-
We are an all volunteer organization!
days and keep on picking’!
Our purpose is to promote the enjoyment,
education and charitable participation
in the tradition of Bluegrass music. As a
501(C)(3) corporation, contributions to the
Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society
are deductible under section 170(C)(3)
of the Internal Revenue Code.
Jan/Feb Newsletter Deadline
will be January 15, 2015
To avoid any delay in your material
reaching the SNBMS Newsletter,
please send all submissions and
correspondence to:
Glenn E. Nelson
7409 Enchanted Hills Ct.
Las Vegas, NV 89129
Phone: (702) 274-1889
E-mail: [email protected]
P age 2 – SN B M A B lu egr a s s News
Any correspondence concerning
Editor: Glenn Nelson
Circulation: Charlie Rodewald
Sunshine Girls Report:
Bonnie Durfee & Betty Sisco
Graphic Artist: Brian Burns
Glenn Nelson & Nanci Villegas
BLUEGRASS NEWS, its contents, the
SNBMS, or the officers elected therein may
be sent to: BLUEGRASS NEWS, c/o
P.O. Box 363584,
N. Las Vegas, NV 89030.
(702) 834-5872
A Non-Profit Organization
You may have noticed that you
received two newsletters this
past bimonthly period. This was
a result of our Special Edition to
promote this year’s Logandale
Fall Festival.
We will be going back to a
bimonthly newsletter format.
However, there has been some
discussion to provide an extra
E-edition to help members keep
up on the latest events planned
for the coming 2016 new year.
This E-edition will only be available on our website. Eventually
SNBMS would like to make the
Newsletter available online or
sent by email.
As new membership renewals
come due, it is important that you
provide us with a current email
address so as to help the club cut
costs and use those funds to offer
more events and concerts.
As always, upcoming events that
pertain to our Bluegrass community will also be posted on
the Southern Nevada Bluegrass
Music Society Facebook page.
All Society members and guests, whether pickers or grinners,
are welcome to attend any or of the regular weekly acoustic
music jam sessions that are now being held.
Tuesday Night Bluegrass & Old Time Music Jams
6:00pm-8:00pm at 5795 Sandhill Road, Las Vegas, NV
For details call Betty Bess at 702-564-1630.
Thursday Night Bluegrass Jam
6:00pm to 8:30 pm NW Mountain Crest Park Community Center
4701 N. Durango Rd., LV, NV 89129 N. Durango & W. Red Coach.
For details call Vera Vann-Wilson at 702-875-3579.
For the latest information regarding Acoustic Music Jams visit:
Sunshine Girls Report
Call Bonnie at 702-595-1360 or Betty at 702-564-5806 if you know
of anyone needing a little sunshine. They can offer an ear if you
need someone to talk to about a family illness, injury or tragedy.
The Sunshine Girls would like to offer condolences to the family
of Marshal Crowell, 91, who passed away November 13th.
Marshall was a long time member of NOFA but was known to
many SNBMS members for his great personality and fine guitar
backup of many local fiddlers.
If you have not already “Liked”
our page, please come on over
and dip your toe in the water,
so to speak!
Your Board is working hard to
continue to improve the number
of events, concerts and yearly
festival that promote Bluegrass
in Southern Nevada whether
SNBMS is the sponsor or not.
As always, if you have any questions about your club a board
member would like to help.
Call us, we are here to serve.
Q: Why are banjos better
than guitars?
A: They burn longer.
Q: How is playing the fiddle a lot
like throwing a javelin blindfolded?
A: You don’t have to be very good
to get people’s attention.
Q: You can tune a banjo but
how do you tune a fish?
A: By adjusting its scales.
in Bluegras
Rates per issue are:
Full Page: $50
Half Page: $40
Quarter Page: $30
Bus. Card: $15
Discounts for multi-issue insertions
S N BM A Blu e g r as s N e w s
P ag e 7
Arizona Bluegrass Association
(623) 435-8406
Desert Bluegrass Association
(520) 296-1231
Main dish (meat) and side provided by SNBMS, bring your
favorite holiday dish: sides, salads or dessert. The party
for Tots gift or canned goods and a white elephant gift.
January 7th-10th – Bakersfield Great 48 Jam
Bakersfield DoubleTree Hotel
3100 Camino Del Rio Court, Bakersfield, CA 93308
(near the junction of SR-99 and SR-58)
January 9th – General Meeting and Elections
Morrell Park near Lorna J. Kesterson Community Park
500 Harris Street in Henderson, NV near Boulder Highway
Southwest Bluegrass Association
(626) 332-5865
and Basic Road. Music starts at 12 noon with meeting
San Diego North County Bluegrass & Folk Club
(858) 566-4594
January 13th – Starbright Theatre Bluegrass Night
Featuring “Sideline” and “Lonesome Otis”
Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
(303) 364-GRAS
SNBMS and Starbright Theatre present an evening of
Northern Nevada Bluegrass Association
Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society
(702) 834-5872
Jamming Las Vegas
P ag e 4 – SNB M A B lu egr a s s News
Henderson Eagles Club, 310 Pacific Ave, Henderson, NV.
Bluegrass Association of Southern California
[email protected]
San Diego Bluegrass Society
(858) 679-4854
The music was great as many jammers
were in the groove and grinners enjoyed
the melodies of bluegrass music. As they
say, there is no place like home.
December 19th – SNBMS Christmas Party Potluck
starts at 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Also optional is an unwrapped Toys
Mid-State Bluegrass Association
(805) 872-3138
The weather was a nice cool fall day with
pickers and grinners sunning themselves
to stay warm.
British Columbia Bluegrass Association
(604) 699-8697
California Bluegrass Association
(916) 989-0993
[email protected]
November 20th saw SNMBS returning
home to the Morrell Park in Henderson to
hold our monthly pickout.
Southwest Traditional & Bluegrass Music
Oregon Bluegrass Association
(503) 691-1177
Inter-Mountain Acoustic Music Association
(801) 277-7704
Washington Bluegrass
(360) 785-3478
scheduled around 2 p.m., then potluck follows.
bluegrass featuring national touring act “Sideline” and
regional favorites “Lonesome Otis”. Tickets are $15
and are available by calling: 702-240-1301.
January 15th-17th Blythe Bluegrass Festival
Colorado River Fairgrounds in Blythe, CA
591 North Olive Lake Blvd Blythe, CA.
Contact Blythe Area Chamber of Commerce, 760-922-8166
February 9th-SNBMS Bluegrass Jam
Bass Pro Shops, 8200 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, N,
ph.: 702 730 5200. Jamming starts at 12 p.m.
Feb. 19th-20th-Colorado River Bluegrass Festival
Rotary Park, 2315 Balboa Drive Bullhead City, Arizona.
Contact: Colorado River Bluegrass Festival 2315 Balboa Dr.
Bullhead City AZ 86442 US, Phone: 928-763-9400 ext. 303
E-mail: [email protected]
S N BM A Blu e g r as s N e w s
P ag e 5
SNBMS is now offering lifetime
memberships for only $150.
Ed & Vera-Vann Wilson
Paul and Kathy DePatta
• Membership for Life
Leon and Robbin Evans
• Newsletter for Life
Brian Burns & Nanci Villegas
• Newsletter Listing
Tony & Jacqueline Messina
• Lifetime Member Card
Dink and Sophie Preston
The board will be working to
Peter Fand
offer benefits, discounts &
perks to our Lifetime Members!
Nathan Tannenbaum
SNBMS members can now renew their annual dues with
credit cards or their own accounts on PayPal through our
website at:
sittin’ on top of the world PT. 2
...I was stuck in the middle of nowhere. (Dave continues)
But thanks to an angel that drove a one tone Dodge
truck pulling a flatbed trailer I was able to hitch a 120
mile ride to Terrace, B.C. with the cycle on board.
Now, I had my mandolin strapped to the back of the
cycle in a soft case. When the fellow was strapping my
bike to his trailer he put the strap right over the mandolin case and pulled hard. I thought for sure the neck
would be broken, but thankfully no damage was done.
November 1st turned out to be a beautiful fall Las Vegas day to listen to SNBMS local bands that played at
the 3rd Annual Ward 5 Lorenzi Park Bluegrass Concert. Everyone attending enjoyed the various bands that
played including Nevada Old Time Fiddlers, Stuck in Reverse, Red Rock Ramblers, Frequent Flyers,
Sagebrush Stringband and Out of the Desert. Thank you to the City of Las Vegas and Ward 5 City Councilman Ricky J. Barlow who made this possible. Also to NVEnergy for providing funds to put on this event.
Pa g e 3 – SNB M A B lu egr a s s News
He showed me a park to camp in and a good motorcycle
repair shop. I was there a week waiting for parts.
One evening I heard guitars and singing. I jumped up and
went over to their camp and asked if I could join them
with my mandolin. We played on through the night.
They invited me to visit them on my way home, so I
stopped near Prince George, B.C. with a repaired bike.
Two 12 string guitars, 1 electric, 1 six string and my
mandolin.We had a wonderful time singing, playing,
telling stories, and playing some more. They will be
down to visit in the future, and Neils has already been
here on his way across the country.
On the trip I saw many different sceneries and animals,
but the most treasured times were with people I met
along the way, especially involving music. Music can
make you travel, show you the highs and lows, challenge
your thinking and stir your soul. It can be a friend, and it
can break down barriers.
It is the people we play and sing with every day that
enrich our lives to cause us to keep going “Farther
SNBMS Member Dave Johannessohn
S N BM A Blu e g r as s N e w s
P ag e 6

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